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Monday 7th September 2020

Welcome back to school! We've all really missed everyone over the last few months and it is great to have you all back in the new 5CS.

We've got an exciting year ahead and we've already shared some fantastic activities as we kick off things off in Year 5. Friday's Tower Challenge was immense and the teamwork and co-operation shown by ALL members of the class was a joy to behold.

It's great to be back.

Mr Smith 


Thursday 23rd July 2020

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Maryam, Happy Birthday to you!  I hope you have a wonderful day, Maryam, and have lots of fun with your family. - Mrs Brownsell  (There are some children who will have a birthday before I see you all again in September, so I am going to take this opportunity to wish all these children a lovely day, when it comes round to their special day too. So, to Will, Katie, Ireayo, Lukas and Ireayo - a very Happy Birthday to you as well! Listen carefully - I'm still singing


Wednesday 22 July 2020

Not long to go until our school year finishes and you have all adapted really well and are still working hard both at home and school! Well done!  

A big shout out to Salma for her fantastic story titled Moonlight Wizardry School- great use of alliteration e.g. 'fantastic facilities' and beautiful habdwriting!Well done!

Monday 20th July 2020

Hello everybody, it's the last week of term! You've all made it and done such a good job both at home and school- well done! This week please find in the downloads section some activities that span across Key stage 1 and 2; some activities can be used with all years for this last week.  Please feel free to dip in and out with them and have fun! 

A big shout out to Ireayo, who is still working really hard even as we march up to the end of the school year!  Fantastic attitude, Ireayo - I'm extremely proud of you!  I very much enjoyed reading her work, and I know you will too.  Well done, Ireayo :-)


Salma has also been busy, and has sent in her beautiful work about the Moonlight Wizardry School.  It certainly sounds like you could have a huge number of adventures here.  I would particularly like to visit the library.  Everyone who goes here sounds so lovely.  Well done, Salma!

Look at this magnificent beast that Daniel has created:

  This is a Typah, and apparently it has breath like rotten eggs and is twice the size of a hippo!  This unpredictable creature is should be treated with the greatest respect, if you can see its murderous look and bright orange eyes - you are too close!

Alfie has completed his Gadget workbook, and come up with some pretty impressive Spy Vision glasses! I particularly like that you get an indestructible case with every purchase - very handy!

Jacob's gadget is a car that puts my Ford Focus very much to the back of the class! It can do everything a self-respecting spy requires. I think even James Bond would like a car like this one! 

And, to start our week with a big smile on our faces, please join me in singing 'Happy Birthday' to Daniel!  We hope you have a fantastic, fun-filled day, Daniel.  (Can you hear me singing?  The cat is giving me a very funny look, but he sends birthday wishes too!)

Friday 17th July

Good Morning everybody, happy Friday! There has been some great work coming in and I've been captivated by your written stories!  

Big Shout out

to Taliah with her superb Monster book-(this is only a snippet)- it had me gripped but I definitely wouldnt want to meet a 'Brinetooth" would you?!

Have a great day and weekend!


Reading Together Day

Hi - its Mrs C. It's Reading Together Day! It doesn't matter how old we are, reading together can be a special family time. Why not send in a picture of story-time today to appear on the blog?Make a point today of sharing a book with someone you care about. What will you share? Author and Waterstones Children's Laureate Cressida Cowell shares her 10 top tips for parents and carers here... 



Thursday 16th July

Hello everybody, it has been lovely to see your photos and posters coming in, it looks like you've had a super year in year 5!  I cant wait to see the finished product!

Challenge of the Day:  Can you write an acrostic poem about LOCKDOWN using that as your word?


Wednesday 15th July

I am so excited - we have 17 pictures in our class collage so far, it is shaping up to be something really special. Thank you so much to everyone who has sent their poster in so far - I have loved receiving each and every one!

I have a special mention for Katy today who sent in a fantastic piece of writing about a very unusual monster.  A Bob would be a curious creature to meet indeed, not least because of its fascination with butter!  I really enjoyed reading this writing, Katy.  Well done!

If you fancy something a little different, perhaps discussion based, check out www.uniqueclassrooms.com/daily-3 .  Unique Classrooms are offering free activities which look thought provoking, and also a lot of fun.  It's not because I was swayed because there was one about a cat that caught my eye, (Mrs B distracted by something to do with cats? That would never happen, would it 5KB?  No chance, not at all, nuh huh, no way!)

Tuesday 14th July

First News

Good morning everyone. Don't miss this week's First News in the Downloads Section. Don't miss the article on page 3 about going back to school. There's sure to be something to interest everyone. Read all about it!

Monday 13th July

Good morning, everyone!  Our class collage is really starting to take shape - thank you so much to all of you who have already sent your pictures in.  Honestly, I can't wait to see this in its finished shape - already it is something to treasure.  - Mrs B

We have worked so hard in Maths, a challenge this week is to go back over your MyMaths and look at a lesson a day that might have been missed out. Alternatively, you could give yourself this opporunity to prepare for Year 6.  Be really honest with yourself: think of an area in Maths where you could do with some extra support, or that you are particularly interested in and find a lesson on National Oak Academy to watch.  Choose one a day, they don't have to be the same subject :-)


Week Commencing 6th July

Friday 10th July 2020

Good morning 5KB, Mrs Heffernan here! Hope you are all well. I've just had a look at all your home/school- learning and it is fantastic!  You should be really proud of yourselves- I know Mrs Brownsell is! A massive well done to you all! Have fun with your learning today and have a great weekend!

Thursday 9th July 2020

Good morning, everyone!  I have sent an email to all class members about the subject for their poster for what I am sure will be our magnificent class collage picture.  Please let me know if you have not received this, or if you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to ask. :-)

Wednesday 8th July 2020

Tomorrow, there is a special assembly at the National Oak Academy led by Professor Ron Winston who will answer pupils questions about everything from crystals to rainforests. Tune in tomorrow at 10am on the TES YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-gOKwgu5_g9Pm1YBMb5G_A

Tuesday 7th July 2020

Thank you to everyone who has returned a response and preference for our class collage picture.  I am going to be putting all the ideas together and will get in touch with further details after Wednesday.  I can't wait to see it all put together - I think it will look absolutely stunning :-)

Monday 6th July 2020

Good morning 5KB. Everything you need for the week ahead should now be in the Downloads Section. In science this week, we're classifying a platypus and mythical creatures. We're going on a textures treasure hunt in art and starting our final writing project for Y5. It's your last chance to shine so make it count. I'm sure Mrs Brownsell will be impressed but I'm not sure I can wait two weeks to read them! I've been blown away with your Generation Lockdown Writing. You should be really proud of yourselves. This week I've selected four topics for you to choose from so there should be something to catch everyone's eye. Please don't print out all the English Booklets - you'll be working from one and even then, you don't need to print it out unless you want to. Your final work must reach us by 17th July. Have fun!




First News

Read all about it. What has Covid 19 got to do with the Climate Crisis?

Generation Lockdown Writing

It's another week of Lockdown of sorts, although much more relaxed in terms of what we can do now. I'm still sharing your writing. Today, I'm sharing Baasil's. Baasil has highlighted so many differences between life before lockdown and now, such as meeting with friends, learning on line and time now spent with family. He should be very proud of his wise words and how he can see what really matters and is important in life. Well done Baasil!!

(One or two of you have still not returned your Generation Lockdown writing. Unless you are in school, it's really important that you send it in ASAP! The Lockdown Writing Support Sheet is still in the Downloads Section)

Life in Lockdown

Normally life is very different to this year. I usually go on bike rides with my friends but now I go with my family. Before lockdown we use to eat out in restaurants but this year we only get a take-aways. My teacher came to my house but now we use Zoom.

Last year me and my friends went to far distances together on a bike-ride with some of our parents. We went to many different places. Today I go with my family to a Memorial next to my house or we go around town.

My sessions took place in my house with my 11+ teacher and we learned in books or had different mock exams on paper. Nowadays we learn on Zoom using Bond Online.

Me and my friends always spent time at each other’s houses . We played together and sometimes our families came together for dinner. We now talk on Zoom and talk about how our lockdown is going and we sometimes have a quiz taken by my dad.

In short this is definitely a different lifestyle we are having but still we need to be grateful from God that we are with our loved ones and spending quality time with them which never happened in our lives. This is our new normal and we try to accommodate in but also praying that we get back to our past life with prosperity and health.


Shout Outs

We have to share Talia's amazing artwork completed during Lockdown. It is beautiful, definitely one for the wall! My favourite cat is the little hidden orange kitten. Well done Talia!


Here we have another amazing Tree of Life, this time created by Yvie.  Her brush strokes have captured a look of bark on the trunk of the tree and I love the shade of metallic blue selected. Yvie's technique is very effective.


Week Commencing 29th June

Friday 3rd July 2020

Generation Lockdown Writing

I hope you are enjoying reading one another's special writing, expressing our different perspectives of Lockdown. Thank you for the many emails you have been sending me for Generation Lockdown. Today, I'm sharing Salma's.  She has put a lot of thought into her words and it is written from the heart. We really enjoyed reading it because not only has she highlighted all the changes everyone has had to go through but her personal challenging circumstances too.  Like many of you, she should be very proud of herself for coping so well and working so hard throughout this difficult time. (One or two of you have still not returned your Generation Lockdown writing. It's really important that you send it in ASAP!)


Thursday 2nd July 2020

Please note there was an incorrect link published for Friday's English Activity, which has now been corrected. The link is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iNFnMDRctMs. Please do not worry if you have already completed this work as the LO was to practise starting sentences with fronted adverbials and subordinate clauses whichever video resource you used. Apologies for the slight mix up - Mrs C

AGBS Art Competition

I am delighted to announce that we had lots of entries for our Oldfield Brow artists in the Altrincham Grammar School for Boys Art Competition! The idea was to recreate or alter in some way a famous painting to reflect lives in Lockdown. I have attached the download to show all the entries (please find below), and we had a lot from Year 3 up to Year 6 that were chosen to put in the Virtual Exhibition! Louis in Y5KB and George in Y6 both entered amazing pieces of work and have been named as 2 of the 3 Primary Entry Winners! We are soooooooooo proud! Well done to everybody else in 5KB who entered the competition too.

Generation Lockdown Writing

Today we are sharing Jacob's super Lockdown Writing. When you read it, I'm sure that many of you will feel similarly, that you've missed being in class with Mrs Brownsell, that you missed out on a wonderful school trip and that you won't miss housework when you go back to school. I'm glad that whilst you have missed one another, many of you have found ways to keep in touch, whether it be via the X-Box like Jacob or via Zoom, Skype etc. Well done for an excellent account of Lockdown Jacob.


Wednesday 1st July


It's the 1st of July already. I can't believe it! Time has flown this term.  And as I write on this first day of the month, whilst it's a little damp outside (9am), that's not going to curb my enthusiasm for Sports Day! Although we're at home, there is a virtual Sports Day for everyone to take part in at home too. As we can't be together, please take photos for us to share here on the blog and to tweet. Please note by sending them in you are granting us permission to share in this way. You'll find a Power Point in the Downloads Section to tell you all about it!

First News

Read all about it! Don't miss the latest copy of First News in the Downloads Section. The front page leads with the relaxing of Lockdown rules for theme parks, cinemas and museums. Inside you'll find lots of current news themes and articles from plastic pollution to  an article about aliens. There's something interesting to capture everyone's attention!


Generation Lockdown

IF YOU HAVEN'T HAD A CHANCE TO FINISH YOUR GENERATION LOCKDOWN WRITING OR TO SEND IT IN, IT'S NOT TOO LATE TO GET FEATURED HERE ON THE WEBSITE. WHILST THERE IS A WAITING LIST IN MRS BROWNSELL'S INBOX, NOBODY ELSE  WILL KNOW IF YOU HAND IN LATE. WHAT'S MORE IMPORTANT IS THAT YOU WRITE ABOUT SOMETHING THAT MATTERS TO YOU AT THIS UNIQUE TIME IN ALL OUR LIVES. Please email us any remaining writing ASAP. Whose work will appear tomorrow? (If you are interested, as I'm currently featuring 5RC Generation Lockdown writing too over on my 5RC Page . It's fascinating to read about all of our experiences and opinions... Mrs Chetwyn)

Whose writing will feature in our Generation Lockdown Section today? It's Sofiya's!  We were really impressed how she has included so many aspects of the virus, lockdown and her own personal experiences and feelings. From the beginning you can feel the panic in her words about school closures and the isolation. Her piece is well structured and she has obviously put a lot of thought into the planning. It was great to see the difference in her writing when things started to improve and she had been able to enjoy time with friends and family for her birthday. Sofiya should be very proud of her achievements. Well done Sofiya!!

Wednesday Shout Outs

Look at this beautiful tree of life by Talia! I really like your complementary colour combinations and contrasting organic and geometric shapes. It's stunning. Well done.


Tuesday 30th June

Children’s Art Week
 29 June – 19 July 2020

This week is Children's Art Week, and the best thing about this: it lasts 3 weeks!  Children’s Art Week is a UK-wide programme run by Engage, the National Association for Gallery Education.  There are all sorts of different activities running but here is a really lovely one to start you off...https://engage.org/happenings/make-and-create-sunflowers/

A link to the whole site can be found here: https://engage.org/happenings/childrens-art-week/   Have a really good rummage around and see what you can find in the huge range of activities they have on offer - I guarantee there will be something here for everyone!  Please share your pictures with us when they are done.  You could be like Van Gogh, sharing flowers with his friend Gauguin: and in the future you could be the artist that people love to talk about.  Good luck!

Generation Lockdown

We're selecting a piece of lockdown writing each day upon which to focus. Today we're celebrating Alfie's fabulous work. He has put so much thought into his writing and we really enjoyed reading it. You should be really prod of your work Alfie! He has been very busy during this time and has included lots of points to make the reader think and understand how hard it has been but at the same time there have been special family times too.  Well done!  

Tuesday Shout Outs

Daniel- what a beautiful rainbow globe! Daniel has been busy not only with lots of home-learning but other hobbies too, including crafts and growing grapes which look to be flourishing in his back garden. I wish I had such green fingers. One of our writing topics this week will be about hobbies. Although summer seems to have gone on holiday itself this week, I hope you are still getting lots of lovely time outdoors for activities.  Mrs Brownsell tells me Prince Charles speaks to his plants. Wish that worked with mine!

Well done to Prishaa who has shared some recent art work from home. She's fascinated by Picasso. We loved  how she has used different techniques for each piece, vivid paint colours for your Portrait of Jacqueline and pencil crayons for The Old Guitarist. You have managed to capture his style perfectly.


Monday 29th June

Happy Monday and we hope you've had a lovely weekend. It may be Week 4 of this term, and you may be feeling mid-term blues, but this week we have lots of fascinating topics for you to learn about and investigate, videos for you to write about non-fiction topics and an amazing Tree of Life to create. Did I mention that on Wednesday its Virtual Sports Day!!!!!!! All in the Downloads Section now.

Monday's Shout Out

We just have to share a wonderful the Power Point about Space that Prishaa has created for us. Prishaa - your passion for space and all things out there really shines through in your presentation.  We thought this was fascinating, particularly about the black holes. We can see how hard you have worked to put this together too.  You have tried really hard to make it fun and some of the transitions (eg the flying bird) are absolutely beautiful.
Well done - you have done a terrific job, as always! We have shared it in the Downloads Section for everyone to enjoy.


Generation Lockdown due in 29th June

It has been wonderful receiving Generation Lockdown pieces of writing in our inboxes today. Rather than posting them here on the blog all at once, we thought we'd share one or two every day. If you're yet to send yours in, it's not too late and we'd really like EVERYBODY to respond as Generation Lockdown was such an important piece of writing. The Generation Lockdown guidance is still in the Downloads Section in case any of you want to refer to it whilst finishing your writing challenge. Keeping your writing skills in tip top condition for ready for Year 6 is so important. We expect all Year 5s to complete and return this piece of work so we can show your new Y6 teachers what wonderful writers you are. When school fully restarts, we would love to showcase your work in a special display and/ or special folder that can be kept in the school archives for generations to come.  The Generation Lockdown guidance is still in the Downloads Section in case any of you want to refer to it whilst finishing your writing challenge. There is also a story self-assement sheet that may help you refine the grammar in your writing.

Here's the piece of writing that we've chosen for today: a poem from Yvie. This is very thought provoking work - we could see how much you have tried to recognise just how much life has changed and how sad it is that we have to live our lives like this currently: but what comes across most strongly,  is your positivity, recognition of the need to behave a certain way, and your determination to find the good in every situation.

#247 Challenge

All entries should now be on our Literacy Page. https://www.oldfield-brow.com/info/literacy/  Let us know if yours is missing.

Hi everyone, Mrs Brownsell here.  Isn't Mrs Chetwyn doing a fabulous job of updating our webpage! Thank you so much, Mrs Chetwyn! I just wanted to tell you all how much I have enjoyed catching up with everything which have been sent into our Year5kb email box.  While it might not be me that replies to you directly, (thank you, Mrs Whitehead, you are a superstar!) rest assured I am delving into every message that comes in. I read all the work that is submitted. I love seeing everything you guys are doing, and I know I am guaranteed to have a huge smile on my face and a proud feeling in my heart at the end of it.  I miss you all.  Take care and keep up the fantastic submissions - you are amazing.

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