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Welcome to Summer 2!


SPORTS DAY! (24.06.21)

For obvious reasons sports day will be different this year and we will take part in a series of a events as a Year 4 class. Please remeber to bring your PE kit on Thursday 24th June. Pictures will be uploaded soon after the event :)

Summer 2! I can't believe we are already into your last half-term in Year 4! This year has flown by and you have worked so hard! We have still got so much to do and so much for you to look forward to. Let's keep working hard!


Work for children learning at home due to self-isolation can be found in the class portal.

(Please email if you need the password again).


Can you join hundreds of thousands of children all over the country to celebrate cleaner air, safer streets and healthier lifestyles? All you need to do to get involved is travel in an active way all this week. 

Why not take a look at nature around you as you travel and think about what you can hear and see on your way? 
You can walk, cycle, scoot... Whatever you want- just leave the car at home. 

 This week is Mental Health Awareness Week 2021. This year the theme is Nature. Nature is so central to our well-being, that it’s almost impossible lead a happy and healthy life without a strong connection to the natural world.

See the class downloads section for our top tips for connecting with nature this week! 


Keep your eyes peeled to this page for updates and also photos of what we have been up to in Year 4SB!😊

Chatterday Activities can be found in the downloads section!

Well done to Finlay who has already scored 100% on the Continents Quiz! 

You can also find the Curriculum Overview for this term in the downloads section. 







This webpage is back! Look out for any updates here for Year 4SB😊

Email year4sb@oldfield-brow.com if you to contact me. 


Dear Parents,
So far, it has been wonderful to receive so many emails and photographs of the work the children are producing. Some families are sending daily updates, some every 2-3 days or at the end of the week. Whichever option suits your schedules is fine. We appreciate the time you put into this as it really helps us log the children's engagement and completion of their daily Maths, English and Topic activities. Please try to include evidence of all completed activities. This also helps with our assessment of their understanding and progress whilst remote learning and means we can make any changes to the way we deliver lessons, if necessary.
Furthermore, you will notice we have a slightly different format when uploading our teaching videos. Instead of families needing to download in the future, video lessons will stream directly from YouTube, in your child's specific class YouTube page. 

If you have any questions please email year4sb@oldfield-brow.com or 4cd@oldfield-brow.com 

(Also, keep an eye out for your work on the website! I will be posting more soon!)

Have a lovely weekend! from Mr Butler and Miss Drabble



Good morning Year 4! 

Quick update: From now on, after logging into our portal, the lesson videos will be in a box like this: 

Other documents may still appear as they did before. But apart from that everything else is the same! We have changed this to help with the accessing of videos!

Mr Butler and Miss Drabble 


In our portal today you will find an English Lesson Video and a Science Lesson Video. The Maths activity is to complete the next chapter in your Power Maths Book pages 27-29 as it states in the Weekly Overview. Let us know how you all get on! 😊


I have received so much work from everyone. You are all really engaging with the activities this week and I could not be prouder of you all.  Have a look at what some of your classmates have been up to!

You have created excellent mythical beasts based on our English work. We have been reading Beowulf.


You are also really enjoying our Anglo Saxon Topic Lessons! Thank you to those of you that sent videos of yourselves presenting your letter. You all read very confidently!


12.01.21 Please ensure you check the weekly overview which outlines what is expected for the week. Please read this first before starting your work for the day! You can structure your day around this suggested timetable. It also breaks down what lessons we will be covering over the week and highlights the lessons which will come with an accompanying video lesson. It also has the page numbers attached for the Power Maths books too!

12.01.21 As stated in the text that was sent, from now on all Year 4 home learning will be uploaded on Year 4CD's class page. The password is the same. Please still visit this page for daily updates from me and from tomorrow I will be uploading and showcasing work that has been sent in from all of you over the past week. Take care. 

Mr Butler 

Message for parents 

We have been delighted to see all of your hard work over the past week. We appreciate the regular emails and communication from all of you. During this difficult time, well-being of both children and parents has never been so important. We know you are all going through a lot and we want to make clear that we are here for not only the children but to support the grown-ups too! Please do not hesitate to contact us with any issues that you have and where we may be able to offer our help and support. Many of you are juggling multiple things, please use the suggested ‘Weekly overview’ to guide you on lesson timings. Please do not spend hours upon hours trying to complete all of the work that has been set. If you need to take a break, please do so! If you need to call it a day, please also do so! We want to make sure that you are staying healthy and keeping well in these challenging times. You are all doing an amazing job!

If you are struggling with contacting your child’s class teacher daily, please do let them know and then we can arrange alternative submission times of work.

We love seeing the wonderful work that you are producing together at home but please remember to take care of yourselves too.

Thank you for your ongoing support and feedback. We really appreciate all of your kind messages.

Miss Drabble and Mr Butler


A message from the Year 4 team

Please take your time to read all of the information below.

We would all like to say how proud and impressed we have been with all your hard work this week. It has been a strange week and at the start of this week we didn’t think we would be where we are right now! You have all coped so well. On Friday, the learning packs were distributed and we just wanted to explain what you have to do with them. 

They contain: 

·         A Power Maths Book 

·         White Rose Maths Sheets & Answers 

·         Comprehensions & Answer Sheets 

·         SPaG Worksheets 

·         An Exercise book

·         Orange pen

·         Purple pen

·         Log-ins to Times Table Rockstars, Spelling Shed, Read Theory and a password for the school website. 

·         Timetable Overview of the week

The timetable included is a suggested timetable to help plan out your day. On the website, we will be uploading a similar overview, this will have all the lessons and videos you will be competing each day. Lessons with an accompanying video will in bold and underlined. 

As part of the home-learning each day you will be instructed by your class teacher to complete tasks that may be part of your learning pack. We will make it clear what you need to complete each day. For example, as part of a Maths lesson we may ask you to complete a section of your Power Maths book. Some of the lessons may not require the need of the learning packs. 

Some of the folders may contain different worksheets, so please listen carefully to the teacher as we may suggest different activities for each folder to complete. 

Please DO NOT complete any more of the work than instructed each day. 


As we would in school, please go through the answers (using the answer sheets provided) and mark your work with a small tick or make any corrections that you see. Then, email your teacher with your score and identify any areas that you feel that you struggled with. This self-assessment can be done by the children or with support from parents/carers but it will allow us to put in place any additional support that may be needed both over lockdown and when we return to school.

If you have joined our school this academic year, some log-ins may not be available right now. We are working hard to get accounts set up and it may take a bit of time but we will get them out to you as soon as we can!

As of next week, all the work will not appear in the downloads section as it has done this week. There will be a private section where the home-learning will be uploaded. It looks like this: 

Enter the password we have given you in the learning packs to access the learning resources.

Please bare in mind that changes are happening all the time so please keep an eye out for any mid-week adaptions that may occur! We will update you as best we can. 


If you are working at both home and school in the week, you must bring your pack with you each day as we will be completing the same lessons that have been set at home in school.

If you have any questions please do email year4sb@oldfield-brow.com or 4cd@oldfield-brow.com and we will respond when we can. 

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Mr Butler and Miss Drabble























This week's spellings:

Red list:











Yellow list:












This week's spellings: 

Red List: 


Yellow list




We have had so much fun this week! Have a look at what we have been up to!


In Science we were testing a variety of materials to see whether they were conductors or insulators. The children really enjoyed this and were suprised when testing tin foil that the bulb lit up!



This week we painted our Roman coins. We also drew an aerial view of what a Roman town would have looked like, the children did so well with this!



Reminder and update! All children should be completing the Times Table Rockstar sessions set from Saturday- Friday each week. They are the essential and compulsory activities that should be completed at home. They should be completed as well as the weekly spellings that are learned through Spelling Shed. 


Have a look at what Year 4SB have been up to this week!


We have already learned so much about Roman coins and we decided to make our own out of clay. 



We have had such a busy week in our English work. We have written group poems, written descriptive recounts of Mount Vesuvius erupting and even performed a group drama performance!



Again this week we worked hard on our Tag Rugby and Netball skills!


Geography Awareness Week 

Today the children looked back at photos of our local area from years gone by to see what had changed! Take a look!


We have been so busy again this week! Take a look at what Year 4SB have been up to!

World Kindness Day

Year 4SB thought about what the term 'kindness' means to them and we made a 'Kindness Quilt'!



Year 4SB produced beautiful sunset silhouette Art for Rememberance Day on Wednesday.



In Tag Rugby we focused on our passing. We looked at how to catch a ball safely and effectively and get into the best position to recieve a pass. We also started Netball this week. We focused on agility and moving away from our opponent.



We wrote detailed instructions about how to become a Murmillo Gladiator! I am so impressed with how everyone tried to use adverbs and prepositions in their writing. As well as focusing on their presentation! 


Well done to today's Gladiator Role play winners......

Amelia-Rose, Lilliahna, Rayyan and Riya!



What an amazing first week back! You have really hit the ground running this week and we have completed so much! Take a look! 😊

First of all... WE DID IT! Well done everyone! 

Chatterday Display!

We have created another display for your amazing pieces of chatterday work! I will upload a picture of this every Friday for everyone to see at home! 


We have been developing our knowledge of instructional texts this week. We have been writing instructions on how to be a Roman Gladiator and even followed instructions on how to build a Roman road! 



In PE, we have started Tag Rugby and we did a circuit of plyometric exercises!


Art Competition!!!

Here at Oldfield Brow we love our Art projects, and nothing gives us greater pleasure than when our whole school gets involved.  During our first half term, all the classes helped create a display based on our shared book: Leaf.  It looked truly magical, with hundreds of leaves fluttering about the polar bear and crow.

For this half term, the opportunity to get involved is extended to our families too.  There are going to be three categories: children, children with grown-ups, and adults only.  This means if any parents, carers, aunts, uncles or grandparents enjoy creating art, this is the perfect opportunity to have their work displayed in school!  Although we cannot offer a public gallery at the moment, we will of course create an online gallery to showcase the work of all entrants as well.

As I am sure you will have noticed, the nights are drawing in, and mornings are about to get much darker too.  With this in mind, the theme of the exhibition is going to be…LIGHT& HOPE!

How you interpret this is up to you.  Perhaps it is one of the celebrations of light you would like to capture, perhaps the flicker of a lone candle? Maybe you will choose an example of light that brings you hope: a sunrise; the glow of a window at home; a lighthouse; a garden security light that illuminates a baby hedgehog?  The limit is your imagination (and child-friendly content  ).




Paper copies of your Chatterday Grids were handed out to you today and I am so excited to see what you all produce! There are lots of fun activities for you to choose from. You can bring in your work so that it can be displayed for all to see and you can get a sticker to add to your checklist! 😊



Monday 2nd November - Friday 6th November

We are running another Times Table Rockstars Battle against Year 4CD this week and EVERYONE needs to play and practise their times tables so we can win! If you need your child's log-in details sending again, please let me know.


Well done Year 4SB! You have have all had an excellent first half-term in Year 4! You have worked so hard and I am very proud of you all. I hope you have a lovely break and make sure you take time to relax! See you soon! 

Mr Butler 



Excellent work again this week Year 4SB! We have been so busy and achieved so much! Please have a look at a few of the things that we have been up to.

We completed a circuit in PE. We practised skills such as short passing, long passing, dribbling and shooting! We also tried our hand at baseball earlier in the week!


We have also made chatterboxes! We used these engaging Chatterboxes to research and learn more about 16 pioneering Black Women. 


We have also worked extremely hard on our English this week. We have completed our own short stories and will begin editing them as of next week! 


Well done Year 4SB on another amazing and busy week! I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have! Have a look at what we have done below!


We had a very exciting science lesson this week where we conducted a practical experiment which modelled the digestive system! It was quite disgusting! I am sure the children will remember it for a long time. 



In Art we practised drawing a variety of hairstyles and shading techniques. We have done so much work on our self-portrait unit and have learned so much. I am so impressed with you all! 



In our topic lessons this week we learned a lot about Boudica and her war against the Romans. We took part in an audio lesson using Now Press Play and the children showed brilliant listening and acting skills! We used this information and looked for more information to create a timeline of Boudica's life story! 



In PE we are making great progress in Hockey. This week we perfected the push pass skill and introduced the slap pass. 


October is Black History Month!

Black History Month recognises the contributions that black people have made to the UK over many generations.

There has been a lack of representation of black people in the history books. Black History Month is a time to remember and celebrate the forgotten people who helped to shape the UK.

Black History Month is a great way to celebrate and recognise the contribution of black people to British society. Our school must play a significant role in teaching children about the importance of having respect and tolerance for all cultures.   

At Oldfield Brow, we will be weaving these celebrations into our curriculum, looking at historical figures across History, Science, English, Sport and much more!


This week we focused on the book Wangari Maathai - The woman who planted one million trees. 

We learned about her life from a variety of books (shown below) and made our own factfiles about the amazing things she achieved. We also wrote letters home to her family from her time in America when she went to study. 



We also had access to Now Press Play where the children can listen to stories through headphones to do with a variety of topics. We listened to a French story and listened to a story about Roman life in Britain. We have so many more stories to listen to over the next few weeks!

Children were also incredibly focused during our Art lesson where we are continuing to practise our self-portraits. This week we learned how to draw eyes and noses! Have a look below! 



Great work again this week Year 4, you have achieved so much! 

We have been so busy this week! We have planned and written beautiful setting descriptions based on ‘Leaf’, made stunning art work, produced our own digestive system story and became spies in history! 

Have a look at some pictures from this week:

We recreated the 'Leaf' front cover using leaves and flowers. 


We also created our own digestion story and worked in groups to do so!


We also became Celt spies! We were spying on the Roman army to see if we should put up a fight or beat a retreat!



Another very exciting week has flown by Year 4SB! Great work again this week!

We have made amazing improvement in our hockey skills and have had fun completing a series of fun drills!


We have also started drawing our self-portraits and we are very excited to share this with you in the coming weeks. 


What another amazing week! I am so proud of everything you have done. You are all definitely ready for Year 4! 

Remember to bring your PE kits back once they are washed so you are ready for PE next week! 

Scroll down to see some of things we have got up to. 


In Maths, the children worked in groups to find clues and solve riddles. They needed to work together in teams to solve the maths activities to find the next envelope and escape with the treasure. I am so impressed with how all he children worked together. 



A lot of the topics we are covering over the next couple of weeks have a link to nature and the world around us. We painted leaves to be display around school and we practised our techniques first. Here are a collection of designs, we used a variety of colours

Welcome back to school Year 4SB! 

We have had a fantastic start to this year already! I hope you have had a great time so far because I know I have!

 Please take a look at some of the pictures which show what we achieved this week. I am very proud and impressed with how everyone has started the term. We have made our own cartoon self-portraits, read poetry, improved our vocabulary by looking at synonyms, made bookmarks, conducted science experiments and so much more!

It has been an amazing couple of days, and I look forward to seeing you next week.

- Mr Butler 😊


We have made incredible cartoon self-portraits and the children thought about words they could use to describe themselves, this is just a selection of them, I was so impressed with everyones portraits! 

The children of Year 4SB have also designed their own bookmarks for when they start to use the library next week.

We have also completed lots of experiments in school this week, learning about the importance of washing our hands correctly and properly using soap. 

We have used glitter and pepper in our tests! The glitter and pepper represent the germs we need to remove. 





Learning in Year 4 

In Year 4 children are encouraged to reach their full potential in every aspect of their learning and wider school achievements. They will learn to apply their initiative as they become more confident and independent learners.

As well as lessons providing children with a challenge, they are stimulating and fun! Children are given plenty of opportunities for ‘hands-on’ experiences as well as opportunities to share and exhibit their work.

Year 4 children are given the opportunity to take greater ownership over their learning this year and are encouraged to manage their own progress by working towards personal targets.

Having an enjoyment of learning is central to the ethos of year 4 and each child will receive the individual support and encouragement needed to be successful and proud of their achievements.

The best way you can help your child this year is to support them with their transition back into and talk about what they have been achieving during their time at school, as well as supporting them with their spellings and times tables. 



We have an exciting Reconnection Curriculum planned. As you now know, this will support you to settle back in, give you time to talk about how things have changed for us all (both at school and home), help us to understand the new rules to keep us all safe and help us gently reconnect with our learning.

Our Topic work this half-term is The Romans.

This topic has a strong focus on History but also covers aspects of Maths, Art, DT, Drama, Music and ICT learning objectives. It gives children a chance to take ownership over their own learning. We will be specifically linking this Topic to our English work, focusing on instructional texts and persuasive letters.

In Science, our work will revolve around the theme of 'Animals including humans'.

We will focus on the digestive system and teeth. We will learn about the different types of human teeth and what they are used for. Children will use their skills and knowledge to organise and carry out experiments and investigations themselves, both independently and whilst working in groups.

In English, we will initially, be focusing on reconnecting with the children through some beautifully written books that the whole school will be focusing on. We will look at these different texts and how they relate to lockdown and our lives now. We will then focus on instructional texts and will be able to write our own instructions. Then, as the term progresses, we will focus on persuasive letters. Throughout, children will also develop their writing and editing skills. They will also develop their punctuation, grammar and spelling strategies. As well as reading and responding to a variety of texts, there will be plenty of opportunity for children to engage in drama and discussion.

In Maths, children will engage in a variety of mathematical challenges including word problems, practical activities and mental maths skills. As well as revising, recapping and developing upon many of the more challenging areas covered throughout last year, we will be holding weekly times tables challenges; a speedy recall of our times tables facts will help throughout the year as we cover new objectives. A more detailed breakdown of our objectives has been sent home but can still be obtained on request.



Continuing learning at home is an important and will help children to consolidate their understanding of work done in class. Chatterday is designed to meet the needs of each child and you are strongly encouraged to support your child when he/she completes it. Please take time to create beautiful and inspirational work. All work should be something children are proud to show off. Take time and have fun with it. Please ask for paper if you do not have any at home.


Children will be given a set of spellings to learn which they will be tested on every Friday. Times tables will be set and tracked using Times Table Rockstars. If you have any issues with access to a computer or internet, please let me know and alternative arrangments can be made. 




Mr S Butler Mr S ButlerTeacher
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