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31st MArch 2021

WOW! What a fantastic day we have had with Mrs Wilson, the scientist who came in today to teach us about acids and alkalis - and many other things!! Here are some pictures of our day...

If we turn the bottle over with the ball placed on top - how does the ball stay in place?

How does a chemical reaction cause the glove to inflate?

How do different substances react to acids and alkalis?

How do we get juice out of a purple cabbage? (not by squeezing it!)


30th MArch

Well - today was the big reveal!!! 

Having checked our bread every day, we decided that today showed us the results that most of us predicted would happen! We concluded that washing with soap and water was by far the best way of keeping our hands clean - sanitiser was the next best - and water didn't do very much on it's own. 

The children were amazed at how much mould there was on the piece of bread handled by one of our keen footballers straight after break, and they all said they have learnt how important the handwashing is. Learning objectives met!

Here our our mouldy results:

24th March 2021

POLITE REMINDER: If you have not already done so, please visit ParentPay to contribute to our Chemistry Workshop next week.

We are delighted to finally have started our HOLES class book - and the chidlren are enjoying writing and highlighting in them! We are finding lots of evidence to justify opinions, identifying many sentence structures and looking at how punctuation is being used. Holes is always a favourite in Year 6 and we look forward to learning more about the plot and the characters as we move forward!

We enjoyed looking at how the Oasis 'Masterplan' Video used LS Lowry's style to create their video, and identified the features used.

SCIENCE UPDATE***** A fair bit of mold has been found on the dirty slice of bread, and a little found on the bread wiped on the desk and books. Nothing yet on the others!

18th March

We are settled into school now, and continuing our work on the Mayans. Some of us enjoyed trying the Mayan Hot Chocolate. But most did not!! The chilli and cinammon was not a hit.....and the general feeling was that chocolate drinks are nicer in the present day!

In science we have started an investigation into the effect of bacteria on bread. In previous years, we have compared dirty hands on bread, untouched bread and the difference in growing bacteria (a.k.a mold) in light and dark. This year we have progressed to comparing differences with the length of time soap and water washing and hand sanitsers! 

Watch this space for our results!

11th MArch


A fabulous return to school has been had by all! Today we are doing our 'Beak Investigation' as part of our Evolution topic. We have designed different beaks and are now testing how well they work with different foods!

We have also now varnished our Dragon Eyes, which are currently drying and will be coming home this weekend!



8th March 


What a lovely day we have had, catching up, playing games, making dragon sculptues and laughing and chatting! Almost like we have not been away!

It has been so lovely to see all the worries and nerves melt away by 9.16am and all children enjoying their day.

For those children still working at home, all the work for the upcoming week is in the downloads sections, and all the daily planning is on one document - spread out over the week, alongside all documents. As far as possible we have matched what they are doing in school - and we look forward to welcoming everyone back soon!

7th January


What a fantastic day of learning we have to look forward to today!  You are going to have a theme tune stuck in your head all day after our English activity - Wallace and Gromit are introducing us to some of their incredible mechanical creations, and it will be our job to explain to others how they work :-)

We are concluding our Maths section on Position with a look (pardon the pun) at reflection.  Remember, whenever you are doing a reflection, check which axis you need to reflect in, then imagine that axis is a mirror.  The shape you are refecting will be the same distance behind the mirror as it is infront!  A good check is to count out the squares from the axis for every vertex (corner), not just one, to ensure that your shape inverts (goes backwards!).

In the afternoon, we will be looking at RE, and considering the religion of Hinduism.  This is the religion of GEMS, our sister school in India and although we have learned about aspects Hinduism previously, our lesson today will really add colour and depth to our understanding.

We will have packs of learning materials ready for collection in the next couple of days. As you can imagine, this is a huge job across the whole school and we need to ensure that it is as safe as possible for people to collect this work.  We will get back to you with our allocated collection time as soon as possible.

Thank you so much to everyone who has sent in examples of work for us to see.  Please retain the worksheets that you complete and store them in your blue folder to bring into school once lockdown has ended.  The expectation is that work be completed on a daily basis, which we will monitor to ensure you are progressing.  If you have any questions regarding this, please do not hesitate to get intouch with us on the Y6@oldfield-brow.com email address.


6th January 2020


The wrong translation worksheet was uploaded (both the easier version). This has now been fixed and is in the yellow box -sorry

Here we go again!!!!After a lovely first day back after the holiday, we have a strange sense of Deja Vu up in Year 6! Once again back in Lockdown, we have been working extremely hard to get prepared for the weeks to come.
We hope you all received our email sent on Tuesday afternoon, with lots of information on our plans for home and school learning - but if not please email us on Y6@oldfield-brow.com to let us know.
We will be preparing more packs to be collected if required this week, and details of this will be sent out tomorrow.
It was so lovely to see the children on Monday and we look forward to seeing them all again as soon as possible. 

English link for today:


Week Beginning 14th December 2020

We have been getting into the spirit of Christmas this week! On Friday we filmed 'The 12 Days of Christmas' to support CAFT's fundraising, and had lots of musical fun - with online workshops from Trafford Music Service as well as the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra!

We each made a Christmas card, to be given out around our local area to those living in sheltered and assisted living. I was so proud of the effort the children out in - and the heartfelt messages they wrote to try and spead a litttle Christmas cheer.

Talking of Christmas cheer - we had great fun decorating (and eating) our gingerbread Teddies! A big thank you to G-Force who provided everything we needed for every child in school.

I hope you all have a lovely and safe Christmas and we look forward to welcoming everyone back in January 2021!



Week Beginning 30th November

December is beckoning and we have our chocolate advent calendars ready to share (unless Miss Burney gets there first!!! :-)  

Our English this week is continuing on the theme of Survivors, and our next story considers escape across the Berlin Wall.  As someone who remembers the wall coming down, it is sobering to think how recent these events were.  The children are very much enjoying predicting, considering time order of events and isolating features of formal writing.

Our practise for the ExTraffordganza is coming along beautifully - and this morning we filmed our '12 Days of Christmas' for CAFT. The Childrens Adventure Farm is a fantastic local charity in Lymm that supports children with disabilities or very poorly. Hopefully we will be able to hold our Y6 Enterprise this summer which enables us to raise money to support them further.

In Maths, we are continuing with fractions and are now looking at multiplying them. We have been doing these as part of our daily arithmetic since September, so are feeling quite rightly smug about how good we are at them now. :-)

Art was a lot of fun as we continued to look at LS Lowry, and how he has influenced modern Manchester music (have a look for The Masterplan album cover by Oasis).  Can you see similarities and differences between them?  We particularly liked how Lowry never shows a shadow, as there is no sun.  

We have nearly finished our Christmas cards which will be included in the 'Be a Santa for a Senior' project.  Photos of the finished product to follow :-)

23rd November 2020

We have had a very 'Geographical' week in Year 6 this week as part of the Geography Awareness Week. Our topic is currently mapping, and the children thoroughly enjoyed going outside with an aeriel photo of the school from before our 'Big Build' a few years ago. They were tasked with drawing the new outline of the building on top - an extremely challenging activity! They had to orientate their photos correctly - look at things that were the same to give them a guide, and look at the scale of different parts of the school grounds. We then compared it to a current ariel photo to evaluate the work - a great job done by all the children!

We finished our Year 6 'Book of Hope' this week - with a lovely front cover done by Isabelle and Talia, and a first page illustration by Alfie - filled with work we have been doing on the Hope theme over the last few weeks. These will go on display at the front of school and eventually go into the school archives as a reminder of this unusual year.


We have also had fun tryng to balance a 20p piece on a lemon for 5 secnds in water - investigating why it kept falling off - and how we could possibly make the lemon float without the coin falling off! A few squashed and flattened lemons later - success!


9th November 2020

This week we will be learning more about Remembrance Day and reading about the Tomb of the Unknown Warrier in Westminster.

We will be starting our writing on the Lighthouse story and finish off our assessments ready for feedback on Parents Evening.

In Maths we will be starting our work on Fractions, which we will be working on for the next few weeks, alongside our Barvember maths activities. It is geography awareness week, and we will be mapping our school over a blueprint of the school as it was 5 years ago before our our big build as part of this weeks geography activities. This is a fun and very challenging activitiy and I will post some of the work when it has been completed!

Before leaving school on Friday, the sunset was striking against the school building so I thought I would share a photograph!

6th November 2020

Art Competition,

Here at Oldfield Brow we love our Art projects, and nothing gives us greater pleasure than when our whole school gets involved.  During our first half term, all the classes helped create a display based on our shared book: Leaf.  It looked truly magical, with hundreds of leaves fluttering about the polar bear and crow.

For this half term, the opportunity to get involved is extended to our families too.  There are going to be three categories: children, children with grown-ups, and adults only.  This means if any parents, carers, aunts, uncles or grandparents enjoy creating art, this is the perfect opportunity to have their work displayed in school!  Although we cannot offer a public gallery at the moment, we will of course create an online gallery to showcase the work of all entrants as well.

As I am sure you will have noticed, the nights are drawing in, and mornings are about to get much darker too.  With this in mind, the theme of the exhibition is going to be…LIGHT& HOPE!

How you interpret this is up to you.  Perhaps it is one of the celebrations of light you would like to capture, perhaps the flicker of a lone candle? Maybe you will choose an example of light that brings you hope: a sunrise; the glow of a window at home; a lighthouse; a garden security light that illuminates a baby hedgehog?  The limit is your imagination (and child-friendly content  ).

3rd NOvember 2020

Welcome back after half term! I hope even with all the restrictions that everyone had a lovely break. 

This term, we are starting some narrative writing based on the short film 'The Lighthouse' - focusing on using a slow writing technique which examines the many features and structures of a range of sentences to make our writing more varied and interesting. We begin our work on fractions this week, which will continue for a few weeks. Even more exciting than fractions - it is BARVEMBER!

Every November we learn more about how to use Bar Modelling to use as a strategy to solve many problems - especially ratio, proportion, fractions ad algebra. These can get very challenging and we a re really enjoying pushing ourselves. Can you solve this challenge the children will be given towards the end of the month?

22nd October

Happy Halloween! Lots of scary costumes today - and I was very excited to see Talia decided I was scary enough to warrant her dressing up as me (complete with coffee flask and name tag!!)

We spent the morning turning the Gruffalo into a horror story - and enjoyed using a new range of vocabulary to make it as scary and full of suspense as possible!


14th October

We wanted to share our Poetry based on 'The Book of Hopes'. We looked at personification, main/subordinating clauses and abstract nouns to help us structure them. Children contributed their favourite lines to create our Class Poem - we hope you like it!


Despair will ignore you, and destroy your dreams,

Until Hope comes along and reminds you that is always there.

Hate shouts above the crowd, making everyone unable to speak,

Until Love sings you a song, bringing a smile to your face.

Fear has a voice, which lives in every corner,

Until Bravery comes knocking, and sweeps it aside.

Betrayal punches your heart a thousand tmes, 

Until trust arrives, to mend you.

Depression whispers sad moments,  making everyone cry,

Until Joy comes and makes the sun rise.

Malice wrecks your insides, making you appear evil,

Until Kindness reconnects you, with your hopes and dreams.

Neglect glares down on you, whispering doubts and hurtful messages,

Until Care reminds you that you are loved.

Heartlessness shouts bad things in your ear,

Until Compassion comes and takes the wheel.

Anger speaks to me, whispering nasty words,

Until Calm dances in and made me feel better.

Sadness whispers negative emotions, in your ear

Until Happiness wraps you up in its arms.

Captivity is everywhere, uncaring and heartless,

Until Freedom comes along and sets you free.

Rudeness shouts ruthlessly, hurting your heart,

Until Kindness dances in, like a petal on a flower.

Misery slips into everyone, which leaves an empty path,

Until joy slides in toprotect you, and keeps you safe.

Indifference grumbles, at the lack of things to do,

Until excitement skids in, chatting about the amazing things in the world.

Cowardice will hold you back, letting you go,

Until Bravery stands up, tall, scaring him away.

Restraint holds you in a cave, not letting you out,

Until Freedom arrives and gives you a shout.

War separates you from friends, creting destruction,

Until Peace jumps in, bringing you back together.

Madness washes your brain,  into a twist,

Until Clarity listens kindly to what has happened

Tears drop down through your skin,

Until laughter smirks at its easy job.

Defeat stalks the world, haunting it,

Until Victory spreads throughout, brightening every corner.

Terror jumps out at you, making you worried,

Until Courage stops it and makes it scatter.

Disbelief waves, and gives a smirk of nastiness,

Until Faith told him to ignore it, making it back away

Betrayal walks around, whispering peoples secrets,

Until Trust arrives to take you hand.

WB 13th October

Last week we started learning chess!!! We began by learning about how the pawn moves, and had our own 'Battle of the Pawns' games. We then moved a Rook onto the board, which became more challenging! Lots of discussion about different scenarios in games led to those who already know the basics of the game developing their strategies further, as well as teaching others.

In Literacy we have been reading The Book of Hopes, which is a collection of short pieces of writing based on the theme of 'Hope' by many famous childrens authors - put together as a book over lockdown. Children have created their own magical worlds in their first piece of creative writing - and they included expanded noun phrases (ask them about DAN P DAAN P DAAN!)

In Topic we have located lots of British Landmarks using google maps and located the places on a map of Britain.

WB 27th September

What fabulous Newspaper reports the children have done this week! Here are Miley's and Ruby's!


Monday was European Languages Day and Year 6 have had lots of fun speaking in lots of different languages.  We started off by answering the register in different languages, then learnt the German song, 'Mein Hut, Der Hat Drei Ecken'.  This was lots of fun as it came with actions too! We then moved across Europe to Spain and listened to the story 'Pollito Tito'.  This is 'Chicken Little' in English, and was quite surprising as Pollito Tito finds out about the sky falling from the internet! Just goes to show you can't believe everything you read :-)  As if this wasn't enough, we also drew doves to represent peace, and wrote how to say 'Hello' in lots of different languages.  These are going to look so beautiful when they are finished!

October is Black History Month!

Black History Month recognises the contributions that the black community has made to the UK and countries across the world, over many generations.

Black History Month is a time to remember and celebrate all those who have helped shape the world we live in. Our school teaches children about the importance of having respect and tolerance for all cultures.   

At Oldfield Brow, we will be weaving these celebrations into our curriculum, looking at historical figures across History, Science, English, Sport and much more!

WB 21st September

It has been great to start getting our teeth into Year 6 Maths.  Building on our knowledge of place value has really helped us consolidate our understanding of what HUGE numbers like 1,352,107 actually mean.  We have looked at how we say, as well as spell them, and just how important recognising the importance of zeros and commas are!  We are moving on to multiplying and dividing these big numbers by multiples of 10, 100, 1000 etc this week - bring it on!

We are continuing our investigation of Nobel Peace Prize winners this week, and will be finding out about a young girl called Malala Yousafzai.  There are different types of Nobel Prize that can be won - can you name what they are?  Ask the children to share what they are have learned with you :-)


Urmston have supplied us with some additional information regarding the entrance exam at their establishment. Please refer to the documents in the downloads section, if applicable.

WB 14th September

This week in school we will looking at the importance of using effective diagrams to solve problems and all children were caught out by todays first problem! Here it is if you would like a go!

Jane built a square tree house on one side of the river. She used 8 vertical tree branches for each side. How many branches did she use altogether?

We are going to be learning about Wangari Maathai through two books in Literacy. She is a worthy winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, and we will be looking at other winners, including Malala Yousafzai over the next week - and how everyone can make a difference. What would you like your legacy to be?

September parent workshops reminder.

To provide parents with support and advice about their child's mental health and wellbeing, Trafford Sunrise Parent Workshops will be running online throughout September.

The sessions will offer a safe space for advice, information and resources and will cover two age groups as follows:

5-12 year old parent workshops:

•    Anxiety – Tuesday 15 September (5-6:30pm)

•    Managing change - Tuesday 29 September (10-11:30am)

10-16 year old parent workshops:

•     Communicating with your teenager – Monday 21 September (10-11:30am)

(Please copy and paste these links into your browser for further information).







WB 7th September 2020

A little bit of information for you! PE for Year 6 will be on a Monday and Friday. This week we will be starting PE on Friday, and children will need an outdoor PE kit for these sessions. Due to circumstances there will be NO indoor PE this half term.

For Y6 LT ONLY children should come to school in their PE kit on Moday with their uniform in their bag. They will then wear their kit home on Friday after Fridays lesson. Year 6 KB will bring their kit into school and leave here as normal.

Homework will start this Friday with some research ready for next week, but going forward the homework will be as follows:

Monday: Spellings

Tuesday: Arithmetic

Wednesday: English

Thursday: Spellings and Tables

Friday: Maths 

September 3rd 2020

Welcome back to school after what must surely be the longest break in history!!

It was great to see everyone in today with smiles, enthusiasm and chatter in both Year 6 classes- it is obvious all the children have missed being here as much as we have missed them. We will be starting this term with a 'reconnection' curriculum - which has at its core settling children back in, catching up, talking about how things have changed, new rules, how they feel and generally making them feel secure and happy through a range of activities. We will be led by the children this week (they were very pleased that this does not have to involve maths, grammar, punctuation and too much hard work!) and will spend time getting used to our new 'normal'.

Year 6 will be easing into our Autumn Curriculum, rather than stepping straight into it - and the overview of this is available in the downloads section.

We look forward to what this term brings!

Mrs Thornton, Mrs Brownsell and the Year 6 Team


Miss L Thornton Miss L ThorntonTeacher
Miss K Burney Miss K BurneyTeaching Assistant
For a full list of teachers, teaching assistants, designated support assistants and all staff at Oldfield brow, please see our Who's Who page.

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