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24th June 2021

Today was the day, and after a not very promising start to the day (damp, grey and dull) by the the time Year 6 hit the field it was all looking very exciting.  We got round 6 events which tested co-ordination, stamina, control and balance.  It would be impossible to say which event the children enjoyed the most as everyone was smiling throughout the whole day.

23rd/ 24th  June 2021

************************* Sports Day(s)*******************

How exciting, it's that Sports Day time of the year! Although we will very much miss having family to come and watch our events, everyone is very much looking forward to Thursday afternoon when Year 6 will have their session of fun activities to show off their talents.  Our session is on Thursday, so please ensure your children come to school in their PE kit on Thursday morning. (They do not need to bring their uniform, they will stay in their PE kit all day.  (Our session is at the end of the day).

Continuing the sports theme, we had our lacrosse lesson today, it has been fantastic to see how much the children have developed their skills in this game.  The tournament was so exciting, and I know everyone enjoyed it.

18th June 2021

                         ***********************ANDERTON CENTRE DAY !!  ************
What an amazing day! We have been rafting, jetty jumping, climbing, building, fire creating, marshmallow toasting and laughing all day!  Some of us even did the tree climb with a blind fold on!  There are so many photos to look through, but I had to give you a taste of how much fun the children have had.  I could not be more proud of each and every one of them.  Every child gave it their all in every activity and the absolute best part about it all was how supportive, and encouraging they were of each of other.  Super stars!



14th June 2021

Welcome back, everybody! Apparently it was the hottest day of the year today, with temperatures around 28 degrees near Heathrow!  Hmmm, it didn't get as far as Altrincham, in fact I'm sure I felt a few spots of rain on our daily mile today - but no matter, we're back and with a bang! 

Today saw the first of our SATs practise papers, and we got in the swing of things with our first Reasoning paper.  We had split classrooms, with some of us in the hall to make it seem more authentic.

We also did some excellent brain-storming on our Enterprise project ideas, enjoyed Music and engaged our brains in some mindfulness - phew!  What a busy day!

It has been so lovely to see the children back in school, and we've got a hectic half term to come - bring it on!

12th May 2021

Today we enjoyed cloud watching! Lying on our backs we found pictures in the clouds that ranged from kangaroos to houses, hearts and dragons! We drew some onto photographs on our return to the classroom.

We also talked about our worries, and wrote them them anonymously so we could share and give suggestions about what children could do. We discussed how some worries are bigger and children may need support dealng with them; so we looked at what trusted adults the children could turn to, and looked at the Childline website.

We all wrote down something that had been said to us in the past that caused us upset or negative feelings. Next week we will continue work on understanding the effect that our words can have on people.

10th May 2021


This week Year 6 will be doing art and literacy activities based on NAture as part of hte Mental Health week - please look in the downloads sections for a fantastic booklet 'Nature Guide for Pupils' with many suggestions of things you can do as a family!

27th April 2021

We have been working very hard in Year 6, and children are producing some excellent work! We have done some fantastic leaflets promoting Camp Green Lake from our book Holes, where the children have demonstrated lots of persuasive writing skills as well as super punctuation and vocabulary!

We have also been busy writing in our Holes books - highlighting and circling the text to show grammar, puncutation and answers to many inference questions!



Letters are due to be sent to you imminently, outlining plans for a trip, formal assessments and the exciting Y6 show we have planned - so check your emails over the next few days!

20th April 2021

Welcome back to the Summer term! Everyone seems to be thoroughly refreshed after a lovely 2 week sunny (with the odd bit of snow!) break.

It has been fantastic to see the new running track - and even more fantastic to see that every class has a 20 minute session every day so we can all get even fitter than we are already! 

In Maths we are starting work on ratios, and continuing with the great progress we have made on arithmetic across all areas. In English we are continuing with Holes, and finishing our Evolution and INheritence in science. In Topic we have nearly completed our Maya Booklets which will be coming home for you all to admire, before beginning Global Trade. 


31st MArch 2021

WOW! What a fantastic day we have had with Mrs Wilson, the scientist who came in today to teach us about acids and alkalis - and many other things!! Here are some pictures of our day...

If we turn the bottle over with the ball placed on top - how does the ball stay in place?

How does a chemical reaction cause the glove to inflate?

How do different substances react to acids and alkalis?

How do we get juice out of a purple cabbage? (not by squeezing it!)


30th MArch

Well - today was the big reveal!!! 

Having checked our bread every day, we decided that today showed us the results that most of us predicted would happen! We concluded that washing with soap and water was by far the best way of keeping our hands clean - sanitiser was the next best - and water didn't do very much on it's own. 

The children were amazed at how much mould there was on the piece of bread handled by one of our keen footballers straight after break, and they all said they have learnt how important the handwashing is. Learning objectives met!

Here our our mouldy results:


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