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Welcome to Summer 2!

We have so many excited things to do before the end of the school year. We have South America Day, The Summer Show and lots more!

Plus, remember to keep practising your times tables as we will be completing our Multiplication Tables Check. You have all worked so hard on your times tables this year and we are all so proud of you. 

Chatterday for this half-term has been attached in the 'downloads section' as has the 10 minute writes for the first week back! Thank you so much to those of you that have brought your work in to share. You should be so proud of yourselves.

One of this week's 10 minute writes involves this.....

What is happening here?!?!


Sponsored Run!

I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone in Year 4SB and their sponsors for their sponsored run. The children were so brilliant on their run and we have raised so much money for a great cause. Well done everyone!


10 minute writes!

Thank you for so many of your 10 minute writes Year 4SB! This week's story images are in the downloads section. A big well done to Tyler, Nihira, Lily and Tallis for your amazing stories so far. I hope to see many more pieces of writing this week!



On Tuesday 3rd May and Wednesday 4th May, Oldfield Brow will be hosting...

The whole school will take part, with each class getting a slot from Reception - Y6!

“…fun, exciting and truly memorable experience for the school…” 

Children will wear scoring vests and use foam/ plastic swords, learning how to advance and retreat, lunge and score, parry and block and the etiquette of a duel through a variety of exciting games and exercises! 



The children of Year 4SB had a fantastic time at Glow in the Dark dodgeball! The children also practised their Tag Rugby skills and for British Science Week we focused on being more sustainable with the foods we eat. We designed our own Planet Friendly Burgers with ingredients with low food miles.

Thank you to so many of you that have brought in 10 minute writes. Our story writing is very impressive. Keep it up! This week's 10 minute write story prompts are in the downloads section now.






We hope you all had a lovely Christmas and a happy new year! We have so many fun and exciting things to share with you this term. Please see the Spring Curriculum Overview which will outline most of what we will be covering with the children this term. Also, in the downloads section you will find the Chatterday Homework for this term.

Mr Butler 😊



Hi everyone, Mr Butler here! I hope you all had a fantastic first week back. I had a great time teaching you and I am looking forward to all the amazing things we will achieve this term. Please see the Chatterday Autumn 2 homework attached in the downloads section. Your child will also recieve a paper copy of this soon. 


Hi everyone! Year 4 have been working so hard since returning back to school. We are very proud of them all. Well done! We have uploaded a digital copy of our newsletter that was sent out last week which contains a lot of information about this year. It can be found in the downloads section alongside our PE Kit expectations letter. 


Hello Year 4! We hope you all have had an amazing summer. Myself, Miss Flute, Mrs Parker and Mrs Canham are very much looking forward to meeting you all. We can’t wait to get to know you all and work with you this year! We have amazing classrooms, all the stationery you will need and a fantastic library filled with a wide variety of books. You have so much to look forward to this year and you can have a sneak preview of what we will be learning this term in the downloads section. This information is in the Autumn Curriculum Overview. 

Chatterday homework can also be found in the downloads section. Chatterday is designed to meet the needs of each child and the options coincide with what your child is learning at school. Please take time to create beautiful and inspirational work. All work should be something children are proud to show off. Take time and have fun with it. Please ask for paper if you do not have any at home.

Indoor PE Kits will be needed on Tuesdays. 

Swimming Kit will be needed on Thursdays. (A letter about this will be emailed out shortly).

Keep an eye out for updates on this page 😊

Mr Butler 




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