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HOME LEARNING Spring term 1


You are all fabulous and doing an AMAZING job! A reminder that all work and content for Year 3 will be shared on Miss Pritchard's Y3 LP page.  The password is the same for both classes.

It takes time to upload videos, content and resources - which are identical for both classes - and Mr Merrell felt that it was not the best use of staff time to do it twice 

Please email us on Year3hm@oldfield-brow.com if you feel we can help with anything. 

Moving forward, the work and photos that we were originally going to share on this class page will be shared on a Friday during our 'check-in' session. If this changes to a teaching session, then your fabulous achievements will once again been shared on our Y3HM page.


Thurs 4th Jan

Good morning lovely children of HM!

You've got much to be getting on with today! Your Maths and English are in the videos section of the YEAR 3 LP CLASS PAGE, alongside your third video which is your LKS2 PATHS session with Miss Drabble.

For your additional activities, we're sticking to the theme of moving objects and I have a new Science experiment for you! This time it's to make a moving helicopter! It's cranked up a level from last time and will need you to be a bit more careful when making it. The original design on the below link asks you to print out a template and use a helicopter, but these aren't absolutely neccessary. you can be clever and draw your own by copying the template and you can swap the paperclip for hair clips/grips (or anything else you can think of that may work once eatching thevideo tutorial!

You can then experiment by changing aspects of the design to see what will make your helicopter faster/slower! Have fun!



Your second additional activity is the next lesson of computing, looking further into gaming. Follow the link below to complete the next lesson, where you will learn how to IMPROVE a game!


Have a great day everyone! 


Mrs Hopkins :)

Thursday 27th Jan

I just want to thank all parents for your patience this week whilst Miss Mawe and I have been teaching the bubble. We've been working really hard to make sure that your homelearning is ready and set up and have been supporting each other on our usual days off to make sure we keep things up to speed. We have tried to reply as speedily as we can to any of your queries and I hope that you all have everything that you need. 

Next week will give us more opportunity for some verbal feedback when Miss Pritchard returns to the bubble and those of you who are learning form home will be getting some voice messages! We'll be doing some more phoning round as well, but would like to start by calling children who are finding the lockdown difficult. Please let us know if you think this applies to your son/daughter and we'll make sure we make those phone calls first. It's a challenging time for everyone and we first and foremost want to take care of childrens' wellbeing! Rest assured, nobody will be left out!

We miss you all so much and can't wait to see your faces again tomorrow on Google Meet! Don't forget - videos on and please use your first name (any issues with this, drop us an email). 

We'll try a quick spelling test and would love to see/hear any show and tells that you have! 

Take care all

Mrs H x


Tues 26/01

I just want to thank all parents for  your patience this week 

You'll be starting a new topic in English this week, focusing on biographies - you'll find this lesson, along with Art and Maths in your video downloads section of Y3LP's page. . 

Your additional activites today focus on R.E, looking in particular this week at Buddhism. I've also added the next chapter of George's Marvelous Medicine to your downloads section - we're up to chapter 8 now and we'll continue with our story up until the half term holidays :)

As well as R.E, check out this week's cosmic yoga - Harry Potter themed!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R-BS87NTV5I

If there are any Hp fans out there, make yourself known and we can talk Hogwarts and I'll tell you about my Harry Potter room!

Mischief managed


Mrs H


Mon 24/01

Here we go again! We have a busy week of lessons to keep you busy and help you continue with your home learning journey! Miss Mawe and Mrs Hopkins are teaching the bubble this week so apologies if it takes us a little longer to get back in touch with you.

Today's lessons include History, English and Maths plus some additional activities on the Y3LP site to round up your day with something a little more hands on...

On Wednesday last week, we looked into the idea of vlogging with our celebrity supply teacher, Nikki Lily. Miss Pritchard also asked you to get busy in the kitchen and make a healthy snack - the big challenge was could you combine the two? Well, James in 3LP did just that! He really went above and beyond and created this vlogging masterpiece... https://youtu.be/fv72wROGykI ENJOY!

Let's start the week right with your additional activities - PE with Joe will get you up and raring to go for the week - so tune in live at 9am (or catch it a little later on his channel). https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAxW1XT0iEJo0TYlRfn6rYQ

I loved catching up with you all on Friday, it was great to see your smiley faces again! It was hard to tell whilst hosting and trying to keep my attention on many things how the experience was for you all. Any feedback would be really appreciated and if you had any troubles, please drop me an email so we can support/be aware for next time!

Have a great day all and keep being fabulous!!


Mrs Hopkins x


Thursday 20th January

Thank you Y3 HM for being so fabulous and checking in with the Y3 LP page for your learning. You will also find the work for the fourth hour of learning activities on the class page, so please have a read each day.  I want to reiterate that you're all doing an AMAZING job! We've seen all the emails that you've sent in and are really impressed with the standard and quantity fo work you've been doing. Even if we've not managed to send a direct reply yet, feedback for your children is on the way.

On Friday we hope to give some face-to-face feedback during our LIVE session. We will also be sharing photos of some of the work and activities/photos that you've sent in during the hour. If there's anything you've not yet sent to us that your child would like to share, please try and do this as soon as possible in order to give me time to put it together on the Powerpoint before Friday!

Don't forget to send me an email if you don't want your child's photos/work to be shared on this

I'm really looking forward to speaking to you all then!

Mrs H


Happy Friday everyone!

*** NEW GEORGE'S MARVELLOUS MEDICINE CHAPTERS *** (it's like an exciting Netflix announcement isnt it ;)

We hope you've all got on ok with your home learning this week and have managed to enjoy your work! Thank you for all the parents who have shared some of the fantastic work that you've completed! An equal thank you to those who have let us know when things have been difficult or challenging at times. We want to share a message to all that you are not alone! Nothing goes right all the time and children do find it much harder to work when not in the classroom environment. If you add to that that teachers are actually magicians, called upon to work their magic on large groups of children, then you'll be reasaured if you haven't got as much done as you would have liked at this stage. 

Things will get easier for children as they get into a routine, and as we've said previously, if an activity really is causing stress and upset, it's not worth affecting your wellbeing over!

All children will need some level of 'encouragement' to get going. Here are some things we do in the classroom if a child is reluctant:

- Make things predictable - so work in the same place everyday away from things like the television and toys.

- Use a 'now' and 'then' approach (Now we will do your sentences and then you can play with 'X.)

- Enjoy being at home and have a little snack out to munch on everytime you've done a little bit!

- Begin by doing it together with them, showing genuine interest. Try asking the child what will help them or make it easier for them. Have a clear time frame and try and do activities at the same time each day, broken up with a fun play activity in between - this also becomes an incentive to finish. 

- Make sure children get a clearly set out amount of time doing something of their choice after finishing. Once it's over, start the next activity, repeating the process!

Most importantly try to have fun! It's easy in the classroom for us to get out physical resources, but impossible to share these with you at home. Have a look to see if you have anything physical you can use that might help (eg. using real coins to make money, let children draw illustrations or use fancy paper to encourage neat writing, carry out an experiment to go alongside science, watch related videos).

If you find something that works, please share it!  We will gladly post your ideas on this page. 'Home learning' is new to all of us and we will all get better at it together. 




Thursday 14.01.20 You'll find English, Maths and PATHS in your download section today! Hopefully all our video formats are compatible with everyone's technology now so enjoy! Check your emails for a message from Miss Pritchard about tomorrow's English lesson...

Wednesday 13.01.20

For English today, you'll find your comprehension in the downloads section. For many of you, I'd like you to complete the 'original' task. However, if you're feeling super confident with your reading and comprehension, then you can definitely attempt the more challenging version. 


Tuesday 12.01.20

Good morning Year 3 HM! Mr Merrell has asked all teachers to upload work onto just one class webpage per year group. Therefore your work for today is on Year 3 LP's class page. The password is the same! 

I know you all love hearing 'George stories' so I thought you'd all be interested to know that he's been up to his usual tricks! This morning, he shouted 'no post' at the postman when he tried to deliver a package to us! What a cheeky boy! Afterwards he did everything he could to stop me from opening the package including jumping on me, trying to steal it off me and pretending to choke (he wasn't even eating). When these didn't work, he screamed at the top of his voice.

I had to wait until he was asleep in the end... Maybe he thought it was a new pack of nappies!?

Have a great day all and stay happy! One way to do this might be to set up a sweet/chocolate shop! A bit naughty and a bit nice, but it's educational (I promise!...) Set prices and play some money games. Parents may even let you eat a cheeky one if you do some good work with your £ and p! 

Mrs Hopkins




We hope you all got on with your work ok and have loved recieving your emails! Don't forget to keep sending your fabulous photos!

Here is Lily doing her yoga. She doesn't know it yet, but I'm going to ask her to teach our next session when we're all back in school! ;) 


Happy Friday! More fantastic work and photos have been emailed in - BRILLIANT effort everyone! Make sure you fill out the media consent form as we'd love to feature some of your fabulous photos on our class page and share your learning and you making the most of other 'lockdown' experiences with your friends!

A reminder that you can pick your Home Learning packs up today between 9:30am-11:30am outside the KS1 canopey. 

**You can still log into Read Theory using the same login details as last year. You can practice reading and comprehension skills on this.

Your work has been uploaded and can be accessed by entering the distrubuted password in the box on the right of this page. Ensure you look for the downloads that begin with 'Friday 8th Jan-'

Please do your best but do not compromise you wellbeing at any stage whilst working from home! If you need help, contact us. If things get frustrating, have a break, go back to it later. If you need to skip an activity because it's going wrong or causing any level of stress, that's more than ok! In all of this, we know you are juggling a lot and staying healthy and well is paramount. You're all doing a fanastic job!

Here is Henry's face made from food! Great job!!

Henry's food face for French!

Jacob having fun with his foody face!


Good morning and first of all a huge shout out to you all for engaging so well with your homelearning yesterday! It was great seeing all the work that was emailed in, we're very proud of you! If you would like us to share any photos of your achievements, be sure to include them (along with parental consent) to our class email address. I'm sure your friends would also like to see what you are getting up to and we'd love to be able to show off your achievements.

If any of you fancy a change from TimesTable RockStars, then follow the link below to practice your x-tables and division facts in quick fire challenges!


Want to get active in the house whilst relaxing the mind? Try the link below, Cosmic Yoga workout (loved by Y3HM and Y3LP teaching staff as well so adults feel free to get involved!) Choose a Cosmic Yoga workout of your choice if you don't fancy this one!


As always, any questions, please get in touch!


Thursday 7th January

This contains important information so please read to the end.

Happy New Year! Thank you to all the parents who have already sent in a ‘check- in’ email. Please do this as soon as possible if you have not yet done so.

We really appreciate the support we have received so far from parents as we adjust to the new and unexpected circumstances. From next week, we will be sending a weekly overview/time-table of work that will mirror the work that we will be covering in school. The government expectation is that all children staying at home will engage with this.

We are aware that working from home and ‘home schooling’ can be challenging, so we have considered this with our planning and have aimed to make it as easily accessible as possible. 

National policy for primary school age children is to have three hours of learning set a day. As a school, we will be providing this through two pre-recorded videos each day in addition to other resources such as powerpoints, videos and interactive activities. Workbooks can be collected from school (further information to be shared on this).

Each day, children will have clear expectations of what will be covered and will be guided through their work or be given clear instructions of what to do. Any parental support with this will be a huge advantage and greatly appreciated. We understand, however, that will not always be possible and encourage you to do your best.

Maths and English will be set for one hour each day as well as one foundation subject. 

In addition to these lessons, we encourage the following (especially for parents who are working from home and are looking for extras to keep young minds busy!):

-Times Tables Rock Stars (TTRS)
- Ed Shed/Spelling Shed
-Handwriting practice
- PE (Lockdown workouts with Joe Wicks, Cosmic Yoga, etc)
-Mindfulness/ well-being activities

Links to these will be shared on the website and added to.

As a guide, we recommend 10 minutes daily for each of TTRS, spelling and handwriting practice and reading.

As mentioned in our first email, we would love to see work and activities that are completed at home. Therefore please share photographs of your proudest achievements throughout the week. Feedback will be given once a week, either on the website or by email. Please let us know if you give consent for photographs to be included on the website so that we share your child’s achievement!


It's a strange start to the year and I know that we're all hoping it doesn't last too much longer. We enjoyed our first and only day back with the children and it was lovely to hear the exciting things that they had all got up to during the holidays.

Not a particulary smooth start to the home learning with the website crashing (with extreme use!) ... but it is now is up and running and you will now find your activities for Wednesday 6th January which were also emailed to you.

Have a lovely day.

Miss M and Mrs H



Lots of exciting things have been taking place within our classroom!

Our Literacy focus is traditional tales which can also be known as fairy tales.

We have written questions for the Big Bad Wolf: Why did you pretend to dress as Grandma? Why are you evil? We learnt about the past and present tense and imagined reasons why some of the villains turned bad. Suggestions included: Cinderella's stepmother turned evil as she was scarred by a childhood Halloween party where she dressed as a fairy and was then mocked by everyone and felt very left out. The Big Bad Wolf has an older brother who was the 'favourite', he then became very jealous and which has resulted in him making questionable choices ever since. We've learnt about inverted commas (speech marks) to include speech in our stories and we have written about some alternative endings to some well known stories. This week we are going to be learning about paragraphs.

In Maths, we are learning about multiplication and division. We started with the 2s and 3s and have built up to the 4s and 8s! We are getting better and better with each lesson. We have used our times table knowedge to answer word problems.

We are just finalising Christmas events and then we will update the school website so you know too :)


This week is an exciting one in Y3 HM we have built Stone Henge out of bourbon biscuits (yum!) and we will be making fossil casts later on in the week!

As previously mentioned, homework at Oldfield brow comes in the form of 'Chatterdays'. Several parents have asked about Maths homework. Although formal homework is not handed out, we will put on a brief overview of what we have covered in class each week if you wish to continue the learning at home. TopMarks offers a range of games and SnappyMaths have lots of useful worksheets,



Don't forget to log onto TTRS as well!


You can select the relevant unit from both sites. This we we are learning about addition and subtraction of three digit numbers (written methods and problem solving).




As you will be aware, homework at Oldfield Brow changed last year. We now use 'Chatterdays' to giv children and families more choice about what they do. The idea is for work at home to be fun and meaningful for you! Besides spellings which are done online, there is no obligation to submit anything you do, but any work or creations that come in get displayed in the classroom and children get rewards and recognition for it from their teachers and in assemblies.  

Some parents wanted clarification on how to use the Chatterdays that were given out recently, so we hope to be able to clear up any uncertainty. 

The yellow and blue boxes are essential things to practice at home. Children should read everyday and as often as possible with a grown-up. Make sure you write in your child's reading record and support them with their comprehension. Spellings are tested weekly so children should be practicing htese daily. Timestables should also be practiced regularly - Hit The Button is a fantastic and free online timestables game if your child wants a change from TimesTables Rockstars. 

The green section gives you choice on how to engage with our curriculum at home. You can pick one of the three activities and find out what your child has been up to alongside their core learning.

Children will bring home another Chatterday sheet this week in case you have lost the first one. 


We are now using an online spelling program called Spelling Shed. Chldren are given a spelling rule and a list of spellings each Friday and have a week to practice these at home. This involves using your login to log into the site and play some games/activities.and learn spellings off by heart. The following Friday children will be tested, and their scores recorded. 

Below is a Parents' guide to using the Spelling Shed



Friday 18th September 

What another exciting week in Y3 HM! Children have enjoyed starting our new PE unit, Hi Five (which is similar to netball) and have been practically by chest passes, over arm passes and their catching skills.
We've been learning about different types of man-made and natural rocks in Science and will be exploring these and where we find them next week - see if you can look out for these when you're out and about!

in History, children have loved learning about the Stone Age and we are starting some Cave Art if our own!

throughout all of these, we have been revising some of our basic number skills. However, the focus has still been on children's well-being and mental health and we have been immersed in our reconnect curriculum. We have been talking lots about our feelings and the importance of being kind and feeling good about ourselves. We have looked at how to deal with nerves and share wobbly experiences to help them easier to manage. 

We understand that the spelling scheme this year is new and very different and we don't want this to cause any uneccessary stress. If anybody has any issues whatsoever then please get in touch so that we can support. If/when working properly, it should making learning, using and applying new spelling strategies fun and easy for your children. 

Have a great weekend! 

The Year 3 Team. 

Friday 11th September

We have had a great (full) first week back and all of the Year 3 team have enjoyed the time with Y3HM!

Today, we have sent home logins for the new way in which we will be setting weekly spellings, for the spelling test each Friday. It is all online, in game format... think TimesTablesRockstars - but for spellings! You will find a parents/carers guide by clicking on the link below, so you can help your child log on for the first time and see how things work.


This week, we have set Year 2 spellings so the children can learn to use this new resource and navigate the games without worrying too much about tricky spellings (next week we will begin with the Year 3 set). Give yourself and your child time to become familiar with the scheme. In addition to this, we will continue to practise spellings in class time during spelling and grammar lessons.

Earlier this week we sent home an email about bringing in a photograph of a 'historic' moment in your child's life - we'd love to get one for each little person, to put on a display outside our classroom.

Enjoy your weekend!



Important information:

*PE - Wednesdays and Thursdays

*Reading books - have been given out according to levels from last year. These may quickly change once we have listened to each child read

*Hot dinners - moving forwards, all children having a lunch from school have been given a choice of meals and will choose their options on a Friday for the following week

*Pencil cases - are currently not allowed. Children have been provided with all the equipment they need.


Monday 7th September

What a great first days back we have had!! The children have settled well into school life and have been working really hard. We are proud of each and everyone of you!

We are currently partaking in a Reconnecting Curriculum to ensure that pupils settle back into school life happily as some pupils have been out of school since March. The whole school has been doing English lessons based on a book called Whilst We Can't Hug and it's about a hedgehog and turtle who find otherways of showing their love instead of hugging. 

We have started our Stone Age topic and discovered more about their lives and we now know that they are more than hunters and gatherers. They are actually quite arty and creative and used to draw in caves and carve into animal ribs.

The first few lessons in Maths have been on Place Value and we have been looking at Hundreds, Tens and Units/Ones. 



There are lots of exciting opportunities to learn, both inside and outside of the classroom. During English lessons, the children will study a variety of stories and poems including Myths and Legends, and enjoy a diverse range of non-fiction texts. The children develop their skills in reading, spelling, grammar and punctuation and they find new ways to express themselves through activities using drama, music and creative writing. In Maths, they consolidate and extend their practical, mental and written skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. They learn to solve a range of word problems as they use and apply their maths in their everyday lives. Topic work leads the children on a cross-curricular learning journey around the world and through Rainforests and back in time to People of the Past! Keep watching the website and letters home for updates on forthcoming exciting trips and visits! Unfortunately, because of the strange situation that we are all currently faced with there are currently no school trips for at least the first half-term, for this reason Swimming lessons will be postponed until later in the year. 

We love when our parents get involved! Our Chatterday activities provide a range of carefully selected ideas and activities to stimulate discussions, research, independent study and fun at home. Importantly, there are some essentials for home learning:  Our children are actively encouraged to read every night at home and practise spellings and times tables on a regular basis throughout the week. Spellings are given on a Monday and are expected to be practised during the week, with a spelling test each Friday.  We look forward to welcoming parents into the classroom for topic-related activities, class assemblies, music/drama performances and for parents'/open/curriculum evenings too.  Keep an eye on the calendar and letters home for updates on all of these and our exciting range of trips and visits too!

Miss A Torkington Miss A TorkingtonTeacher
Miss K Mawe Miss K MaweTeacher
Mrs K Parker Mrs K ParkerTeaching Assistant
Mrs V Smith Mrs V SmithTeaching Assistant
For a full list of teachers, teaching assistants, designated support assistants and all staff at Oldfield brow, please see our Who's Who page.

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