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Week Commencing 8th March 2021


What a busy week! It is definitely wonderful to have the whole of 5RC back together. Our Shared Year 5 art, celebrating our poetry writing during Lockdown on the Red Tree, by Shaun Tan, has a contribution from everyone in Year 5 this week. It looks fantastic, especially when it's sunny.

We have begun our new English writing project on Greek Mythology beginning with a focus on Pandora's Box. On Wednesday, we created a little something special for Sunday including a spot of poetry.

We learnt about Paul Cézanne on Thursday, using his painting 'Tulips in a Vase' as inspiration for our own developing art skills in oil pastels. And here is our new Cézanne display of Tulips in the Year 4/5 Corridor:

Finally, for our Friday afternoon activity, we thought about what we were thankful for, wrote a personal letter and made a thank you card to important people in our lives, who have helped us through Lockdown (as doing something for others is good for our own personal well-being too). They were very personal messages, some only seen by the children themselves. I hope you like them.

It is currently Women's History Month. In celebration of this annual event, an Instagram Display has been set up on the downstair's corridor with a contribution from every class. Today 5RC looked at the life of Florence Nightingale and enjoyed creating the 5RC entry.


Today we had heaps of fun making and testing parachutes to investigate the effects of air resistance as part of our whole school science day! We learnt a lot about the importance of surface area to create the largest amount of air resistance possible, thus making the parachute descend more slowly. We also discussed what further tests could be carried out.


How wonderful it has been to welcome everyone back today! It has been lovely to spend time together. Today we've talked a lot about having a positive growth mindset and set ourselves some goals. We've also created some group art and planned our science investigation into the effects of air resistance for our British Science Week activity.

Tomorrow, for this week only, Mrs McKenzie has swapped her Y5 teaching to Tuesday, and will be with 5RC in the morning instead of Thursday. She has a number of things planned, so the children do not need to bring their PE kits tomorrow! They will need them on Thursday.

If you have not already done so, please could you bring your PowerMaths books in today, plus your work from home. We'd like to display a lot of your work on the walls.

We bid a fond farewell to 5CS who will now revert to their own class webpage. It has been fantastic sharing all of your work here on the blog!

We are now restarting Chatterday. It is in the Downloads. Please could you child bring in with them tomorrow their yellow reading diary and their original green homework folder to bring a printed copy of Chatterday home with them together with some art that we have taken down from the Year 5 Gallery.

Mrs C

Week Commencing 1st March 2021


We've reached what we hope is the end of lockdown Y5. Mr Smith and I are so proud of all your hard work:) We can't wait to have everyone back together in the classroom next week.

Don't miss the end of our Book Week Activities including a live session from worldbookday.com at 10:30.  

You might also enjoy a spot of dragon art this afternoon.



But Science Week starts today too! What is British Science Week?


British Science Week is a celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths.

It is a programme of thousands of events running throughout the whole of the UK. This year’s theme for the activities and poster competition is ‘Innovating the future’ – celebrating the amazing diversity we see across the world.

Oldfield Brow will be celebrating in the wonders of Science, technology, engineering and Maths on Tuesday 9th March 2021, where each class will be participating in activities that promote our inner scientists, engineers and mathematicians.

There is an exciting poster competition running as well. You are invited to create a poster around this year’s theme ‘Innovating for the future’.  All the details are in the Download section, but here is how you enter…

1.     Once the masterpiece has been completed, bring your work into school no later than the 26th March 2021.

2.    Each school is able to enter a maximum of five entries so we will run a competition on the 27th March 2021 to select the top five to enter from Oldfield Brow. Each child will be asked to choose their favourite 2 pictures and the 5 pictures with the most nominations will be put forward for submission. The team at Oldfield brow will then upload your art through the online entry form. Remember to include the key information on the back of your art, including your first name and your age.





Check out the World Book Day Rap by MC Grammar (Click on the picture). Find out how to get your digital book token on the Literacy Page.


We've a World Book Day jam packed with fun today. Kickstart with the Whole School World Book Day Assembly on the Literacy Page

followed by a viewing of our Year 5 World Book Day Assembly. Please take a chance to look at what other year groups did with their dragons too, if you get the chance.

There are Book Week optional extra fun things you can get involved with, including a wonderful Oldfield Brow Book Hunt (downloads) and an optional BBC World Book Day live lesson. You will get the chance to finish off your job advert for a Dragon Hunter to rid us of the Brow Behemoth today, work on subtracting fractions and learn more about Forces in Science. 

5CS - don't forget all things dragon today- dragon dress up for your Live Chat session both in school and at home. I loved some of the home made designs from pupils in 5RC today!

Importantly, the Oldfield Brow Sponsored Read begins today (forms in the Downloads) and you can download your free World Book Day voucher from today on the Literacy Page https://www.oldfield-brow.com/info/literacy/

Don't forget we've brought the hive game forward by a day to today- it will only take 5 minutes!


You HAVE to follow this amazing link (click picture). Look what these wonderful authors have done for you in Lockdown - WOW!!!

Good morning Year 5. Enjoy planning a persuasive advert for a dragon hunter today! Let's rid ourself of the Brow Behemoth! Can you persuade a leading dragon whisperer to catch the pesky dragon that has been causing havoc in the local neighbourhood?

We continue with fraction subtration today and finish your fabulous vector drawing unit in computing for this term. There is an optional book related game and wordsearch in the downloads too.

Don't forget we've brought the hive game forward by a day to Thursday - it will only take 5 minutes!


5RC - don't forget all things dragon today- dragon dress up for your Live Chat session both in school and at home if you want to join in all the fun! For 5CS it's tomorrow!

Oldfield Brow Mystery Readers

If you've not hopped over the the Oldfield Brow Literacy Page to listen to one of the Oldfield Brow Mystery Readers, then you are missing out. There are books amongst the selection for more mature readers as well as your younger siblings.





Don't forget our Sponsored Read - It starts tomorrow!!! Let's earn some new books for our classrooms!! This is what you helped us raise funds for last year! (Sponsor Forms in the Downloads!!)


As we look forward to everyone returning next Monday, there may also be some feelings of anxiety regarding coming back to school.  Young Minds offers a wealth of advice and support. This web link offers much useful information and support.




We hope you're enjoying the Oldfield Brow Mystery Readers on the literacy webpage! https://www.oldfield-brow.com/info/literacy/ Have you discovered which dragon book I read yet? For today's extra Book Week activity, why not decorate or design a new bookmark for all the fabulous sponsored reading you'll be completing soon? There are official book week bookmarks to colour, in the Downloads Section.

I have been bowled over by the standard of work that you have been sending through with your Galaxy Dragon Guide Book entries. WOW!! You are AMAZING! Here are a few more examples of your wonderfully creative work from Arthur and Emil.


We're story writing today which will be lots of fun, but tomorrow I'm hoping you're going to help me plan an advertisement for a dragon hunter to rid us of the Brow Behemoth.

As historians, you be introduced to our new topic - Ancient Greece- today. In maths, we're moving on to the subtraction of fractions.




Happy St David's Day. The famous Welsh Dragon is pictured here on the Google search engine - today only!

Happy Monday Year 5, and Happy OFB Book Week. In addition to our daily lessons, we'll be suggesting fun book related activities that you can complete at home. Hopefully, each of them will also encourage you to read as much as possible to help you build up sponsored minutes for the OFB Sponsored Read that was launched on Friday. (Forms & information are in the download below.)

Miss Thornton found the exciting book activity we've picked for today. You can find it in the private downloads below. Can you find each of the items on the scavenger hunt at home?

Weekly Overview

This week in English, you will revisit the Green Door writing stimulus, planning, writing and publishing your own short story. You will also write presuasively to create an advert for a Dragon Catcher to help us get rid of the Brow Behemoth! In history, we'll be introducing you to our new topic: Ancient Greece. We will also complete the Vector Drawing unit you have been working so hard with. As mathematicians, you will build on your growing fraction knowledge; adding mixed numbers before moving on to subtraction of fractions too. Have a great week!

Week Commencing 22nd February 2021


The Oldfield Brow Sponsored Read is an opportunity for you to engage in reading for enjoyment during Book Week (to build those lifelong skills and develop a love of books) but not just books, cereal boxes, comics, leaflets, magazines anything they could possibly read! Especially anything dragon related this week too!  Can you persuade family members, friends, neighbours to sponsor you for the amount you have read in a week? It will help us buy new books for our classrooms. Mrs Heffernan (Y1) has kindly organised this for us and produced a PowerPoint (See Downloads) for you to share with your families and sponsor forms. Let's Get Reading!!!!!!

There have been some fabulous guide book entries published today. Here are some from the bubble (thanks to Savannah, Jamal, Chloe and Nya):

Don't miss your hive games today!

You are becoming quite skilled dragonologists and cartographers (map makers!) Year 5. It was lovely to see the wonderful work being sent through. Here are some of the lands where our (newly named dragon) species the 'Galaxy Dragon' comes from. They are truly out of this world...(Thanks Daniel, Charlie and Deetya)




We've even had a model dragon sent in by Kehan today. Excellent engineering!


Finally, you get to create something very special for our Year 5 World Book Day celebrations. Enjoy your wonderful writing assignment today linked to our very special dragon by Jackie Morris. During yesterday's 5RC chat, the pupils were tasked with sending in suggestions for the name of the breed of this dragon, so you don't have to keep referring to it to the dragon made of the sun and the stars in your guide book entries. After the 5CS live chat today, we'll put all the ideas received into a hat and draw one out for us all to use. So make sure you send your ideas into the Year5rc email address before lunch!


Lovely to see the news reports flooding in. Here are a few more fabulous articles from our Y5 Roving reporters...



Don't miss a very special whole school assembly by Mrs Chetwyn today, introducing a book the whole school will be sharing to celebrate Oldfield Brow Book Week: Tell Me A Dragon. See the video downloads. https://youtu.be/03vDqNnoLAY

If you have not already done so, take a look at our own Literacy Page too, to find out what is happening in the coming days... https://www.oldfield-brow.com/info/literacy/

We've had some wonderful newspaper reports hitting the Y5 inbox about the recent eggy arrival at Oldfield Brow. Here are a few to preview. They have all been fabulous!!! Well done and thanks so much to all of you who have sent your reports in already! If you've not had a chance to send yours in yet, don't delay.

Deetya completed an extra piece of wonderful writing yesterday, and has researched dragons in depth. Here are a couple of the pages to share:


Today, you get to be be journalists and complete your exciting news reports about the arrival of the eggs in school. Don't forget to use a mixture of fact and opinion. Use the self assessment checklist in the downloads section to ensure you have everything covered.

The pupils in the Y5 bubble were a little shocked to see the eggs when they arrived at school.

We're starting our new science topic - Forces - in science today. And for a change, we've included an optional athletics PE lesson. Make sure you get parents/ carers permission before you follow this.

Yesterday was a great first day back with lots of people improving their Vector Drawing skills.



Welcome back to Spring Term 2 Hive Five!

There are some more eye-witness accounts  from local residents coming in linked, we think, to the appearance of the eggs in the school grounds. They may come in useful for quotations for your news articles. Take a look in the video downloads section.

Our new class reader is Rumble Star by the fabulous Abi Elphinstone. If you'd like to read the first coouple of chapters yourself, they are freely available on Authorfy's wonderful website here:


If you're looking for a book to add to your home collections, Authorfy have lots of book extracts from a wide range of children's authors to tempt you. Why not take a look? https://authorfy.com/extracts/

If you are learning at home, and not joining the bubble during the week, today is the day to collect your new home-learning pack from school! Parents/ Carers - as per the emails - drop in to collect under the KS1 Canopy between 9.30 and 11.30! It will save lots of printing.

You will not believe what happened to me this half term; but you can see for yourself in the Video Downloads section. Take a look at the video that is labelled WATCH FIRST. You'll also find a quick video overview to talk you through today's lesson plan as we ease back into home learning (Not for much longer we all hope!) Today, as dragonologists, you'll be planning a newspaper report to inform the local community about this mysterious arrival:

Here's an overview for the rest of the week too:


Week Commencing 8th February 2021



We told you about the wonderful Trafford 500 Words Competition during yesterday's live session and Wednesday's. There's an opportunity to get started in English today. See the lesson plan to find out more and watch Mrs. Chetwyn's video in the Downloads section!!  

The deadline for returns to Oldfield Brow is Friday 12th March. As a school we will be entering 2 stories per year group and we very much look forward to you showing off your creativity and skills (as well as all the objectives for writing we have been learning about over the last few weeks!)

If this is more than 500 words it cannot be entered so be warned about getting carried away! Finally, send your finished story to us on Year5RC@oldfield-brow.com electronically please (typed). If you cannot type it up - a photograph of your written work will be fine, and if it goes through to the final 2, we will type it up for you!

Mr Merrell has made an AMAZING virtual Assembly for today! This will go live at 2.30pm today on the following link:


The theme of this assembly is 'JUST AMAZING!!'


We're also celebrating Chinese New Year this afternoon. This Year is the Year of the Ox. There are several optional activities in the Downloads section if you'd like to celebrate with us.


Have a wonderful half term holiday year 5 and a well deserved break! See you next term!!



It was great to have the 5RC Live Lesson yesterday and well done for such excellent answers to the science quiz questions. Good luck 5CS tomorrow with yours!

We had some great recommendations for books from members of the class at home and in school, including books from the Bug Club. I've been on the the Club and added books for those running out in their individual libraries. Yesterday, everyone was set the challenge of reading on Bug Club. We can see those of you who did log on - well done!! Zayn highly recommends using Bug Club and Read Theory and is enjoying answering questions online. His favourite currently is Dark Stone Eye. He says it's a real thriller. And Hunting for Trolls.

Other recommendations included: The Hobbit (JRR Tolkein), The Other Way Round by Judith Kerr, The Place Called Perfect series by Helena Duggan, The Weird Stone of Brisingamen by Alan Garner (MR MERRELL WILL BE PLEASED), Diamond by Jacqueline Wilson, Holes by Louis Sanchar, His Dark Materials series by Philip Pullman, The Lie Tree by Francis Harding and of course the Jamie Drake Equation by Christopher Edge. Thanks to Emil, Beck, Emily, Dan, Matilda, Cameron, Nethra and Pardis for their excellent recommendations.

If you need the web-link for today's guided reading article (it is in the home-learning pack) it can be found here: https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2019/jul/13/margaret-hamilton-computer-scientist-interview-software-apollo-missions-1969-moon-landing-nasa-women



There's an optional spelling lesson in the video downloads to outline this week's tricky spellings 'ie before c' (for those words that don't fit the traditional pattern of 'ie except after c'). There are some extra exercises in the main downloads sections which will help you practice even more, although we hope you spend some time practising in the Spelling Shed this week. Don't miss the last Hive Game before half term on Friday. Things are hotting up and people are clearly practising reading for the end of the week. Well done! If you're out of practise, just log on and get started. And if you've forgotten your Spelling Shed password, just drop me an email.

We've had some excellent work landing in the Year 5 inbox as always. Thanks to Alfie, Matt, Daniel and Emily, here are some of our beautiful umbrellas from Friday:



Today is Safer Internet Day, and we have given a full ranges of quizzes, short films and articles today in the lesson plan - there is no writing required, but if you complete activities, feel free to send in screenshots of what you have completed and learnt!

There is also a 'live lesson' today from on CBBC at 11am if you would like to join - or this is available after this time for you to watch on the following link:


The BBC accompanying worksheet is in the Downloads Section (OPTIONAL!!) if you'd like it.


Welcome to the final week of the term! We've got there! Mr Smith and I have been so proud of all your efforts at home and in the classroom. Just five more days to go and we can all put our feet up for a well deserved rest. But before we rest, we still have lots to look forward to this week. Today as geographers, we'll take a final look at Biomes from the perspective of conservation. It's Safer Internet Day on Tuesday. We will be continuing to study Buddhism in Religeous Education and talking about clothes in French. And in music, we'll take a look at dynamics. In English we will complete our Unit on Wishes, with you writing your own special story, and fractions will remain the focus in maths.

Week Commencing 1st February 2021


We hope you enjoy storytelling today, as we near the end of National Storytelling Week. If you can, why not get someone to record your tale so Mr Smith and I can enjoy your stories too?

Don't miss this afternoon's PSHE / Art Lesson linked to the story 'Under the Love Umbrella'. A beautiful story about how we can support the ones we love when they need it and how we can be supported and ask for help; hopefully a fitting end to Children's Mental Health Week. We look forward to receiving a kaleidoscope of umbrella art to adorn the blog for the last week of term.


Mr Merrell has done a Friday assembly for everyone, and this link will go live at 2.40pm today:


There is a Bingo activity for you to join in with - you can print from the downloads or just copy out the boxes onto some paper to join in!


It's been great to see your work today Year 5. There have been great scientific diagrams and models created to show your understanding of the phases of the moon. Here are some examples from Immy, Billy and Olivia (Olivia you're making me hungry):



Similarly, we've seen some great story maps ready for some oral storytelling tomorrow. Here are Matilda's and Olivia's... 

As well as Children's Mental Health Week, it's also National Storytelling Week! Today we're celebrating this special time of the year by creating story maps of our favourite tales, with the aim at having a go at storytelling tomorrow. Storytelling one of the oldest traditions of entertainment, enjoyed by people for generations, young and old. Unlike reading aloud, a tale can change with each telling; be improved or embellished to suit the mood of the storyteller; a bit like Chinese Whispers. Some of the oldest myths and tales have many authors (storytellers) who have added their own twists, which have been woven into the stories over the centuries! Today it's your turn to create a story map to help you tell your story! WHAT WILL YOU CHOOSE?


And don't miss science today, when you'll be creating either a scientifc diagram or model to show your understanding of the phases of the moon!


Here are a few fabulous recipes from yesterday's English lesson!





Year 5, you have been so busy expressing yourself through poetry as part of Children's Mental Health Week, inspired by Shaun Tan's Red Tree, that I could fill the entire Year 5 Blog with nothing else. You have all been so passionate about poetry both in and outside the classroom, that I've decided to pull everyone's work together in one PowerPoint so that you can enjoy and share one another's work. It is a work in progress and I will share when it's finished. In the meantime, if you haven't quite finished, send in your work when it's complete and I'll add it to the Year 5 Red Tree PowerPoint.

For now, here's the cover slide...

Still celebrating Children's Mental Health Week, let's talk about you! What do you like about yourself? What make's you, you?

Don't miss today's English lesson where you'll listen to a simple story about a father and his son, but with a powerful message - you are perfectly designed. Then you'll write the perfect recipe!

Also today you'll complete more fractions work and progress skills with the next Vector Drawing lesson. What will you draw today?


There's more today linked to Children's Mental Health week, we'll be trying to express our feelings through poetry as well as taking a look at Buddhism.

As best as I can tell, these are the only remaining, non-published alien critters lurking in the Year 5 inbox. Well done again everyone for your creativity and sense of fun!!


We've had some super factfiles arrive about the famous astronomer Nicholas Copernicus over the weekend. Take a look at some of them from Mishalie, Chaitanya, Rohan, Kavya and Emily :



It's the first of February already! Happy Monday Year 5!

This week we will be promoting Children's Mental Health Week. The theme this year is 'Express yourself'. Expressing yourself is about finding ways to share feelings, thoughts, or ideas, through creativity. We would love to see photos of the activities you choose at home to promote well-being to share here on the Year 5 Blog.

Place2Be are hosting a live assembly in conjunction with Oak National Acadamy with celebrity guests which goes live today at 9am! Find out more about it here:



It is so important that we make sure that we are sharing how we feel. All feelings are okay. However, we must try and talk about how we feel with those around us, particularly at this very hard time.The well-being of both children and parents/carers has never been so important. We know you are all going through a lot and we are here for not only the children but to support the grown-ups too! Please do not hesitate to contact us with any issues that you have and where we may be able to offer our help and support.

To mark the start of Children’s Mental Health Week, The Duchess of Cambridge, Patron of Place2Be, has sent a message of support encouraging children and parents to find ways to share their thoughts and feelings, particularly during such a challenging time. Watch the video by following the link here:




The Royal Academy of Art are hosting a Summer Show competition, and are inviting entries until the 26th April, 2021. Find out more about this competition by visiting the Art Page on our website! 


Week Commencing 25th January 2021


It's Year Five's Hive Game this morning on Spelling Shed. Times & codes on the daily lesson plan. Can you beat last week's score?

  It's Friday! English and Science are combined in one lesson today, as you create a factfile about a very famous astronomer, Nicholas Copernicus.


Use the data you collected from your Winterwatch Live Lesson yesterday to create a bar chart in Maths.


And we join Miss Drabble for an afternoon PATHS lesson!


Don't miss the school assembly at 2.30 here: https://youtu.be/Cc6pS_Oycuc


It's great to see your writing this week. You've all been so creative from story cube writing to Mirror poetry as part of our Wishes Unit. Here's a selection to share. It was lovely to receive Pardis' individual take on the the Mirror of Despair...

Here's a poem from Alfie who has transformed the mirror into a stone:


Arthur's contrasted his poems expertly:

Here's a great cube story from Daniel...


And Emily's parachutist survived, just...


Good morning Year 5! Today, we are doing something very different with our learning, both at home and in the classroom. You will notice the downloads boxes do not look the same. (Unless you want to, please don't feel you need to print out all the BBC resources!!!) For one day only, we have taken the opportunity to join children from all over the country in a BBC Live Lesson on CBBC at 11am!! If you cannot access a TV, have no fear, link up here:


It is therefore best to complete Maths first today, and perhaps reading, before joining the Live Lesson at 11am. (You might want to do some last minute practise for words with silent letters for your hive game tomorrow morning - join codes & times will appear on the daily lesson plan for Friday.)

From 11am, the rest of the day is dedicated to enjoying Science and English. Tomorrow's Maths lesson will follow on from our learning today, with the creation of a bar chart linked to a spot of birdwatching later!



Class 5RC, it was absolutely fantastic to see all of you today in our first live session (both at home and in the classroom)!!!!!!!!! From how to make barley soup and meditate, to Harry Potter art and sketching, everyone had a chance to say hi and bring everyone up to speed on what they'd been up to over the last few weeks. We cannot wait until next week, when we catch up again. 5CS - it's your turn to see all of your friends tomorrow. We hope you have lots of fun!

If there are any remaining 3D aliens out there that have missed the online unveiling, please send them in by Friday, and I'll include them on the blog. I've received one or two today, and we saw some awesome ones in our live session today!

Home-learning is challenging in different ways for many families. If you need more advice linked to children's mental health, particularly during lockdown, or supporting a child with SEND, why not take a look at our SEND page?


This webpage can sign post you to information, resources and services which may help through these extremely challenging times!


Today is Holocaust Memorial Day. To find out more about the Holocaust and the tragedy of World War II, why not take a look at Newsround to find out more.



***Parlez-vous francais? Don't miss today's French lesson! Finally, we begin fractions in our Maths lesson. Anyone for a slice of pizza?***


Our new Computing unit (Vector Drawing) has proved very popular in year 5, (both at home and in school) and it's been great to see many examples of your drawings from your very first lesson. Well done to the creators of some great examples below...


We've had some fabulous stories returned to us from Monday's English lesson based on Mr Smith's  story cubes. A huge well done to everyone for rising to the challenge of doing something different on a Monday morning.

Here are just a few for you to enjoy. Well done to our y5 story tellers...







Matilda's - After Tomorrow:

And Charlie's


Today we're thinking and writing about wishes. If you had only one wish, what would you wish for? We're problem solving in maths, and geographers in our topic work.

Meanwhile.... EEEEKKK!


Happy Monday! And what a week we have in store... If you fancy a topical read, don't miss the latest copy of First News in our downloads! It leads with an interesting article about eating insects. I wonder what these creatures like for breakfast...

We cannot wait to share some of the first photos of the alien creatures to hit the Year 5 inbox. They're out of this world! Have no fear. If you've not quite finished, send the photos in when you're ready. We'll post as many as we can. Jamie Drake would have been proud. Don't forget to listen out for the next video chapter in the Downloads.

Your weekly overview:

As geographers you'll move forward in your learning about biomes, covering climate change. In science, you'll be investigating two famous astronomers: Copernicus and Galileo. Computing is all about Vector drawings this week. Buddhism will be the focus of your religious studies. We're recapping French from last term before we move our learning on. If you can, revise the months of the year in French before next Wednesday.

In maths, we are nearing the end of our unit on division and will be moving onto Y5 fractions. In English, Mr Smith has a fun 'story stones' lesson planned for Monday, before we move on to story writing linked to wishes. There will, as always, be a range of reading activities.


Keep Safe and well,

Mrs Chetwyn, Mr Smith and Mrs Whitehead


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