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Week Commencing 18th January 2020


Thanks so much to everyone who took part in yesterday's Spelling Shed Hive trial. We'll be holding our first official Hive spelling test on Friday. Children in school will have a spelling test too.  I'll send some more details about the Hive Game via email shortly. In the meantime, keep practising your spellings for this week!

Today we're moving onto division in maths. Don't miss Mrs Chetwyn's maths lesson in the video section. In English, we are incorporating cohesive devices in our non-chronological report. There have been some fabulous paragraphs so far! Can you effectively use repetition, and don't forget your preopsitions when you're describing where your alien's features are located on its anatomy.



Year 5, Mr Smith and I have been so incredibly impressed by your 'out of this world' planet presentations last week. They've been flooding the class inbox throughout the weekend and they are are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! As there are over 60 of you, I could fill our Blog with images from them all, but I really need to tell you about the week ahead. But have no fear, we've saved every single one of them.

Don't miss today's trial run of a Hive Game in the Spelling Shed at 11am. (see the email sent to parents/carers on Friday with the details and spellings being tested.) Please be prompt. Once we get things up and running, it will mean we can have fun tests every week and create our own leaderboard.


So, it's Monday again and there's so much to look forward to this week. You'll find Chapter 6 of the Jamie Drake Equation in the Video Downloads from this morning, where we find out all about the mysterious equation (seen at the top of the Year 5 Blog). Is there anybody out there? Don't miss it! In case you've somehow missed all the previous chapters, they've all be uploaded to the new video section for your enjoyment.


This week on our learning journey, we'll be continuing to look at online safety, ensuring you are able to recognise Spam email and know how to deal with it. As geographers, you'll be learning about ecosystems here on Earth, which may in turn inspire your writing about potential life on Pandora. We will of course be continuing our learning about our own Solar System in science, whilst having fun recycling materials for the creation of our own 3D alien models in Design Technology. The writing of non-chronological alien reports continues day by day, as we consider how to show off all of our Year 5 writing skills. We'll focus our reading practice on First News this week for a change, although you can always dip in to Read Theory and Bug Club to keep your comprehension skills tip top! And in maths, we will move on to division. Practising multiplication facts with TT Rockstars will really help you with division too.

Week Commencing 11th January 2020


Happy Friday! I hope the new way of accessing the video content of our lessons went smoothly yesterday. I am pleased that we are now able to offer you a much quicker way to watch our lesson content, whilst de-cluttering further our downloads box and speeding up download time. When you enter the private area of our webpage in the yellow box, you will now see that the video content is listed in the green box to stream. But as always, if you encounter a problem, please let me know and I'll try to help. A couple of people had a problem yesterday with the recording of Chapter 4 of the class novel. I've uploaded it again and I hope this resolves the issue.

Today, I've sent you an invitation by email to a trial Hive Game on Monday morning next week. Take a look! This is an online spelling test through Spelling Shed that you complete live at the same time as your friends. Then from next Friday, everyone is expected to take part as we recommence our weekly spelling tests (using the Hive Game if you're at home). Pupils in school will also be tested so get practising! Well done those people who have practised this week. I've been checking! 

Thank you for all the wonderul work you sent in yesterday. If you need a little more time for your presentation that's okay too, but we'd love to see what you've created when it's ready. Here's a peek at a couple of pages from some we've received today from Mishali, Emily, Savannah, Acacia, Nethra and Dan..





I hope you enjoyed beginning your presentations on a planet of your choice yesterday! I'm wondering which will be the most popular planet. I'm thinking Mars but Mr Smith has his sights on Saturn! Don't forget when you continue working on this project today, that you remember to create a bibiography of resources. If you need to go back to check any of the videos or documents from yesterday to help you, they will be in the archive section with the date 13.1.21 in front of them.

Today's the first official lesson of Pandora, when we start to weave all your learning from this week together. However, you'll notice something new in the private downloads section. We've spent a lot of time today learning how to make your video lessons easier to watch. Please let us know if you have a problem accessing the videos which are now listed separately.

In maths, we're increasing the number of digits in our long multiplication practice, moving from 3 by 2 to 4 by 2, populating our 1000s column. You can do it. There's an interesting link in our fitness section to a Newsround article if you are looking to vary your fitness time. And don't miss Chapter 4 of our class reader - The Jamie Drake Equation. Who is the mysterious stranger?



Good morning. Thanks to everyone who offered feedback yesterday and let me know when certain files didn't work as intended. In response to your comments, I have made some changes today. Files have been uploaded in the order in which they appear on the Daily Lesson Plan, starting with the Daily Lesson Plan.  I hope that this make files easier to find. Wherever possible, they have been saved as MP4s or PDFs. I have reduced the choice/differentiation to reduce the number of files. I have not uploaded the sheets that are in the pack, again to reduce the amount of files that appear in the downloads section. However, please email me if you do not yet have your home-learning pack or its not with you. You need these with you as quickly as possible and I can of course email these to you if you need them. Feedback would still be greatly appreciated to try to make the home-learning experience both supportive and effective for everyone.

Today and tomorrow, as our 'other' subject we'll begin a project on computing, starting with internet safety, plagiarism and the creation of a presentation about a planet. On Friday, just like the children in Jamie Drake's class, you are going to design your own alien in DT, so start collecting cardboard tubes and other household junk, for a spot of 'professional' junk modelling.


We hope that you have a great day!


12th January 2021

For our parents and carers:

We really appreciate the support we have received so far from parents/carers as we adjust to the new and unexpected circumstances. Thank you for your kind comments. We are using the blog below to offer you an overview for both Year 5 classes each week (whether children are learning at home or in school). The government expectation is that all children staying at home will engage with this and that we will assess their progress. 

Everyday, we will upload a Daily Lesson Plan which outlines which resources are needed for English, Maths and one other subject. Many of the resources are now available in your packs. If your child is at home and you have not yet received your pack, please get in touch on Year5RC@oldfield-brow.com . Each day, children will be given clear expectations and will be guided through their work or be given clear instructions of what to do. Any parental support with this will be a huge advantage and greatly appreciated. We understand, however, that will not always be possible and encourage you to do your best.

There will be sheets that we need to use from time to time that did not make the pack. Please do not feel the need to print all of these out. Especially as some sheets are either for differentiation or extension work. Written answers written neatly on paper are absolutely fine. (The start of this week, with additional grammar needed, is a typical example.)

We are aware that working from home and ‘home schooling’ can be challenging, so we have considered this with our planning and have aimed to make it as accessible as possible. National policy for primary school age children in Upper Key Stage 2 is to have four hours of learning set a day. As a school, we will be providing this through OFB pre-recorded videos each day in addition to other resources such as powerpoints, videos and interactive activities.

In addition to these lessons, we encourage the following (especially for parents who are working from home and are looking for extras to keep young minds busy!):

-Times Tables Rock Stars (TTRS) / My Maths
- Ed Shed/Spelling Shed
-Handwriting practice (see resources in your pack)
- PE (Lockdown workouts with Joe Wicks, Cosmic Yoga, etc)
-Mindfulness/ well-being activities

- Read Theory and Bug Club.

As a guide, we recommend 10 minutes daily for each of TTRS, spelling and handwriting practice and half an hour of independent reading (recorded in their yellow reading diary when not using Bug Club or Read Theory).

We would love to see work and activities that are completed at home. It helps us with our assessments and record keeping too. Therefore, please share photographs of your work throughout the week via our email address. Feedback will be given at least once a week, either on the website or by email.


Good morning Year 5. Today we're taking a look at Fronted Adverbials, completing some Ninja vocabulary (word of the day gargantuan) and launching into our second space lesson. No need to print everything out. Save ink and trees. Practise writing neatly with cursive writing, ideally in blue ink. Read the instructions for Fronted Adverbial work carefully. You are NOT expected to do all of the sheets. If you are finding them tricky, extra practise might help in addition to the main two sheets. If you want more of a challenge try the Challenge cards as an extention.

I am so proud of all the amazing work you are sending in Year 5, as is Mr Smith. I have selected a couple of stories from Friday to share with you here, but to be honest, I could have filled the webpage with them. Here are some fabulous examples, one from Emily and another from Arthur. 

Getting bored with your daily walk? Why not take a look at this activity booklet to make your exercise more interesting? (See the downloads section)



Good morning! We hope you've had a restful weekend.

All of the chidlren's workpacks will be available under the KS1 canopy for collection today between 12:30-14:30 for children who are learning remotely. We hope that you find them useful. You may wish to bring a carrier bag with you! The resources are mirrored in the Year 5 Bubble, so if you are in part time, your resources will be in 5CS. Similarly, if you originally signed up to be part of a bubble, your resources are likely to be in the classroom. If in doubt, send an email to Year5RC@oldfield-brow.com and we will check for you if you get in contact before 10:30.

As I'm sure you can appreciate, 6 weeks of lessons has been a bit of a challenge and there will still be some resources that you will need to download that didn't make the pack, but we really hope it makes a difference to the home learning experience.

This week in maths, we’re continuing with multiplication building up to multiplying with a greater number of digits using long multiplication. In science, we'll take a closer look at the planets of the solar system and link this space unit with our music lesson,  computing and DT. In English,we are linking reading with space and science fiction and our main English topic is called Pandora. We will practise different types of clauses through grammar practice and use them to write a non-chronological report about an alien species that inhabits the wonderful world of Pandora.

Please watch this fabulous clip about Pandora  (you'll need to scroll down the page to the third movie to find it on the Literacy Shed Website https://www.literacyshed.com/the-sci---fi-shed.html )



Reading During Lockdown

It's so important that you continue to read everyday, wherever you are! Even though we can't use our class libraries, I know some of you were lucky to get books for Christmas so now's the chance to make a start. Your reading diaries are either with you or re-joining you in your packs that will be available for collection on Monday (see times etc below). Write the date, pages, comments in your diary everytime you read.

We're going to lead the way for Oldfield Brow and begin our community of readers 2021. Send me in a picture of you reading your favourite book at the moment (if you're parents/ carers are okay for it to go on the school website). People often recommend a good read in the classroom, so let's do the same virtually! Chaitanya's the first and recommends 'The Cadwaladr Quests.’ 

If you'd like to write a book review, I'll start a collection in the downloads. There's a book review template for you to download, and a copy in the pack that's being sent home.

Next week, we're going to be starting a class novel called the Jamie Drake Equation. Watch this space...

Mr Smith and I also expect you to use Bug Club and Read Theory every week, ideally switching between the two resources so you get lots of variety. This is not optional and should be considered an essential part of your work from home. Build them into your routine. The password reminders for these will be attached to the packs that are being sent home, in case you have forgotten these. We will be monitoring these closely as they will enable us to assess your progress. 


Week commencing 4th January 2021


I can't believe it's Friday already. You'll find your lessons in the downloads area as usual. I can't wait; it's our first science lesson today! There's a short video to watch before you get started on your science topic. Don't miss the Space Word Mat to help you with your independent writing activity too.

Mr Smith and I are really proud of how hard you are all working at home. Keep up this excellent work and well done Year 5!


Resource pack to collect

Behind the scenes we have been incredibly busy preparing packs to send home with print outs of many resources you are likely to need in the coming weeks and your Powermaths books. This is to make it as easy as possible for everyone, and to reduce the pressure on you to print things at home. It also means we can be sure everyone has exactly the same resourcs at home and in school. If you left your reading diary in your drawer, we have popped it in your pack for you. Please do not be overwhelmed by the work in there. It will look a lot at first. If we don't end up using every resource whilst we're in lockdown you can bring back unused sheets for lessons on your return. We'll tell you exactly which sheet to use and when each day! You should also store all your work inside your new folder to bring back with you on your return too.

A collection time has been arranged for year 5. This is how it stands at the moment:



Wonderful Work on Biomes

Look at some of the wonderful posters that have been sent in as part of our Geography Unit on Biomes. Well done Emil, Immy, Daniel, Anita, Holly, Alfie, Billy and Savannah!


We've been working hard in the Year 5 Bubble too. Here's a couple of examples from school:




Welcome to our shared Year 5 Lockdown Webpage! Mr Smith and I will both be posting on this webpage to ensure you all receive exactly the same information, lessons and resources as well as share our successes whether in the classroom or at home. (Mrs Chetwyn will post in blue, Mr Smith in black.)

I think we were all surprised to hear that schools were closing to all but a few with the lockdown announcement on Monday evening! In 5RC we were looking forward to trying out our first chess lesson given that it was too cold to have PE on Tuesday morning! Perhaps it's a game you could take up in your free time during our new Lockdown to give you a headstart when we return .

Mr Merrell promised everyone at home an online weekly overview, accompanied online daily lessons/ resources. Mr Smith and I will post our weekly overview here on the Year 5 Blog, whilst our daily lesson plan and resources can be found on the private section of the webpage (Yellow Box entitled Your Class). The password will be emailed to parents separately.

Weekly Overview (w/c/ 4/1/21)

We're kicking starting an exciting science topic this week, one of my favourite's in fact this term, about The Solar System. We'll be linking much of English reading and writing to this topic too during the coming weeks, starting on Wednesday with exciting resources about the International Space Station. If you're interested in space travel and moon landings, don't miss our English resources!

We'll also be teaching you about Biomes in Geography. Watch out for a cool song to help you remember some key facts - feel free to send us any recordings although we won't be able to share them here on the blog!

In maths this week we're working on multiplication using different methods and models. Be sure to keep practising using TT Rockstars to keep your mental maths fluent to support you during this topic.

Stay healthy, stay safe

It's always important that we stay fit and healthy, but especially at this time, so exercise is important even though we're heavily restricted on where we can exercise. Why not give Joe Wicks another try? He's back by popular demand, live on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 9am. (https://www.youtube.com/c/TheBodyCoachTV

Online Resources to be used regularly by everyone (including those in Bubbles) which we will be monitoring to help keep a record of your progress:

- My Maths

- TTRockstars

- Read Theory

- Bug Club

- Spelling Shed (We will be syncronising the two year 5 classes to enable us to do an online spelling test for those at home next week - watch this space )

We'll send home reminders of passwords shortly.


If you're looking for the 5RC blog from last term, please check out the new archive in the Downloads Section!



Reading Challenge

Here is a Reading Challenge Sheet from the Open University.





Keep Safe and well,

Mrs Chetwyn, Mr Smith and Mrs Whitehead


Mrs R Chetwyn Mrs R ChetwynTeacher
Mrs J Whitehead Mrs J WhiteheadTeaching Assistant
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