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Mon 18/01

Good morning! You'll find today's History and Maths videos on our new class Youtube page (see email below sent out on Friday) and your English instructions in our downloads page. You'll recieve new George's Marvellous Medicine chapters today too! 

As well as History, Maths and English, you'll find lots of additional activities on the BBC Bitesize page (a schedule is at the top of our webpage) and as well as that, we'd love for you to have a go at one of (my favourite) additional activities - Draw With Rob! Here's the link - we'd love to see photographs! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bs6pEuYAY3Y 

I'm teaching 'the bubble' this week, so please be aware that email replies may take a little longer.

Have a great week!

Miss P x

Dear Parents,
So far, it has been wonderful to receive so many emails and photographs of the work the children are producing. Some families are sending daily updates, some every 2-3 days or at the end of the week. Whichever option suits your schedules is fine. We appreciate the time you put into this as it really helps us log the children's engagement and completion of their daily Maths, English and Topic activities. Please try to include evidence of all completed activities. This also helps with our assessment of their understanding and progress whilst remote learning and means we can make any changes to the way we deliver lessons, if necessary.
Furthermore, starting Monday, you will notice we have a slightly different format when uploading our teaching videos. Instead of families needing to download in the future, video lessons will stream directly from YouTube, on your child's specific class YouTube page.
Please get in touch if you have any questions.
Best wishes
Year 3 Teaching Team

Fri 15/01

*** NEW GEORGE'S MARVELLOUS MEDICINE CHAPTERS *** (it's like an exciting Netflix announcement isnt it ;)

Happy Friday everyone!

We hope you've all got on ok with your home learning this week and have managed to enjoy your work! Thank you for all the parents who have shared some of the fantastic work that you've completed! An equal thank you to those who have let us know when things have been difficult or challenging at times. We want to share a message to all that you are not alone! Nothing goes right all the time and children do find it much harder to work when not in the classroom environment. If you add to that that teachers are actually magicians, called upon to work their magic on large groups of children, then you'll be reasaured if you haven't got as much done as you would have liked at this stage. 

Things will get easier for children as they get into a routine, and as we've said previously, if an activity really is causing stress and upset, it's not worth affecting your wellbeing over!

All children will need some level of 'encouragement' to get going. Here are some things we do in the classroom if a child is reluctant:

- Make things predictable - so work in the same place everyday away from things like the television and toys.

- Use a 'now' and 'then' approach (Now we will do your sentences and then you can play with 'X.)

- Enjoy being at home and have a little snack out to munch on everytime you've done a little bit!

- Begin by doing it together with them, showing genuine interest. Try asking the child what will help them or make it easier for them. Have a clear time frame and try and do activities at the same time each day, broken up with a fun play activity in between - this also becomes an incentive to finish. 

- Make sure children get a clearly set out amount of time doing something of their choice after finishing. Once it's over, start the next activity, repeating the process!

Most importantly try to have fun! It's easy in the classroom for us to get out physical resources, but impossible to share these with you at home. Have a look to see if you have anything physical you can use that might help (eg. using real coins to make money, let children draw illustrations or use fancy paper to encourage neat writing, carry out an experiment to go alongside science, watch related videos).

If you find something that works, please share it!  We will gladly post your ideas on this page. 'Home learning' is new to all of us and we will all get better at it together. 


Thurs 14/01 You'll find English, Maths and PATHS in your download section today! Hopefully all our video formats are compatible with everyone's technology now so enjoy! Check your emails for a message from Miss Pritchard about tomorrow's English lesson...

Weds 13/01 Some fantastic work being emailed into me this week, keep it going team!! 

For English today, you'll find your comprehension in the downloads section. For many of you, I'd like you to complete the 'original' task. However, if you're feeling super confident with your reading and comprehension, then you can definitely attempt the more challenging version. 

Man United's Marcus Rashford is BBC bitesize's celebrity PE teacher today - tune in at 10am to see what he's up to, I know I will! 

Tues 12/01

**** An update in regards to the History task this week, it is only the Indus Valley section of the booklet to be completed this week. Next week we'll look at the Ancient Sumer ****

Good morning! You'll find today's lessons in the download section - along with chapters 2 and 3 of George's Marvellous Medicine. Listen and/or read along at your leisure! You must keep up to date with the chapters as best you can, as they link very closely to our writing topic.

Have a look at the BBC bitesize schedule above and tune in to any of the lessons/videos/shows that take your fancy - I know I'll be tuning in on Wednesday at 10:05am!!!

Mon 09/01 

Good morning 3LP! I hope you're looking forward to getting on with this week's home learning - it's my favourite today...HISTORY!

This week, as I'm not in class teaching our key worker group, I'll have plenty of time to catch up with all your emails and photographs from last week's activities. I can't wait! You'll be recieving feedback from me soon. As always, drop me a message if you're unsure of any instructions or have any questions. Have a brilliant week!

Miss P

**Apologies there may be a delay with the Maths video/lesson for today as Mrs Hopkins had a problem with her technology at home over the weekend. As soon as this is resolved it will be uploaded. **

A Maths video has now been added (unfortunately it's not Mrs Hopkins' teaching video because we were unable to resolve the issue). However, it covers the need-to-know for children before they complete their Power Maths. 

Fri 08/01

Happy Friday! More fantastic work and photos have been emailed in. make sure you fill out the media consent form as we'd love to feature some of your fabulous photos on our class page and share your experiences with your friends!

A reminder that you can pick your Home Learning packs up today between 9:30am-11:30am outside the KS1 canope. 

**You can still log into Read Theory using the same login details as last year. You can practice reading and comprehension skills on this

Your work has been uploaded and can be accessed by entering the distrubuted password in the box on the right of this page. Ensure you look for the downloads that begin with 'Friday 8th Jan-'


Thurs 07/01

I have received so many BRILLIANT emails over the last 48 hours of photographs and updates of the hard work you are putting into your home learning. Your efforts are not going unnoticed. This week I am in class teaching so will be balancing home learning feedback with being in the classroom. Speedy queries such as login requests etc will be replied to ASAP by either myself, Mrs Smith or Mrs Parker. More detailed replies may take a little longer. On a personal note, I'd just like to say thank you for all your words of support and kindness as we get back into the swing of lockdown learning, it is a huge boost to the team and we appreciate it IMMENSELY. Have a great day! 

Miss P

Good morning and first of all a huge shout out to you all for engaging so well with your homelearning yesterday! It was great seeing all the work that was emailed in, we're very proud of you! If you would like us to share any photos of your achievements, be sure to include them (along with parental consent) to our class email address. I'm sure your friends would also like to see what you are getting up to and we'd love to be able to show off your achievements.

If any of you fancy a change from TimesTable RockStars, then follow the link below to practice your x-tables and division facts in quick fire challenges!


Want to get active in the house whilst relaxing the mind? Try the link below, Cosmic Yoga workout (loved by Y3HM and Y3LP teaching staff as well so adults feel free to get involved!) Choose a Cosmic Yoga workout of your choice if you don't fancy this one!


As always, any questions, please get in touch!

Weds 06/01

This contains important information so please read to the end.

Happy New Year! Thank you to all the parents who have already sent in a ‘check- in’ email. Please do this as soon as possible if you have not yet done so.

We really appreciate the support we have received so far from parents as we adjust to the new and unexpected circumstances. From next week, we will be sending a weekly overview/time-table of work that will mirror the work that we will be covering in school. The government expectation is that all children staying at home will engage with this.

We are aware that working from home and ‘home schooling’ can be challenging, so we have considered this with our planning and have aimed to make it as easily accessible as possible. 

National policy for primary school age children is to have three hours of learning set a day. As a school, we will be providing this through two pre-recorded videos each day in addition to other resources such as powerpoints, videos and interactive activities. Workbooks can be collected from school (further information to be shared on this).

Each day, children will have clear expectations of what will be covered and will be guided through their work or be given clear instructions of what to do. Any parental support with this will be a huge advantage and greatly appreciated. We understand, however, that will not always be possible and encourage you to do your best.

Maths and English will be set for one hour each day as well as one foundation subject. 

In addition to these lessons, we encourage the following (especially for parents who are working from home and are looking for extras to keep young minds busy!):

-Times Tables Rock Stars (TTRS)
- Ed Shed/Spelling Shed
-Handwriting practice
- PE (Lockdown workouts with Joe Wicks, Cosmic Yoga, etc)
-Mindfulness/ well-being activities

Links to these will be shared on the website and added to.

As a guide, we recommend 10 minutes daily for each of TTRS, spelling and handwriting practice and reading.

As mentioned in our first email, we would love to see work and activities that are completed at home. Therefore please share photographs of your proudest achievements throughout the week. Feedback will be given once a week, either on the website or by email. Please let us know if you give consent for photographs to be included on the website so that we share your child’s achievement!

Weds 06/01

Good morning! Welcome to day 1 of your home learning journey 3LP! If you head to our downloads section, you'll find today's English - Chapter 1 of George's Marvellous Medicine and a comprehension to complete. Make sure you're using full sentences, captial letters, full stops and neat handwriting. In addition to that, you'll see our new Maths topic focusing on money AND this week's French lesson. 

We're going to miss seeing you every day for the next few weeks but I know I have a class full of industrious and enthusiastic children who are going to totally rock their home learning!!

I look forward to hearing about how you get on and you'll be hearing from myself, Mrs Parker and Mrs Smith very soon!

Miss Pritchard

Miss L Pritchard Miss L PritchardTeacher
Mrs K Parker Mrs K ParkerTeaching Assistant
Mrs V Smith Mrs V SmithTeaching Assistant
For a full list of teachers, teaching assistants, designated support assistants and all staff at Oldfield brow, please see our Who's Who page.

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