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What an amazing visit we had to see Cressida Cowell (the famous author of the 'How to Train your Dragon' series) launch her new books at Stockport Plaza today. She told us lots about the characters in her new book as well as lots of tips for writing. We learnt about her childhood, with summers spent on an island off Scotland where she hunted for dragons in the cliffs. Her advice was to follow in her footsteps and enjoy writing and drawing for the sheer pleasure of it, right now in primary school - to keep our own notebooks for research and ideas. A few of us were lucky to be invited to meet her just before we caught the bus and managed to ask a few questions.


School trip...

to Stockport Plaza to see the author Cressida Cowell!

Please check your emails for all the details.



European Languages Day 2022 - 

Monday 26th September.

Remember to arrive in your costumes influenced by the European country of your choice (and to bring in your PE kit in a bag). Get creative!



W/C 19/09/22 

Here's some of the things the children were doing and learning about this week...

English: more features of instructions, Roman gladiators and adverbs. Maths: 1000s 100s 10s and 1s, number lines to 10,000 and Roman numerals. Science: the different types of teeth and their functions in herbivores, carnivores and omnivores. PE: how to make and receive a pocket pass in tag rugby. Topic: how and why the Roman Empire expanded. And much more...



Curriculum evening for Year 4 -

Thursday 22nd September @ 6PM in the school hall.



W/C 12/9/22

Hello everyone! The first full week in Year 4 for the children is done...

Here's some of the things we were learning about this week: in English we learned about features of instructions and using imperative verbs; in Maths we learned how to round to the nearest hundred, count in 1,000s and how to partition and represent 4-digit numbers; in Science we learned about the functions of body parts in the digestive system; in PE we did our first tag rugby session; in RE we learned about the 6 major world religions; in Topic we learned about where, when and how the Roman Empire originated; and much more.



Homework folder

Each child now has a clear homework folder with 3 books in it: 1) a large orange '10 minute write' book; 2) a small orange Spellings book; 3) a small green Maths book.

  • No sheet should be stuck in any of these books.
  • Homework is given on the Friday and needs to be in for the following Wednesday.  
  • Homework needs to be completed in pencil, with an emphasis on fantastic handwriting and presentation (this includes 1 number per square in the Maths book).
  • From next week all students should have access to spellings online (on Spelling Shed) and times tables on TT Rock Stars. The logins for these will be found on the first inside page of their small books.



KS2 10 Minute Writes - Friday 16th September

For those new to 10 Minute Writes: look at Image 1 and set a timer for 10 minutes, then write as much as possible using that image as inspiration. This can be about anything (e.g. a story) - be as creative as possible! Repeat for images 2 and 3.






No swimming

Hello everyone, I've had a few questions regarding swimming...

There will be NO swimming this year in Year 4. 

Swimming is done in Year 3 only, but was done briefly in Year 4 due to those who missed out during Covid.


Mr Evans



W/C 5/9/22

Hello everyone!

It was great to properly meet everyone in 4SE this week. The children settled into the new school year so well, with some new rules and procedures to get used to. After chatting about what everyone got up to in summer, we got straight into lessons - with a lot of group and individual work.

Here's some of the things we were learning about this week: numbers to 1,000 and rounding to the nearest 10 in Maths; giving verbal instructions, prepositions and imperative ("bossy") verbs in English; the digestive system in Science; and on Friday - in honour of the Queen - 4SE coloured in corgis, played Commonwealth flag bingo, and saw how jam was made with the help of Mrs O'Keefe.

The children also got their first homework of the year on Friday - spellings! Your child should have their spellings sheet inside their orange spellings book. This needs to be completed and handed in by Wednesday morning.

Remember PE kits on Monday! Mr Smith will be teaching 4SE (as I have PPA on Mondays) and will be there in the playground during pick up.




Welcome to everyone in 4SE to the brand new class of 2022-23!


The Year 4 team are excited to get to know you all.  We have so many new and exciting topics and subjects to cover in our curriculum.  We know you are going to work hard and really enjoy it!


Enjoy the last few days of your summer holidays, and we look forward to welcoming you back on Wednesday 7th September! 


Parents, please continue to check this page for weekly updates of what the pupils will be covering each week.


Mr Evans, Mrs Parker, Mrs O'Keefe and Mrs Horner




PE lessons will begin on the second week back, week beginning 12/9/22. 

Mr S Evans Mr S EvansTeacher
Mrs K Parker Mrs K ParkerTeaching Assistant
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