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27th September 2022 -Year 6 Book Buzz Reading Records Information!

We are delighted to promote the use of our new online reading records on Padlet. The aim of this is to create an amazing reading community where children can review, and share and talk about books with their peers. More information can be found in the downloads section. Follow the link to start! Please remember to be appropriate and responsible when using the platform. Please read the instructions before following the link provided. 

23rd September 2022

Year 6SB have worked incredibly hard on their figurative language this week and have honed their skills in Lacrosse! They have also been excellent role models to their Reading Buddies in Year 3LP.

20th September 2022

Year 6 had a great week last week. We had a visit from Media Cubs and the children got to be creative and come up with their own broadcasts. Photos coming soon! This week we have lots more going on as well as our second Lacrosse session and more exploration of our local area in our mapping unit! 

13th September 2022

Please find attached in the 'Documents section' the Year 6 Homework Diary for each day. We are aware that some of the children may be prepping for 11+ exams and that they may not have time to complete the homework set. If this is the case for your child then we completely understand but please just let us know either by email or by writing a note. If there is also any other reason for your child not being able to complete their homework, again just please let us know by email or by writing a note. Please keep checking the homework each week diary as some activities may slightly change. My email is Year6SB@oldfield-brow,com 

Week Beginning 12th September 2022

Today we have started our PE subject for the term - Yoga! What a lot of fun (and funny shapes) we had, and everyone enjoyed the calming meditation at the end.

It is also a time of celebration for some of our families.  Mid-Autumn Festival, Zhongqiu Jie (中秋节) in Chinese, is also called the Moon Festival or the Mooncake Festival. It is the second most important festival in China after Chinese New Year.  In China, Mid-Autumn Festival is a celebration of the rice harvest and many fruits. Ceremonies are held both to give thanks for the harvest and to encourage the harvest-giving light to return again in the coming year.  It is also a reunion time for families, a little like Thanksgiving. Chinese people celebrate it by gathering for dinners, worshiping the moon, lighting paper lanterns, eating mooncakes, etc. 

We have learnt a lot about figurative language in English, and created some extremely entertaining poems in the style of Ted Hughes.

In English, we are consolidating our knowledge of place value up to 1,000,000.  On Friday, we had a real treat - MediaCubs came in to give us a taste of what it is like to be both behind and in-front of a camera, which a news report is going on. Hopefully an afterschool club to support the interest that was shown will be offered shortly - watch this space

Week Beginning 7th September 2022

Welcome everyone to the brand new class of 2022-23!

It has been a fabulous week already. A huge congratulations to all members of Year 6, you have come back to school with such a positive attitude, and are showing your eagerness to learn so clearly.  We are very proud of you already!

A very exciting Art competition is already in place - the 'Oldfield Brow Crest Competition' is offering our children to chance to go down in history, as a designer of the new school House badges. The school is looking to place greater importance on our team houses and our values, both as part of each house and as part of our whole school.  (Please see the powerpoint and templates in our Downloads section for further details).

Have a wonderful weekend all, see you on Monday :-)

September 2022

The Year 6 team can't wait to get to know you all.  We have so many exciting topics and subjects to cover in our curriculum, and some very exciting workshops along the way as well.  We know you are going to really enjoy it!

Just think, you will not only be the top of the school in school years, but top of the school in floors as well - get ready for those stairs :-)

Enjoy the rest of the summer holidays, and we look forward to welcoming you back on Wednesday 7th September! 

Mr Butler, Mrs Brownsell and Miss Burney



PE lessons will begin on the second week back, week beginning 12/9/22. 

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