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Within our school, the teaching of Geography aims to develop our learners understanding of themselves through exploring the science of the planet we live on and the physical and human features that affect it. 

We are very proud of the diverse community that makes up Oldfield Brow and aim for our Geography curriculum to resonate with all members of our community by ensuring that our Geography curriculum includes the study of places and locations that links with our school community. 

Our curriculum aims to develop our learners' understanding of themselves and their role in preserving the planet through a clear and thorough assessment of how human activity affects local, national and world geography and encouraging them to think of innovative solutions to the world. 

This is achieved through developing a deep understanding and appreciation of the world's diverse environments, cultures, and peoples. Overall, the primary goal of our geography curriculum is to provide children with the substantive knowledge required to understand the world, the disciplinary knowledge of how to study the world we live in and to foster the attitudes needed to become informed, responsible, and globally aware citizens to enable them to meet our school aim of having the “skills, knowledge and attitude to thrive in a changing world” (School Vision, 2023)


what does teaching and learning in geography look like at oldfield brow.pdf

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