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Oldfield Brow Primary School

Oldfield Brow Primary School

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Curriculum Enrichment

At Oldfield Brow, we believe in providing a well-rounded education for our learners. One of the ways we achieve this is through our curriculum enrichment activities, which include residential visits, visitors, and educational outings.

Our school regularly organises residential visits to various locations, allowing our exceptional learners to experience new environments and develop their independence. These trips provide valuable learning opportunities outside the classroom and help students build lasting memories.

In addition to residential visits, we also invite guest speakers and experts to our school to enrich the curriculum. These visitors share their knowledge and experiences with our students, inspiring them to explore new subjects and interests.

Educational visits are another important aspect of our curriculum enrichment program. These outings take students to museums, historical sites, and other educational venues, where they can learn firsthand about different subjects and cultures.

At Oldfield Brow Primary, we are committed to providing a diverse and engaging curriculum that goes beyond the traditional classroom setting. Our curriculum enrichment activities, including residential visits, visitors, and educational outings, play a crucial role in shaping well-rounded and curious learners.

Residential Visits

At Oldfield Brow, we aim for all children to enjoy a range of residential visits during their time with us.  These visits are essential in developing our school values of respect, reflection, innovation, collaboration and aspiration outside of the classroom environment; allowing our exceptional learners to put into practice their skills in wider contexts.  

NEW FOR 2024: For the first time, Oldfield Brow will be leading an international music-themed trip to France.  This visit is focused on a cultural exchange and involves a visit to the D-Day landing sites in Normandy, a traditional chocolate factory, a local primary school in France as well as singing in iconic locations across northern France. 

Learners in Year 5 are invited to join a three-day, two-night residential visit to The Anderton Centre in Chorley.  During the visit, our children enjoy a range of outdoor activities including archery, crate stack challenges, and high and low ropes courses.  They also have a chance to enjoy a range of water-based activities including canoeing and raft-building.  More information about the Anderton Centre can be accessed via the website: https://andertoncentre.co.uk/ 

Learners in Year 6 are invited to join us on a four-night, five-day residential visit to The Wilderness Academy as both a fitting end to their time at Oldfield Brow but also to provide them with increasing levels of independence as they prepare for secondary school. 

"The 5-day camp residential maximises excitement, learning, personal development and fun, resulting in a truly magical outdoor experience. Activities include rock climbing, weaselling, water sports, orienteering, day expeditions and bushcraft. Evenings are spent sat around the campfire, sharing stories under the stars and playing games with our friends" (Wilderness Academy)

This is a truly magical experience for all of our children.  More information about the Wilderness Academy can be accessed via the website: https://www.entrust-ed.co.uk/services/wilderness-academy 

Educational Visits

We are proud of the range of educational visits we provide for our children across a range of subject disciplines.  These visits support and extend learning in the classroom and allow our learners to see learning come to life. 

Oldfield Brow Primary School Oldfield Brow Primary School