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12/11/19: Big thanks to Mr Butler who accompanied 5 Y6 children to the Trafford Basketball League 2 competition today, held at Manor Academy. Looking forward to hearing hwo they got on!

16/10/19: A huge well done to the Y5/6 Tag Rugby team who entered the School Games Values competition at Trafford MVRUFC today. This new category of competition saw teams scoring their opponents on 6 values at the end of each game: honesty, determination, teamwork, self-belief, respect and passion. The Oldfield Brow team competed very well, demonstrating these values regularly and supporting their opponents for doing the same. OBPS qualified in the group stages but narrowly lost the quarter-final by only one point. The whole morning had an incredibly good sporting atmosphere and the accompanying staff were extremely proud- way to go guys! 

15/10/19: Our 4 Y5 sports leaders travelled to Old Trafford today to attend the first part of their Sports Leaders Academy programme, in partnership with Manchester United Foundation.They are now to complete a number of tasks designed to develop leadership qualities in young people and give them opportunities to practise and progress these skills in various ways. We hope you had a great time!

14/10/19: 30 Y4 children attended a Quick-Sticks Hockey Festival at Timperley Hockey Club today and it sounds like they had a brilliant time! Thanks to all those children that represented our school beautifully and the staff who gave their time to allow it to happen.


-> GOLD award 2018/2019- That's 3 years now... let's keep getting better and better!

-> 'Commitment to Promoting Healthy Active Lifestyles' award WINNERS 2018/2019






At Oldfield Brow, we know that a healthy body and a healthy mind are so crucial to a happy life! 

Good habits are formed at an early age and all children at the school are encouraged to learn and enjoy a variety of healthy activities. We provide children from Foundation Stage and KS1 with fruit at snack time and adopt a 'healthy snacks' policy throughout KS2. All children are encouraged to make informed decisions about the foods that they choose to eat, to try new healthy options and stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water- we now have hydration stations in our classrooms so please bring in you rnamed water bottles!

Our progress in this area was recognised at the annual Trafford School Sports Partnership Sports Awards. This ceremony is to celebrate the excellent work that takes place across Trafford schools throughout the academic year in terms of PE and School Sport as well as fantastic achievements made by schools and young people. OBPS won the award given for "Commitment to Promoting Healthy Active Lifestyles"! Thanks to Miss Pritchard for all of her well-being input and to all the young people at our school and their supporting grown ups at home to help us achieve this... let's keep it going!!!

Children throughout the school take part in daily activities which promote a healthy lifestyle- we start our days with an energetic 5-a-day or dance routine, regularly do the daily mile (although this can be weather dependent) and encourage active playtimes and lunchtimes, aimed to help children reach the recommended 60 minutes of daily physical activity.

But we offer much more too... 
Thanks to government funding, sport provision at Oldfield Brow is continuing to grow; children across the school have opportunities to have lessons delivered by professional sports coaches in addition to their other P.E lessons; we have invested in a range of new PE sporting equipment and outdoor playground equipment to encourage a good range of sports taught during curriculum time and a variety of exercise during playtimes; we have invested in new competition sports kits; it has allowed us to continue our membership with the TSSP (Trafford School Sports Partnership) which gives children access to many exciting events and competitions - it is our aim that ALL children are given the opportunity to represent their school at a competitive sporting event before they leave. We know that children all have skills and like learning new games. Our job is to provide that opportunity for each and every one of them! 

During the year, dinner staff will support and mentor a crew of KS2 sports leaders to deliver a series of fun and engaging games, particularly for children who may usually shy away from being more active or competitive. This club will be aimed at helping children who do not engage as sports/physical activity as often as others to gain the confidence to become more active and also allow them to take part in activities that will develop improved teamwork and social skills. Watch out for your invite! 

After the success of our competitions last year, we have already signed up to take part in others throughout Trafford and will again this term, compete in sports against other schools! 

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