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WB 14th September

This week in school we will looking at the importance of using effective diagrams to solve problems and all children were caught out by todays first problem! Here it is if you would like a go!

Jane built a square tree house on one side of the river. She used 8 vertical tree branches for each side. How many branches did she use altogether?

We are going to be learning about Wangari Maathai through two books in Literacy. She is a worthy winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, and we will be looking at other winners, including Malala Yousafzai over the next week - and how everyone can make a difference. What would you like your legacy to be?



September parent workshops reminder.

To provide parents with support and advice about their child's mental health and wellbeing, Trafford Sunrise Parent Workshops will be running online throughout September.

The sessions will offer a safe space for advice, information and resources and will cover two age groups as follows:

5-12 year old parent workshops:

•    Anxiety – Tuesday 15 September (5-6:30pm)

   Managing change - Tuesday 29 September (10-11:30am)

10-16 year old parent workshops:

•     Communicating with your teenager – Monday 21 September (10-11:30am)

(Please copy and paste these links into your browser for further information).






WB 7th September 2020

This week has seen us delving deep into our reconnection curriculum, with much of our learning being inspired by texts that have been accessed across the school.  (Please ask us about sticks and leaves! We have been so creative!).

A little bit of information for you! PE for Year 6 will be on a Monday and Friday. This week we will be starting PE on Friday, and children will need an outdoor PE kit for these sessions. Due to circumstances there will be NO indoor PE this half term.

Homework will start this Friday with some research ready for next week, but going forward the homework will be as follows:

Monday: Spellings

Tuesday: Arithmetic

Wednesday: English

Thursday: Spellings and Tables

Friday: Maths 


Welcome back to school after what must surely be the longest break in history!!

It was great to see everyone in today with smiles, enthusiasm and chatter in both Year 6 classes- it is obvious all the children have missed being here as much as we have missed them. We will be starting this term with a 'reconnection' curriculum - which has at its core settling children back in, catching up, talking about how things have changed, new rules, how they feel and generally making them feel secure and happy through a range of activities. We will be led by the children this week (they were very pleased that this does not have to involve maths, grammar, punctuation and too much hard work!) and will spend time getting used to our new 'normal'.

Year 6 will be easing into our Autumn Curriculum, rather than stepping straight into it - and the overview of this is available in the downloads section.

We look forward to what this term brings!

Mrs Thornton, Mrs Brownsell and the Year 6 Team


Trafford Sunrise have arranged a free online workshop for any parents concerned about the wellbeing, anxiety and behaviour of their children.  Please refer to the flier in the downloads section for further details.  

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