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18th May

Your 10 minute write for this evening to write a thank you letter to Dave. Did you enjoy the day? Do you want to visit the rainforest now? Which creatures/animals would you like to see?

17th May

We have had the most amazing day in Year 3! We were joined by Rainforest Dave and his collection of creepy crawlies. Some of us were very brave and sat near one of them, some of us touched/stroked them and some of us even held them! (Apologies to grown up who don't like spiders and are being asked for a pet tarantula!!!) Dave showed us pictures of the rainforest and told us lots of stories. 

Your 10 minute write for this evening is to write diary entry about your day. Don't forget to include your feelings! Were you nervous? Scared? Excited? All of these feelings?!

9th May

Last week we had a great time learning how to fence in a P.E. session with a specialist coach. Show your grown-ups some of your new moves. Remember to keep your other hand/arm out of the way!


This week's 10 minute write is a little bit different!

I would like you to combine three (or more if you choose)10 Minute Writes to complete the fairytale that begins when you click on the link below.


You do not have to write the fairytale in one 30 minute session, take it section by section at your own pace as the week goes on. Three or four 10 Minute sessions should do it! I look forward to reading them next Monday!


Year 3 are starting a new initiative to help support and improve our writing skills – this includes content, spelling and handwriting.

Please encourage your child to complete FIVE ‘10 Minute Writes’ per week. We do this in class and have noticed a fantastic improvement with the children’s writing skills – all members of our class are very familiar with the task.  

As well as sending an exercise book home to complete their 10 Minute Writes in, we are also providing stimuli similar to what the children have in their trays at school. This may be phonics support, high frequency word support, vocabulary mats for adjectives/adverbs and sentence opener mats. If you have access to a paperback or online thesaurus, we have been practising using these as well! All of the children are capable of independently using these stimuli to support their writing. The PowerPoint has also been added to our downloads section.

We will release five pictures each Monday and the children will have until the following Monday morning to complete a minimum of THREE in that time. There is an opportunity to win a prize at the end of the half-term as a reward for all of your hard-work. We will take the opportunity on a Monday morning to share some of the children's favourite sentences.


PE :

PE is on a Tuesday and Thursday in 3HM. Please remember to come to school in your PE kit on those days.



You will find this half-term's 'Chatterday' in the downloads section. 





Children will be given their spellings on a Monday to practise online ready for this Spelling Tests on a Friday. Children are also expected to practise their words by putting them into sentences in their orange books.

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