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On behalf of the pupils, staff and Governing Body, it is our pleasure to welcome you to Oldfield Brow Primary School.

Oldfield Brow is truly at the heart of the community - it has been on a significant and exciting journey and school improvement is rapid. Learning is at the heart of all that we do as we strive to develop the children as active, motivated, resilient learners who thrive in a caring, supportive environment. 

We are also creating and developing a curriculum that not only promotes high standards and challenges children’s thinking but a curriculum that also excites and motivates our children and teaching staff. We are striving to develop children’s knowledge and skill across all areas of the curriculum so that we nurture and grow well-rounded children who could be the mathematicians, scientists, writers or historians of the future. We want to inspire our children so that as they grow into young adults they have belief in themselves and belief in their talents too.

We also foster and nurture a community who care for one another, where kindness is promoted and respect is strong. It is our aim that we develop the whole child so that they grow to be responsible, caring individuals who achieve their potential.

Oldfield Brow is a thriving school community with committed staff, supportive parents and wonderful children.

We very much look forward to welcoming new children and families and prospective parents are actively encouraged to contact the school office and arrange to receive a link to our welcome video. This will provide you with the opportunity to see school in action.

Oldfield Brow

UPDATED 27th July 2022
To The Staff, Governors, Parents and Pupils of Oldfield Brow Primary School,

On this, the last day of the academic year, I thought it fitting that I write to you one final time to express my gratitude to all that has been shared with me, said to me and happened to me over these last weeks of the term. It has been over-whelming.

From the School Show, to 'Bob-Fest', to the Y6 Leaver's Assembly, the warmth I have felt from both parent and child has been simply life-affirming. I have often been moved to tears and I have shared many of these moments with you all also. I don't regret doing so, not one.

What has also touched me deeply has been the number of ex-pupils who have found the time to come back to the school and tell me how their time at Oldfield Brow helped shape their lives. This has always been the core function of the school; to provide a firm foundation on which to build a future life. It has been quite profound to read of those who have taken so much from the school and have chosen now to share these thoughts and feelings with me. To you all, thank you. I'm so glad to have played a part.

Over these final weeks, I have felt very humble, but also valued and honoured in equal amounts. I never knew this is how you felt, but I do now and can never forget it.

It is with great sadness that I leave as the school has been as much a part of my life as my own family. As was once said, 'parting is such sweet sorrow' and I now know exactly what this means. However, with Mrs Moody and Mrs Norbury firmly at the helm, I also know that the school is in safe hands as it looks to its future, both in September and beyond.

And to you all as you join new schools, new classes or new futures, let me share with you my final words as Headteacher of this wonderful school:

"See the dawn a-breaking, future's in our making and tomorrow is a day that's just begun....."

With all my love and deepest appreciation of you all.

Take care of each other and may each and everyone find their future happiness in life.

R Merrell
Proud Headteacher of Oldfield Brow Primary School

Information on how we will use the funds given to us to 'Bridge the COVID Gap' has been placed within to our 'downloads' section.
For new parents wishing to join the school, please email us if you would like to make a visit to the school personally.

If you need to contact the school, please use the office@oldfield-brow.com email address.

Thank you for your ongoing support. Keep checking back for further updates.

Keep safe, keep well and see you soon!

Robert Merrell
Robert Merrell

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