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30th April 2021

We have had a great week thinking of how we could persuade parents to send their wayward children to Camp Green Lake - the correctional facility where the hero of our class reader has been sent.  'Holes' is opening our eyes to the different experiences people can have, but also how these experieces can be presented in different lights to give a very different impression.

In Art, we have been building on our Loury work.  Last week, we created self-portraits in the style of Loury.  What do you think?

We are building on this, by creating people in a Loury style. Here is our work in progress.  We have worked hard to include the proportions correctly (long arms, larger feet, body parts divided into 1/6ths etc)

Information has been sent out to you via email which is outlining plans for a trip, formal assessments and the exciting Y6 show we have planned. Exciting times ahead :-)

28th April 2021

Year 6 got a taste of lacrose today:this is our new PE unit, and we are very lucky to have a professional coach taking us our paces.  Look how much we are enjoying ourselves :-)


26th April 2021

Good morning, welcome to Week 2.  We will be sending a letter out this week, giving information on all sorts of everything, so please keep an eye out for it in your inboxes.

The Trafford Sunrise Team are offering two more parent support sessions in May. These sessions are focussing on Behavioural Difficulties and Anxiety , both are free, online and available to anyone who would find them useful.


22nd April 2021

Happy Earth Day!  We merged our voices as one, singing 'I Am The Earth' today.   It was a beautiful sound - we even managed to harmonise!

We took ourselves outside too (switching off the lights while we did) to take part in a Now Press Play episode about the Mayans.  It was very exciting - there was kidnap, jaguars, warring tribes, games where you could only use from your knee to your belly button (the loosing team were to be executed) and human sacrifice to stop the moon eating the sun!  Thankfully, the sun still prevails and the prisoners were saved but it was lots of fun to take part in, and being on the field in the sunshine made it so much better.

19th April 2021

Summer Term is here!  And along with it, some rather lovely weather.  The Easter holidays brought everything from sun to snow, but the sunshine now looks here to stay! (Fingers crossed!)

The last day of term saw us doing some amazing Science experiments where we conducted our own experiments, and making our own indicators for acids and alkalies using...cabbage!  A terrific day was had by all, my personal favourites were the magical 'upside down why doesnt the water fall out' and travelling flame extinguisher!  Ask us to tell you all about them!


First thing brought a big surprise for everyone!  Oldfield Brow now has it's own running track!  Our Daily Mile will be so much more comfortable and fun now as we make our way round our new, bouncy, super-special track.  Well done, Miss Cooney of Year 1 for organising this for everyone.

6KB has expanded too, welcome to Cara who joins our class today, and also re-joins the school.  There were a lot of delighted faces to see each other again.


30th March 2021

Just had to share the results of our bread experiment!  Our query concerned the effectiveness of water, sanitiser and soap. the 'Dirty' sample, ie straight off the muga after playing football at break was a sight (and smell) to behold! Bleeee. Water was slightly less grim, and sanitiser was better.  We are delighted to say though, that we have proved without a doubt that soap is the most effective, particularly when you use it for 20 seconds (which linked very nicely to a song we sang to Sophie at the end of the day, 'Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday, dear Sophie, Happy Birthday to you!).

29th March 2021

POLITE REMINDER: If you have not already done so, please visit ParentPay to contribute to our Chemistry Workshop which is happening this Thursday. 

Goodness, the final week before Easter hols!  Christmas seems a looong time ago, but this term has also flown! 

Happy Holi  !  This is the Hindu festival of colour which celebrates the arrival of spring, the end of winter and positive relationships.  All around us, colour is exploding, and as I type, the sun is shining - sunny, bright days are on their way!

This blaze of colour is just some of the gorgeous bookmarks which have been created by Year 6.  G-Force are going to collect them is week to distribute to the older members of our community, and residents of Leverett Close over the Easter period.  The children have put so much care and attention into creating their individual designs. Don't they look beautiful!

We are very much looking forward to our Chemistry workshop this week, and can't wait till Thursday.


25th March 2021

POLITE REMINDER: If you have not already done so, please visit ParentPay to contribute to our Chemistry Workshop next week. 

We have continued our journey into the world of evolution, and further investigated the life and work of Charles Darwin (who idea was not original, it continued the thinking of Wallace.  Alfred Russel Wallace was a naturalist who independently proposed the theory of evolution by natural selection. This encouraged Darwin to collect his scientific ideas and collaborate with Wallace. ... They published their scientific ideas jointly in 1858.  We discovered lots of facts about Darwin, and created our own individual presenation spreads of our findings.

In History, we have looked at more elements of Maya life for our booklets.  We have discovered tre hierachy that existed in society, and also some of the fashion statements that were made.  Quite stunning they were too!


18th March

Spring is definitely springing - the sun is shining (and feels quite warm!), and new buds are bursting into life on plants all around the school.  Wonderful!  Once the clocks 'spring forward' on Sunday, we're on the 'home staight' to summer.

We have been getting stuck into our Class book, 'Holes'.  It is proving very popular, and the children are very much enjoying being able to mark up the pages to highlight our learning focus. 

Our investigation of the life of the Mayans will continue.  There was a definite hierarchy in their culture, which made for a great class discussion, and some surprising results.

As part of the celebrations for 'Women In History' month, we have looked at Elizabeth Fry and Grace Darling.  Elizabeth Fry was a significant campaigner for improving the conditions in prisons, particularly for the children who had to accompany arrested parents.  Grace Darling wowed us with her incredible bravery during the daring sea rescue in the North Sea.  We each completed an instagram post to share our learned information, then as a class voted for our favourite - well done, Penny!

We have more congratulations to give!  Zoya is representing 6KB in the 500 word Trafford Write competition.  Her story went down a storm when it was read in class, and was a very worthy winner!  Well done, Zoya, and good luck in the next rounds of the competition.

17th March

We took a trip back in time - 2000yrs or so - and discoved some fascinating facts about the Mayan people today.  Our focus was on food, and we got to try Mayan hot chocolate!  There was a bit of a mixed response to chilli and cinnamon in hot chocolate - take a look at some of our volunteer tasters :-)

15th March

Good morning everyone, thankfully it is looking a lovely day after the icy wind and rain of the weekend.  We have had a great day today.  We reminded ourselves how good we are at arithmetic, then used our Just Press Play equipment to take time travelling journey to see the effects of climate change, then vote in Parliament to make the necessary changes.  Technically, this means we saved the planet - you're welcome!


We also finished off our water colour cactus pictures - using black ink to add definition really brings them to life.  What do you think?

11th March

Today is the last day of the sponsored read !  Keep going and a huge well done to all of you who I know have taken part .   I hope you have found some amazing adventures in the stories you've read.  The money raised from this event goes straight into the libraries of the classes across the school - so a heart-felt thank you to everyone who has taken part.

(All collected money is due in next Wed 17th in a named envelope with our class on it)

We have had a very scientific day today (with it being Science Week and all). This morning we began an experiment which will tell us which is the most effective way to clean our hands.  We have used slices of bread and touched them with a variety of hands. Some hands had been sanitised, some washed with water, or water and soap but for 5 seconds, or ten seconds or 20 seconds.  We have kept an untouched slice as a control and will watch eagerly to see if contact with these surfaces creates a result, and if so - how much. 

This afternoon, as part of our Evolution topic, we journeyed to the Galapagos Island's to follow in Darwin's investigative foodsteps.  There are a huge variety of finches living in the Galapagos Island's which have adapted to their environment in ways which are particularly evident from their beaks.  Our experiments involved us creating different 'beaks' and seeing how many of a food the beak could move in a 10 second burst.  Not all our predictions were correct - which makes for brilliant hands-on Science in action!


(P.S. No finches were harmed, and all experiments were Covid friendly )

8th March 


What a lovely day we have had, catching up, playing games, making dragon sculptues and laughing and chatting! Almost like we have not been away!

It has been so lovely to see all the worries and nerves melt away by 9.16am and all children enjoying their day.

For those children still wporking at home, all the work for the upcoming week is in the downloads sections, and all the daily planning is on one document - spread out over the week, alongside all documents. As far as possible we have matched what they are doing in school - and we look forward to welcoming everyone back soon!

We have been looking at a new genre of writing this week, and have had a lot of fun thinking of all the fantasy books we could think of.  The titles were coming thick and fast so I couldn't keep up writing the names in full - how many can you guess from my shorthand :-) !


5th March

Science Week starts today! What is British Science Week?

British Science Week is a 10-day celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths.

It is a programme of thousands of events running throughout the whole of the UK. This year’s theme for the activities and poster competition is ‘Innovating the future’ – celebrating the amazing diversity we see across the world.

Oldfield Brow will be celebrating in the wonders of Science, technology, engineering and Maths on Tuesday 9th March 2021, where each class will be participating in activities that promote our inner scientists, engineers and mathematicians.

There is an exciting poster competition running as well. You are invited to create a poster around this year’s theme ‘Innovating for the future’.  All the details are in the Download section, but here is how you enter…

1.     Once the masterpiece has been completed, bring your work into school no later than the 26th March 2021.

2.    Each school is able to enter a maximum of five entries so we will run a competition on the 27th March 2021 to select the top five to enter from Oldfield Brow. Each child will be asked to choose their favourite 2 pictures and the 5 pictures with the most nominations will be put forward for submission. The team at Oldfield brow will then upload your art through the online entry form. Remember to include the key information on the back of your art, including your first name and your age.

Here is our maths challenge for you for today...

4th March


I wonder how many of you are sporting dragon looks!  Isabelle looks incredible! You've worked so hard on this creation, and I hear it is all your own work too!  Brilliant.  Gavin has created his own sword, ready to fend off any rogue and dangerous beasts and Marcus and Abby have created a stunning picture of a dragon of their own creation. Well done, all of you!

Here in school, there is a fantastic variety of costumes too! There has been lots of work put into so many costumes.  Well done, everyone! I love Cruz's wings and tail and, Eddie - I think that must be the funniest costume I have ever seen!  Fabulous everyone, fabulous!

Here is another dragon, I couldn't resist including it - it is very usual. As it is a sea dragon, it doesn't have leg! Great work, Maisie!


There have been some other absolutely amazing creations this week, of the literary kind.  I think the battle scenes you create between your dragon and the snaggle toothed dragon are going to be spectacular.  There are lots of ideas to help you on the daily learning sheet and also a vocabulary box of powerful words at the end of the document.  This link will take you to a really good site that has lots of information, hints and tips for writing with flair about dragons.



We have a couple of assemblies to share with you today, (head on over to the Literacy Page for our World Book Day and the class assembly videos! https://www.oldfield-brow.com/info/literacy/ ) and don't forget the Whole School Sponsored Read event which is happening today.  All details and sponsorship forms etc are available in the Downloads section.  Have a spectacular World Book Day :-)


Here is our Maths challenge for the day - answers as always in the Download section


3rd March

Are you up for a challenge?  Here is today's Maths challenge :-)

(Answers in the Download section)

As we look forward to everyone returning next Monday, there may also be some feelings of anxiety regarding coming back to school.  Young Minds offers a wealth of advice and support. Either click the picture or follow this web link.


2nd March

*******  IMPORTANT ****** Please follow this link for today's Maths lesson https://vimeo.com/507906973 

Did you that the 2nd March was Dr Seuss' birthday? In honour of one of the world's best known authors, here are some fun facts about him...

Top 5 Facts About Dr Seuss

1. Dr Seuss wasn't really a doctor and began using his title to add credibility to his writing. His real name is Theodor Seuss Geisel. 

2. He wrote 'Green Eggs and Ham' after his publisher bet that he couldn't write a book using just 50 different words.

3. He had a large collection of hats whenever he had a writing block, he would put on a suitable hat to help the words flow better. 

4. The original pronunciation of 'Suess' rhymes with 'voice' rather than 'juice'. 

5. He won several major awards including two Academy Awards and two Emmys.


 Alice has done a terrific job of designing her Mayan's booklet, including a contents page and introductory page.  Well done, Alice !

Here are some of the dragons which were drawn in school, some of them are looking decidedly Welsh!  There were some excellent results, and everyone really enjoyed drawing them.  I hope you did at home, too.

Maths challenge:

1st March


Hello, and welcome to World Book Week – Dragon style!

We have so many activities to look forward to this week, don’t forget our dress-up day on Thursday – this could be creating a dragon mask, or wearing a costume of a character from a book that has a dragon in it. (That could be quite a good game actually, can we guess the dragon book from your costume J  A witch from Room on the Broom would be a good one!)

Happy Saint David's Day as well.  The iconic Welsh dragon fits so well with our theme for the week too!

  This is too cute not to make a point of showing...thank you, Google!

Our Mystery Readers can be found here (can you find the Year 6 teachers?)


Click on the green box at the top to access the videos.

As you can see, Stephen Fry has a message for us.  If you click the picture, the video will open :-)

This week’s spellings are words which have their origins from other countries –check out the booklet in the Download section, and of course, our spoken spellings on Friday!

A few people mentioned how much they enjoyed The Giant’s Necklace by Michael Morpurgo last week.  As it is World Book Week, I’ve searched and rummaged and managed to find a downloadable copy, so if you want to check if your predictions came true – read on! (I read it, and believe me, I did not see the ending coming at all!!!)


I think our new Topic is going to be very popular judging by the wonderful booklet covers that we have seen so far.  Here are just a few of them:

It has been fabulous to see how creative you have been with the Art activity as well.  Who knew how many combinations could be made from a selection of semi-circles???  The first two are from Oliver and Yvie, and then a selection from some of the children in school (apologies, I didnt get chance to link names to art, but they were too lovely not to include on this page!)


  Wahey, we have a History Detective in our midst!  Well done, Talia!  I know a few of you have completed the trail now, and it has been lovely to hear how much you have enjoyed yourselves!

Here we have another wonderful front cover for our Mayan topic - well done, Lizzy! 

Maths extensions:


26th February

Another week has hurtled by, and next week will see all things dragon.  Next Thursday is actually World Book Day and in line with tradition – it is dress up day!  To be fair, I would be quite surprised if everyone had a dragon costume big enough to fit a Year 6er!  As this year is tricky for a number of reasons, we are hoping to make this as much fun as possible, and also as small a headache as possible!  With this in mind, we would love it if your child could dress up on Thursday either in a costume of a character from a book or film that has a dragon in it, or creates a face mask of a dragon to wear instead.  My Google Meet virtual class this morning were very taken with this idea, and I can’t wait to see them all next week – a sea of dragon faces staring back me! Fabulous!

Our extra maths challenge of the day is:

We have fun challenge that incorporates two of our favourite things:  Maths and chocolate!  Watch the video in the Downloads section – can you work out why it works?



Here are a couple of the exercise routines made for others to follow! Have a go and have a look in the download section for a PPT with lots of others to get you even fitter!

25th February

***** Following a reminder regarding how to do the title on your booklet, here is one I made earlier!! You will need to then use the pictures on the sheet to help illustrate it beautifully!!

We hope you have all settled back into the school work routine by now - lots of good work has come in that would suggest you have!

Today we start our Mayans topic, which will be done in those fabulous little booklets in your pack and we look forward to seeing what designs you come up with for the front cover today.....


We hope you enjoyed creating your own 'Joe Wicks style' exercise routines today! If you send them in we will post some on here so you can all have a go at each others! 

Here is today's Maths Challenge!

Some fabulous creations were sent in last week to celebrate Chinese New Year - here are a couple to impress/scare you!

These dragons will lead us nicely into World Book week starting on Monday where our theme is 'dragons!'


Our music today is going to look at tempo, and our learning will be guided by the wonderful BBC presenters as help us understand all the complexities which go towards creating a truly successful song.

24th February

Today sees the unveiling of our school assembly which will tell us all about some of the exciting plans for World Book Week next week. Mrs Chetwyn will be taking us through a beautiful text which will form the basis of some of our activities next week.  There are lots of dragons in this book, as you can see, Year 6 have adopted the snaggle toothed dragon!


As you can seem Year 6 have been given the snaggle toothed dragon

Next week, there will be a number of 'mystery readers' on the Literacy page (under Children tab) where you find some familiar faces reading extracts from a variety of different dragon themed stories - how many readers will you recognise?

23rd February

Hello everyone, happy Tuesday! I don't know if any of you saw the sun rise this morning at about 7am but it was truly stunning - the sky was rippled with red!

We are looking forward to our class online meets today, so we can catch up with everyone after the break and also share how we feel about the news last night that we will be all back together on the 8th March.

We are also going to be getting into the swing of preparations for World Book Week next week, and our topic this afternoon is tax!

Mrs Thornton and I think your 500 word stories are fabulous, it is going to be really tricky to pick between them.  You are all so creative and imaginative - there has been a wonderful variety of themes and characters :-)

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?  Year 6 really enjoyed a video from Mrs Chetwyn today which they shared on the Google Meet calls, then children in school ...made a discovery!



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