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Attendance and Punctuality Expectations

At Oldfield Brow, we have the highest expectations for all of our learners and expect them to attend school every day, ready and on time.  We talk to the children about being an 'Attendance HERO' and that attendance and punctuality in school are essential for them to "maximise their limitless potential" (School Vision, 2023)

In order to support our families and ensure that attendance remains a top priority of our school, Mrs West is our Attendance Officer.  She works closely with our Safeguarding Team and Personal Development Leader to ensure that our Attendance Strategy is fully implemented and support is provided to our families to ensure that every child becomes an 'Attendance HERO' at Oldfield Brow.

Why is attendance so important?

At Oldfield Brow Primary School, we believe that regular attendance is crucial for the academic and social development of your child. We expect all parents to ensure their children attend school punctually and regularly. Your child needs to be present in school to benefit from the learning opportunities provided and to establish a consistent routine that supports their educational progress.

We understand that there may be times when your child is unwell, and in such cases, we request that you inform the school as soon as possible. However, we encourage parents to make every effort to schedule medical appointments and family trips outside of school hours to minimize disruptions to their child's education.

Regular attendance also promotes a sense of belonging and community within the school. It allows your child to develop friendships, build positive relationships with teachers, and participate fully in extracurricular activities. By attending school consistently, your child will also develop important life skills such as responsibility, punctuality, and time management that will benefit them in their future endeavors.

Some key attendance expectations:


Our School's Attendance Target is 97%


Our School's Punctuality Target is 0 minutes of lost learning each day.

Attendance Officer: Mrs West

As parents and carers, you play a vital role in ensuring your child attends school every day. Here are some tips on how you can support your child's attendance:

  • Establish a routine: Encourage a consistent routine by setting regular bedtimes and waking times. This helps your child develop healthy sleeping habits and ensures they are ready for school each morning.
  • Communicate with your child: Engage in open and regular conversations about their school experiences. Show interest in their daily activities, friendships, and any concerns they may have. This will create a positive environment where your child feels comfortable discussing any issues that may affect their attendance.
  • Make attendance a priority: Emphasise the importance of attending school regularly and highlight the benefits of education. By demonstrating your own commitment to their education, you are setting a positive example for your child.
  • Celebrate achievements: Recognise and celebrate your child's achievements, both big and small. This encourages a positive attitude towards school and motivates them to attend regularly.
  • Stay informed: Keep up-to-date with school events, important dates, and any potential disruptions to the normal schedule. Being well-informed allows you to plan ahead and make necessary arrangements to ensure your child's attendance remains consistent.

Remember, regular school attendance sets the foundation for your child's academic success. By following these tips and making attendance a priority, you are providing your child with the best possible opportunities to thrive and reach their full potential.

If you have any further questions or concerns regarding attendance, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are here to support you and your child every step of the way.

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