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Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th June...

We are very excited to be welcoming expert coach "Skippy John" to Oldfield Brow over two days to help us all learn some new skipping skills. There is even a chance for parents to join their children for an after school skipping workshop too on Thursday 23rd June. These are skills that can used anywhere, anytime with simply yourself and a rope- let's all get fitter together! 

Y5 Leadership program

On 16th November, Mr Butler took our 4 very excited Y5 Sports Leaders to their first 2021-22 Trafford Primary Leadership Academy conference, held at Old Trafford Cricket Ground.

Here they continued their journey as Sports Leaders and are looking forward to implementing some of their new skills by: coordinating games for other students at playtimes focussuing on developing Personal Best scores and differentiating these to accomodate all children's abilities using the STEP principle; creating a poster to promote these activities; designing the school's sports notice board; creating a presentation and delivering it in assembly and there will more to come... 

They also enjoyed their tour of the cricket ground! A big thanks to Lancashire Cricket Foundation and Trafford SSP for giving us this opportunity.


Y6 Autumn Tag Rugby- with Sale Sharks

Both Y6 classes have been having a fantastic time developing their rugby skills in partnership with Sale Sharks! 


We are looking forward to taking a group of children to Sale Shark's training ground for a Tag Rugby competition at the end of our training on the 9th December. Thanks Sale Sharks!



Y5/6 Girls and Boys Trafford SSP tournament for large schools: 


Out of 8 schools, the girls came 2nd place and the boys came third place- well done guys!

We are incredibly pleased to say that, despite the break in training due to COVID restrictions, these teams made us all proud at this event! Not just because of there final result, which was fantastic, but because of their teamwork, determination and passion. 

"Particular highlight of the day was when the boys had finished their games, realised the girl's tournament was still going, swept up all their belongings and as quick as they could ran over to support them!" - Miss Pritchard

A big thanks to the parents for providing transport to this event and making it possible, to Timperley Hockey Club for hosting and Trafford SSP for organising it. 



School Games at Oldfield Brow


School Games GOLD award for 5 years now... let's keep getting better and better!

'Commitment to Promoting Healthy Active Lifestyles' award WINNERS 2018/2019

        60 Active Minutes... Every Day!        


It is strongly recommended that all Primary School age children get at least 60 minutes of activity every day. Schools commit to providing at least 30 active minutes every day in school and we are asking parents/carers to work with us to provide 30 active minutes outside of school. Together, we can help our children become healthier and happier, instilling good habits that they can take with them throughout their lives.

What do we do in school?

-  we provide 2hrs of taught PE each week

- we encourage active playtimes and lunchtimes by providing a range of equipment to entertain children in a variety of ways

- we will be once again (following the break due to COVID restrictions) be using our KS2 sports leaders to coordinate games during lunchtimes for other students- this will be aimed at helping children who do not engage with sports/physical activity as often as others and help them to gain confidence, focussing on improving their Personal Best! 

- we provide a range of equipment for active, indoor 'wet play' sessions such as table tennis, balance boards and active board games

- we use active English and active maths lessons 

- we have daily active breaks such as 5-a-day routines, Just Dance and others

-we use our Living Streets Travel Tracker to encourage children to travel to and from school in an active way (with monthly badge rewards)

- we run, walk, skip the Daily Mile on our newly installed, all-weather track

What can you do outside of school?

- encourage children to attend an extra-curricular club, either at school or an outside provider

- travel with your child in an active way to and from school (this could be your 30 minutes alone!) by walking, cycling, scooting, etc. 

If you need to travel by car because of circumstances, then use our Park and Stride scheme- park a 10 minute walk away from the school and walk your child the last 10 minutes. 

go swimming at the local leisure centre

use online yoga sessions from Kids Love Yoga which the school subscribes to. Simply use the link below to create a free account and you will have access to 8 themed online yoga sessions including Pirates, Space and Jungle as well as access to sleep relaxation videos (this is great for mental well-being as well as physical, perhaps the whole family can join in!)

Kids Love Yoga Online! https://kidsloveyoga.thinkific.com/courses/free-for-kids-at-home-yoga-mindfulness-online 

- embrace other opportunities such as getting your child to walk the dog with you, or walk to the shops instead of driving, etc. 

Together, let's help our children become happier and healthier! 



Healthy Mind, Healthy Body 

At Oldfield Brow, we know that a healthy body and a healthy mind are crucial to a happy life! Good habits are formed at an early age:

- milk and a fruit/veg snack is provided for all EYSF children, a fruit/veg snack is provided for all KS1 with milk available and healthy snacks are encouraged throughout KS2

- children have access to their water bottles all day and are encouraged to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water throughout the day

- children are encouraged to make informed decisions about the foods that they choose to eat and to try new healthy options at lunch times- there is always at least 2 types of fruit and vegetables available for children

- Y1-6 are taught yoga as part of their curriculum PE to encourage calmness of mind and body

- a range of well-being activities take place throughout the year to encourage children (and staff) to take time to think of their physical, mental and emotional well-being 

- quiet reading time is embedded in our curriculum

- active breaks throughout the day help maintain concentration levels


But we offer much more too... 
Thanks to government funding, sport provision at Oldfield Brow is continuing to grow; children across the school have opportunities to have lessons delivered by professional sports coaches in addition to their other P.E lessons; we have invested in a range of new PE sporting equipment and outdoor playground equipment to encourage a good range of sports taught during curriculum time and a variety of exercise during playtimes; we have invested in new competition sports kits which the children wear with great pride when representing the school during festivals and competitions; it has allowed us to continue our membership with the TSSP (Trafford School Sports Partnership) which gives children access to many exciting events and competitions - it is our aim that ALL children are given the opportunity to represent their school at a competitive sporting event before they leave. We know that children all have different skills and like learning new games. Our job is to provide that opportunity for each and every one of them! 


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