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Ethos & Values

At the core of our school is its curriculum, not only what the children are taught but how they are taught and why we teach what we do at Oldfield Brow. We want to make the curriculum enticing and invigorating, where children are active learners and we are clear of the outcomes we expect for every child in our care.

Oldfield Brow Primary School aims to provide children with the opportunities needed to develop towards their full potential; academically, emotionally and socially by: 

• Providing the highest standard of education to enable children to acquire the skills, knowledge and concepts relevant to their future. 
• Promoting an ethos of care, mutual respect and support, where effort is valued and success celebrated. 
• Enabling children to become active, responsible and caring members of the school and wider community of Oldfield Brow.

At Oldfield Brow Primary School we believe that children learn best when; 

• They are encouraged to form positive relationships with their teacher, peers and other members of the school community; 
• They have clear direction and are praised for all the good things that they do;
• They are actively involved in their learning at an appropriate level to match their learning needs; 
• They are encouraged to become increasingly autonomous learners;
• They are appropriately challenged with learning experiences which are relevant to their lives and interests and are inspiring, motivating and engaging; 
• They are working in an environment which is safe, caring, supportive and stimulating;
• Their learning is well structured and delivered;
• Their learning is effectively differentiated;
• Their learning encompasses the values and skills of the school in aiding the development as future effective citizens of Great Britain and the world;
• Their learning enables appropriate and pertinent aspects of personal, social, moral, spiritual, cultural and emotional development within both our core values and explicit provision. 

Further detail of the curriculum can be found within the individual pages of each class's web page. Look within the 'ebags' to find out more.

Oldfield Brow is a school that is constantly on the move and we welcome your comments on how we are doing and where we are going. Should you contact the school, the majority of your questions and queries are dealt with by the Headteacher and the School's Bursar, Natasha Hopkins.

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