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We've had an excellent start to our final term. 5RC pupils enjoyed publishing their new Chapters for Maz Evan's 'Who Let the Gods Out', created their own Greek vase designs and began to explore Geraldine McCaughrean's 'Greek Myths'. We began with an apt link to Pandora's Box and used all of our prior knowledge to understand its meaning and messages. This week, we'll look at Persephone and the pomegranate seeds and Theseus and the Minotaur. In maths, we've enjoyed learning how to use a protractor and we'll continue our study of angles and measure this week.

Here are this week's spellings. We are beginning to revise the words from previous lessons before moving up to Year 6.


5RC, it's our last term in year 5 but it will be a cracker! We're focusing in on the Ancient Greeks in history, art and English, culminating in the creation of our very own myths and reading all about many famous ancient stories from Medusa to Icarus. In science, we are learning about human life cycles and more about ourselves, as we study Animals including Humans. Maths in the summer term will be all about angles, shapes and measure. Not forgetting, we'll have the summer show to look forward to, towards the end of this final summer term.

Don't forget to practise on Spelling Shed, but here are this week's spellings:

This week we're practising plural nouns will apostrophes and Challenge Words. 'Ancient' might come in handy this term!




Here are this week's spellings: 


We've a fantastic week ahead of us as we approach the half term holidays. On Friday, we'll throw our own class Platinum Jubilee Partyand learn a little more about our monarch. I’ve planned a number of Jubilee based activities and I’m organising popcorn and fairy cakes. If anyone else would like to bring in cakes and treats for this special occasion (tea-time / street parties are such a tradition in the UK!), I’m sure the children will appreciate it! Please no nuts. (There is absolutely no obligation to bring something in as there will be a cake for everyone!) As you will have read from the letter circulated on Friday, 5RC is also being awarded a very special playtime on Friday so I’m sure everyone will have a fabulous time.

We will also be growing new plants as part of our science learning this week. Rather than wasting plastic with lots of plant pots, once again I am seeking your help. If you are able to bring in a used, clean small yogurt/ cream etc pot into which we can place cuttings/ plants either tomorrow or Tuesday that would be incredibly helpful. If you have a spare pot, please could you pop a small hole in the bottom to save time, and place your name on the side? If you have more to spare, that would likewise be really helpful.

5RC, don’t forget you’ll need to come to school in your PE Kit for Sports Day on Tuesday, with a T-shirt in your house colour (no patterns or logos please). I've seen the plans for the day and there be something for everyone from shooting hoops to egg and spoon!


We finally had a sunny PE lesson this term and enjoyed some fabulous PE coaching from Tom (Tread Sports), improving our badminton skills. Getting the shuttle at the correct height (to go over the net) in the breeze was much trickier than we thought it was going to be, but fun was had by all...


Still in keeping with our main Enquiry 'How can we conserve and celebrate our world?' our science lesson today was about flower dissection and the life cycle of a flowering plant. We carefully peeled back the layers and labelled all the different parts which help in reproduction. Our classroom was a hive of activity.


Meanwhile, our caterpillars silently delighted the class as they transformed into chrysalides...




This week's spellings:


Look who arrived through the post yesterday ready for this week's enquiry: What is metamorphosis?

Five tiny caterpillars are going to live in the 5RC classroom for the rest of the term. They will transform into beautiful painted lady butterflies but for now, this is how one looks up close and magnified:

They are eating A LOT and weaving fine threads in their home. We'll hopefully watch metamorphosis in action.

Spellings for this week are as follows. The red list looks at the prefixes super, anti and auto and we are looking at more homophones on the purple list. Don't forget to practise on spelling shed and pay special attention to the meaning of the homophones.



Wow, wow and wow! What an amazing 3 day week we've had. In science, we learnt about how mammals and birds reproduce and drew life cycles in our books to compare the two different kinds of animals. We also compared the different types of mammals: placentals, monotremes and marsupials. All useful information prior to our trip to the zoo. In English, we have been reading about animals and slow writing a persuasive letter to Mr Merrell which we'll be finishing next week. Addition and subtraction of decimals has remained our focus in maths.

And then there was fencing!!!! Everyone really enjoyed this as well as our second badminton lesson (albeit a little rainy) with Tom. This week we had a focus on improving our serve.

As geographers we took an in depth look at the dangers facing Earth's biomes and how people are working to conserve both the habitats and animals living within them. We switch to history next week, so our trip to Chester Zoo today was a fitting end to this fabulous topic. Everyone has learnt so much about our world and what we can do to protect it. The expert zoo keepers gave us an amazing workshop whilst we were there, explaining the dangers animals face as a result humans across the world, with a focus on the Bornean Orangutan whose habitat has been dramatically lost due to palm oil plantation development. We had the opportunity to handle ivory, rhino horn, snakeskin and animal fur amongst other items to gain first hand experience of the tragedy of animal exploitation and were given many ideas about how we can (as individuals) make a difference in pursuit of conservation. There were even some tips about which chocolate bars contain sustainable palm oil! Chester Zoo has a shopping list of products containing sustainable palm oil and many other resources on its website if you want to take a look at home together.

We did, of course, also get an opportunity to see MANY of the animals at the zoo from fuitbats and butterflies to red pandas and lions (not forgetting the penguins who put on a great show!)

We even had a little bit of time for a little down time!


Due to bank holiday, polling day and our Zoo trip, we will actually only be in school Tuesday and Wednesday this week. You will need to wear PE Kit on both days! We have Tom back to coach badminton on Wednesday and on Tuesday we  have a special taster session in Fencing organised! How exciting!

The whole school will take part, with each class getting a slot from Reception - Y6!

“…fun, exciting and truly memorable experience for the school…” 

Children will wear scoring vests and use foam/ plastic swords, learning how to advance and retreat, lunge and score, parry and block and the etiquette of a duel through a variety of exciting games and exercises! 


The weekly spelling test and Book Buzz will be on Wednesday. Here are this week's spellings which we practised  in school last week: words from the 'phon' and 'sign' word family and another set of homophones. Please ensure you can identify the different meanings of the homphones as they will be given a context in the spelling test. Don't forget to practise on Spelling Shed!!



We hope you had a wonderful Easter break! It has been wonderful to have everyone back at school this week as we have industriously began to pursue our term's line of enquiry: How can we conserve and celebrate our world? We are drawing together science, geography, English and art this term looking closely at animals and plants with focussed learning about conservation at Chester Zoo on Friday, 5th May. We can't wait!

Congratulations are due to everyone for a fabulous sponsored run raising money for Brain Tumour Research in Jackson's name.  Four of our pupils managed a fantastic 33 laps and everyone gave of their best in the warm Friday sunshine, needing a well earned rest in the shade at the end of the day! Well done for your amazing efforts 5RC. Thanks so much to everyone who sponsored the children in this very special and personal event. Children may bring back sponsor forms/ money on Tuesday and Wednesday, or at the beginning of the week after. Please do not bring in sponsor money on Friday as there will not be time to take it to the office on Zoo Trip Day.

We celebrated Earth Day this week. With a Year 5 assembly linked to the 2022 theme (Invest In Our Planet), a BBC Live Lesson and research into the impact of climate change using a wealth of recorded material produced by David Attenborough, we then created Earth Day Posters (now displayed in the main corridor) to encourage others to think about how we can all make a difference. The children also made their own personl pledges to make changes  to conserve our planet on leaves to create our own 5RC Pledge Tree.



As scientists this week, closely linked to our Earth Day activities, we researched the life of David Attenbrough and created a short biography of his amazing life. We also went on a mini-geography field trip around the school grounds to examine what we think Oldfield Brow is doing well, and not so well, with regard to its carbon footprint and support for the environment. Having recapped the features of persuasive writing, we are now beginning to write our own letters to Mr Merrell about our findings.

Along with the rest of the school, we have enjoyed celebrating our love of reading this week with new Reading Rivers already on display on the First Floor corridor.

We've also got a brand new book corner in the 5RC classroom. It features lots of new releases that our Year 5s may be interested in reading as well as a contemporary author who will be releasing her latest novel next week: Vashti Hardy. I have ordered a copy in advance, which will soon become our new 'Book of the Week!'  'Book of the Week'  has been introduced this term to encourage children to share more their love for reading (a different pupil will be selected at random to read and review for the class). This week, Faris was lucky to be picked and is now busy reading the new release Loki: A Bad God's Guide to Being Good for the class. Everyone is warmly encouraged to write class reviews for books they complete to be shared during our Book Buzz sessions and displayed in the classroom.



Here are this week's spelling lists - don't forget - it's really important that you practise using Spelling Shed too !! This week it's homophones, so you will need to be sure of the meaning of each of them as well! I'll also be testing your knowledge of their, there and they're as well as two, to and too!

Sunday 27th March 2022



Just like the pupils at Jamie Drake's school, we had fun in design technology this week creating our alien designs using re-cycled products. With the whole class industriously involved in junk-modelling their own unique designs, our classroom momentarily resembled a rubbish dump; however, just as in the Tin Forest we studied at the beginning of term, gradually something very special emmerged. Thankfully, everyone helped to tidy up and clean afterwards!! There was a lot of co-operative learning to be seen, with early finishers enjoying supporting others' project completion. Well done 5RC!


Everyone was very proud of their alien creations. Ahhhh! It's an alien invasion!! But which are the aliens?





Here are this week's spelling lists. This week we are learning 'Challenge' words:



We've another challenging week ahead of us, from DT alien creation, (just like in our class novel: The Jamie Drake Equation), and beginning our new English topic linked to an alien moon called Pandora, to more Space School where we'll study: 'Night and Day'. As geographers, we'll be taking a closer look at where in the world the various biomes are located following our introduction to what they were last week during our 'Biome' morning. In maths, we'll be learning about writing thousandths as decimals and comparing and ordering decimals.


Congratulations to the Girls Upper Key Stage Football Team for 3-0, 2-0, 1-0 wins in the latest round of the Altrincham Girls League tournament this evening. A special well done to our Year 5 girls: Bethan, Sadie and Maya. 


Well done to the pupils whose work was selected by pupils in 5CS to represent Oldfield Brow in the Stockport Grammar Art Competition: Maya, Sadie, James and Jana!


5RC had so much fun this morning, playing glow in the dark dodgeball as part of a very special PE lesson! Here are just a few pics, but they cannot really do our amazing lesson much justice!!


Don't forget to come to school in your PE kits today for a real treat - Glow in the Dark dodge ball - which Mrs Cooney has organised for us all. This is in place of PE on Friday; so there's no need for your kit at the end of the week. (See below).

Earlier this half term, we had an art extravaganza where we created self-portraits in the style of Sandra Silverzweig, a Canadian contemporary artist who uses colours in an extraordinary way. We spent time studying her work, her use of pattern and colours and thought about how we could represent ourselves in this way. After learning how to use and blend soft chalk pastels and about analagous colours, everyone in the class worked tirelessly to complete their stunning works of art! On Friday, the children of 5RC picked their favourite 4 from Mr Smith's class and 5CS picked 4 of ours to submit to the Stockport Grammar School's art portrait competition. Last year, a pupil in 5RC won this presitigious prize. (No pressure!) The winners representing Oldfield Brow Primary will be announced today.

Here are this week's spellings. They are adverbs of manner and adverbs of possibility. They would make excellent sentence starts too as fronted adverbials, for those of you with a target to vary your sentence starts:




Year 5 had a fabulous day today at Space School in celebration of British Science Week.


We joined forces with 5CS to conduct a practical demonstration outside, taking advantage of the sunshine.To help us understand the difference in size between the planets we represented them with various fruit. To demonstrated the vast distances each planet orbits from the sun, we also measured distances using toilet roll. Each sheet represented 15,000,000km. That was approximately 300 sheets and lots of fun. 5RC ate the remains of planet Jupiter this afternoon too!

Afterwards, we set off an a journey of discovery using a range of video resources and websites, gathering many more facts to create our own information posters in response to our enquiry - What is our Solar System? We highly recommend the BBC's Stargazing. Pupils showed off their learning (See some examples below) as well as creating mnemonics to remember the order of the planets. Phew! What a busy day. If you haven't gathered, we've launched our new science topic. More from Space School shortly! Here are some fabulous examples of how Harjot, Maya, Jessica and James chose to present their learning today...


Hope you had a good weekend. Don't miss the exciting projects and ideas in the Chatterday Homework document in the Downloads Section.

Here are this week's spellings:


As always, we have lots planned for the coming week. There will be a big science focus as we finish off our learning about Forces which will lead nicely into Space School and our scientific enquiry: 'What is our solar system?' We'll be starting our Science Fiction study with Doctor Who and our class novel 'The Jamie Drake Equation.' As geographers, there'll be a conclusion to our learning about mountains with thinking about the human impact of tourism in mountainous areas. We'll be moving to the multiplication of fractions in maths and finishing our work on Vector Drawing in Computing.



It has been wonderful to both meet and speak to everyone's parents/carers this week during our parents' evenings. Thanks so much for sparing the time to chat and understand targets and next steps for the months ahead. 5RC pupils have worked so hard and deserve credit for all their endeavours. Well done 5RC!


Happy World Book Day! It has been lovely to see everybody's costumes and how elements of recycling or reusing clothes had been incorporated. Our Tardis decorated door may not have won our Book Week competition, but it looked fabulous with all of the Daleks drawn by 5RC.

Today, we: enjoyed some World Book Day puzzles; took a whistle stop tour of Doctor Who and the Daleks in readiness for our topic starting next week; and read about the impact on our world of not recycling, before writing a shared class poem. Mr Merrell popped in to read a story to the class and had everybody giggling.  We've had a fabulous fortnight with our whole school shared text the Tin Forest in celebration of Oldfield Brow's Book Week:


From character descriptions, setting descriptions, diary writing to poetry, we enjoyed sharing our Wishes for our World with the whole school during our Book Day assembly.


Here are a couple of examples of our poetry work from Jess, (the first linked to the wishes of the character in The Tin Forest, the second to our linked broader focus on re-cycling) but everybody's work has been wonderful!!

Keep Safe and well,

Mrs Chetwyn


Currently reading The Last Bear by Hannah Gold.

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