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It may only have been a half week but we have crammed so much in already. We have done lots of fun activities (ask us about the application form to Year 6.  When asked to answer the impossible, creativity takes flight. I particularly liked the answers about the colour of hamster, or jelly feet!). We're beginning to measure ourselves so we can see literally, as well as figuratively, how much we will grow in Year 6, and we've discussed and agreed how we want our classroom to work.  We have checked where our Mathematical understanding is so that we know how we will need to progress, we've begun our work towards creating a poem in the style of Ted Hughes AND started to delve deep into our class reader book: Orphans of the Tide.  We've also started our Geography topic of mapping, and I have been very impressed with the geographical knowledge that some children have shown already. Silas - a big high five to you on this one!  Visualising our spherical world on a map is not an easy task, but with the help of a half peeled satsuma from Mrs Brownsell's lunch bag, we saw how the round can become flat, and that the opposite ends of a map, (when seen as a peeled orange) actually join up.  We acknowledged this by labelling an ocean on both sides of our map - ask us to tell you which one!).  Phew!

How have we crammed all this, and our dodgeball, daily miles, breaks and lunchtimes into three days??? Welcome to the crazy world of Year 6! 


Hello to all new members of 6KB!!   Here you are, at the top of the primary school tree!   For some of you, it has been a journey from Nursery all the way to the heady heights of the Year 6 floor. For others, it is a brand new start in a brand new school, and for lots of you, it is somewhere in-between!  To everyone, a huge welcome from Miss Burney and myself.  We can't wait to get to know you all, and get cracking on what we hope will be a far more 'normal' and expected sort of school year.

In the downloads section, you will find a sneak preview of what we will be learning this term, and informaton about homework. Unlike previous years, we do not do 'chatterday' homework, but work will be sent home every day (not too much so don't worry!). PE will be on a Monday and Friday, and so a full PE kit needs to be in school on those days. We have in school all the stationary you will need, and a fabulous range of reading books in our Library so all you need to bring with you the first week is a super positive attitude and a smile :-)

We look forward to seeing you all on Wednesday 8th September.


Mrs K Brownsell Mrs K BrownsellTeacher
Miss K Burney Miss K BurneyTeaching Assistant
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