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As the two weeks beginning 25th May and 1st June are the two designated holiday weeks in Trafford, we will be having a break from the home-school learning, feedback, assemblies and phone calls that have become part of our provision since the Easter Holidays. I hope that the more relaxed opportunities that have been afforded by our Government allow brief moments away from home for our families too and I hope this time is enjoyed by us all. Our provision for Key Workers etc will remain unaltered. We have provided a list of websites that may be useful to you over the holidays and this can be found in the downloads section.

From Mrs Brownsell

I would like to take this opportunity to say just how proud I am of each and every member of the Year 5 family.  Coming to the end of a half-term feels so strange when we haven't shared a classroom together for a single day of it.  The way all the children have adapted, kept up with their studies, and been so cheery and full of beans when myself or Mrs Whitehead have spoken to them has been wonderful - their reaction and response to our currently crazy world is a credit to them all! 

Spoiler Alert! After the half term break, we will be setting you the challenge of writing about something important to you, linked to lockdown.  It has been such a significant part of our lives this term, but not everyone's experience will have been the same. We are sure you will have masses of many different ideas, so are giving you this 'heads up' to enable you to really explore your thoughts, and relax into your thinking.  Sometimes the greatest writing comes from letting your mind simply wander.

While we are not setting homework, Mrs Chetwyn and I have worked together to create a list of activities which we think you will enjoy over the half term break.  There are so many to choose from, and cover a wide range of different interests and ideas.  Find the document in the Downloads section, have a good rummage, I think you are going to love them!

For those of you who enjoy Art - and I am REALLY excited about this one! - we have been invited to take part in a competition being hosted by Altrincham Grammar School for Boys.  All the information you need is on the powerpoint, in the (can you guess) Downloads section.  All entries (images of) will be emailed to klee@agsb.co.uk directly.  The closing date for this competition will be the 25th June, so we will include this as our Art topic on our weekly activities sheet for the first week too.  Who knows, as there are 8 different themes to choose from, perhaps you would like to enter more than once!

To our families who will be marking the end of Ramadan, and preparing for the festival of Eid al-Fitr, can I say "Eid sa'id" (Happy Eid).  Even though our current climate will make this Eid a very different experience, I hope that it will still be a wonderful occassion for you all.

To every parent, carer and child of our 5KB family, however you spend the next two weeks, I hope that the sun shines for you, that you create some wonderful family memories together and that above all, you stay safe and happy.

Take care,

Mrs Brownsell

Week Commencing Monday 18th May 2020

Friday 22nd May 2020

The last day of our Kindness Challenges.  Do you remember what we set yesterday, for today?  Fear not, here it is again.

Be kind to yourself!  Write a little letter to yourself, or make a list of 5 things that you like about yourself. E.g. listening when someone wants to talk if they are sad, sharing a smile etc.  We often find it hard to compliment ourselves but there are so many beautiful things inside you all.  Although I always love to see your work, you do not need to share this one with me, if you would rather not.  I do want you to take part though.    :-)

Louis has shared a great end to our Kindness Challenge week.  Not only has he been helping keep the garden tidy, as well as repotting some fantastically enormous plants, but he has also written a letter to his uncle, who is an anaesthetist in the NHS.  I'm sure your uncle will be thrilled to receive it.


A super start to Friday for those of you who use the IXL package.  A teriffic achievement - Well Done! 

I have here a list of recommended books for Year 5, and also the link for recommended books within each year group if other siblings fancy a look, or you are interested in a Year 6 challenge.



These are some of the books recommended by our class (and some of mine as well).  Can you spot any you have already read.  I wonder which you would like try?

Murder Most Unladylike series by Robin Stevens,                  Warrior Cats series by Erin Hunter
Lighting Girl Super Hero Squad by Alesha Dixon,                   The Harry Potter series
Prisoners of Geography by Tim Marshall,                                The Parent's Agency by David Baddiel
Mrs Doubtfire by Anne Fine,                                                    Anything by Roald Dahl
The Girl Who Speaks Bear &  by Sophie Anderson,               The House with Chicken Legs by Sophie Anderson
Watership Down by Richard Adams,                                        Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach
Five Run Away Together by Enid Blyton,                                  The Mark of the Dragonfly by Jaleigh Johnson

Moondial by Helen Cresswell,                                                  Letters from the Lighthouse by Emma Carroll,

The Whispering Mountain by Joan Aiken,                                Cloud Busting by Malorie Blackman,

The Nowhere Emporium by Ross MacKenzie,                         Smith by Leon Garfield,

Born to Run by Michael Morpurgo,                                            Anne of Green Gables by L.M.Montgomery

War Horse by Michael Morpurgo,                                              Roof Toppers by Katherine Rundell 

Malory Towers by Enid Blyton,                                                  The Garden of Lost Secrets by AM Howell

The Starfell series by Dominique Valente

Yvie has customised a t-shirt with some terrific Shibori techniques – it looks stunning! She has also shared with me her diary of the Flytanglizchee, which she has made up into a fantastic mini-book, complete with index!  Her creature is made up of a Flower loving fly, a cheetah, a Sail-fin Tang and an agama lizard.  What a super combination.  



Prishaa has been busy in the kitchen and as well as this delicious looking pizza, has also made samosas.  Yummy!

Thank you, Alfie and Jacob, for sharing your wonderful 'Kindness Diaries' with me.  I hope you enjoyed completing them as much as I enjoyed reading them.  I can see from the pictures how kind and helpful you have been at home as well.



Wow - we have a very talented Foley artist (someone who creates sound art) in our midst.  Ruby has taken inspiration from the Dr Who theme and created a piece of music using household objects to create a very atmospheric piece.  Well done, Ruby.  Check out her work on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ChSFZ2xYi8 (Sound effects in order of appearance- a microwave, a crumpled jelly packet, a book being flicked through, cutting a pineapple with a breadknife, piano, cello, a glass being rubbed and squeezing a washing up bottle!!!!)

Thursday 21st May 2020


Don't forget to join the World Record Attempt for the largest online art lesson -  EVER!

Today we are giving you our 'Kindness Challenge' for both Thursday AND Friday!  This is because our challenge for Friday will need you to do some real good, deep down thinking, so we thought we would give you a bit of a run-up at at...extra time to chat to people to share ideas etc.

Thursday's challenge is : 'Can you do an unexpected chore at home that will give someone, who usually has to spend time doing it, a break? Dusting? Hoovering? Cleaning? Gardening?'

Friday's challenge is: all about being kind to yourself!  Write a little letter to yourself, or make a list of 5 things that you like about yourself. E.g. listening when someone wants to talk if they are sad, sharing a smile etc.  We often find it hard to compliment ourselves but there are so many beautiful things inside you all.  Although I always love to see your work, you do not need to share this one with me, if you would rather not.  I do want you to take part though. 

Big shout outs for the creation of some crazy creatures!  Daniel has created a fascinating creature: the pawed flying lizard which is made up of a lion, lizard and an eagle.  Yvie’s dragon creation has ice breath and hypno-mist (a very dangerous weapon, and not one that I would want to come across!).  I love the fact that a Polish queen has gained their trust and they all bow down to her.

Don't forget the Art Challenge today

Salma has included pictures with her work.  As you can see, the Giltahzeb is a most unusual beast.  It is made up parts of a giraffe, cheetah, black lechwe and a zebra!  I didn’t know what a black lechwe was, and had to look it up – it is part of the antelope family.  There are some great features and descriptive nouns used: water repellent, juveniles and omnivores to name a few.  I love the fact the Giltahzeb do yoga to relax - what a sight that must be! Thank you for introducing us, Salma 😊

Alfie and Jacob are really getting into their walking, as well as clocking up an impressive 14 miles (so far) this week, they dropped their Leverett Close letters off en route.  It was wonderful to hear how happy the office manager was to receive them.  Thank you for being such good ambassadors for Oldfield Brow boys.  They also helped some strangers look for their lost, little brown dog.  Poor thing, I hope they found him.

Below is a link to a picture book designed to help children who may be feeling anxiety at the moment.  Feel free to share with younger family members, or to pass onto others :-)


Wednesday 20th May 2020

Today is the Joy of Moving Festival! A fabulous excuse to get together with the people in your house and share some fun doing an afternoon of brilliant games and activities, all around the theme of the Joy of Moving!  Don't forget, you can find the resource pack (which is so jam-packed full of ideas, I could barely squeeze it in) in our Downloads section.  Don't forget to send me any pictures of your antics, I would love to see them, or you can post  on our Twitter page using the tag @Foundation92, or email to Miss Cooney on year1sc@oldfield-brow.com.   Let's make Miss Cooney's day, and be the class that sends the most pics out of the WHOLE school !

Our kindness challenge today is inspired by an unexpected and much appreciated act of kindness shown to me yesterday.  Months back, a group of my friends were sharing our favourite chocolate bars.  Today, this lovely bag with a poem written on it was left at my door, and you can just see the shadow inside of a 3 pack of Daim bars.  I felt thought of and cared about, it was such a lovely treat.  Could you do something similar?  Could you leave someone a little note to say you are thinking of them?  (Don’t forget the advice of Bruce Forsythe – Nice 2 metres, 2 metres Nice!).

So many things to take part in... Thursday is the chance to take part in a World Record Attempt, and not not eating Smarties with chop sticks this time!

Rob Biddulph is a famed author and illustrator of children's books. You may know him from his #DrawWithRob lessons that have gone viral across families during lockdown (and shared by BBC and CBS). Or you may know him from one of his books like Odd Dog Out.

On 21st May, Rob will teach the world a 30 minute art lesson where we learn to draw a much loved character. 

This is an attempt to break the world record for the LARGEST EVER online art lesson! To join in, you need to register at artworldrecords.com to make sure you count towards the attempt.  (At least 10,000 people are needed to tune in for a full 30 mins at 4PM on the 21st May.  Every person counts, come and join me!

It's free and starts 4pm BST on 21st May!

Access the live streamed lesson at  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OSUN5vR4QZY on the day.

Red Books

A few people have let me know that they are close to coming to the end of their red exercise book.  We have some spare ones which can be collected from the 5KB box in the entrance hall of school, or if you prefer not to come to the school building, a cheap-as-chips exercise book from the supermarket,or any spare notebook you might have is absolutely fine.

Big shout out to Talia who has been calculating food miles of produce that travels from far flung farms before it gets to your fork.  It literally is food for thought!  We also have another letter winging its way to Leverett Close, to give a lovely surprise to one of the residents.  Thank you!



Did you know it was World Bee Day today?  I didn't, thank you, Ms Heffernan.  World Bee Day takes place on 20 May and is designed to spread awareness of the significance of bees. This year World Bee Day will highlight that 17 species of bees have been lost from eastern England and 25 more are threatened in the area. Campaigners want people to do more to help and protect them.

Also, for all you football fans out there, there are some terrific resources on the Manchester City and and Manchester United football sites.  The Man City site in particular has some fantastic ideas under its Fitness and Mindfulness section (very relevant for Mental Health Awareness Week) and both have lots of activities to engage, instruct and improve.


Thank you, Yvie, for the stunning pictures you have sent in of some visitors to your garden, and the beautiful flowers.  You must have been extremely patient so capture such amazing shots.  What a brilliant way to celebrate World Bee Day!

Tuesday 19th May 2020

For all of you who like singing, here is an opportunity to join in the Greater Manchester Singing Challenge!  TODAY !


Dippy’s Explorers! On 19th May 2020! Learn the song https://gmmusichub.co.uk/projects/primary-schools-singing-challenge/ and then ask your parents to share a video of you singing with your music service @GMMusicHub #GMMHdippy  @MusicInTrafford  #GMMHsinging

I just had to share a fabulous PE idea I found while finding suggestions of activities for the half term hols.  This is called ‘Round the Sock’.  Basically, you are the hands of a clock, with your feet in the centre of the clockface.  Place a sock to mark where your head will reach to at 12, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock.  Push yourself up into a plank position, hold it, then have someone time how many times you can walk your hands around your clock in a minute (feet stay in the middle).  It looks so much fun – just make sure you don’t use really stinky socks – or maybe that would speed you up as you try to escape the pong??? Have fun!


Also on the subject of moving your body, don't forget that tomorrow is the Joy of Moving Festival!  We are asking all the children across the school to get involved on Wednesday afternoon and enjoy the feeling of coming together as a community.  Take a look in the 'Joy of Moving Festival Resource Booklet' in the downloads section, and if you can on the day, take some pictures of you taking part and (if your grown-ups agree) post them on our Twitter page using the tag @Foundation92, or email to Miss Cooney on year1sc@oldfield-brow.com.  She would love to see them :-)

Tuesday's Kindness Challenge:

Apologies, we are nearly out of Tuesday now, but I had a couple of connection hiccups with the website today.  We were going to suggest this for the daily kindness challenge - feel free to carry it over to tomorrow, if you have already done one today :-)

To reach out to a friend or relative you've not had contact with for a while, maybe even since before lockdown. Could you send a message, email or even call to say hi? (with your parents'/carers' permission of course!)

5RC are doing some fantastic work on the Year 5 battle, and have a terrific score already (6pm this evening).

We also have some of our students getting amazing scores (top 5 seen above).  The main difference, is that there are a lot more members of 5RC playing which is going to make it tricky for 5KB to catch up.  If you haven't logged on yet, give it a go - let's see if we can get most of the class on the leaderboard.


Monday 18th May 2020


Kindness has been seen in so many ways since the way we live our lives has been changed by the impact of Covid-19.  This week is Mental Health Awareness Week, and the theme they have chosen is 'kindness'.  We have included the Supporters Pack in our Downloads section.  Within it, you will find a vast array of ideas for activities and opportunities to show your kindness within your own family and the wider community.  We are also running our very own (optional)  'Oldfield Brow Year 5' week of challenges to run alongside this theme where we would like you to create a 'Kindness Diary'.  An option that would reach into the community to start our 'Kindness' flood off with a tidal wave is under 'Monday Kindness Challege' in the download section.  Please take part.

The Wellness Society have shared a booklet with us, that originated in hopes of helping anxiety caused by the changes Covid-19 has placed on our lives.  What it has resulted in is ways of seeing positivity in all areas of life.  This booklet is designed for the young, young-at-heart, and all in-between. On a personal level, dipping in has given me smiles, questions, challenges, and food for thought that actually I would rather have than not.  I hope you enjoy it too!

**Times Tables Rock Stars - Let Battle Commence!**  A new challenge begins today, and just to keep things interesting, will continue ALL OVER THE HALF TERM BREAK !! Oh Yeah ! You heard it here, go for it, 5KB! :-)

Thank you, Mrs Chetwyn for finding what looks like a really fun activity for those who may have finished their English story early, or who just fancy a bit of fun!  There is a daily radio blog by Pie Corbett at 9:30am (RadioBlogging.net). Today, they will interview Robert Macfarlane, author of Lost Words, as well as involve you in games, creative writing and reading response. What's not to like?

If you look in our Music section of the Weekly Work and Activities, there is an absolute treat.  We are looking at the Dr Who theme, then as an optional extra - the work of Wagner, as introduced by Christopher Eccleston - one of the recent actors to have played Dr Who!  This music is spirit stirring and very dramatic, and part of it is to interpret what you hear through drama.  Wow, when you hear the music you will know why I am so excited by this!

And...shout out to Sofiya who has sent me a beautiful piece of writing about unicorns.  She used lots of devices to grab and maintain her reader’s attention and I was particularly impressed with her vocabulary – pearlescent is a wonderful word!  Well done, Sofiya. I really enjoyed reading your work.

Well done to Alfie and Jacob too - the residents of Leverett Close are going to be thrilled to receive your post.  Two rays of sunshine as well the rainbows!

Friday 15th May 2020

Keep those book recommendations coming in!  I have heard from quite a lot of you now, and it is wonderful to see just how many different authors appeal to you.  As reading is so important to you, I would like to share a little extra treat!

Here is a Reading Challenge Sheet from the Open University. Shout outs for photographs and the most interesting completion of the challenges! Copies to download along with different age ranges for all the family!

Don't forget, today is Assembly Day.  You can join the teachers and Mr Merrell via YouTube (or our Twitter feed) for this week's certificate presentation.

For those of you who enjoy a good sing and a stonking West End Musical, tonight's Andrew Lloyd Webber freebie (The Shows Must Go On - Youtube) is 'Cats' featuring Elaine Paige.  That's my Friday evening sorted! I apologise in advance to my neighbours for when they get to 'Memory'!

Shout out to Yvie who has shared this beautiful piece of art work with us - absolutely beautiful !

OK, I'll hold my paws up. I'm a bit confused by 'Cats', particularly the flying tyre, Led Zepplin-esque stairway to heaven and don't get me started on the word, 'jellicle'. Hehehe, having said that though, 'Memory' is a wonderful song. Did you sing along? What did you think of the show? 

Thursday 14th May 2020

We have been given a link to a resource which allows free downloads of books (thank you to everyone who has replied to my 'favourite book' email so far!). The books on this website may be a little young for 5KB but perfect for younger siblings.  I have had a look at the 'Feeling Lonely' book and found it to be an excellent starting point for discussion in my own home as the times we are living in are not what our children are used to.  To gain access to the free books, an account needs to be created, but no payment details are requested, or need to be entered.  https://www.booklife.co.uk/collections/free-e-books 

Lots of people have replied to my 'favourite book request - thank you so much sending them in.  Do you know, there hasn't been one double-up yet! It just goes to show the wide spread of interest in Year 5.

Have you looked in our Sea Poetry powerpoint yet?  There is some really lovely work in there, and the effort that the children have put into their work simply shines through.

On the subject of powerpoints, another shout out to Yvie for her informative and again, beautifully put together presentation.  I particularly liked the transition which looked like curtains opening at the end.

John has been creating his own lyrics to one of his favourite songs, Earth Song.  It is amazing to think that even in the darkness of this pandemic, the Earth has the best chance it has had in decades.  I'm so impressed that you are thinking of the world, our effect on it, and also working so hard to correct your work by yourself, John.  Super job!


Titanic modelling Titanic modelling
Tasty Easter nests Tasty Easter nests
Joe Wicksing! Joe Wicksing!
Life cycle of a frog! Life cycle of a frog!
Super Cycle! Super Cycle!
Modal Verbs SF Modal Verbs SF
Fabulous Froggies Fabulous Froggies
Life cycle of a hummingbird! TK Life cycle of a hummingbird! TK
Kat-dinsky! YG Kat-dinsky! YG
Concentric circles and a lovely smile! LM Concentric circles and a lovely smile! LM
Concentric circles LM Concentric circles LM
BI home learning BI home learning
BI home learning BI home learning
Titanic Poster TK Titanic Poster TK
#whatwemissaboutschool5KB #whatwemissaboutschool5KB
Easter craft DP Easter craft DP
Kandinsky Art - DP Kandinsky Art - DP
Wonderful Weaving - DP Wonderful Weaving - DP
Scrumptious cake and beautiful eggs - DP Scrumptious cake and beautiful eggs - DP
Earth Day Posters J&AD Earth Day Posters J&AD
Seeds JD Seeds JD
Seed planting -AD Seed planting -AD
Chocolate Cake J&AD Chocolate Cake J&AD
Oreo Slice J&AD Oreo Slice J&AD
Mrs B's Kandinsky weaving Mrs B's Kandinsky weaving
Cake-insky! TK Cake-insky! TK
Matching weaving TK Matching weaving TK
Whose Peeping? Whose Peeping?
Earth Day Art - IJ Earth Day Art - IJ
Earth Day Sculpture - IJ Earth Day Sculpture - IJ
Busy Bee TK Busy Bee TK
Spectroscope TK Spectroscope TK
Spectroscope colours TK Spectroscope colours TK
Fabulous Earth Day Fairy Garden YG Fabulous Earth Day Fairy Garden YG
Earth Day Acrostic YG Earth Day Acrostic YG
Kandinsky Art RP Kandinsky Art RP
Titanic Poster RP Titanic Poster RP
'Molly Brown' on the Titanic! SF 'Molly Brown' on the Titanic! SF
Earth Day Poster PK Earth Day Poster PK
Happy Planting PK Happy Planting PK
Peaceful Bike Ride - DP Peaceful Bike Ride - DP
Bird feeder, World in Our Hands DP Bird feeder, World in Our Hands DP
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