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Monday 25th May

As the two weeks beginning 25th May and 1st June are the two designated holiday weeks in Trafford, we will be having a break from the home-school learning, feedback, assemblies and phone calls that have become part of our provision since the Easter Holidays. I hope that the more relaxed opportunities that have been afforded by our Government allow brief moments away from home for our families too and I hope this time is enjoyed by us all. Our provision for Key Workers etc will remain unaltered. We have provided a list of websites that may be useful to you over the holidays and this can be found in the downloads section.

Friday 22nd May

Your spelling test is now in the downloads section. Good luck Y2 RP!

Wednesday 20th May

Update: Below is a link to a World Record attempt for the biggest online Arts Lesson.  It is free to join, and is on Thursday at 4pm. Give it a go!

21st May, 4- 4.30 PM BST  |  8-8.30 AM PST.   
Learn to draw with World Book Day author and illustrator, Rob Biddulph, break the Guinness World Records title for largest online art lesson ever and raise money to fight COVID-19!


It's Wednesday, 3 day's to go before your Whit break. A big well done to you all and your continued efforts. Stay safe.

Monday 18th May

Another busy week ahead. I hope you are all staying safe and keeping positive.

Keep checking the webpage for any updates as the week progresses.

You are all working really hard but if you have any concerns, please send us an email.

Friday 15th May

Good morning, it's Friday again. How time flies! Dont forget it's spelling day. Good luck!

Thursday 14th May 2020

Good morning everyone, it's another sunny day. Thank you for all your emails, keep them coming!

Stay safe, have fun and keep smiling.

Don't forget that tomorrow is the virtual assembly. Keep your eyes peeled.

Wednesday 13th May 2020

Dont forget its Wednesday, stay alert for any updates on your virtual singing assembly.

Well done to Henry and Cane, who have made some amazing dens! Red token each.

Keep smiling everybody!

Tuesday 12 May 2020

Morning, so here it is, results day for the What shapes in my bag from Thursday. The winners are...

Henry - Golden Token

Yusuf - Red token.

The answer was square based pyramid (2d shape is a window). I would have acceptected rectangular based pyramid (2d shape is your door) also!

Have a great day everyone!

Monday 11th May 2020

We hope you had a restful and sunny weekend! Enjoy the tasks Y2, keep your eye on the webpage for any updates for the winners of Thursdays challenge!


Thursday 7th May 2020

Another day begins... with a What shapes in my bag? Isolation edition. An easy one for the weekend I think... NO WAY!

In my bag I have a shape that has 5 faces, 8 edges and 5 vertices. Clue, the 2d shape within can be found at the entrance to your house.

Good luck!

Have a great day everyone, keep up the great work. Don't forget the virtual assembly tomorrow.


Wednesday 6th May 2020

What a busy day already! Hands up those who have worked on English, phonics, maths and reading this morning and kept a beady eye on those high school boys on their computers. I have! The Phillips' children want me back in school as soon as possible! I wonder why? 

Now, I hope you are all working alongside your family too and undertaking as much as you can. Remember, keep trying, keep smiling, keep happy and stay safe, that's all we can do.

Have a lovely day everyone.

Tuesday 5th May 2020

Morning all. We hope you had a great start to the week yesterday. A big hello to Lilly, Olivia and mum. It was lovely to see you passing the school during your exercise hour yesterday.Keep up the good work.

I had a lot of responses to the What shape is in my bag, Isolation edition.

Our winners are... Golden token to Jacob and red tokeno Myar for answering all three questions correctly.

It is a 3d shape... because it has more than 1 face (depth)... a triangular prism (Toblerone at Christmas).

Well done to you both.

Monday 4th May 2020


I'm having a great day in school today. Wonderful to see everyone so keen and excited to learn.

Now, it's time for...

What shapes in my bag, Isolation edition!

In my bag I have a shape.

It has 5 faces, 9 edges and 6 vertices.

Is it a 2d or 3d shape? why, how do you know?

What shape am I?

Clue, this is a delicious shape, especially at Christmas!

So, three questions to answer today. First email in with all 3 questions correct gets a 'Golden' token.

Good luck!


Welcome to the start of another week. Don't forget it's only a 4 day week.

Look to the download's section for your weekly activities. Have a good day!


Friday 1st May 2020


We have had several responses to What's in my bag, Isolation edition.

So going on the correct answers given and looking at the time they arrived in my inbox we have...

Oliver - A great video!! love the bed head!. Golden token for you.

Vera - Correct answer, a red token for you!

The answers are: 3d shape and cube/cuboid, yes it was a tricky one. 

Well done to those who played.


Happy Friday and welcome to May! Don't forget it's spelling day. Look in the dowload section for the latest test.

Today is also Pyjamarama! Join the book trust for a magical day in pyjamas. Follow the link below to find out more.


Well done to those who participated in my quiz question. I had lots of answers but there were 2 questions to be answered... I know how mean!

so, some gave the correct answer which was Hexagon but only some replied 2D and Hexagon.

So, our winner of the Golden token is...Max, well done to you and your 2 email approach and the Red token goes to... Cane. Add them to your tally charts guys.

Todays challenge: What shapes in my bag? Isolation Edition.

In my bag I have a shape, it has 6 faces, 12 edges and 8 vertices. 

Is my shape a 2d or 3d shape?

What is my shape?

Remember, answer both questions!

Have a great day.


Thursday 30th April

Morning everyone, I hope you all enjoyed singing practice yesterday. 

Remember to keep your eyes on the 2rp webpage for updates on what is happening outside  school and the odd challenge or two, like this:

Challenge: What shapes in my bag? Isolation Edition.

In my bag I have a shape, a polygon that has 6 equal sides, 6 equal angles but has NO depth. 

Is my shape a 2d or 3d shape?

What is my shape?

First email in gets a 'Golden' token!

Good luck.


Wednesday 29th April


Our runner up prize of a 'red token' goes to goes to Tyler with the correct answer square. Well done!

Well done to you all. 

The winner of our 'Golden token' challenge this morning goes to ...... Emma! Well done, the answer is square. A token to add to the tally.

Don't forget singing practice with Mr Merrell today. Be there or be a 2d shape with 4 equal sides!! First email in with the correct answer for the shape gets a 'Golden token'. What could it be? Who could be the winner?

Have a good day everyone!


Tuesday 28th April

Thank you to everyone who is keeping me updated with your learning - especially those with news about your spellings! You are all working really hard at your sentences, well done to you all. Don't forget that if you have any questions or I can help, please send me an email.

Tomorrow on Wednesday, many of you usually go to Choir Practice or for everyone else, we have Singing Practice too! Well, there's a special Singing Practice at 3.30pm with Mr Merrell on YouTube. Ask your parents to help find it and have fun! 

Monday 27th April

Happy Monday!

It's that time again. The start of a new week.

Keep up the great work everyone. 


Friday 24th April

It's Friday again and it's your spellings! Go to the download section for your latest assessment.

Keep up the great work everyone.


Thursday 23rd April

It has been lovely to talk to some of you this week. We are really proud of all of you and the efforts you and your families are making to keep safe and well.

Keep up the amazing work!

Keep your eye on the page tomorrow for your tokens.

Wednesday 22nd April 2020



WORLD BOOK NIGHT - This Thursday!

Go to the downloads page for more information.

Earth Day 2020 - Today!

Go to the downloads page for more information.


Well done to everyone who is sending me pictures of their work and are logging on to 'mymaths' and 'read theory'. You are all working so hard. We are proud of you all.

A big well done to Henry who has been raising money throughout his family for Captain Tom Moore (from home). Amazing effort!

Have a good day everyone.

Stay Safe Everyone from Vera and her family. Stay Safe Everyone from Vera and her family.
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