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Oldfield Brow Primary School

Oldfield Brow Primary School

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We follow the 'Sparkyard' music curriculum as recommended by the model music curriculum. https://www.sparkyard.com/ 

We are proud to be a Music Mark school.


Music serves all kinds of purposes, and it is constantly around us. Specifically, enjoyment of music is a large part of our society and popular culture. Music can be a powerful bridge to cultural understanding, acceptance, tolerance and mutual well-being. Music lessons are the perfect place to start to embrace and integrate diversity.

We aim for all of our children to feel ‘musical’ and to develop a life-long love of music.

We focus on the skills, knowledge and understanding that children need to become confident performers, composers and listeners.

We intend our curriculum to introduce children to music from all around the world and across generations, teaching children to respect and appreciate the music of all traditions and communities.

Music at Oldfield Brow 

At Oldfield Brow we pride ourselves on offering a high-quality music curriculum, wider provision and extra-curricular opportunities. Our new music scheme, Sparkyard, provides our children with enjoyable music lessons, and ensures a clear progression of skills across the school.

See our music curriculum documents for further details. 

We work closely with Trafford Music Service to offer a range of music opportunities in school.  In addition, Trafford Music Service offers a range of musical opportunities at their music centre in Sale including a Free KS2 choir on a Monday evening and many other instrumental ensembles. 

For more information visit:  Timetable | Trafford Music Service.  

We are proud to offer a range of instrument lessons at Oldfield Brow. Lessons are provided by experienced instrument teachers from Trafford Music Service, with opportunities to work through the music grading system if desired.

I have piano lessons in school. My initial grade exam is next month; I am a little nervous but I practice a lot at home. I love playing the piano. (Soraya, Year 4)

I have been playing the violin for two years now. It is a tricky instrument, but my violin teacher is really helpful. (Lexa, Year 4)

Our Oldfield Brow Choir

The Oldfield Brow School Choir is extremely popular with over 50 children attending from across year groups. Weekly choir sessions are led by Mr Brown, who has over thirteen years of experience leading choirs in schools. This year we are building our community links and have visited local care homes to perform to the residents there.

Choir is amazing. Singing together makes us feel happy! (Heidi, Year 5)

Choir gives us so many opportunities like Young Voices and our exciting trip to France. (Skye, Year 5)

Weekly choir sessions run on Mondays from 3:20 until 4:20pm. To sign your child/ren up for the school choir, please contact the school office via email using office@oldfield-brow.com

what does teaching and learning in music look like at oldfield brow.pdf

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Music Curriculum

Oldfield Brow Primary School Oldfield Brow Primary School