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19.5.23 -                                 

In Year 4 this week we have had lots of fun! We have been cheffes, fashion designers, bankers, authors, athleates, dancers and musicians. 
It has been great to see so many children with different tallents. 
To celabrate the kings corrination, we have embraced everything 70's and had so much fun while doing it. We also had the best time racing eachother on the inflatable obsticle course!  





This week we have  stared our new book Ada’s Violin. We started the by looking at the front cover and making predictions on what we thought the book would be about. We looked closely at the images and words to help us justify our predictions. 
We then read the story and discussed what life may be like in Cateura, Paraguay. Mrs Parker and I we blown away by the empathy, compassion and deep conversations that came from this book. It was amazing to see ALL the children so proud of the children in the book, despite never meeting them. 
As a class we took away many important lessons from this book. Here are a few of the things the children said they learnt:

·         “You can make anything possible!”

·         “Never give up!”

·         “Music gives you hope and happiness!”

·         “Determination can make you achieve lots of things!”

·         “Never give up!”

·         “Someone’s rubbish can be someone else’s treasure!”

·         “A little change can make a huge difference!”

This book tied in perfectly with our first music lesson learning the ukulele and everyone was reminded of how lucky we are to have these lessons. Everyone got involved and had a great time. 


28.4.23 - In year 4 this week we have worked very hard with our writing. We have created a new chapter in the Spiderwick Chronicles. We have focused on using powerful description to help the reader to see what we are describing. All children have had 1:1 feedback on their amazing writing from both myself and Mrs Parker and we have been blown away with outstanding effort every child has shown in their writing so far. We will continue with this work next week and we will have the focus of looking at how we can edit and improve our writing.

In Maths, we have been continuing to look at decimals, we have found the relationship between fractions and decimals and we are beginning to find equivalents. In topic lessons we have started to look at the world. We are able to name and identify the different continents and oceans and describe their location in relation to one another. We have used a variety of maps, atlases and globes to help develop our understanding.


Next week in Year 4 we will continue with out writing, making sure we are able to identify ways in which we can improve our stories, making them fun, exciting and engaging for the reader. We will also be continuing with our work on decimals focusing on 100ths. In topic we will be looking closer at South America. By the end of the week we should have a good understanding of the countries and capital cities of South America.


Keep an eye our for information on our school trip to the National Football Museum and South America Day!

Well done for another great week Year 4!


This term we are reading:

28.3.23 - We have been recently looking at neurodiversity and we have created new and inspiring superheroes who have a variety of different super powers that have been inspired by people who are neurodivers.

Have a look at our heroes!


In Science we have been learning all about sound. We have learnt sound travels in waves. We have looked at tuning forks and rice on top of drums to show the relationship between sound and vibrations.



In Topic this week we have learnt all about Sutton Hoo, through drama we have been able to retell how archaeologists discovered the treasures.



17.3.23 - 

Although this week has been shorter than usual, in Year 4CD we have still been working extremely hard. We have started our new unit in Science and looked at what we already know about sound. Following on from this, next week we will be doing a sound walk around school. We will be making predictions on which room will be the loudest and quietest and thinking about why this is the case. We will also be looking into if sound is louder or quieter when inside or outside, or if it even makes a difference. 


  In English we have finished our non-chronological reports about the Anglo-Saxons. We have put a lot of time and effort into these, focusing on the presentation of our work. 

In maths this week we have begun to add and subtract fractions. We are all becoming much more confident in our understanding of fractions. Well done Year 4! 



6.3.23 - This week in Year 4CD

We are excited to be putting together our own non-chronological reports. We have been researching the Anglo-Saxons and will use out knowledge to create a report, informing people what life would have be like.

In Maths we ae continuing to learn about fractions. We have been learning about equivalent fractions, simplifying fractions and we will be soon moving on to fractions greater than 1.

In science we have designed and created a working switch for a circuit.


World Book Day

All the children looked great and had so much fun celebrating world book day!


Pancake day 2023

To celebrate pancake day, we used our knowledge of fractions to work out a recipe. The children then had fun eating LOTS of pancakes!




20.02.23 -

Welcome back after a well-deserved break. It has been lovely to see everyone jump straight back into learning.

This week we are excited to be celebrating Pancake day with a few different fractions maths challenges (21.223).

In Maths we have started a new topic of fractions, our main focus this week will be understanding tenths and hundredths. We will also be converting between the two.

In English we are focusing on VIPERS questions and researching using books to help us in writing out non-chronological reports.

In Music we will be learning a new song and the accompanying sign language!




6.2.23 - This week in Year 4 we are excited to be learning about speech. We will be learning the difference between direct and reported speech.

In maths we will be looking at area, we will be using different resources and visuals to help develop our understanding of area.

During our Science lesson, we will be testing to see if materials are conductors or insulators. We will be creating and testing our hypothesis.

We plan to complete our illuminated letters in art, these will be displayed in a book for the local community to view.



SPRING TERM PE DAYS: Wednesdays and Thursdays


21.10.22 - Half-Term Sponsored Read

To celebrate and encourage a lifelong love of reading at home and school, we are running a sponsored read over half term 22/10/22-30/10/22. 
The project is being organised in conjunction with our local Usborne Partner, and all the money raised will go towards brand new books for our school. In addition to the sponsorship money, Usborne will also donate up to 60% of the total raised in EXTRA FREE BOOKS to the school. So, for every £600 raised, we will get an extra £360 in FREE Usborne books! 
We always aim to beat our last year’s target which was £1000 in sponsor money with Usborne donating an additional £600 of books for free if our target is met. This will give us a total of £1600 to spend on new books and resources for our children. 
Please help us to enhance our reading resources for pupils by encouraging your child to spend a small amount of time each day either reading to themselves, to others, or being read to. They can read books, comics, magazines, newspapers, menus, websites, recipes, poems, leaflets, instructions – anything with words!  For younger children in EYFS they can listen to the adult read their books and that still counts. 
The class who have the most recorded minutes will win an extra free book and a small treat! All children will receive a certificate for taking part. 
If you are able to support our sponsored read, please find on the reverse a sponsorship form and an extra reading log for your child if they wish to use it to record their reading.  Please send any money in a named envelope with the class name and the amount raised alongside the forms by Friday 4th November. 


What an amazing visit we had to see Cressida Cowell (the famous author of the 'How to Train your Dragon' series) launch her new books at Stockport Plaza today. She told us lots about the characters in her new book as well as lots of tips for writing. We learnt about her childhood, with summers spent on an island off Scotland where she hunted for dragons in the cliffs. Her advice was to follow in her footsteps and enjoy writing and drawing for the sheer pleasure of it, right now in primary school - to keep our own notebooks for research and ideas. The creation of our own dragons was strongly recommended and so, utterly inspired, we changed our plans and that's exactly what we did this afternoon. We'll be adding the finishing touches to our dragons in the morning and look forward to writing about them. Perhaps we'll send her a copy or two! A few of us were lucky to be invited to meet her just before we caught the bus and managed to ask a few questions.




What another fantastic week!

Everyone has worked so hard and achieved so much. This week we have been counting in thousands, following instructions, learning about digestion and talking about what makes a good friend.

We have shared lots of stories and given examples of how we have been good friends to one another.



Welcome back Year 4CD.


Today has been such a great day and I have enjoyed getting to know you all.

You have all started the year off in a great way and you should be extremely proud of today’s hard work. I hope this continues for the rest of the year! 


This term our class reading book will be 'Queen of Darkness' by Tony Bradman. 








PE lessons will begin on the second week back, week beginning 12/9/22. 






Hi everyone! Year 4 have been working so hard since returning back to school. We are very proud of them all. Well done! We have uploaded a digital copy of our newsletter that was sent out last week which contains a lot of information about this year. It can be found in the downloads section alongside our PE Kit expectations letter. 


Hello Year 4! We hope you all have had an amazing summer. Myself, Mrs Parker and the rest of the Year 4 team, are very much looking forward to meeting you all. We can’t wait to get to know you all and work with you this year! We have amazing classrooms, all the stationery you will need and a fantastic library filled with a wide variety of books. You have so much to look forward to this year and you can have a sneak preview of what we will be learning this term in the downloads section. This information is in the Autumn Curriculum Overview. 

Chatterday homework can also be found in the downloads section. Chatterday is designed to meet the needs of each child and the options coincide with what your child is learning at school. Please take time to create beautiful and inspirational work. All work should be something children are proud to show off. Take time and have fun with it. Please ask for paper if you do not have any at home.

Keep an eye out for updates on this page 😊

Miss Drabble


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