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This is the page to visit to find out all of the latest literacy news and activities taking place at Oldfield Brow Primary.


THANK YOU !!  Sponsored Book Week Reading Challenge 2020

Well done to everyone who read so diligently to raise funds for new books for Oldfield Brow Primary School. Our Sponsored Reading Week Challenge was a resounding success. Thanks so much for everyone’s generosity in sponsoring our young readers! Without your marvellous support this challenge would not have been so successful.

This sponsorship challenge was set up in collaboration with Usborne Books who have also gifted us an additional sum equivalent to 60% of what you raised. Thank you Usborne Books too! Altogether, you therefore raised a gargantuan £1,208. As soon as we are able, we’ll organise purchase of new books for every class.


Spring Into Writing Competition 2020 (Kindly sponsored by the PFTA)

The winners and runners up of our first whole school writing competition were announced on World Book Day. Well done to all of our winners but also to everyone who entered the competition.!!!! The School Governors who supported the judging of the competition were blown away with your imagination and creativity.

As soon as it is possible to upload the winning entry, we will share it with you here. So watch this space.



There were magnificent hats all over school on World Book day from nursery up to Y6. Designed with our favourite books in mind, we celebrated our love of reading in style! Thank you for all your efforts in helping the children design such tremendous designs.


 Pop in to read with your child 

It was wonderful to see so many happy faces, both children and adults alike as we shared stories together in our classrooms during Oldfield Brow Primary's Book Week. It made such a difference to the children. Thank you for all kind comments from parents and carers too. See pictures below!


Mystery Teacher Readers

Who was reading your chosen book during book week? The children chose a book from the school list. Every child listened to a special story. Fun was had by all including the teachers - see some of the pictures below!


World Book Day Assembly and some mysterious hats...

At the beginning of Oldfield Brow Primary’s book week, the children listened to Maia Walczak’s The Black Hat and then received a mystery hat upon which to produce creative writing during book week. We subsequently had a very special book day assembly at the end of the week. Every class shared the writing that they had created about their mysterious hat. Lots of children read their work to the whole school.  Well done everyone! It's wonderful to have so many children who love books and writing.

Some examples that we just have to share …

From Year 1 (Building construction hat and detective hat)

Year 1 combined the excitement of hats with their current book ‘Aliens Love Underpants’.

“First the cheeky, slimy, green alien was looking at the statue of the spotty, frilly hats. Next the aliens hopped in the shiny, big spaceship. Then they crashed into Oldfield Brow and stole all the hats because the blue alien loves them.

The slimy, green aliens landed in Oldfield Brow’s soggy field. After that the cheeky aliens sneaked into Oldfield Brow School and stole all the hats from lost property and then the teacher came with hands on hips. The alien was scared because he had never seen humans. The aliens was so scared they flied away and they were so happy they stole all the hats…

First the aliens were looking at the statue of hats because they love them. Next they got in their big, shiny, silver flying saucer and they zoom off. Then they landed with a bump. They had landed at Oldfield Brow.

Next they land on the field and crept into school. They found lost property. Suddenly a teacher came into the room looking cross. The aliens were scared.

The aliens passed the teacher and zoom away to Planet Zog with a zoom. They land back at Planet Zog. They have the best party with a spotty, woolly, colourful hat and also a bright, warm, heart hat. One alien had the best hat." 


From Year 2 (Flying hat and Policeman's helmet)

Year 2 created stories and shared poetry

"The Magical Hat

Once upon a time, there was a man called Liam who was amazing at flying aeroplanes. He also had an amazing, magic hat that could take him anywhere he wanted. One day, his magical hat took him to World War 1. He was 20, so he was old enough to go to war. He applied and became a pilot. Soon he put on his war hat and went to fly an aeroplane! He was so excited!"

The hat that travelled the world.

Once there was a very warm hat that travelled around the world for over 100 years. One day, a man wore the hat for the First World War. He was on a helicopter, but just at that moment, the hat dropped onto a woman in Scotland. She wondered “What is this hat?”  She took it to her house. Later, at midnight, a robber sneaked in and stole her third favourite ring. Later that night, he dressed up as a normal boy and stole the hat too! Then he accidentally threw it out of the window. It flew to every single country on its way to Germany where it went back to the man in the war. 

"The Police Helmet

I am a police helmet.

I am brave,

I am fierce,

I keep everyone safe.

I am smart,

I am fast,

I help people everyday.

I am friendly,

I am kind,

I am here for you when you need me.

I am a police helmet,

I help my police officer every single day! "


From Year 3 (Green beret and Motorbike helmet)

Year 3 created folded books, artwork and this amazing shared class poem

“I don’t want to be a motorcycle helmet

I’m scared of going CRASH!

I don’t want to be a hockey helmet

I’m frightened of the THUD!

I don’t want to be an American football helmet

I’m terrified of going SMASH!

I don’t want to be a racing helmet

I’m worried about going VROOM!

I don’t want to be a space helmet

I’m fearful of going POP!

I don’t want to be a firefighter’s helmet

I’m petrified of going OUCH!

I don’t want to be an RAF helmet

I’m nervous of going ZOOM!

I don’t want to be a baseball helmet

I panic about going WHAM!”


From Year 4 (Schoolboy's cap and Chauffeur's hat)

Year 4 created short stories linked to their hats

“R. M. Merrell and the Cursed Hat.

Manchester Piccadilly Station was busy and crowded, through the steam of the train, you could just about see a little boy clinging to his mother’s as she tried to pull him off. His name was Robert Merrell. His mum and dad were Mr and Mrs Merrell. He was wearing a nice ironed shirt with it tucked into his dark grey trousers and a smart red and green blazer with a golden trimmed top. His shoes were made out of leather with smart shoe laces and he has a red and green tie. On his head Robert wore a hat matching his blazer and tie.

A velvet red steam train pouring out steam came out from the shadows.  His mum and dad tried to push him on three times but knew it was no good. His dad pulled out a packet of sweets from his pocket and threw them onto the train. Robert quickly ran onto the train just as the doors shut behind him. In that moment he knew he had been tricked. “NOOO!” he yelled. He rushed to the window yelling for his mum and dad. As he stuck his head out the window a blast of wind came from nowhere blowing his hat off his head and onto the cold metal train lines below.”


“One gloomy horrible day, horror and evil was here to stay. A malicious, ferocious, criminal had a diabolical plan to rob the bank! So, the next day, the agile, smart and sly criminal looked back over his plan and thought that it was definitely going to work. He got his old chauffeur’s hat and suit and put them on. But he noticed something magical, strange and curious about his hat. It could turn invisible! He was ready for his plan. Later on, he jumped into his car and rushed to the bank but the threatening police began to chase him. Bang! Bang! Went the police cars tyres as it skidded around the corner. The chauffeur was traumatised, his heart nearly stopped. The police cars bumped into him and his engine hissed like an angry snake as he ferociously accelerated even faster.

Then, his tyres popped and his engine stopped. The car hazardously skidded then precariously bashed into a building’s walls, he could taste the brick dust. His magic hat turned him invisible and he managed to sneak out of the building and continued with his horrible and dangerous plan to get in the main entrance. With compassion in his eyes he stole all the solid gold and put it into his large gold sack. Suddenly, the police abruptly barged him over and handcuffed him and took him to the police car. Red hot rage gazed in his eyes as he knew he has been caught.”


From Year 5 (WW1 tin hat and Autralian Rancher's Hat )

5RC created a mixture of narratives and poetry…

"All Alone

Sitting there in the damp landscape I wait, waiting for the moment to come. I try to tell myself, "It's okay, no need to fret," but I secretly know it isn't. The plodding gets louder, THUMP, THUMP, THUMP! The time is coming closer, TICK TOCK, TICK, TOCK! I pray, praying to live on. I pop up, hearing the dreadful thoughts of what might happen.

A familiar body lays by my side as still as a statue. No more joy; no more fun. Someone picks me up and places me on their hazel brown hair. I hear gun shots in the distance; no much closer. I appear above the ground again. Yet another body lays by my side. I lie there, no one to wear me. Sorrowful thoughts flow through my head as my life begins to fade away...

That Tin Hat

This is my hat. It gives me strength, courage and confidence but I still feel scared. I'm at war with my friend all alone. My trench is sliding with mud and the rats are scurrying around us like a whirling tornado. I can hear people on the other side who I wish could be my friends. But instead we're all lying here in these muddy holes with rotting feet and moss that grows.

With my broken soul I peep at what's to come. Terrified for my life, what has this journey done? I'm standing with my friend on No Man's Land . The next thing I know, I see a bullet in my head; falling to the ground, like the many dead. A flicker of life hits me and I see my hat. The hat that gave me strength. The hat that gave me courage. The hat that gave me LIFE!

Please come home...

I will put in the tin hat:

The sun rays bouncing off my back,

My warm, welcoming smile,

A hot cup of tea.


I will put in the tin hat:

A welcoming bark if your dog, A proud family running,

A morning breeze pushing towards you.


Your tin hat is fashioned with

A steely piece of braveness,

A strap made of strength,

All cushioned to a piece of love.


When I wear your hat,

I think of my family,

I think of my friends,

I think of everyone I love.


The Hat From No Man's Land

I am the steel hat,

The one who sticks with you wherever you go,

The spine-chilling armour that jumps from head to head,

The one who guards you from the show.


I will be the saviour,

I will guard your brain,

I will fill you up with fame,

I will cause less pain.


The ones who fought before you,

Are now no more,

I will gift your survival,

I will stop you being sore.


But now you enter No Man's Land,

You are shaking with fear,

Now you have fallen to the ground,

I fear the enemy's cheer.


5KB created an amazing shared class story…

At midday, in a hot Australian factory, a strange mysterious hat should not have been made!  Unfortunately there was a terrible accident.  Toxic waste split all over the building and left the factory in flames, destroying everything except the hat!  How did it survive?

The hat was found by a young man, and at the time he didn’t realise it was going to change his life.  Jacob was 19 years old and lived with his parents in Australia but had always dreamt about travelling.  Relaxing on the sofa, Jacob put his hat on, dreaming about visiting New York.  He fell asleep for several hours but was woken suddenly by a beeping horn.  He opened his eyes and found he was no longer at home but on a bench in Central Park!  He was in shock and thought he must be dreaming but looked around in disbelief as he realised this was really happening.

This was a very special hat and had survive hundreds of years of travel.  Jacob had not been the first person to experience its special powers.  If you dream of being somewhere it takes you there.  Jacob was excited about the idea he could travel around the world whenever he wanted to.  He tested the hat’s powers again and thought about happy family holidays in Greece.  He closed his eyes nervously and thought of travel.  Opening his eyes slowly, hoping the magic had worked, he found himself on the beach in Crete!

A few moments later, Jacob was approached by Jack, who was lost, asking for help.  Jack had been travelling with a group of friends but they had left him.  After chatting for a while they both realised they were both lost and alone.  Jacob decided to use the hat’s magic powers to get Jack back home.  Sacrificing himself, he gave the hat to Jack, knowing he wouldn’t be able to get back himself.  After spending the day with Jacob, Jack put on the hat and closed his eyes, dreaming of home.  When Jack opened his eyes, he was with his family at home.  He felt relieved and grateful that Jacob had put him first.

After several months of Jacob working hard to earn money, he wondered if he would ever return home.  He had a job cleaning in a local hotel and had found new friends but missed his family.  Over the same months, Jack wore the hat often and thought of Jacob but it didn’t send him anywhere.  He realised he needed to get the hat back to Jacob to restore the magic powers.  That night, Jack went to sleep wearing the hat and Jacob too was thinking about his friend.  The next morning, when Jacob woke up, the hat was on his head!  Jacob was ready to go home, he closed his eyes and began to dream …

Green Eggs and Ham was read by Mrs Norbury Green Eggs and Ham was read by Mrs Norbury
Mrs Hardman has lots of fun reading Green Eggs and Ham! Mrs Hardman has lots of fun reading Green Eggs and Ham!
Mrs McKensie treated us to Roald Dahl but Scottish Style Mrs McKensie treated us to Roald Dahl but Scottish Style
Slinky Malinky was read by Mrs Brownsell Slinky Malinky was read by Mrs Brownsell
The Cursed Child generated lots of interest read by Miss Drabble The Cursed Child generated lots of interest read by Miss Drabble
There was much hilarity with a reading of The Day the Crayons Quit by Miss Pritchard There was much hilarity with a reading of The Day the Crayons Quit by Miss Pritchard
Children were introduced to the novel: The Train to Impossible Places read by Mrs Chetwyn Children were introduced to the novel: The Train to Impossible Places read by Mrs Chetwyn
Children enjoyed reading Traction Man is here with Mr Philips Children enjoyed reading Traction Man is here with Mr Philips
Why not pop along this week to view our Book Week Display at Altrincham Library? Why not pop along this week to view our Book Week Display at Altrincham Library?
Parents and Carers of 5RC pupils share a good book... Parents and Carers of 5RC pupils share a good book...
Parents and Carers of pupils in Surays shared their love of reading in Book Week Parents and Carers of pupils in Surays shared their love of reading in Book Week
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