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Sat 23/07 Well there we have it! Our year together is over, your brilliance has been incredible! Thank you so much for being so amazing and for the lovely cards, presents and pictures. I've created an archive document of our webpage throughout lockdown - you'll find it in our downloads. It's our little piece of 3LP history - something to look back on in years to come. Your video will remain on our webpage too - I like to have a little watch every now and again because your beaming faces light up my day! I'll catch up with you all soon, have a super summer, lots of love, Miss Pritchard xx

To All Parents and Guardians,

On behalf of everyone at Oldfield Brow, can I thank everyone for their extraordinary efforts within an extraordinary year. To all the parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters who have helped support your child over the past months, your support has been much appreciated.

As we now close for the summer, may I wish you all a very happy summer. Some may be travelling away on holiday and some may not, but to you all, we would like to wish you all a good break.

From this point onwards, your child's class email will not be monitored until September, but if you need to contact the school please email us on office@oldfield-brow.com and we will reply as soon as possible.

Take care of one another and see you all in September.

Weds 22/07 Check out or downloads! Year 3LP - End of Year <3

Sorry it's late...please let me know if you have any problems viewing - it worked for me on a test run earlier so fingers crossed all will be well!

Keep an eye on our webpage... There's a video upload coming at 2:30pm TODAY... Watch this space...

Tues 21/07 Good morning 3LP! I hope those who have their 'Meet the teacher' this Thursday are looking forward to popping into school to get a little taster of what Year 4 life will be like in September. I'll be sure to drop by and catch up with all as (OF COURSE) I have missed you very much. 

Keep an eye on our webpage over the next few days...I have a special little update to send your way that you'll hopefully all enjoy...

Let me know how you're doing as the week goes on, I'm sure there are some mixed feelings about our year coming to an end - I know I've been feeling a little downhearted at times with not being able to complete our year in our classroom and see you everyday. Get in touch in whatever medium you choose - email, phone call, message in a bottle, smoke signals, morse code, owl - or if it's your thing...send me a tiktok! Chloe Maz, queen of tiktok has sent me some hilarious videos that have brightened my days to no end! 

It's been super to see some of you around school in recent weeks, pop to see those who have already 'met their teacher' and even catch up with Ruari and Morten on Stokoe Ave after their afternoon in the park!

Keep being superstars Year 3LP!

Miss P x

Mon 20/07

Well, well! What a year it's been!

You're in the final week of being a Year 3 student - can you believe it?! It's not what we'd hoped for in terms of the fun and games we should be having in school during the last few days of summer term, but hopefully you'll all find your own special ways of commemorating our school year. In our downloads section, you'll find a variety of different activities that will keep you busy this week (and give you some well earned time out from the hard work you've put into your home learning packs). 

Grown-ups - as stated in the email sent home last Monday, please get in touch if you need to discuss anything report related, I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. Thank you once again for the support you have shown in guiding the children through lockdown, the learning has been immense and though at times it's been challenging, I hope you've also enjoyed it a little too!

There seems to be some lovely weather forecast this week, so be sure to head outside and enjoy it!

Miss P xx

Fri 17/07 Some BEAUTIFUL photos being set in of your lockdown experiences! Keep them coming if you've not sent me any yet!

Reading Together Day

Hi - its Mrs C. It's Reading Together Day! It doesn't matter how old we are, reading together can be a special family time. Why not send in a picture of story-time today to appear on the blog?Make a point today of sharing a book with someone you care about. What will you share? Author and Waterstones Children's Laureate Cressida Cowell shares her 10 top tips for parents and carers here... 




Weds 15/07 - Good morning! If possible, please send Miss P a photograph or two of something your child enjoyed during lockdown - they can be as fabulous or as funny as you like! If they could come in via our email (year3lp@oldfield-brow.com) that would be perfect! Spread the word, it'd be super to get pictures of everyone! Miss P x

Tues 14/07 Hi Team! I hope everyone is keeping busy and that we had lots of happy grown ups reading reports on how brilliant you all are! 

I've had some fabulous work come in over the past few days, have a look below at what you and your friends have sent over...

Iyin wrote a wonderful poem full of words of encouragement if you're feeling a bit down during these tricky times!

Ruari has got words of advice on how to keep busy...

Alfie has done some fantastic hands-on activities to help him learn about capacity and has produced some informative R.E work on the 5 pillars of Islam.


Mon 13/07 - Hello! Your weekly activities are in our downloads section - please continue to make sure you're covering those essential Maths and English subjects as best you can. 

Your reports will be emailed out this afternoon from our class email at 4pm. Please let me know if there are any issues in terms of receiving them and I will endeavor to solve them ASAP!

Should you wish to discuss your child's report, phone calls can be scheduled in to do so. Have a great day!

Sun 12/07 - Good morning everyone! I hope you're all having a lovely weekend! I'm catching up on your work from Thursday and Friday - wow! The standard continues to be phenomenal! Please continue the fabulousness and drop me an email when you can to check in, it's always brilliant to hear from each and every one of you.

I hope that those who are able to will come into school this week to meet your new teacher - Miss Drabble. I know she is eager to meet you and I will DEFINITELY be dropping by to say hello!

Your reports will be emailed home tomorrow afternoon, along with some additional letters/information. Once they have, there will be opportunity to discuss them in detail over the phone if you choose. 

Check out some of the work below that a few of you have sent in. Let me know how you did on this week's spelling test - Leah and Morten got full marks which is excellent!

Morten has produced a wonderful array of Picasso themed art work and lockdown English - using brilliant computer skills.


Antoni's Picasso mask is OUTSTANDING! Look at the colour and detail! 

Leo has worked immensely hard to create a PowerPoint all about light - what a phenomenal job he's done researching opaque, translucent and transparent objects!


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Joshua's awesome fraction work! Joshua's awesome fraction work!
Joshua's awesome fraction work! Joshua's awesome fraction work!
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Morten's Gregosaurus Morten's Gregosaurus
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