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Oldfield Brow Primary School

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Design and Technology

As a school, we have adapted the Kapow Design and Technology Curriculum to meet the needs of our learners.


Our curriculum is designed for the user; with purpose, functionality, design decisions, innovation, and authenticity.

We endeavour to encourage pupils to think not only how something is made and becomes functional but how we can make it even better. The children will be provided with opportunities to investigate and evaluate, focus on aspects of various skills and knowledge, and then be allowed to design for purpose.

Through providing children with the skills, they need and the foundations of knowledge to build upon, anything is possible for them to achieve. Our design and technology scheme allows our pupils to design with a purpose by investing and evaluating, focus on the task through knowledge; and design make and evaluate through creating.

We intend to create children who are creative, technical, and practical to allow them to perform everyday tasks successfully, demonstrating a full understanding of how they have done so. Within understanding must come tolerance, resilience and ambition as many tasks require their knowledge to be built upon through problem-solving and research to create high-quality products.

The children will become practical problem solvers, whether this be through collaboration or through independent thinking. They will achieve this through enquiry, investigation and evaluation of pre-existing products or ones they have created themselves. The children will acquire a vast amount of knowledge to create purposeful designs in an increasing technical world through critique and purposeful investigation to reach an end goal containing a purposeful, high-quality product.

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Oldfield Brow Primary School Oldfield Brow Primary School