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As the two weeks beginning 25th May and 1st June are the two designated holiday weeks in Trafford, we will be having a break from the home-school learning, feedback, assemblies and phone calls that have become part of our provision since the Easter Holidays. I hope that the more relaxed opportunities that have been afforded by our Government allow brief moments away from home for our families too and I hope this time is enjoyed by us all. Our provision for Key Workers  will remain unaltered. We have provided two  lists of websites that may be useful to you over the holidays and these can be found in the Downloads Section.

Have a wonderful, well-deserved break everyone - you've worked so hard!


Quick update:

22/5 -   It was great to hear that so many of you joined in what will hopefully be the World's Largest Online Art Lesson and drew some fantastic, colourful whales!  You have all worked so hard this half-term so well done and make sure you enjoy a fun-filled break during the holidays! 


21/5 - It continues to be a source of pleasure to see some of the fabulous Home Science experiments you've sent in!  The 'Rosetta' stones are also amazing  - you've clearly had a lot of fun and we've enjoyed deciphering them!  Keep up with all your school work when you can and try to catch up on bits you may have missed.

20/5Remember we are constantly looking after our wellbeing, not just this week, so I hope that everyone is joining in with others where possible. Yesterday it was a singing challenge across the region and you can also join your friends singing at Choir Practice this afternoon on our YouTube channel.  There is the Joy of Moving Festival to keep you busy and now a World record attempt at the Largest Ever Online Art Lesson.  Let's keep the theme of Wellbeing and creativity going and take a look at some of the great craft ideas on offer.  Grab a grown up or a big brother/sister and create something wonderful! Loads of ideas right here!  

19/5 -  It would have been Sports Day at school today but we can still get together as a school community with our families and friends and join the Joy of Moving Festival, this week.  You can join in anytime but if you can make time on Wednesday afternoon, we hope to get most of the school 'together' jas a virtual group, joining in and having fun.  Please share your pictures with school or on Twitter, if you'd like.  If you want to take pictures and tweet them, tag @Foundation92 . There are lots of different games and activities to choose from and you won't need much equipment.  There is even an activity at the start that helps you find and collect useful things to use from around the house.  All the information is in the Joy of Moving pack in our Downloads Section.  Go on - give it a go!

18/5 -  You've done it! - It's nearly half-term and you have been very busy indeed.  It has been super to see all of your lovely handwriting and ambitious vocabulary  in your stories, fact-files and posters.  It has been a joy to see your Science videos and pictures of your creations in Art We've seen the efforts you've put in on MyMaths and TimesTables Rockstars. There's been full-marks in spellling tests alongside amazing History and Geography explorations, showing real creativity and growing pride in presentation. We've had snapshots of your love of Nature, Protecting our Planet and Saving our Rainforests. You've been out and about walking, running and exploring in your gardens and local areas.  Hearing that you're keeping fit and healthy with yoga, skipping, tennis and fitness has been wonderful (and inspiring)!  Lots of tasty treats are being created  in your kitchens with other skills such as bike stunts, sewing and dyeing hair pink - you really are an amazing bunch A HUGE WELL DONE TO YOU ALL!  Have a great week, gang - Stay positive and stay smiling!


Have a peek at  Daily Lessons from the BBC .

 Keep updated with what's going on... If you don't follow us or are yet to sign up for Twitter, it's a great way to keep updated with news and find out about activities that can help your child with their learning, health and (hopefully) keep things fresh and fun in these uncertain times. Here is the link to our profile https://twitter.com/OFBrowPrimary

Please note, some of the links in our Home Learning offer may send you via Twinkl:

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Being in Year 3 is an exciting place to be, as a whole new part of the school opens up to the children.  It is here that they learn to become even more responsible and organised as they become Juniors.

Ms Mackenzie, Mr Smith and the TA team welcome you to Year 3 and the first year of the Juniors!
There are lots of exciting opportunities to learn, both inside and outside of the classroom. During English lessons, the children will study a variety of stories and poems including Poems to Perform and Myths and Legends. The children develop their skills in reading, spelling, grammar and punctuation and they find new ways to express themselves through activities using drama, music and creative writing. In Maths, they consolidate and extend their practical, mental and written skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. They learn to solve a range of word problems as they use and apply their maths in their everyday lives. Topic work leads the children on a cross-curricular learning journey around the world and through Rainforests and back in time to People of the Past! Keep watching the website and letters home for updates on forthcoming exciting trips and visits! We get to keep fit and go for swimming lessons on a Tuesday for the first term, too - Hurrah! 🏊

We love when our parents get involved! Our Chatterday activities provide a range of carefully selected ideas and activities to stimulate discussions, research, independent study and fun at home.  Importantly, there are some essentials for home learning:   Our children are actively encouraged to read every night at home and practise spellings and times tables on a regular basis throughout the week. Spellings are given on a Monday and are expected to be practised during the week, with a spelling test each Friday.  We look forward to welcoming parents into the classroom for topic-related activities, class assemblies, music/drama performances and for parents'/open/curriculum evenings too.  Keep an eye on the calendar and letters home for updates on all of these and our exciting range of trips and visits too!






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Finlay's fabulous red-eyed frog! Finlay's fabulous red-eyed frog!
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