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23rd July 2021

After a crazy year, which feels it has started not once but twice, we have now reached our final day as 6KB!  It is such a strange feeling - time has been so elastic this year.  Christmas, when we made baubles and did the beautiful sewing seems decades ago (remember when the days were cold???) but this school year feels like it has gone in a flash.

This year has faced so many challenges, but everything I hoped for this class (SATs practise, the Anderton Centre, our Show, the Enterprise Project, Leavers Disco and a shared goodbye today) has happened!  We have covered some fantastic topics across the curriculum as well, and it has been a pleasure to teach the children.  I hear the Leaver's Disco was an absolute triumph, with fab dancing, competitions and fun had by all.  

Thank you so much for all wonderful cards and gifts which have been sent in.  They are really appreciated, as is the support which has been so generously given, right across the year.

It has been a pleasure and a priviledge to share this time with your children, and I have enjoyed getting to know each and every one of them.  While I am sad to say goodbye, I am so thrilled to think of the adventures they are yet to have.  Do keep in touch and let me know how they are getting on.  All that remains to say is, have a wonderful, restful and healthy summer. 

Take care,

Mrs Brownsell and Miss Burney


15th July 2021

Bonjour Mesdames et messieurs!

We are celebrating French day today, and have come in a variety of red, white and blue!  So far, we have translated Little Red Riding Hood (Petit Chaperon Rouge), had a go at the French National Anthem, and delved into the French music culture.  We swayed along to Manhatten Transfer's Chanson d'Amour, and really liked the upbeat (could be a World Cup Song) C'est le Vie by Khaled, heard from Edif Piaf in both French and English (the jury is out on whether we should have regrets or not!) and then delved into the French top 100 and La Kiffance by Naps.  We played 'Hangman' using French words, discovered how Lady Gaga would sing 'Three Little Pigs' and played a variety of online vocabulary French games.  This is the site in case you would like to play at home.  https://www.french-games.net/frenchgames 

Our achievements at the Enterprise Fair have been spectacular!  We are looking at a profit of about £700, once debts have been repaid - thank you so much to parents who contributed to intial stock, it literally wouldn't be possible without you.  Year 6 have also voted for where they think the money should be donated and have chosen a charity  Brain Cancer research and 

Enterprise Day 2 !

Today has been even better than yesterday!  The children really took on their roles and the whole event flowed beautifully.  It was lovely to hear from the visitors to the Enterprise how much they enjoyed themselves, and the smiles on faces stretched from ear to ear.

The whole team is incredibly proud of the Year 6.  The children have shown real dedication to their group projects and worked so well together.  Thinking back to when they very first started to come up with ideas, then following the journey through to yesterday and today - they have achieved so much.  WELL DONE, EVERYBODY!


13th July 2021

It's Enterprise Day! The event we have all been waiting for has finally arrived.  It has been weeks in the planning and making, and the weather yesterday quite frankly was filling me with dread but what a day today has been!  The children absolutely loved the experience and we definitely have some budding entrepreneurs out there!

The forecast for tomorrow is looking like it is going to be terrific for ice-cream and lolly sales!  Please can we ask that all children bring a waterbottle (I'm bunging an ice-cube in mine!), come to school in sun tan lotion, and if they have one, bring a sun hat or cap as well.  Thank you!




7th July 2021

I am sooo impressed with 6KB!  Not only are their lacrosse skills increasing week on week, but they voted to stay out in an absolute downpour this morning.  Infact, they said playing in the torrential rain was the best bit! :-)

5th July 2021

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