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20Tth May

We have been learning about William Shakespeare this week, and writing non-chronological reports.  We have also been using a film clip to inspire our writing where we use speech to progress the action.

Wednesday was National Numeracy Day, and we are now record-breakers! TTRS organised a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® Official Attempt of the biggest ‘Rolling Numbers’ live stream on Wednesday 18 May at 9.30am! πŸ”” πŸ’ƒπŸ»We joined National Numeracy Ambassadors; Strictly’s Katya Jones & University Challenge legend Bobby Seagull at King Solomon Academy in London - the "ancestral home" of rolling numbers and TTRS - as well as schools in Cardiff, Glasgow and Derry. πŸ•ΊπŸ» After a mass dance routine, choreographed by Katya herself, we'll rolled those numbers live on YouTube in an attempt to have the biggest audience ever tuned into a rolling numbers live stream. 🎸 A Guinness World Records adjudicator was on hand to guide us through the process. The previous record was a little over 1000, today we had over 5000 - a very clear win!

13th May

This week has been a huge week for children of Year 6 right across the country. It is of course the week when children take their SAT's, and we would like to say well done to all the children for their attention and dedication to all the papers they have done.  We know that everyone will have done their very best.

Wow! Year 6KB have raised a terrific amount during our sponsored run.  A whopping £686.30 from this class alone has been raised in Jackson’s name for Brain Tumour Research. That is absolutely amazing, and incredibly generous. Thank you so much to everyone who has supported our children.

On Tuesday 3rd May and Wednesday 4th May, Oldfield Brow will be hosting...


The whole school will take part, with each class getting a slot from Reception - Y6!

“…fun, exciting and truly memorable experience for the school…” 

Children will wear scoring vests and use foam/ plastic swords, learning how to advance and retreat, lunge and score, parry and block and the etiquette of a duel through a variety of exciting games and exercises! 


Everyone came back from holidays raring to go.  We created our own pledges for Earth Day on Monday, created a new Reading River (thank you for the art work, Billy) and made HUGE advances in our knowledge of ratio and proportion.  They are a tricky concept, but remembering that all the parts make a whole, and that we need to simplify to help work out proportion has really helped.

We are also improving our knowledge of different conversions of Weights and Measure - we have brought a knowledge mat home and would appreciate help getting the trickier ideas sorted :-).

There is a free Calm Connections' upcoming parent-led drop in session, running May 3rd at Partington Shopping Centre.  The details are below.

Friday was very energetic.  We took part in our sponsored run for charity and even though it was a sunny day, it didn't stop the children giving their all and pushing themselves to achieve the best of their ability.  One chap achieved 30 laps! That worked out at one a minute as we only had 30 minutes in total - I think he will sleep well tonight!  The very best part was the children saying how much they enjoyed it, and seeing them cheer each other on.  Well done, Year 6!

Have a lovely Bank Holiday everyone, let's hope the sun shines brightly.  A reminder for next week - we are lucky enough to have had a fencing taster lesson organised for us. Ours will take place on Wednesday, so next week we will need to wear PE kit on both Tuesday and Wednesday.

*** Thursday 22nd April - We may be on holiday but we still wish you a happy Earth Day!  How many small changes can you make, to create a big difference? ***


A second term has finished, the year is rushing by.   The signs of spring are finally bursting through.  From all of us here in the Year 6 team, we hope you have a wonderful, restful break, see lots of lambs and bunnies, find lots of sweet treats,  and have a happy Easter holiday!  (Don't forget to brush your teeth after all that chocolate! )  :-)

Wednesday saw our last lacrosse lesson and what a learning journey we have gone on. We have so many more skills now, thank you, Mr Read! Here is a brilliant action shot of us practising our skills.

Mrs Brownsell's husband's tooth is being put through its paces! We are experimenting with what fizzy drinks to do teeth! This particular tooth was donated, root and all, and has so far spent a week in Cherry flavoured coke (turned the enamel black!) and then a week in Red Bull (enamel stripped and bleached white - yick!)

Mrs Brownsell remembers doing this experiment at school and definitely remembers that the tooth was far more corroded then appears to be happening now. Our next experiment will be the full sugar Coke. Maybe they have changed the acid content since the 80's ??



It was World Maths Day on Wednesday this week, and we applied our algebra skills to drawing cardioid pictures.  (We discovered a cardioid is a plane curve traced by a point on the perimeter of a circle that is rolling around a fixed circle of the same radius.  We also loved the fact that we could make a straight line bend).

Here are some examples of our work:

We have been creating stencils this week as part of our Street Art series.  There were some lovely results, take a look at these...


An example of great teamwork in lacrosse.   


Friday saw our school turn red as we helped celebrate Comic Relief day.  We gave donations in exchange for wearing red, and watched some films which showed how Comic Relief has made a real impact on people's lives. They made us feel very humble and grateful for what we have.

We created some origami birds and enjoyed a whole school assembly which was chock full of jokes. William did a cracking job of representing 6KB. He joke was, 'Three friends had gone out, one walked into a bar - the other two ducked'.  I thought that was hilarious. Well done, Will :-)

As part of British Science Week we had a look at viruses and antibodies. Viruses can make us unwell. They are tiny and have a spiky outside and instructions inside to make more viruses (DNA or RNA). Thankfully our immune system makes antibodies to stop viruses. Vaccines encourage your body to grow lots of antibodies so you can be protected from future infection.

Here are some of our origami antibodies! It took a great deal of patience, dedication and teamwork (thank you, Silas, for helping me!) to achieve them but we are really proud of the results.

We also created Outdoor Gym plans. These were to encourage us to think about how we could exercise outside and make use of the natural world  around us.  Mr Phillips was so pleased with our efforts, he said that everyone in 6KB could have a token! Well done, folks!

We have learned about two festivals which have happened this week: Purim and Holi.

We had a look at the information Dawn sent through, listened to some Jewish music and shared what some of the families in our class will be doing to celebrate Holi.

Monday saw a very exciting turn of events.  We took part in Glow Dodgeball!  A definite highlight was the music, and seeing the children hurtling around, glowing and twinkling was so funny.  They had a terrific time, and some of the children very much enjoyed getting daubed with glow in the dark face paint too!


11th March 2022

We have been learning about algebra this week, and how we can solve lots of questions, even if we don't know what the question actually is.  Sound crazy?  We thought so to till we worked that following rules let us find answers if we have the same constant information and a changing variable.  Ask us to give you an example to explain our learning.

We have been honing our persuasive writing techniques in English, as we prepare our 'Camp Green Lake' leaflets.  Admittedly, this is a hard sell. We know what the camp is actually like, but once we've finished all our persuasive techiques, parents will be queuing up to send their children there! :-) 

We have shared 4 Fairtrade Fortnight videos as well, which has sparked lots of debate about what we think we mean by fairtrade and climate justice, and what we can do with regards to the climate crisis caused by the way humans live our lives.

4th March 2022

We have had a super busy week, despite the huge amount of varied weather!  Lacrosse saw us improving our cradling techniques, running for 3 minutes without stopping and learning how to throw and catch the ball at head height.  The muga fence took quite a hammering while we perfected our technique, and we are getting very good at having 'full basket' available!

Parent's evenings have been a great opportunity to catch up.  Many people have already mentioned how much they are looking forward to future events such as the Open House evenings which have previously been held in the summer terms.

It has also been World Book Week this week, and we have shared across the school a charming picture book called The Tin Forest.  In Year 6, we have used it to support our learning and use of alliteration and the creation of 3 step action sentences.

'The beautiful, bright butterfly elegantly flapped her wings, hovered over the branch, then flew away.' - Sana.

You can see some of our costumes for World Book Day in the powerpoint which is in Download section.

Charlie gave us a wonderful quote for World Book Day

“I believe World Book Day to be an appreciation of the art of literature.  There are infinite possibilities for your imagination!”.

We also took part in the 'Design a Door' competition where each class decorated their door in the style of a book they are reading. We used one we have used in our PHSE lesson, 'Some Dogs Do'.  This is the finished article. We are super proud as Mr Merrell gave us 'first runners-up' in the competition!

25TH February

Wednesday is the new Friday! Well, as far as PE goes for this half term. We are really enjoying Lacrosse with our coach.  Even though the weather was cold with an icy wind, we managed to avoid the blizzards this week has sprung on us.  Everyone soon got toasty warm, running around learning how to basket, protect the ball and move efficently all around the area.

We have delved further into our Evolution topic, and researched how humans have evolved.  It was fascinating to learn that as soon as humans learned how to cook meat, the energy which was freed up from the digestive system was used to develop the brain.  

We have been looking at how we influence evolution as well.  We learnt all about the impact the Industrial Revolution had on a species of moth - ask us to tell you all about it!

Lots of things are in preparation for World Book Week next week.  We will be using The Tin Forest as our school wide Literacy theme, we will be decorating our classroom door based on a book we have shared that illustrates (literally) the power of a positive mind set. 

If you ask us about this picture, and what it has to do with a photo of our face on a drawn body, we will be able explain all, and it will make beautiful sense.

Friday saw us creating lots of artistic wonder, ready for the Year 6 AMITLO (A month in the life of...) table which is past the office at the entrance to the school.  We get through so much that it was tricky to know where to start sharing, so we have chosen the theme of our Science topic - Evolution.  Once it is complete, I will include a photo here!

Have a lovely weekend everybody.


Thank you so much to everyone who wished me a happy birthday last week - the children helped make it a very special day too!

11th February

As we are now officially half - way through the school year, can the Year 6 team wish you all a fantastic half-term break!

Our school was a blaze of colour today as children celebrated Children's Mental Health Week by coming to school in own clothes in exchange for a donation.

We had a wonderful day of science with 'Science with Cabbage'. We have been doing some pretty tricky thinking, and worked out for ourselves answers to questions like how we would advise a government scientist on how to clear up an acid spill on the motorway, and what is the difference between how you would treat a bee sting and a wasp sting?

We have investigated acids and alkalis, learnt about neutralisation, reaction, evaporation and condensation.  There have been so many hands on experiments which we have been able to get involved in.  We've seen sodium bicarbonate expand by 650 times - so funny to see all the expressions on our faces!!

We loved seeing how carbon dioxide can be used as a fire extinguisher (and agree it would be much less messy than water if the fire brigade had to pay a visit!).

A number of children from both Year 6 classes were lucky enough to take part in the first major sport competition schools have been able to attend for years!  Altrincham College hosted Sportshall Primary, an event which drew a number of schools together to compete in a range of track and field events.  The children thoroughly enjoyed getting stuck in, and my ears are still ringing from all the encouraging cheering that was going on.  Well done, everyone!

We have continued our assemblies based on topics to support Children's Mental Health week, and on Thursday the classes came together to consider what helps us Grow Together.

The class have made Valentine's cards this week, which we are going to give to G-Force. They are going to include them in packages which will be sent out to the elderly and vulnerable,and we are so proud to be able to be part of this.

We have been taking part in Children's Mental Health week, and both classes shared an assembly on Tuesday, where we looked at the book, Bottled.  It talks about how feelings can be bottled up, what sort of feelings they can be, who we can talk to and is bottling a good idea (turns out yes - sometimes - well, at least till we get a handle on the way we are feeling :-)

This is us watching the introductory video on Twitter, and here is the tweet which we sent back.

The book has not been put on general release yet, so we are very lucky to be able to share it - keep an eye out for it. It is well worth a read!

28th January

We have done lots of work with decimals and now know how to multiply and divide them.  We are getting very good at being able to express equivalent values as fractions or decimals. We have also been looking at circles, learning very grown-up words like radius and diameter, and knowing how to use and apply our knowledge of what they mean.

We have continued our adventures into evolution and developed our understanding further.  We have discussed natural selection and its difference to acclimatisation - ask us what both these terms mean :-)

History saw us finding out a very confusing fact: crimes punishable by capital punishment increased by 4x, but the number of crimes went down!  If you ask us, we can tell you why!

In PE, we have conquered the push pass.  We checked our progress, listening out for the tell-tale click if we had hit not pushed, and progressed to pushing our hockey balls into a target across the width of the muga - super fun!

21st January

What a spectacular performance by our super talented, professional presenters!  Our audience really enjoyed joining in with the inter-active elements of the assembly, and Mrs Moody said we had managed to cram the whole curriculum in, in a learning whirlwind :-)

I am so proud of the class.  The children worked out what they wanted to say, show and share, and organised who would work with who.  So many skills practised and learned, as well as projecting their voice and presenting. 

Whoo - Youtube is now playing, and I can share the video we made our assembly with you.  Please retrieve the link from the document within our password protected area.  (Please can I also ask that you do not share the link on any form of social media. Thank you).

Check out the recommended reading lists in the downloads section - there are 50 to choose from. How many have you read? You could use the checklist to track your progress.  Mrs Brownsell is going to have a go - will you read more than her? Challenge time !

14th January

We have had a busy week and rehearsals are well under way for our assembly next Friday. As things stand, there will a recording made for parents to be able to view, but we still think everyone will really enjoy it :-)

In Maths, we have been looking at multiplying and dividing by 10,100 and a 1000 using decimals and fractions as well.  There is a lot to get our head round but we have lots of tricks (like thinking of decimals as money - 0.25 as £0.25, and counting the zeros of our denominator so we have the same number of place value columns - 99/1000 is 0.099

Our PE topic this half term is hockey, and today we were learning how to control the ball and dribble it with our head up. We played a really fun game where we had race to retrieve balls from a central hoop, and then try to take them from other teams ball stores. Everyone had a lot of fun.

13th January

The view out of our Year 6 Classroom this morning. We are very lucky!


Check out our animated films in the downloads section below!!




7th January 2022

Even though this week has had only 4 days in it, we have still managed to cram a huge amount in!  We have completed our co-ordinates work which has included translation and reflection across 4 quadrants.  Some of the reasoning questions were very challenging, especially the ones which asked us to show new co-ordinates without showing us a numbered x or y axis.  Thankfully, we knew how to use a numberline and this helped us to solve the problems!

In English, we have continued to look at survivors stories, this time of Juliane Koepke. She was an incredibly courageous girl whose plane was struck by lightning as she travelled home for Christmas. Ask us to tell you the rest of the story!  After looking closely at the text, we re-wrote the story, but told it from the point of view of the jungle.

We studied the story of Robin Hood in History, and learned how he robbed from the rich and gave money to the poor.  We discussed motivations for doing this, and how it might have been viewed differently in King John's time to now (deciding what it meant to be rich, and how this changed depending how rich a person thought they were to others, and whether this justified someone with less robbing them provoked a very lively discussion, and relief we have a police force nowadays.

Friday's weather was 'wintery'. We were due to do hockey outside but at 9am it was as dark as 9pm so we retreated inside and played benchball.  Two of the benches were virtual which gave us different challenges. (You can move on a 'virtual bench' more, but are raised higher on a real bench). 

Love the action shot, Jud! :-)

We also took part in a Book Blanket event, where we dedicated time to experiencing that 'new book' feeling: isolating why we are drawn to books in particular (author, genre, illustrations, similar to previous reads?).

We enjoyed being able to discuss with our peers the different books we explored.  Some were so new they haven't even made it into our library yet!  We discovered that a lot of us tend to just look at the front cover, but reading the blurb changed quite a few of our minds, and have enticed us into finding out what is inside.  We also thought about trying different books after talking to our friends and discovering their opinions too.

There were 31 different books spread round the room and we visited each reading station in turn.  It 

21st December 2021

Hi everyone, a sneaky holiday posting here. I absolutely could not resist sharing these gorgeous pics.  Well done, Silas! They look fabulous on your tree!  I can't tell you how chuffed I was to see your photos.  Thank you so much for sending them in :-)


17th December 2021

My goodness, our first term is over! It is incredible to think we are a third of the year through already.  Today is Friday, and on behalf of the whole team, thank you so much for the very kind and thoughtful gifts so many of you have shared with us. It is really appreciated.

You can see here some of the Christmas crafts we have been creating.  There is a mindfulness inspired card with our Impossible poem inside, our re-imagined baubles and also, of course, our sewing.  We have also done pictures using finger tip snowmen, collages of Father Christmas and lots of maths based activities with a Christmassy theme. It is astonishing how we managed to fit it all in.  I have loved sharing their 'Impossible' poems, and the sewing for many has been a revelation.  So many children began the exercise with a lot of doubt as had never sewed before, but they end they were well away, and thoroughly enjoying it.  Those who became classroom helpers and 'floating experts'  were particularly pleased with their progress - and quite right too! Well done!  We are sure many of the beautiful pieces of craft will have been shared at home by the time you read this - the children were so proud of what they achieved.  

Today has been a whirlwind, lovely day. After completing our craft projects, we enjoyed a cinema experience in the afternoon, watching Nativity 2.  

Merry Christmas to the families of 6KB, and a very Happy New Year!


We have had such fun already this week, taking part in our many Christmas craft activities.  We have written cards with impossible poems, created covers with mindfulness in mind, ones of collage and are making pictures of lots of snowmen.  We have collaged our own baubles and are tackling Christmas sewing with felt - what an adventure! There are some brilliant, and very sparkly, creations already.  Kaiden - I particularly like your stylish moon - I can't wait to see it when it is finished.

We also enjoyed our AnimationNation workshop - it was fantastic fun, and we learnt so much about how stop frame animation is done.  Did you know that normally there are 24 pictures for every second of film?  We were using 12, and even that felt very fast :-)


10th December 2021

Year 6 unfortunately could not take part in the Tag Rugby event yesterday, as it had to be cancelled due to terrible weather (our athletes are very much looking forward to taking part when it is rescheduled).  This did not stop them playing their heart out with Will (from Sale Sharks) this morning. Even though the muga was extremely soggy, they did not let it dampen their spirits!

These high spirits continued when we joined schools from across Trafford in the ExTraffordWinterGanza, organised by the Trafford Music Service.  We sang and signed and listened to a variety of wind and string instruments. It was a joy to be able to share these beautiful sounds.

Christmas craft is here! We have begun decorating our collage baubles, and have had so much fun making gingerbread trees, curtesy of G-Force. Thank you G-Force, from all of Year 6 :-)  There were lots of smiling faces and full tummies by the time we had done, and that was before the gingerbread was eaten!  They all looked fantastic in their shiny wrappers with tinsel and ribbons - very professional!

We have begun creating a poem for our impossible Christmas cards.  We are thinking about how we can use our senses, and also apply personification to the elements of Christmas we are going to use in our poem.

3rd December 2021

December has arrived, and we certainly felt like winter was with us at the beginning of the week.  The snow was very beautiful on the frosty trees outside our windows, even if it did not stay very long.

We have started a formal writing topic and we are considering stories from a book called, 'Survivors'.  We began by finding out the history of the Berlin Wall, and then discovering how the Strelczyk and Wetzel families escaped by building their own hot air balloon!  We have used the subjunctive form to increase the formality of our writing, and recounted the events of their adventure.

Maths has been one of the trickiest subjects this week - adding and subtracting fractions!  We have been applying our times tables knowledge so help us make our denominators equal sizes, and have also tackled subtracting fractions that include whole numbers too.  We're amazing!

Friday is Tag Rugby day, and we had such a lot of fun with Will from Sale Sharks.  He helped us improve our back pass, and also with playing the game - it was very competitive out there, but good teamwork and fun was had by all.

26th November 2021

Our 'Lighthouse' stories are wonderful and Mrs Brownsell and Ms Burney have really enjoyed reading them.  We have used checklists to ensure we are showing off our very best writing skills!

We have also completed our 'Santa to a Senior' Christmas cards.  We are working with Home Instead Senior Care, Altrincham who are running a special Christmas project to reach out and connect with those who might be isolated or struggling, particularly this last couple of years with all that they have brought.  (As background, this company helps elderly people stay in their own homes by providing help with everyday care which might prove challenging). 

In the run up to Christmas,  gift packs, as part of a project a called 'Be a Santa to a Senior', are being distributed to elderly people who may be isolated or struggling in some way. and our cards will included as part of this.  We had such lovely feedback last year, the children are so caring, and it is lovely to know their efforts are so appreciated.

Of course, Friday means just one thing! Tag Rugby!! Tag Rugby rules! So say the pupils of Year 6, Oldfield Brow. Some awful weather stopped play outside, but everyone did a fantastic job of practising how to control the ball, work in a tighter space and as part of a team. Great lesson, thanks, Will!

19th November 2021

This week, we began our work on 'The Lighthouse'.  We have been practising our figurative language and lots of different types of sentence structure to make our writing more engaging and colourful. 

Maths has been all about fractions.  We have been singing our way to understanding how to make equivalent fractions (very useful for when we need to add or subtract fractions with different denominators), which has led into knowing how to find factors of numbers, and how they are different to multiples.

For Geography, we took to the outdoors and compared a previous map of the school to the extended version we have today. There were so many changes, and lots of things have moved location over time.

Christmas is coming early! We have started our Christmas cards for HomeInstead - a charity that distributes cards to those who might be lonely or isolated this Christmas, and we have also learnt some sign language to accompany some favourite songs.  We have learnt 'We Wish You a Merry Christmas' in class, and here we are learning 'Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer' as part of the ExTraffordWinterGanza we will be taking part in closer to the end of term.

Another fantastic lesson with Sale Sharks coach, Will!  The class were conquering the back pass today!  Check out their shark fins !

It is of course, also Children In Need Day in Oldfield Brow today.  The children looked spectacular in their bright clothes and bright smiles.  A very lucky birthday girl got to represent the class and throw a bucket of water at Mr Merrell on our behalf - what a treat! Happy Birthday, Holly.

In the afternoon, we shared 5RC's assembly and loved hearing about the Vikings themed work they had done and huge variety of activities based on Harry Potter.  Well done, 5RC!

11th November 2021

Today we had a very special assembly for Remembrance Day, and the children did us proud with two minutes silence. We learned about the Tomb of the Unknown Warrier, and why it is important for those families and friends to remember those lost.

We also blended colours in oil pastels to create our own door wreath for the classroom.

Sentences are no match for us! We can spot an active or a passive sentence a mile off, and can even swop from one type to another! Ask us to explain what they are to you, and also why zombies are so helpful!

Friday is Tag Rugby day.  We were joined by Will from Sale Sharks today and the children had an amazing lesson, sharpening their skills in preparation for learning the backwards throw (not back over your head !!).

Week ending 5th November

Hello everyone, thank firstly for all the kind messages which I have received for when I was away.  I was very touched.

Our week this week has been very busy. We have discussed the COP26 conference and the work they are looking to achieve, investigated the impact and importance of nutrients in our diet, discovered the story of lego and used it to improve our comprehension and retrieval skills, as well as a range of grammatical features such as the subjunctive clause and celebrated Diwalli by creating some stunning and colourful hand designs.  We listened to the story of Rama and Sita, and even had a go at dancing a Diwali dance to music from Gallan Goodiyan.

This is our work in progress, we are creating the background patterns using wax crayons.  Kavya has written a beautiful story about Diwali for us, and we have used it as part of our display.

We are very lucky this week as have a new coach from Sale Sharks coming in to teach us Tag Rugby this half term.  Everyone really enjoyed it, even though it was definitely a chilly Autumn morning.

It has been wonderful to talk with so many of you over the parent's evening consultations this week.  Thank you for making your time available.

14th October 2021

We have been 'virtually visiting' this week! We have been to a synagogue, a gudwara and a mosque, and thoroughly enjoyed seeing the layout of these buildings, and learning about the traditions, expected behaviours and things we would find inside them.  We also tried dancing to the Hora: what we lacked in success we made up for with enthusiasm and fun.  It is official, Mrs Brownsell has 2 if not 3 left feet.

It was all about the blood in Science, and we kept it real by creating our own.  The cheerios (red blood cells) and mini-marshmallows (white blood cells) look quite inviting to start with, although funnily enough, no-one wanted them after they had been swimming in the plasma (achieved with food colouring) and platelets (fuzzy pompoms).


Continuing our October Black History Theme, we joined CBBC's newsround today and discovered lots of interesting facts about Onyinye Iwa, an illustrator of work detailing the history of African Queens.  They highlight influential role models such as Hatshetsut, only the 2nd woman to rule Egypt and known as a fierce military leader.

Friday PE was very bouncy - we have been learning how to hurdle! The trick is to always use your lead leg to take off over the hurdle with, then have 3 strides before the next hurdle.  It sounds straight-forward and easy - and once we got the hang of it we were flying, but goodness me we had a giggle trying to get into the rhythm.


8th October 2021

Bravo Y6LT! They have done the first showing assembly of the year, and they did a wonderful job!  We particularly enjoyed joining in with the figuartive language quiz!  Our class will get to do ours later in the year, and I think it is fair to say - they can't wait!

On Thursday, we smiled beautifully for our school photos, and as part of our celebrations and engagement with Black History Month we joined a live lesson which included nearly 200 schools from not just across the country, but across the world as well - there was a school joining us from Auckland! We continued the theme of geography to the afternoon where we located 16 different British landmarks - well done, us!

Wendy Shearer, professional storyteller and author of African and Caribbean Folktales, Myths and Legends, led the session and read to us some classic stories from all over Africa and the Caribbean.  She discussed with us how she takes inspiration from important moments in Black history and shared stories which drew from her Afro-Caribbean heritage and degree in Classics.  She gave use some fantastic advice for if we wanted to be successful writers ourselves.

1) Read as much as possible

2) Write every single day!

3) When you are telling a story, see a picture of what you are describing in your mind. This really helps your audience see it too!

1st October 2021

Our week began with Monday seeing us celebrating European Languages Day!  Here in 6KB we learned how to sing the 'The Little Pigs' in the style of Lady Gaga's 'Poker Face' and all the lyrics were in French.  That naughty 'gros loup mechant' wanting to eat those poor petit cochon! :-)

We also embraced Italian where we learnt to count up to 10, and Spanish where we learnt the days of the week!  Busy, busy, busy!

Mrs Thornton and I also welcomed a number of you into school to our Curriculum Evening presentation, it was so lovely to be able to see people in person again.

Our art work for our Christmas cards is now complete, and as you can see from the examples below, the children have created some really beautiful work.  The order forms are coming home with the work tonight, and there are the usual options for you to turn your child's work into personalise Christmas cards and mugs etc.  We are sure you will love them as much as we do.


24th September 2021

We have settled properly now into life in Year 6 and the children have all enjoyed getting familiar with new routines, the THREE flights of stairs, and being the oldest ones in the school. It has also been lovely to see so many things going back to 'normal'! Children now eating dinner in the School Hall, play times spent with other children outside their class, and more group activities and assemblies. 

On Monday at 6pm we have a 'Curriculum Evening', where myself and Mrs Thornton will talk about life in Year 6 - the expectations and the work we will be doing. If you cannot make this - please don't worry as the presentation will be shared on this webpage and you are welcome to ask any questions via email or at the end of the school day.

We have enjoyed learning all about figurative language in literacy, Athletics in PE and Mapping in Topic work.



We have had a terrific week. The children are really settling into the rhythm and routines of Year 6.  Well done!

We have been learning about the organs of the body in Science as part of our 'Animals Including Humans' topic, and it was clear just how interested the class were in this subject.  I am anticipating lots of eager young scientists as the year goes on. :-)

Our poetry work 'Out of our window!' is really taking shape.  We are building our skills by working on noun phrases and personification - this is really starting to bring our ideas to life.  'Drifting canal waters, looking for adventure, flowing quite excitedly' - Arthur, 'Ancient trees, that have seen all to be seen, stare at the young in envy and wonder' - Jamal.

We are working on place value in Maths, spotting how important zero's are for holding place value, understanding what a million (and more!) looks like, and honing our skills when spotting ascending and descending numbers and intervals between numbers.

In PE (which we enjoyed outside this week - hooray) we began our Athletics work.  We discussed the challenges faced by paralympians, and felt how it affected us when we raced in a straight line, and a circle as we usually would, then again with our hands held rigid.  Ask us what we discovered. :-)



It may only have been a half week but we have crammed so much in already. We have done lots of fun activities (ask us about the application form to Year 6.  When asked to answer the impossible, creativity takes flight. I particularly liked the answers about the colour of hamster, or jelly feet!). We're beginning to measure ourselves so we can see literally, as well as figuratively, how much we will grow in Year 6, and we've discussed and agreed how we want our classroom to work.  We have checked where our Mathematical understanding is so that we know how we will need to progress, we've begun our work towards creating a poem in the style of Ted Hughes AND started to delve deep into our class reader book: Orphans of the Tide.  We've also started our Geography topic of mapping, and I have been very impressed with the geographical knowledge that some children have shown already. Silas - a big high five to you on this one!  Visualising our spherical world on a map is not an easy task, but with the help of a half peeled satsuma from Mrs Brownsell's lunch bag, we saw how the round can become flat, and that the opposite ends of a map, (when seen as a peeled orange) actually join up.  We acknowledged this by labelling an ocean on both sides of our map - ask us to tell you which one!).  Phew!

How have we crammed all this, and our dodgeball, daily miles, breaks and lunchtimes into three days??? Welcome to the crazy world of Year 6! 


Hello to all new members of 6KB!!   Here you are, at the top of the primary school tree!   For some of you, it has been a journey from Nursery all the way to the heady heights of the Year 6 floor. For others, it is a brand new start in a brand new school, and for lots of you, it is somewhere in-between!  To everyone, a huge welcome from Miss Burney and myself.  We can't wait to get to know you all, and get cracking on what we hope will be a far more 'normal' and expected sort of school year.

In the downloads section, you will find a sneak preview of what we will be learning this term, and informaton about homework. Unlike previous years, we do not do 'chatterday' homework, but work will be sent home every day (not too much so don't worry!). PE will be on a Monday and Friday, and so a full PE kit needs to be in school on those days. We have in school all the stationary you will need, and a fabulous range of reading books in our Library so all you need to bring with you the first week is a super positive attitude and a smile :-)

We look forward to seeing you all on Wednesday 8th September.


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