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Welcome to Year 4 SB!

Our webpage invites you to be a fly on the wall and lets you take a peek at some of the work we will be doing during our lessons this year! Make sure you access the e-bag for learning resources and useful websites.

Keep your eye out below to stay up to date with our top news!


Keep your eye on this section of the webpage for information on homework, trips and special events coming up throughout the half-term. Also keep checking the e-bag for letters, information about Chatterday and an overview of our  curriculum for that term.  

**Do not forget both indoor and outdoor PE kits - Lessons are now on Wednesdays and Fridays.

This term the children will be focusing on Lacrossse in Wednesdays PE sessions and on Fridays we will focus on health related fitness.


We have had some fantastic trips  this year, having already travelled to Eureka earlier in the term. We also recently visited the Museum of Science and Industry which the children really enjoyed, they took part in various workshops and conducted many experiments. 

In Year 4 children are encouraged to reach their full potential in every aspect of their learning and wider school achievements. They will learn to apply their initiative as they become more confident and independent learners.
As well as lessons providing children with a challenge, they are stimulating and fun! Children are given plenty of opportunities for ‘hands-on’ experiences as well as opportunities to share and exhibit their work.
Year 4 children are given the opportunity to take greater ownership over their learning this year and are encouraged to manage their own progress by working towards personal targets.
Having an enjoyment of learning is central to the ethos of year 4 and each child will receive the individual support and encouragement needed to be successful and proud of their achievements.
The best way you can help your child this year is to help them to complete their homework and to learn spellings and times tables each week.

On the rest of this page you will be able to find photographs, examples of children's work and information about what we are learning in class - including details of any exciting events or trips that are coming up!

Stay posted for updates.

Spring term 2

Our Topic work this half-term is around the theme of the  Anglo Saxons and their impact on Britain. . 
This topic has a strong focus on History and Geography but also covers aspects of Science, Maths, Art/D&T, Drama, Music and ICT learning objectives. It gives children a chance to take ownership over their own learning. 

In Science, this term we will continue to focus on 'States of matter'. We will focus on Solids, liquids and gases. We will look at the particle structure of these states and how they change when heated or melted. There will also be a focus on the Water cycle and the key terms in this process. Children will use their skills and knowledge to organise and carry out experiments and investigations themselves, both independently and working in groups.

In English, we will initially be focusing on our comprehension skills, we will focus on the different types of questions we may come across and will complete various actiivities to enhance these skills. We will then be studying the Spiderwick Chronicles as our class book. In this unit they will explore fantasy fiction by asking questions and developing an understanding of inference. Thesy use drama to explore characters and suspense. Children will also develop their editing and proof-reading skills. They will plan, edit and write a new episode of the fantasy story that they have studied. Once a week the children will focus solely on Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (SPaG), although the features of this will be built into all English lessons that take place, due to its importance. As well as reading and responding to a variety of texts, there will be plenty of opportunity for children to engage in drama and discussion.

In Maths, children will engage in a variety of mathematical challenges including word problems, practical activities and mental maths skills. The topics we will cover this term will be predominantly based on fractions. Then there will also be a focus on decimals later in the term. It is important that children have a solid understanding of fractions and decimals. They will use a variety of concrete resources to show their relationship.  As well as revising, recapping and developing upon many of the more challenging areas covered throughout the year. We will be holding weekly times tables challenges; a speedy recall of our times tables facts will help throughout the year as we cover new objectives.
Continuing learning at home is an important and will help children to consolidate their understanding of work done in class.Chatterday is designed to meet the needs of each child and you are strongly encouraged to support your child when he/she completes it. Please take time to create beautiful and inspirational work. All work should be something children are proud to show off. Take time and have fun with it. Please ask for paper if you do not have any at home.

Children will be given a set of spellings to learn which they will be tested on every Friday. Times tables will be set and tracked using Times Table Rockstars. If you have any issues with access to a computer or internet, please let me know and alternative arrangments can be made. 


What did we get up to last half term? 

The children of Year 4SB have been extremely active in their learning so far this year. We had such an exciting term with our Topic theme as the Roman Empire and their impact on Britain. We constructed our own Roman roads, we wrote detailed instructions of how to become a gladiator and also drew our own Roman towns. We linked our topic work to our English and created persuasive letters. These persuasive letters were written from Boudicca to the British people to try and persuade them to fight the Romans and join the rebellion. We also visited the Museum of Science and Industry which was hugely beneficial for our topic of Electricity and the children really enjoyed it!

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