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18th Jan 2021

Good morning everyone.

It is going to be another busy week at school and at home. Don't forget to go to the downloads section of the class page to stay connected with your home learning and don't forget to send in all the completed activities to either the 2RP or 2EL emails.

If you have any quieries with anything happening at the moment drop us an email. We are happy to help!!



Happy Friday everyone!

Our new spellings for the following week are :

copied, replied, spied, fried, applied, relied, identified, multiplied, magnified, supplied.

If you would like to get your sentence featured in next weeks spelling recording please send us your recomendations! Remember to use Edshed to practise your spellings every day.



We love receiving all your wonderful emails and getting to see all the amazing work you have been doing at home. Well done Year 2! We are so happy to see that you have been enjoying learning about the Great Fire of London, it is such an interesting Topic. Here are some photos of what you've been getting up to this week! 


Thank you for all your lovely emails today, you are all working so hard from home. Well done! Here are some examples of your superstar work.

Well done 2RP and 2EL!


Well done on completing another succesful day of home learning!

Here are some examples of all the amazing work that is going on in Year 2 (while staying safe at home)

Bella has created her own little shop at home using her toys. She's been able to add a combination of coins to create different amounts. Great work Bella! 

Nathaniel's amazing observational drawing! 

Keep up all the amazing work Year 2, we are incredibly proud of you all.


Happy Monday

What a super start to the week we have had. We are so happy to hear that you enjoyed your Science lessons today, please continue to send us all your amazing work. 

Remember to keep practising your times tables on TTRockstars and your spellings on EdShed. The spellings for this week are: flies, supplies, replies, cries, copies, babies, carries, spies, tries and lorries. 

If you would like to be part of the spelling test this week please send us your sentence recomendations and we will include them in our voice recording on Friday! 



What an amazing first week we have had. Thank you for all your emails and all the AMAZING work that you are doing at home. We home you enjoyed today's spelling test voice recording made by the children that are still in school. 

We hope you have a lovely and restful weekend. 


Home Learning

As you know times are changing again and we find ourselves back at home staying safe.

Over the oncoming weeks work will be uploaded to the downloads page to help support you at home. The same content will be taught in school as is being made available for home learning.

In Year 2, the teaching staff from one class will be teaching in school, whilst the teachers from the other class will be responsible for preparing the home learning the following week, replying to your emails and making phone calls home. 

We are looking forward to seeing your children’s work, please send this to the year group emails: year2el@oldfield-brow.com and 2rp@oldfield-brow.com  .

Thank you for all your support, 

The Year 2 Team

Miss E Liakata Miss E LiakataTeacher
Mrs S Fielding Mrs S FieldingTeaching Assistant
For a full list of teachers, teaching assistants, designated support assistants and all staff at Oldfield brow, please see our Who's Who page.

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