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Welcome to Year 4 SB!

As the two weeks beginning 25th May and 1st June are the two designated holiday weeks in Trafford, we will be having a break from the home-school learning, feedback, assemblies and phone calls that have become part of our provision since the Easter Holidays. I hope that the more relaxed opportunities that have been afforded by our Government allow brief moments away from home for our families too and I hope this time is enjoyed by us all. Our provision for Key Workers etc will remain unaltered. We have provided a list of websites that may be useful to you over the holidays and this can be found in the downloads section.

A message from Mr Butler

Year 4SB, I am so incredibly proud of every single one of you! You have all worked so hard over the past number of weeks during this strange time. Myself and Mrs Canham have loved checking in with you every week and hearing what you have been all up to. I have seen some tremendous acts of kindness this week and I am so proud of you all for showing such positive attitudes towards everything that you do.

As you are aware, we will not be setting work as we have done over the next two weeks. However, I have uploaded some useful links to activities and resources if you want to use them. There are games, links to videos and even Minecraft coding activities etc. Make sure to check it out. I have also uploaded some Boredom Breaker Bingo suggestions if you want some ideas of what to do. However, I want you all to have a restful break as you have all worked so hard over the past number of weeks.

To our families who will be marking the end of Ramadan and preparing for the Festival of Eid al-Fitr, although it may a different experience of Eid this year due to the current climate, I hope that it will still be fantastic and wonderous occasion for you all.

To every parent, carer and child of Year 4SB, I hope you have a relaxing break over the next couple of weeks and have an amazing time with your family. Stay safe.

Take care,

Mr Butler


Fri 22/05: Amazing work this week and and a great way to end the term! The English and Artwork this week has been incredible Have a look below! 

This week's virtual assembly! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5mVF8Iwwx00 

Shout-out to Chloe B!

Chloe has made some hot chocolate bombs to send to her family and friends during this period to cheer them up. So thoughtful Chloe, well done! 😊


I hope you have enjoyed the 'Amazing Alien work! I know I have enjoyed seeing what you have produced. Your logs, maps, pictures and adverts are all stunning! Great work Daniel, Lucy, Imogen and Cameron! You have all put a lot of thought into your work 😊



Some more fantastic pieces of leaf art! Great work Cameron, Daniel and Acacia! Emily and Daniel took part in the worlds largest art lesson!


MATHS CHALLENGE ANSWERS! Well done to Cameron , Emily, Daniel, Asraa and Nethra! It was a tricky one this week. The answer was 87! You had to look upside down! Have a look at Daniel trying to figure it out. 


Monday's Kindness Challenge - Show an act of kindness to someone in your family. 

Tuesday  - Show an act of kindness to a friend of yours. 

Wednesday - Show an act of kindness to someone you know from school. 

Thursday- Can you show an act of kindness to your local community.  

Friday- Show an act of kindness to yourself.

E.g. Give yourself time to relax, write a compliment about yourself, read book etc. 


Thurs 21/05: I am so excited to share some of the English work I have been sent with you all! Have a look what Year 4SB have been up to over the past couple of days 😊

Art and DT

Abir, Nethra, Emily and Neel have produced excellent examples of leaf art!



I have received some amazing Zargon 10 logs and incredibly persuasive adverts to try and get people to visit Zargon 10! Matilda and Chloe L have worked online to produce their work, amazing effort! Great work Nya, Emily, Nethra and Acacia also. 




What else is going on in Year 4SB? 

Pardis has been busy reading and has finished the House with Chicken Legs! Chloe B has been working hard on her Art and made some hot chocolate bombs! Acacia and Emily have been keeping active and enjoying the earm weather. 


Wed 20/05: Amazing work this week Year 4SB! I have seen some lovely acts of kindness this week, thank you so much for sharing them with me, I really appreciate it. I will post some more examples of the work you have produced later today 😊

Join Draw with Rob and make sure you a part of the team that could break the world record for the LARGEST EVER online art lesson! Register at artworldrecords.com to make sure you count towards the attempt. It's free and starts 4pm BST on 21st May! Access the live streamed lesson at  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OSUN5vR4QZY on the day. 


Hi Year 4SB! I have a message from somebody who wanted to check up and see how you were all doing. Have a look below 😊

Hello, Year 4SB!I hope you're all doing well during this very peculiar time. You know I would normally like to drop by your class and see how everyone is getting on every now and again - but sadly that's not possible at the moment! 
I've really enjoyed keeping up to date with everything you've been up to during lockdown and Mr Butler has been keeping me informed on all the fabulous things you've been doing as part of your home learning. I can see you've been baking, reading and doing some awesome work in science recently, classifying vertebrates and invertebrates! Hope you've been having fun - and some great opportunities there to go outside, have some fresh air and be active.
Keep up the excellent work you've been producing and I can't wait to drop by your classroom in real life and check-in properly. Take care!
Miss P

Tues 19/05:   Well Year 4SB, I am running out of words to describe how impressed I am with everyone! I received so much of your work today from Maths to Science, Art, DT and Baking! I have also had a lot of attempts at the challenge this week! 

Art and DT

Savannah has created two fantastic examples of leaf art and Matthew was worked very hard producing his Rock Bugs! Amazing work! 


What else is happening in Year 4SB? 

Today, Olivia has made Red Velvet Cupcakes and Pardis has made Pizza! Pardis has also been working on her knowledge of synonyms and antonyms by making her own dictionary!



You are all loving the Science Work this week! Excellent research and questions Acacia and Nethra. 



As you all know the mymaths set this week is to do with Time. Some of the work is very tricky and I am so impressed with how some of you have done so far! Amazing effort Olivia, Neel, Nya, Millie and Daniel to name a few but well done everyone! Also Nethra has been working very hard on her fractions this week.



Mon 18/05: You have all been so busy already this week! I am seeing some amazing Science and English work. Let's see what Year 4SB have been up to today. Scroll further down for a little more information about what else is happening this week. 

Super Science!

I have seen so much science work all ready this week! Pardis and Savannah have been busy classifying different animals. 


Emil, Lewis, Chaitanya and Matthew have busy documenting what they found on their invertebrate hunt!


English Amazing Aliens 

I received some excellent Zargon 10 maps and story plans today! I am looking forward to the writing of your logs over the next couple of days. Great work Chaitanya, Matthew G and Emil!


Year 4SB keeping active! 


Mon 18/05: Good morning! I hope you all had a lovely weekend, we have some amazing activities ready for you this week. Our downloads section is full of this week's activities ranging from Animal Artwork with leaves, DT projects, Science research and ofcourse your Amazing Aliens work! Find out more about everything in the Activity Booklet for this week! 

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week. One thing they wanted to promote this year is 'Kindness', as we have seen it in so many different forms over this uncertain time. In the downloads section there is a Supporting Pack, within this pack is a vast array of different activities that you can show kindness to your family, friends and your community. Each day in Year 4 we will be setting a kindness challenge. It may be as simple as helping around the house, calling a friend, or sending a cute picture of animal to someone you care about! All these things inspire kindness. You might want to take pictures of what you have done and share them with us at school but let's see if you can show an act of kindness everyday. Monday's challange is at the top of the class page! 

You are all working well through the Maths on BBC Bitesize and Mymaths! This week in Mymaths, I have set all the activities around Time, the activities range in difficulty and some are very tricky but it is important we keep practicing. In the Downloads section there is a Time Support resource that you might want to use with a grown up if you are finding it tricky. The sheet shows methods and has practice questions and answers. 

On Wednesday, we are encouraging you and your family to get active and take part in the activities which can be found in the 'Joy of Moving Home School Festival Booklet'. It is an afternoon full of fun games and we want you to share what you get up to with us!

I hope you have a great week, as always email me with what you get up to and if you need anything. 

Mr Butler 

Watch last week's virtual assembly, Well done Nethra and Chaitanya for winning the certificates https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uX4VLQt97RY&t=131s  



Fri 15/05:  Great work as always this week Year 4SB! Thank you for working so hard in your learning, especially your 'Amazing Aliens' work! I have had lots and lots of emails this week and I love seeing everything you have done! Scroll down to see what Year 4SB have been up to today! 

Amazing Aliens English Work 

I am so excited to see what your writing on Zargon 10! Well done everyone this week, below are a few of the plans I have received. 



Spelling Superstars!

Amazing work this week on our spellings! Cameron, Abir, Nethra, Emily, Poppy, Lucy and Nya, thank you for letting me know how you got on. 


Maths Challenge! 

Thank you to everyone who has particpated and sent answers in, you have all worked really hard! But well done to Cameron, Poppy, Lucy, Matthew G, Emily, Olivia, Nethra, Daniel and Acacia for getting the answer exactly correct. Make sure to look at the website on Monday morning for a new challenge! 

Answers = 8 

(I will also allow 8.25 as an answer as there technically is 17 countries beginning with B, depending on how you have researched, which is correct too!)

Start with the number 5. 

Then add that number by the number of Harry Potter Books there are in the series. 

5 + 7 = 12

Add that number by how many weeks there are in a year. 

12 + 52 = 64 

Minus that number by how many pounds there are in a stone. 

64 - 12 = 50

Add that number by the number of bones there are in the adult human body.

50 + 206 = 256

Minus that number by half a dozen. 

256 - 6 = 250

Then divide that number by how many oceans there are on Earth.  

250/5 = 50

Then minus that number by how many countries there are that begin with the letter B.

50 - 18 = 32

Divide that number by the number of suits in a normal deck of cards.

32/4 = 8

What is the number you end up with at the end? 

Answer is 8

Wed/Thurs: You have all been so busy over the past couple of the days! I was in school on Wednesday and then when I came home to check my emails, I had received so many from all of you wanting to share your work! Let's see what you've all been up to!

Amazing Aliens! 

I have loved seeing the work you have produced for Amazing Aliens, so many of you have shared drawings of your aliens and your maps! I have also loved reading some of the headlines and creative words you have all made! They have made me laugh. 



Maths this week

So many have you have been on Mymaths this week! Special shoutouts to Lewis, Dheer, Aarya, Abir, Cameron, Nya and Millie for working so hard this week! I could've named so many more of you too! Thank you to those who have also shared the BBC Bitesize Maths work they have been doing too! (Thanks Abir, Nethra and Emily). 


Science and Designing your own Bug! 

You have all been very active on your invertebrate hunts this week, visiting various habitats and this has helped you with your DT work too! Emily, Nethra and Abir have all been busy!



What else have Year 4SB been up to?

Below is a range of pictures of what Year 4SB have been up to. Neel produced some interesting writing on VE day and Acacia produced her own News broadcast on WW2! 


Mon 11/05: Another amazing start to the week Year 4! I have loved seeing what you have already created this week. Already so many of you have been on mymaths and completed the activities. Well done to Poppy, Matthew R, Matthew G, Lucy, Aarya, Neel, Nya, Savannah, Abir and Adam for already doing that. Everyone has been working so hard on mymaths over the past few weeks, BUT if you don't do aswell as you think you can do, have another go and improve your score! Have a look below to see what Year4SB have been up to today 😊

Science Invertebrate Hunt!

Chaitanya has already been busy finding invertebrates, have a look at a few he has already found in his garden!



We have created a Year 4 Closure Pack for each week please find the attached word document in our class downloads page. (Week beginning 18.05.20 Closure Work). 

It includes lots of activities, games and programmes that will support the children’s learning for all subjects. You can follow the links provided to access everything, at the end of the document there is also additional resources that you can try. For each week the school is closed (but not the 'holidays') we will update and replace the work provided with new content. Please keep up with your daily reading and practice of timestables. In addition, ensure you include exercise and getting fresh air in your daily routine if safe to do so. Stay tuned for any updates about potential resources etc.


I will produce a timetable for each week which will outline what activities could be done each day. Each day there will be activities for Maths, English, Comprehension and one other subject. As well as plenty of ideas to keep children active and healthy during this period. All the website links and more information about these activities will be shown in the full document. Both documents can be found in the downloads section of our class page named ‘Week beginning 18.05.20 Closure Work’ and Timetable Week beginning 18.05.20’. 

Keep updated with what's going on... If you don't follow us or are yet to sign up for twitter, it's a great way to keep updated with news and find out about activities that can help your child with their learning, health and (hopefully) keep things fresh and fun in these uncertain times. Here is the link to our profile https://twitter.com/OFBrowPrimary 

If you have any queries please email year4sb@oldfield-brow.com

Please be aware that I can only respond to emails sent from parent's email accounts, not any that have been sent from an account the children may have. 

Mr Butler





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