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3rd December 2021

December has arrived, and we certainly felt like winter was with us at the beginning of the week.  The snow was very beautiful on the frosty trees outside our windows, even if it did not stay very long.

We have started a formal writing topic and we are considering stories from a book called, 'Survivors'.  We began by finding out the history of the Berlin Wall, and then discovering how the Strelczyk and Wetzel families escaped by building their own hot air balloon!  We have used the subjunctive form to increase the formality of our writing, and recounted the events of their adventure.

Maths has been one of the trickiest subjects this week - adding and subtracting fractions!  We have been applying our times tables knowledge so help us make our denominators equal sizes, and have also tackled subtracting fractions that include whole numbers too.  We're amazing!

Friday is Tag Rugby day, and we had such a lot of fun with Will from Sale Sharks.  He helped us improve our back pass, and also with playing the game - it was very competitive out there, but good teamwork and fun was had by all.

19th November 2021

This week, we began our work on 'The Lighthouse'.  We have been practising our figurative language and lots of different types of sentence structure to make our writing more engaging and colourful. 

Maths has been all about fractions.  Knowing how to make equivalent fractions has been really useful for when we need to add or subtract fractions with different denominators and has led into knowing how to find factors of numbers, and how they are different to multiples.

Another fantastic lesson with Sale Sharks coach, Will!  The class were conquering the back pass today!     

It is of course, also Children In Need Day in Oldfield Brow today.  The children looked spectacular in their bright clothes and bright smiles.  Mrs Thornton is going to the event this evening and will be taking the donations of the school with her, and hoping to get a hug from Pudsey Bear!   

In the afternoon, we shared 5RC's assembly and loved hearing about the Vikings themed work they had done and huge variety of activities based on Harry Potter.  Well done, 5RC!

11th November 2021

Today we had a very special assembly for Remembrance Day, and the children did us proud with two minutes silence. We learned about the Tomb of the Unknown Warrier, and why it is important for those families and friends to remember those lost.

We also blended colours in oil pastels to create our own door wreath for the classroom.


5th November

Our week this week has been very busy. We have discussed the COP26 conference and the work they are looking to achieve, investigated the component parts of blood (and even made our own), discovered the story of lego and used it to improve our comprehension and retrieval skills, as well as a range of grammatical features such as the subjunctive clause, and celebrated Diwalli by creating some stunning and colourful hand designs.  

We are very lucky this week as have a new coach from Sale Sharks coming in to teach us Tag Rugby this half term.  Everyone really enjoyed it, even though it was definitely a chilly Autumn morning.

It has been wonderful to talk with so many of you over the parent's evening consultations this week.  Thank you for making your time available.

13th October 2021

CONGRATULATIONS to Emily and Pardis whose work was commended in Trafford's 500 Word Competition earlier in the year! They received their copies of the Anthology of Commended Winners' writing this week in assembly. Well done!

There will be another 500 Words Competition next year, and Oldfield Brow has already signed up.


8th October 2021


On Thursday, as part of our celebrations and engagement with Black History Month we joined a live lesson which included nearly 200 schools from not just across the country, but across the world as well - there was a school joining us from Auckland! 

Wendy Shearer, professional storyteller and author of African and Caribbean Folktales, Myths and Legends, led the session and read to us some classic stories from all over Africa and the Caribbean.  She discussed with us how she takes inspiration from important moments in Black history and shared stories which drew from her Afro-Caribbean heritage and degree in Classics.  She gave use some fantastic advice for if we wanted to be successful writers ourselves.

1) Read as much as possible

2) Write every single day!

3) When you are telling a story, see a picture of what you are describing in your mind. This really helps your audience see it too!

1st October 2021

Our week began with Monday seeing us celebrating European Languages Day!  We learnt how to say 'hello' in lots and lots of different languages and had great fun practising with our friends.

Mrs  Brownsell and I also welcomed a number of you into school to our Curriculum Evening presentation, it was so lovely to be able to see people in person again.

PE today saw us embracing a whole world of athletics which we looking forward to telling you more about in our assembly.

Our art work for our Christmas cards is now complete, and as you can see from the examples below, the children have created some really beautiful work.  The order forms are coming home with the work, and there are the usual options for you to turn your child's work into personalise Christmas cards and mugs etc.  We are sure you will love them as much as we do.

24th September 2021

We have settled properly now into life in Year 6 and the children have all enjoyed getting familiar with new routines, the THREE flights of stairs, and being the oldest ones in the school. It has also been lovely to see so many things going back to 'normal'! Children now eating dinner in the School Hall, play times spent with other children outside their class, and more group activities and assemblies. 

On Monday at 6pm we have a 'Curriculum Evening', where myself and Mrs Brownsell will talk about life in Year 6 - the expectations and the work we will be doing. If you cannot make this - please dont worry as the presentation will be shared on this webpage and you are welcome to ask any questions via email or at the end of the school day.

We have enjoyed learning all about figurative language in literacy, Athletics in PE and Mapping in Topic work - and much of this will be shared I the very first 'Showing Assembly' for nearly 2 years! This will be on Friday 8th October at 2.30pm, and all parents of Y6LT are welcome.


We have a terrific week. The children are really settling into the rhythm and routines of Year 6.  Well done!

We have been learning about the organs of the body in Science as part of our 'Animals Including Humans' topic, and it was clear just how interested the class were in this subject.  There are clearly a lot of eager young scientists in 6LT, and I can't wait to see this interest develop :-)

Our poetry work 'Out of our window!' is really taking shape.  We are building our skills by working on noun phrases and personification - this is really starting to bring our ideas to life.  

We are working on place value in Maths, spotting how important zero's are for holding place value, understanding what a million (and more!) looks like, and honing our skills when spotting ascending and descending numbers and intervals between numbers.

In PE (which we enjoyed outside this week - hooray) we began our Athletics work.  We discussed the challenges faced by paralympians, and felt how it affected us when we raced in a straight line, and a circle as we usually would, then again with our hands held rigid.  Ask us what we discovered. :-)


It may only have been a half week but we have crammed so much in already. We have done lots of fun activities (ask us about the application form to Year 6!  When asked to answer the impossible, creativity takes flight - I loved what the children came up with, particularly about the jelly feet and the caveman!) We've discussed and agreed how we want our classroom to work, checked where our Mathematical understanding is so that we know how we will need to progress, begun our work towards creating a poem in the style of Ted Hughes AND started to delve deep into our class reader book: Orphans of the Tide.  We've begun our first foundation subject as well, and embraced the subject of Mapping in Geography.   Using atlases to locate different places of the UK was so much fun, the children really enjoyed the collaborative element of this activity. Phew!

How have we crammed all this, and our dodgeball, daily miles, breaks and lunchtimes into three days??? Welcome to the crazy world of Year 6! 


It's that time of year again - a new classroom, new teachers and a new start! Myself and Miss Burney are excited to welcome you all back to school after a long summer holiday, and to get started on all the great things we have planned - and after an unusual 18 months, we look forward to a little normality!

In the downloads section, you will find a sneak preview of what we will be learning about this term, and informaton about homework. Unlike previous years, we do not do 'chatterday' homework, but work will be sent home every day (not too much tho so don't worry!). PE will be on a Monday and Friday, and so a full PE kit needs to be in school those days. We have in school all the stationary you will need, and a fabulous range of reading books in our Library so all you need to bring with you the first week is a super positive attitude and a smile :-)

We look forward to seeing you all on Wednesday 8th September.



Miss L Thornton Miss L ThorntonTeacher
Miss K Burney Miss K BurneyTeaching Assistant
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