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There are a number of excellent secondary schools locally, and we do not recommend one over another. However, local grammar schools require children to pass an 11+ exam prior to applying for a place. If your child is interested in applying to a grammar school to begin in September 2022, the deadline for submitting your entry to the exam is very soon! The exams are sat in the Autumn term '21.


Loreto Grammar School for Girls closing date is 30th July '21 (time not specified on website) and St Ambrose College for Boys is 16th July '21 (time not specified on website).

Every year, there are disappointed potential applicants who miss the deadlines for a multitude of reasons. Check out individual Grammar School Websites for specific details and information as things can change rapidly during these times of COVID restrictions.


Week Commencing 20th June 2021

We had a wonderful sports day today (23/6/21) from balancing to catching as we took part in the Trafford School Sport Partnership's Virtual School Games. Here are a few pictures to show how we got on... 5RC winners to be announced tomorrow (Thursday 24/6/21) when we get a chance to add up all the scores.

Time is flying here in Year 5. This week we are focussing on creating individual stories linked to all things Viking, using all of the knowledge we built up last term. We are taking inspiration from Viking Boy and Norse Myths and Legends.

In maths, we will be finishing our work looking at symmetry, reflecting shapes with coordinates in a mirror line. Everyone is working so hard as we approach the end of Year 5. 

The Hive Five historians are learning a great deal following the Viking time-line this week, spending a number of lessons discussing raids, conquest and in the end settlement as Viking rule came to an end.


Children should come in PE kit for an afternoon of fun activities as we take part in a Trafford wide competition!

Week Commencing 14th June 2021

Hey Hive Five! We hope you had a wonderful sunny holiday. Welcome back to your final term Year 5, when not only will we be preparing you for your transition to Year 6, but yes, it's the topic you've all been waiting for: VIKINGS!!

This week as historians, we'll discover more about when and how the Vikings raided and lived in the UK, where they came from and in particular about their longboats. In English, before we leave our genre of myths behind, we'll take a look at some Norse mythology and start the book:


In maths we'll be taking a look at 'translation' (no not the foreign language kind) as we continue with our unit on Position and Direction. Science will focus on humans and in French we'll continue to look at animals.

Week Commencing 17th May 2021

Can you join hundreds of thousands of children all over the country to celebrate cleaner air, safer streets and healthier lifestyles? All you need to do to get involved is travel in an active way all this week. 

Why not take a look at nature around you as you travel and think about what you can hear and see on your way? 
You can walk, cycle, scoot... Whatever you want- just leave the car at home. 

Week Commencing 10th May 2021

What a busy week. It's been wonderful to catch up with parents and guardians of pupils in 5RC during the parent consulation sesssions that have run every evening this week. As well as our maths focus on decimals, exploring 'Who Let the Gods Out' in English and comparing the life cycles of amphibians and insects in science, we had a fabulous lesson about democracy in history which culminated in role play...

This week was Mental Health Awareness Week 2021. This year the theme was Nature; we have visited this theme repeatedly all year. Nature is so central to our well-being, that it’s almost impossible lead a happy and healthy life without a strong connection to the natural world. In September, after our first lockdown, to boost our mental health we spent a lot of time connecting with nature from creating story sticks and identifying trees around school, to the recreation of nature through art in the style of Loretta Grayson and Klimt. Reconnection with our natural world was enjoyed by all through wonderful books including: While We Can't Hug, Stanely's Stick, Leaf and the biography of Wangari Maathai. During the second lockdown, mental health was explored through Shaun Tan's story the Red Tree (with its links to nature) and Year 5 expressed themselves through poetry. On our return, we welcomed in the spring with a recreation of Cezanne's 'Tulips' and are now busy learning about reproduction and life cycles; propagating our own plants in the classroom.

The Five Hive have spent a lot of time this term thinking about our planet. For Earth Day, we created posters to persuade others around school to take action to save our world. Mr Merrell has been extremely impressed by 5RC's persuasive letters to improve the environment and preserve nature around school. The children are spending more time outside on the running track (made of recycled rubber!) and have investigated what is already being done around school to welcome wildlife, including a visit to see the tadpoles in the nursery garden.

This week, we are enjoying and celebrating nature to support our emotional well-being too.  As well as considering what mental health is in PSHE, and how mental illness can impact on family life with the character Josie (Elliott's mum) in our English study of Who Let the Gods Out, to get closer to nature and support mindfulness we are creating botanical drawings in art.

Here are a few top tips for connecting with nature this week outside of school too!

Week Commencing 4th May 2021

We hope that you had a great Bank Holiday Monday. This week is a short week, with Polling day on Thursday too, but as well as finishing our study of the Battle of Marathon in history,

Examples of our historic enquiries linked to the Athenians...

we are now starting our exciting English Unit about Maz Evan's Who Let the Gods Out too.

If you'd like to listen to Chapter 1 together, here is Maz reading it to you along with other interesting comments from the author...


This week, Mrs Brownsell received an exciting package for our winners of the Stockport Grammar School art competition. Here are Emil and Immy receiving their well deserved prizes from Mr Merrell. They were over the moon! Thanks so much to Stockport Grammar School for organising the competition and sending the wonderful prizes!!!!! (Thanks too, to Mrs Brownsell - our wonderful Arts Co-ordinator - for organising Oldfield Brow's participation in the competition). All of the Year 5 pupils enjoyed the portrait lessons in class and voting for their favourites to be entered into the competition.

Week Commencing 26th April 2021

Another busy week in Year 5. Following on from our learning on Earth Day last week, we have been working incredibly hard on our powers of persuasion and our handwriting, to creative persuasive letters to Mr Merrell about how we can improve our environment here at Oldfield Brow. In maths, we have continued to develop our understanding of adding and subtracting decimals. As scientists this week, we have learned about the reproduction and life cycle of non-flowering plants and been putting green fingers to action as we attempt the vegetative propagation of geraniums and spider plants in the classroom.

We are really developing our history enquiry skills this term as we continue to study Ancient Greece. We looked at a range of clues to piece together our own solution to the 'history mystery' of how the small city of Athens (as it was then) managed to beat the mighty country Persia in the battle of Marathon. In French, as well as learning vocabulary linked to clothes, we are beginning to understand the French use of masculine and femanine, plurals, the use of adjectives and their need to agree with the nouns. And we are developing greater ball control in tennis!

Congratulations are due too, to fabulous 5RC pupils representing Oldfield Brow in regional competitions: Emily and Pardis are through to the next round of the Trafford 500 Words Writing Competition. There were over 300 entries and 39 schools have taken part. Only 24 children have gone through to the next round. Emily and Pardis' stories will both be published in the Anthology created from this event! We can't wait!

Not to be over-shadowed, four pupils from 5RC entered the Stockport Grammar School Art Competition (all should be really proud) and Immy's portrait received a commendation and Emil won the whole competition - Whoohoo! CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF YOU AND ALL WHO ENTERED. You are amazing! (For more information about this competition, see the OFB Art Page).


Week Commencing 19th April 2021

Welcome to the summer term  Five Hive! It's wonderful to have everyone back in class. We have a busy term planned with more Ancient Greece in history, English and Art. We have started the week by investigating the ways Oldfield Brow Primary is already supporting the environment before sharing our thoughts through persuasive letters to Mr Merrell. We'll be reading 'Who Let the Gods Out', a comedy for young people by author Maz Evans. As scientists we'll be learning about living things, particularly studying life cycles. We've started this week with the life cycle of a flowering plant, dissecting flowers to understand the role of each element in the production of seeds.

PE will be tennis and hopefully frisbees too, and we all enjoyed the sunshine first thing on Tuesday and Thursday morning.


To mark Earth Day (22 April) we had an interactive lesson with Mrs McKenzie, debating a range of environmental issues and ways in which we as individuals can support our environment. We followed this by taking a look at the activist artwork of Bob and Roberta Smith and learnt about how we can provoke action or change through art. 5RC were then given the freedom to express themselves through activist art, creating posters to bring about change on Earth Day. I've displayed their work in the main corridor for everyone at school to see. What will you change?


During half term, I put up a display of all your wonderful dragon work from Lockdown. I hope you like it.


Keep Safe and well,

Mrs Chetwyn


Mrs R Chetwyn Mrs R ChetwynTeacher
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