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Keep updated with what's going on... If you don't follow us or are yet to sign up for Twitter, it's a great way to keep updated with news and find out about activities that can help your child with their learning, health and (hopefully) keep things fresh and fun in these uncertain times. Here is the link to our profile https://twitter.com/OFBrowPrimary

Mrs Hopkins, Miss Mawe and the TA team (Mrs Smith and Mrs Parker) welcome you to Year 3 and the first year of the Juniors! 


This week is an exciting one in Y3 HM we have built Stone Henge out of bourbon biscuits (yum!) and we will be making fossil casts later on in the week!

As previously mentioned, homework at Oldfield brow comes in the form of 'Chatterdays'. Several parents have asked about Maths homework. Although formal homework is not handed out, we will put on a brief overview of what we have covered in class each week if you wish to continue the learning at home. TopMarks offers a range of games and SnappyMaths have lots of useful worksheets,



Don't forget to log onto TTRS as well!


You can select the relevant unit from both sites. This we we are learning about addition and subtraction of three digit numbers (written methods and problem solving).




As you will be aware, homework at Oldfield Brow changed last year. We now use 'Chatterdays' to giv children and families more choice about what they do. The idea is for work at home to be fun and meaningful for you! Besides spellings which are done online, there is no obligation to submit anything you do, but any work or creations that come in get displayed in the classroom and children get rewards and recognition for it from their teachers and in assemblies.  

Some parents wanted clarification on how to use the Chatterdays that were given out recently, so we hope to be able to clear up any uncertainty. 

The yellow and blue boxes are essential things to practice at home. Children should read everyday and as often as possible with a grown-up. Make sure you write in your child's reading record and support them with their comprehension. Spellings are tested weekly so children should be practicing htese daily. Timestables should also be practiced regularly - Hit The Button is a fantastic and free online timestables game if your child wants a change from TimesTables Rockstars. 

The green section gives you choice on how to engage with our curriculum at home. You can pick one of the three activities and find out what your child has been up to alongside their core learning.

Children will bring home another Chatterday sheet this week in case you have lost the first one. 


We are now using an online spelling program called Spelling Shed. Chldren are given a spelling rule and a list of spellings each Friday and have a week to practice these at home. This involves using your login to log into the site and play some games/activities.and learn spellings off by heart. The following Friday children will be tested, and their scores recorded. 

Below is a Parents' guide to using the Spelling Shed



Friday 18th September 

What another exciting week in Y3 HM! Children have enjoyed starting our new PE unit, Hi Five (which is similar to netball) and have been practically by chest passes, over arm passes and their catching skills.
We've been learning about different types of man-made and natural rocks in Science and will be exploring these and where we find them next week - see if you can look out for these when you're out and about!

in History, children have loved learning about the Stone Age and we are starting some Cave Art if our own!

throughout all of these, we have been revising some of our basic number skills. However, the focus has still been on children's well-being and mental health and we have been immersed in our reconnect curriculum. We have been talking lots about our feelings and the importance of being kind and feeling good about ourselves. We have looked at how to deal with nerves and share wobbly experiences to help them easier to manage. 

We understand that the spelling scheme this year is new and very different and we don't want this to cause any uneccessary stress. If anybody has any issues whatsoever then please get in touch so that we can support. If/when working properly, it should making learning, using and applying new spelling strategies fun and easy for your children. 

Have a great weekend! 

The Year 3 Team. 

Friday 11th September

We have had a great (full) first week back and all of the Year 3 team have enjoyed the time with Y3HM!

Today, we have sent home logins for the new way in which we will be setting weekly spellings, for the spelling test each Friday. It is all online, in game format... think TimesTablesRockstars - but for spellings! You will find a parents/carers guide by clicking on the link below, so you can help your child log on for the first time and see how things work.


This week, we have set Year 2 spellings so the children can learn to use this new resource and navigate the games without worrying too much about tricky spellings (next week we will begin with the Year 3 set). Give yourself and your child time to become familiar with the scheme. In addition to this, we will continue to practise spellings in class time during spelling and grammar lessons.

Earlier this week we sent home an email about bringing in a photograph of a 'historic' moment in your child's life - we'd love to get one for each little person, to put on a display outside our classroom.

Enjoy your weekend!



Important information:

*PE - Wednesdays and Thursdays

*Reading books - have been given out according to levels from last year. These may quickly change once we have listened to each child read

*Hot dinners - moving forwards, all children having a lunch from school have been given a choice of meals and will choose their options on a Friday for the following week

*Pencil cases - are currently not allowed. Children have been provided with all the equipment they need.


Monday 7th September

What a great first days back we have had!! The children have settled well into school life and have been working really hard. We are proud of each and everyone of you!

We are currently partaking in a Reconnecting Curriculum to ensure that pupils settle back into school life happily as some pupils have been out of school since March. The whole school has been doing English lessons based on a book called Whilst We Can't Hug and it's about a hedgehog and turtle who find otherways of showing their love instead of hugging. 

We have started our Stone Age topic and discovered more about their lives and we now know that they are more than hunters and gatherers. They are actually quite arty and creative and used to draw in caves and carve into animal ribs.

The first few lessons in Maths have been on Place Value and we have been looking at Hundreds, Tens and Units/Ones. 



There are lots of exciting opportunities to learn, both inside and outside of the classroom. During English lessons, the children will study a variety of stories and poems including Myths and Legends, and enjoy a diverse range of non-fiction texts. The children develop their skills in reading, spelling, grammar and punctuation and they find new ways to express themselves through activities using drama, music and creative writing. In Maths, they consolidate and extend their practical, mental and written skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. They learn to solve a range of word problems as they use and apply their maths in their everyday lives. Topic work leads the children on a cross-curricular learning journey around the world and through Rainforests and back in time to People of the Past! Keep watching the website and letters home for updates on forthcoming exciting trips and visits! Unfortunately, because of the strange situation that we are all currently faced with there are currently no school trips for at least the first half-term, for this reason Swimming lessons will be postponed until later in the year. 

We love when our parents get involved! Our Chatterday activities provide a range of carefully selected ideas and activities to stimulate discussions, research, independent study and fun at home. Importantly, there are some essentials for home learning:  Our children are actively encouraged to read every night at home and practise spellings and times tables on a regular basis throughout the week. Spellings are given on a Monday and are expected to be practised during the week, with a spelling test each Friday.  We look forward to welcoming parents into the classroom for topic-related activities, class assemblies, music/drama performances and for parents'/open/curriculum evenings too.  Keep an eye on the calendar and letters home for updates on all of these and our exciting range of trips and visits too!

Miss A Torkington Miss A TorkingtonTeacher
Miss K Mawe Miss K MaweTeacher
Mrs K Parker Mrs K ParkerTeaching Assistant
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