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Oldfield Brow Primary School

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Art and Design

As a school, we have used aspects of the the Kapow Curriculum for Art and Design to support our schools Art and Design curriculum.


Art should be something that speaks to the soul, and we want our children to experience that voice, through whichever medium connects with them.

We endeavour to not just view the art of specific artists, but to research key features about them which has influenced their progression and success. Through exposure to a variety of multi-media art forms from around the world, we offer a diverse, challenging and rewarding curriculum.

We want all children to increase their dexterity and confidence with using a large range of tools and equipment with the emphasis on ‘having a go’ and experimenting. The use of sketchbooks across the years highlight the progress made through increasingly mature exposure to these skills.

Children are encouraged to create a bank of expressions and techniques which they have gleaned from focused artists, and to then emulate the artistic style, while maintaining an individual style and creativity.

Subject-specific technical vocabulary is key to understanding and application of process and technique, and we aim to embed this from an early age with every child having an outlet of expression which appeals to them.

Placing ourselves within the community, through projects we have run ourselves, inter-school portrait competitions or with local and national charities is extremely important. Our aim is to give the children a sense of pride and connection when sharing their work outside the school, secure in the knowledge their work is being appreciated and enjoyed by a wide audience. This develops their sense of ambition, and encourages future success.

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Oldfield Brow Primary School Oldfield Brow Primary School