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We are now in the final half of this academic year, and in Year 6 we have the countdown to SATs in May, followed by our trip to Cefn Lea and the wondeful variety of projects that will follow that - not least our much anticipated annual Enterprise Fair- where we will be raising as much as possible for CAFT, the wonderful local charity 'Children's adventure Farm Trust' who will come in and share what work they do with our children.

In Numeracy we are looking at Percentages, Algebra, Measure and Ratio and Proportion - extending our understanding and learning new things! As always, fluency in Arithmetic is a central part of Maths and this will continue to be practiced daily in class and weekly for Homework. This daily work is having a fantastic effect on the children's fluency so thank you for all the help and support at home!

In Literacy we are studying Aboriginal 'Dreamtime' stories - and looking at themes within them, focusing on the authors underlying messages. We will be writing our own, and performing them in our class assembly on March 6th. We will be looking at flashbacks in the story 'The Piano', and working to analyse the lyrics of a range of songs in comprehension. SPaG will continue to be worked on using spag.com, which the children can access at home.

Following our work learning about the history of The Bridgewater Canal, we are moving to Geography to study Rivers and Coasts. In Art we will be studying the French artist Henri Rousseaux and creating our own work on Jungle animals - using Computer Aided Design (CAD) to form the structure of our final piece of work.

We are lucky enough to be able to offer Lacrosse sessions again this half term, to allow the children to further develop skills and apply them in games under the direction of our fantastic coach from Shooting Stars.

In RE we will be aiming to answer the question: 'What difference does it make to believe in Ahimsa (harmlessness), Grace (the generosity of God), and Ummah (community)?' looking at three different faiths, and an in depth study of Mahatma Ghandi's work towards Civil Rights and Freedom for all.

In Science we will start our work on Evolution and Inheritance - so be warned parents - we may be asking for photographic evidence of any physical traits you may have passed to your children!

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