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Tuesday 3rd May

Below, you'll find this week's 10 Minute Write activity. It's a little different to our usual five pictures... As we are only in school for three days, I would like you to combine three (or more if you choose)10 Minute Writes to complete the fairytale that begins when you click on the link below.


You do not have to write the fairytale in one 30 minute session, take it section by section at your own pace as the week goes on. Three or four 10 Minute sessions should do it! I look forward to reading them next Monday!


On Tuesday 3rd May and Wednesday 4th May, Oldfield Brow will be hosting...


The whole school will take part, with each class getting a slot from Reception - Y6!

“…fun, exciting and truly memorable experience for the school…” 

Children will wear scoring vests and use foam/ plastic swords, learning how to advance and retreat, lunge and score, parry and block and the etiquette of a duel through a variety of exciting games and exercises! 


Monday 21st March

Your 10 Minute Writes have been added Year 3! Big push for neat handwriting this week - big improvements will get EXTRA TOKENS on top of usual rewards...




Monday 28.2.22

Don't forget parents evening this week! Please book on to see me if you haven't already.

An updated chatterday and 10 Minute Write PDF has been uploaded to our download section.

Have a great week!

Miss Pritchard

Monday 28.2.22

Welcome back! We hope you all had a fantastic February half term!

Year 3 are starting a new initiative to help support and improve our writing skills – this includes content, spelling and handwriting.

Please encourage your child to complete FIVE ‘10 Minute Writes’ per week. We do this in class and have noticed a fantastic improvement with the children’s writing skills – all members of our class are very familiar with the task.  

As well as sending an exercise book home to complete their 10 Minute Writes in, we are also providing stimuli similar to what the children have in their trays at school. This may be phonics support, high frequency word support, vocabulary mats for adjectives/adverbs and sentence opener mats. If you have access to a paperback or online thesaurus, we have been practising using these as well! All of the children are capable of independently using these stimuli to support their writing. The PowerPoint has also been added to our downloads section.

We will release five pictures each Monday and the children will have until the following Monday morning to complete a minimum of THREE in that time. There is opportunity to move up the reward chart when these first three are finished. The completion of more will be rewarded with tokens and extra playtime (as suggested by the class today).

Usually, we pick names out of a hat for the children to share their class writes once the 10 minutes is over – we will continue this with the home writes. The children (and teachers) are always enthusiastic to share and are always supportive towards their peers in this area.

Enjoy it 3LP! We can't wait to see the fabulous writing you're capable of!

Miss L Pritchard Miss L PritchardTeacher
Mrs K Parker Mrs K ParkerTeaching Assistant
Mrs V Smith Mrs V SmithTeaching Assistant
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