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Week commencing 19th October

Thursday 22nd October

Happy holidays! We had lots of Halloween fun today as well as our Spelling Shed test. We agreed that I would reset the Challenge words from this week for a re-test next term! No other homework set other than practising on TT Rockstars and enjoying a good read.

Well done 5RC! Here's the class in all their Halloween finery! 

Tuesday 20th October

We can't believe we've reached the last week of term. Yesterday, we copied up neat work for our  5RC Book of Hopes. We'd all written so many wonderful things this term, it was difficult to know which writing to choose. Today, we had our last science lesson on the Properties of Materials. Mr Nutter (our site manager) has been having problems with disintegrating cleaning cloths and asked us to help recommend the best material for the job using our knowledge of properties of materials. We investigated durability, strength and absorbency observing fair tests and creating our own scientific question. We struggled to choose between the microfibre cloth and the cellulose cloth. Perhaps price will sway Mr Nutter...




Week commencing 12th October '20

Thursday 15th October

Yesterday, material scientists in 5RC tested the electrical conductivity of a variety of materials to advise on those best suited to outdoor cabling. Most pupils decided that a copper wire (an excellent conductor) encased in plastic (an insulator) would provide a flexible, waterproof and safe option.


Monday 12th October

They're complete; our unique and wonderful Trees of Life (Klimt style) are ready to view in the Year 5 Gallery:


Week commencing 5th October '20

End of the week

Klimt's Tree of Life has been the focus of 5RC's art lesson this week as we took at look at his work in gold leaf and how his work is both similar and very different to that of Loretta Grayson completed last week. We have begun creation of our own Trees of Life this week, and hope to add the finishing details next week.

Wednesday 7th October

In science today, as we move forward with our studies of the 'Properties of Materials', we wanted to find the most suitable material for a coffee cup for a school fair. As material scientists, we had to choose between glass, paper, plastic and metal. We used thermometers to measure the thermal conductivity of each material, to find out which cup cooled slowest.


Monday 5th October

Happy Monday! As well as exploring the Book of Hopes together this morning, we began to play with ideas to create our own short stories. We shared our thoughts on what makes a good story, our favourite books and their underlying themes.  5RC also  made leaves for a whole school piece of art linked to the story Leaf.

This afternoon in shared class reading we explored the lyrics to Andrea Day's song Rise Up and read some news articles about her life and music. We also had fun learning the months of the year in French to the tune of the Macarena. I have challenged them to practise with family at home.

Our whole school Reconnection Curriculum continues to the end of term. Oldfield Brow Primary School's reading and writing in the remaining weeks of this term will focus upon this very special book created during Lockdown, as we look to the future...


If you want to share it at home, it is freely available online, courtesy of the National Literacy Trust


The National Literacy Trust's website is a fabulous resource for families. Why not take a peek?


Week commencing 28th September '20

End of our week

Our Loretta Grayson inspired modern, contemporary art is complete! Here are our trees, incorporating warm and cool colours, shape and pattern, taking pride of place in our central stairwell gallery. They're waiting for you to admire on your return to school on Monday...



The week has flown by yet again, with everyone celebrating National Poetry Day on Thursday afternoon. We watched Jospeh Coehlo's advice on how to write poems about ourselves. We then listened to his performance of his own poem, I am a writer. We discussed what made us all individual and special, following on from our group art on Wednesday, and then penned poems about our own uniqueness.

Here are a few excellent examples:

I am a cricketer...by Neel

I am a cricketer,

Because I swing the bat high in the air.

I am a fire sphere,

Because I spin to trick the batsman.

I am a powerful bat,

Because I can hit anywhere.

I am a wicket,

Because I go boom! when I rattle.

I am a helmet,

Because I protect the one who wear's me.

I am a crowd,

Because I roar with joy at a boundary.

I am a cricketer.


I am an artist ... by Aarya

I am a gladiator,

Because I amuse you with artistic tricks.

I am an arty poet,

Because I create worlds with flicks.

I am the very tip of a brush,

Because I stroke fantasies.

I am a water colour set,

Because I blend colours and cover the paper.

I am an artist.


I am a historian... by Abir

I am a historian,

Because I explain the unexplained.

I am an archeologist's brush,

Because I make discoveries.

I am a historian's pen,

Because I write information.

I am a notebook,

Because I absorb creativity.

I am a book,

Because I store facts.

I am a blackboard,

because I always have ideas.

I am a historian.



Thursday 1st October

October is Black History Month! Black History Month recognises the contributions that black people have made to the UK and countries across the world, over many generations. Today children will be learning more about Black History Month as part of shared class reading.

There has been a lack of representation of black people in the history books and Black History Month is a time to remember and celebrate the forgotten people who helped to shape the world we live in. Black History Month is a great way to celebrate and recognise the contribution of black people to modern society. Our school must play a significant role in teaching children about the importance of having respect and tolerance for all cultures.   

At Oldfield Brow, we will be weaving these celebrations into our curriculum, looking at historical figures across History, Science, English, Sport and much more!


Wednesday 30th September '20

Don't forget to come in PE kits tomorrow & bring your uniform!

The Black Lives Matter Movement and racism were discussed very maturely by 5RC this afternoon. We watched an episode of CBBC's Newsround recorded in June at the time of the significant public protest marches and wrote about our own responses as part of this important PSHE lesson. The afternoon was completed with a unique class piece of art , whilst listening to Rise Up by Andrea Day. We showed how we are all different and unique, but how when working together we can create something really special. (WOW 5RC - you are so creative!)


Monday 28th September '20

Don't forget to come in your PE kits tomorrow and please bring your uniform with you!!

As part of our Reconnection Curriculum this week, we will be learning about Wangari Maathai through two books in Literacy. These books will help us to discuss two important current issues, racism and deforestation at an age appropriate level. We are learning about how to write biographies and today looked at an example written about Mary Seacole. Tomorrow, we will plan our own biographies for Wangari. It will support the children's learning enormously if they have completed the Chatterday homework linked to Wangari Maathai.

This term we will recognise Black History Month which starts on Thursday and touch on the Black Lives Matter Movement which our pupils may have heard about during Lockdown. On Thursday, we have an interactive experience from the company 'Now Press Play' which will teach them about the history of Transatlantic slavery and will use age appropropriate resources throughout the week. We will be celebrating our diversity in class, and recognising the value of everyone. 

This afternoon, we began our artwork linked to the underlying theme of trees. We are studying the contemporary Austrialian artist Loretta Grayson, and enjoyed an afternoon of mindfulness, combining the art elements of shape, pattern and colour to create are own trees using black ink and pastels...




Week commencing 21st September '20

Friday 25th September '20

What a busy week! Using our book 'Leaf' this week as a stimulus, 5RC have written their own wonderful stories about all manner of creatures in displaced places. We have used the book to support our PSHE lessons, exploring the Polar Bear's feelings and experiences and considered how they were similar to those many experienced during Lockdown. Finally, we have created our own poems, personifying such feelings: Loneliness, fear, anxiety and hope.

Here is an example by Immy:



Anxiety limps with no faith in his step,

No friends to go to , no dreams for the future.

Red cheeks from rage and a black soul,

He misses his family like you would too.


Loneliness huddles in the corner,

With red under his eyes from crying.

His hair ia as black as a shadow,

He has a heart for them but theu don't for him.


Fear tears the soul from her,

With ripped black clothes.

She has bubbles of furious fear in her head,

Never forgiven for what she has done in the past.


Hope skips through bright meadows,

Wearing yellow like the sun.

Twinkling eyes,

Dreaming of the future...


Monday, 21st September '20

Today we began to read the beautiful book 'Leaf' by Sandra Dieckmann as part of our Reconnection Curriculum. The class explored the feelings of isolation, fear, anxiety and lonliness caused by people calling names, being frightened of us or not talking to us. 5RC considered how the journey of the book's main character had parallels with our lives through the period of lockdown. Pupils took part in a class conscience ally to explore the impact of such feelings through drama and talked about how we should respond to things that are new or different. Everyone agreed that the feeling of other people hating us was very powerful and overwhelming; that it's not good to feel that we don't fit in. Many of us also noticed how uncomfortable it was to be deliberately mean to others. We are all different and the impact of unkind words can be significant.



In maths we are enjoying Year 5 place value, including rounding increasingly larger numbers, and problems related to them.


Week commencing 14th September '20

Friday, 18th September '20

This term in science, we are studying 'Properties of Materials'. Today as material scientists, we investigated the suitability of a variety of materials for the manufacture of a food preparation surface for a school fair. After discussing a suitable scientific question, and deciding how to manage our variables to create a fair test, we explored and excluded a number of suggestions. Our conclusions were varied, but everyone agreed that the materials which were hard, smooth and non-porous were the best choices such as melamine, stainless steel or stone.




It has been wonderful to receive so much Chatterday Homework from Reading Rivers to Family Trees. Everyone who submitted homework received their dojo rewards this afternoon. (THANKS FOR ALL THE LEARNING SUPPORT AT HOME!)

Today we've also played together on Spelling Shed to see how much fun spelling homework can be. There is some rivalry building over the number of Honey Pots we're earning on Spelling Shed. Passwords for Spelling Shed and TT Rockstars were sent home in our blue homework folders at the beginning of term. We've started our 'in class' Timestable Superheroes competition and a number of pupils have already won certificates (So keep practising - I might challenge Mr Smith to a Year 5 Battle of the Bands later this term). Don't forget we have Read Theory and Bug Club available online too! The last few passwords have been sent home today via email.


Wednesday, 16th September '20

Today, 5RC designed Story Sticks to link to creative writing about their chosen character's journey through lockdown. We are using the story, Stanley's Stick, for inspiration. Their sticks are not ordinary sticks; they unique and amazing.




Tuesday 15th September '20

It's fabulous that everyone came in their PE kits again today. Everyone enjoyed starting our netball lessons. Today, supporting children's reconnection to school in KS1, we created a video, recording Stanley's Stick (Jackanory style) like Mr Merrell. We also recorded lines from our stick poems to create one long class poem to make our younger pupils giggle. It required of patience whilst everyone in the class took a turn, and everybody did an excellent job. Well done 5RC!


Monday 14th September '20

What a sunny Monday! It should be sunny again tomorrow for PE, so please don't forget to come in your outdoor PE kit!

Today we've had fun creating poetry linked to our whole school texts, Stanley's Stick and It's Not a Stick. We came up with lots of different uses for sticks in imaginary play for our younger pupils 

This afternoon, we paused to think about friendship and what it means to us. We talked about how we can all be better friends to one another and created word clouds with our ideas.


Week commencing 7th September '20

Friday 11th September '20

Year 5RC I hope you all have a great weekend. Don't forget to complete your essential homework and optional Chatterday homework will be rewarded with class dojos. You are on the week commencing 7th September and have until next Friday to hand in your lovely work. There have been some lovely examples handed in so far. Spelling Shed is now up and functional. White Rose worksheets are in the Downloads Section, see notes in the Chatterday Document.

You've worked hard and everyone is re-adjusting to being back in school at their own pace. We've had a fun packed end to the week, looking at triangles this morning. After revisiting the names and properties of triangles, we finished with a game to see how many different shapes you can make from four triangles...

This afternoon, we have learnt about colour theory as part of the elements of art, examining primary, secondary and tertiary colours on colour wheels that we created. We learnt that complementary colours are situated on opposite sides of the colour wheel and all about warm/cool colours. Everyone enjoyed working with watercolours.



We've finished our summaries about 'While We Can't Hug' so that you know a little more about the text we have used for our first week back in school. Here's an excellent summary from Olivia...

While We Can't Hug is a great book to teach children not to hug during the period of Covid-19 and it also shows people to interact with children without huggling or touching. The book is about two best friends who can't hug but they show lots of different ways to communicate with one another.

They both write letters to each other which is a great way to interact. They met a kind wise owl that shows more amazing ideas to show that they love each other. The two best friends are called Hedgehog and Tortoise. Hedgehog makes a funny-face and that makes Tortoise laugh. Tortoise started to dance and Hedgehog joined in. That made me laugh.

They both painted pictures so everyone knew that they were friends. They showed me lots of different ways to play with my friends and interact with them too! This book is absolutely amazing. The moral of the story? Don't hug your friends, think of other ways to communicate with them.

We have written letters to unknown pupils in school to show we care about the Oldfield Brow Community and appreciate that people have had different experiences during Lockdown. Here's one by Pardis...

Dear friend,

I hope you are taking care, as I am. Lockdown has been incredibly difficult, but I am sure it has brought new and exciting things into the limelight. Are you a sporty person? If so, I recommend tennis. Tennis is an easy sport to get used to. The reason why I love it so is that it has two people involved, if you are more of a team person, footbal could be more your thing.

Luckily, I have no loss in my family. No one near me has left this world at such an early age. If you have had to endure such a sad time, I am so sorry.

Having to quarantine must be hard, I hope you have not had to, if you do, I am writing to reassure you that your friends, whoever they may be, must be thinking of you.

A first day of school is hard for everyone. Just to let you know, all classes are kind, fun and welcome you.

I am so sorry that here, however much I don't want to, I must finish writing. Instead I wish you a marvellous weekend.

Very, very, very best wishes,

An unknown friend.

We've also written sequels to the story. Here's an extract from Beck's...

It was a big day for Hedgehog and Tortoise; after half a year, they were finally going back to school. They were buzzing with excitement. They had met up the previous day in the park, it was a nice sunny, warm day. The sunset that day had been stunning with a pink sky. Their parents were overjoyed with the enthusiasm the children were showing about school.

Today was the day they were going back

"HOORAY!" hollered Hedgehog.

"Whoohoo!" exclaimed Tortoise.

They met up outside school and did their special handshake. After they went inside they met their new teacher, Mrs Bramwell, who explained, "Hello class, today we have a new student, his name in Frankie Frog."


Thursday 10th September '20

Our first week has flown by. Members of 5RC are settling well into new routines and have created their own classroom rules. This week we have taken a look at angles in Maths; revised numbers in French; connected with nature in science as part of our Reconnection Curriculum identifying trees in our school grounds; started our exciting topic, 'Maps' and have begun writing linked to 'While We Can't Hug.' The class has enjoyed reading literature by Michael Morporgo and Katherine Rundell linked to our underlying cross curricular-theme of trees. Using our text, 'While We Can't Hug', we've also explored our feelings linked to lockdown, our return to school and how we can be kind to one another whilst respecting social distancing. We have had our first  PE lessons, (thank you for coming to school in PE kits to maximise our PE lessons) and this week focused on games with netballs and relays.  



Week Commencing 3rd September '20

Friday 4th September '20

We've had a fabulous Friday. Today we wrote letters to show kindness to others in school and worked on some special portraits in art this afternoon.

Those in school have come home with a book of their choice, unless they specifically asked to finish one from home and they have a new reading journal to tell parents and carers all about. We are subscribing to an exciting new spelling scheme and have brought this home to try with your permission. Please see the separate email sent to parents and carers. They have a printed copy of the Chatterday homework in a new Homework Folder to keep any homework they complete safe in their bags. A digital copy is also available to in the Downloads Section.

This week the children have been asked to think about creating a Reading River of texts they read during Lockdown. Instead of adding an explanation sheet to their folders, to save paper please read here...

Reading Rivers come in lots of different shapes and sizes. There is not particular right or wrong way to complete them. It doesn't need to be limited to books or magazines; it can also refer to other media used to read. It will be a wonderful way to share, as a class, what we like to read and especially what we have read more recently. I will display those created here in school. The children can draw particular images, print and cut out book covers and use their imagination. It should flow like a winding river in chronological order. And it will help me enormously in getting to know everyone in school, their preferences and how I can support their reading moving forward. I hope they enjoy the challenge :) Here are a few examples.



Thursday 3rd September '20

Welcome Back!!!

Hello 5RC otherwise known as the Five Hive.

It was wonderful to welcome you all in today - as Mr Merrell said from the door: you have been greatly missed by everyone at school. I appreciate that you had been missing one another too. 

We have an exciting Reconnection Curriculum planned. As you now know, this will support you to settle back in, give you time to talk about how things have changed for us all (both at school and home), help us to understand the new rules to keep us all safe and help us gently reconnect with our learning. In the Five Hive, whilst we'll always be busy, we also need to feel happy and secure to help us learn.

I hope you'll agree that we've had a great first day. We've: created a class charter of rules to keep one another safe, set ourselves personal goals with which we'll create an eye catching art display in our classroom, listened to a beautiful story called While We Can't Hug (read Jackanory style by Mr Merrel) and explored ways we can show one another we care whilst following social distancing. To top it all off, we spent the afternoon learning about micro-organisms that can live on our skin, including viruses. As we cannot work with live viruses in the classroom, glitter was an excellent subsitution as we conducted fair tests to discover the best way to remove micro-organisms from our hands.



In case you missed Mr Merrell's Back to School video from the end of July: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eVFWJoLbfxw&feature=youtu.be

Keep updated with what's going on... If you don't follow us or are yet to sign up for Twitter, it's a great way to keep updated with news and find out about activities that can help your child with their learning, health and (hopefully) keep things fresh and fun in these uncertain times. Here is the link to our profile https://twitter.com/OFBrowPrimary

This weekend I will post more information about the term ahead and homework, but essentials for now: PE will be Tuesday and Thursday!


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Even though schools are closed, the National Book Tokens big prize draw is back! You could win £5,000 of National Book Tokens for Oldfield Brow Primary libraries, ready to spend when schools reopen – and if your entry is picked, you'll also win £100 of National Book Tokens to spend on you and your family! Entry to the prize draw is free. There are forms at the Book Tokens web address here - https://www.nationalbooktokens.com/schools. PLEASE ENSURE YOU ENTER WITH A PARENT/CARER. Children are not permitted to enter themselves. Please make sure that you are happy with the Terms and Conditions before you enter.



Reading Challenge

Please email us the title of the book you are reading at home! A photo for the webpage would be even better! Don't forget we'd love to receive your book reviews too. Why not send me a pic or drop me a few lines on an email with the name of the book, the author, a brief summary of the plot and why you enjoyed it.  

Given how many of you are enjoying reading at home, are you up for an extra challenge? Here is a Reading Challenge Sheet from the Open University. Shout outs for photographs and the most interesting completion of the challenges! There are copies to download (Downloads Section) along with different age ranges for all the family!





Keep Safe and well,

Mrs Chetwyn and Mrs Whitehead


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