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Welcome to Year 2EL!

Friday 21st May

As the two weeks beginning 25th May and 1st June are the two designated holiday weeks in Trafford, we will be having a break from the home-school learning, feedback, assemblies and phone calls that have become part of our provision since the Easter Holidays. I hope that the more relaxed opportunities that have been afforded by our Government allow brief moments away from home for our families too and I hope this time is enjoyed by us all. Our provision for Key Workers etc will remain unaltered. We have provided a list of websites that may be useful to you over the holidays and this can be found in the downloads section.


Max is going to grow some butterflies!! The caterpillars have arrived and he's going to be watching how they grow and change over the next couple of weeks. Can't wait to see the photos. x2 dojo points

Chloe N has finished reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban! She has also written a great description about monkeys. I like the use of subheadings and what a great picture. x2 dojo points

Lana has made a great zoo keeper! She has written a description of an orangutan. Orangutans are one of my favourite animals! x2 dojo points


Dylan has worked hard on time this week, he got 10/10 on his spelling test and has written a list of events in chronological order. From the email, it sounded like Dad was very proud of you and I am too. x2 dojo points


We hope you've all had a lovely week... and term! We wanted to tell you that we've had a great first half-term back and, even though we didn't get chance to see any of you in person, we enjoyed getting to know you through emails, photos and phone calls.

Don't forget to watch the assembly on Youtube today. Who won certificates this week??

Your spelling test is now in the downloads section. Good luck Y2 EL!


Don't forget that it's important to have time to switch off and enjoy the little things in life. If you find that you are having anxiesties during these unusual circumstances, then please use these great resources. It's a link to two online books for anxiety in children over the coronavirus:


Thursday 21st May

The work this week has been brilliant and, just as importantly, I'm glad to see you've been able to enjoy the sunshine as well! Don't forget that if you want to arrange a phonecall to chat about anything drop us an email.


Sirous is continuing to work hard on his maths. He really is going to be a times table whizz kid by the time he starts Year 3! He has been relaxing with lego and jigsaw puzzles. And yesterday he walked from Altrincham to... Didsbury!!! Hopefully you don't have any blisters?? x2 dojo points

Milan has finished reading his Roald Dahl book... and started 2 more! Roald Dahl is one of my favourite authors so I hope you enjoyed it and enjoy the next ones too! He spent time with his family making Andy Goldsworthy inspired animals in the garden x2 dojo points

Muntaseer has sent some lovely photos in! He has been for a bike ride (glad to see you're wearing a helmet!) and today he has been working in the garden. I don't blame you- the weather is beautiful. 


Aleksei has been working very hard as always! I love this picture of him dressed as an explorer. He has done lots of time work and is showing to be a star at it. Here is a picture of his plants that are growing well and he has written a list of 5 things seeds need to grow healthily. x2 dojo points


Chloe H went for a walk in Dunham Massey yesterday with her family... so today she worked extra hard!! 5 Maths lessons and 2 days worth of English! Busy busy busy! x2 dojo points

Wednesday 20th May


Lola, Anna Sofia, Henry, Lana, Muntaseer and Milan have sent their work through today - great effort guys! You each get 2 x dojo points. 

Don't forget to send in any work or pictures you'd like to see shared on our Wall of Fame!

Already some fantastic scores on TTRS! I have a feeling that if we push that little bit harder then we'll bet Y2 RP this week! Keep it up!

Tuesday 19th May

Brilliant work all round today! 

Muntaseer - has been hard at work at TTRS and is currently topping the score! Great work! 3 x dojo

Erin - has worked really ahrd on her Maths and English. I think you'll all agree that her story (which she has turned into a little book) is brilliant! 4 x dojo

Lola - has done her MyMaths and Read Theory 2 x dojo

Milan - has had an especially busy day today! He's done lots of work and some extra Maths! Bravo! 4 x dojo

Lana - has sent in some fantastic work! She's clearly been a busy bee! 3 x dojo

Max - has been working through lots of amazing Maths work. We;re really pleased with him! 3 x dojo

Chloe N - has been a trooper with her work, managing to complete lots of different learning activities! Well done! 3 x dojo

Monday 18th May

Update: *Apologies this is coming late. As some of you know from my emails, our internet has been overloaded this weekend and has (duh duh duuuuh) been down! 

There's been some brilliant work sent in over the weekend and today. I've loved looking through your pictures! You all make choosing our certificates so difficult! let's see who catches our eye this week!

These are the shout outs so far.

Lola - Absolutely brilliant work again! We especially liked your story! It was well written and neatly presented. You thought carefully about building up the plot. 3x dojo for your work this week.

Max - has done some more fantastic work this week and has also been busy in the garden looking after his herbs! 4 x dojo.

Aleksei - has sent in absolutely loads of work! He's clearly been a busy bee and is making good progress. I loved this picture of his clock! 5 x dojo.

Muntaseer - So much beautifully presented work. very consistent. Well Done! 5 x dojo

Anna Sofia - has been doing lovely, neat work and super sentences. Here she is, hard at work.3 x dojo

Lana - has sent is lots and lots of work! She's worked so very hard. 5 x dojo

Dylan - has once again been a superstar with his work and has been busy at it! 5 x dojo.

Chloe H - some more brilliant work. I really like her flower with the plants needs written on it.

Milan - Has been very creative today! I love this shark! 1 x dojo

James has also been a very busy worker and done some fantastic work! In exciting news, he;s just finished the first Harry potter book and is keen to start on the next one! 5 x dojo.

Chloe N gets 6 dojo points today for doing absolutely fabulous work! She's even been doing extra things and made clothes for her dolls! Wow!

I hope you had a super weekend! This week's work has been uploaded and a TimesTable Rockstars battle of the bands has begun! It will end at 7pm on Sunday evening! You've been working so hard to earn lots of points and again it was a close call! Let's see if this week we can push it that bit harder and beat Y2 RP!!

Any questions, drop us an email!

Friday 15th May

This week seems to have flown by! 

Check out the downloads section for this week's spelling test. And don't forget to tune in for today's assembly! Who has caught our eye this week? Which of you have won the certifcates?

Thursday 14th May

Good evening! 

I have particularly enjoyed reading the emails that have been sent in today. In each one, it is clear that parents are really proud of you! You are putting so much effort into your work and what you are producing is fantastic!! We are proud of you all as well (parents we're talking to you too)! So give yourselves a tap on the back and make sure you put your feet up this weekend and relax. 

Chloe N has done lots of clock work today, she has worked on the plant challenges AND finished her Harry Potter book!

Chloe H is storming through the Read Theory quizzes and doing really well! She has also written her story. See below :)


Henry has made a very interesting clock! It looks great! He has also made a sundial. Was it difficult to tell the time with it??


James really a brilliant story with lots of exciting details! It is really beautifully presented too! Fancy a challenge? Try rewriting one of your sentences underneath in your neatest joined handwriting. I'd love to see it!

Max has made this brilliant clock! I love that you have include minute and hour on the clock hands and a few other details which will help you when using it to tell the time.

Lola has been working very hard on her English work! So hard that she needs to take a break and finish it tomorrow. I can't wait to see what you have written. She has invented her own flower today. Who else wants one of these in their garden?

Dylan has been busy working on time. Well done for all the effort you've been putting in Can't wait to see your sundial!

Wednesday 13th May

You guys have been working so hard!!

Sirous has been very busy! He has passed his taget score of 1000 on read theory. Wow! He has been practising his 6 times tables table and doing ltos of reading and writing.

Chloe H has made her clock. It looks lovely! She has completed the plan for her story.


Erin is really enjoying learning about plants- which really makes us happy! 

Aleksei has been working really hard on his handwriting and it really shows; it looks beautiful! He has created a HUGE clock and built a great den! He has also been busy on the computer completing readtheory and my maths lessons as well as practising his times tables.


Milan has completed some clock work, drawn three different kinds of fruit and invented his own flower. Blue is my favourite colour so I love it! I also love the use of commas in a list.


Tuesday 12th May


James has written some of today's events in chronological order. I am impressed to see you have also included some times in there! I love your clock too. What a great design! x2 dojo points


Dylan made a clock out of lego! It even has moving hands! x2 dojo points

Lola made this beautiful clock. She has also been doing some sewing using a machine and also a needle and thread; she helped to fix her dog's favourite toy. x2 dojo points

Milan has been incredibly busy today! He has made a clock and written a list of events in chronological order. He has also done some science experiments with his sister, Maya. x2 dojo points


Max has done some reading, made paper aeroplanes and worked hard on his My Maths. Well done :) x2 dojo points


Monday 11th May


Some truly fantastic work has been sent in today!

Aleksei -  Had a very fun sounding VE day and has completed lots of work! You'll be recieving your dojo points! His work on European countries looked very comprehensive and we love his self-portrait! 3 x dojo

Lana - has done some excellent work and made a fantastic 'den' (bomb shelter!) Well done to you! 2 x dojo

Jozef - fully embraced the VE day celebrations and had a fantastic day on Friday! You'll be recieving your dojo points!

Henry - helped his mother bake a Victoria sponge cake and made Union Jack flags with Beavers! He watched the broadcast of Winston Churchill’s speech and then his parents showed him and his little brother his grandparents' war medals. Both his great grandmothers served in the war too (one driving lorries for the Air Force and one as a Cook). You'll be recieving your dojo points!. Below is his nature portrait! (2 x dojo.) and pictures from his VE Day celebrations.

Erin - made a VE day flag with beavers which she displayed in the garden & she dyed her hair with tissue paper! (I've seen this online it looks very cool!)  They had lots of fun den building & doing maths. 2 x dojo.

Max - has done especially well with his Maths work! Below are his amazing efforts with his writing for his spellings. 2 x dojo

Chloe H - also had fun building a den today and has done lots of fantastic work! 2 x dojo.

Chloe N - has been very busy completing all of her work and doing lots of research on VE Day! Here is some of her beautiful English work!


Hello everyone,

Go to the downloads section to see this week's work.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and had fun celebrating VE day! Did you make bunting? Or celebrate at a safe distance with your neighbours? Eat scones and cake or drink tea? Some of you sent us some emails to tell us about what you got up to to mark the special event. Everyone that did has had their TEN dojo points added! 

William sent us a message in morse code! Thankfully he told us what it said because I would have never been able to guess. x3 dojo points

Lola made bunting and celebrated VE day in the courtyard. They dressed as Rosy The Riveter and I think you look great!! x3 dojo points


Milan did some fun activites to celebrate VE day some of which are actually the work that we have set for this week! He made musical instruments to mark the occasion and built a shelter. x3 dojo points


Dylan made a whistle from a stick!! Hopefully you still have it when we go back to school as I am sure your friends would love to see it. x3 dojo pointss


Thursday 7th May

We'd love to see what you get up to for VE day tomorrow. I know some areas are doing social distancing street parties or having garden parties! Why not try making a Tommy in the window, helping your parents make sandwiches, dress up in red white and blue or bake a cake! Can you think of your own activities or play some games related to war time? If you go on Twinkl using the free parents login, CVDTWINKLHELPS you can temporarily gain access to lots of VE Day cut-outs and printables.

Send us in some pictures or write us an email if you get up to anything exciting - there will be TEN dojo points for any children that do!


Lola Lots of hard work. We loved your neatly presented Maths! 2 x dojo

Chloe H A very busy week for you! I loved that you used Lego figures for your Maths! 2 x dojo

Dylan Used ninjas for his Maths! How exciting! I bet this was fun to do! 2 x dojo for your great work.


Milan  has been very busy doing lots of exciting work. He's also done a floating and sinking experiment which looks super cool! 3 x dojo

James More great work - love your Maths work! 2 x dojo

Sirous Once again more great work - you've been very busy. You're doing very well with your jigsaw - it looks tricky!

Chloe N Absolutely blown away with the amount of work you've done - you must have been very busy this week! But you'll probably understand why I've chosen this picture to share! (Yum!!) 4 x dojo

Gracie You've done some brilliant work and I'm so impressed with your gardening! Well done! 2 x dojo


Lana  Has been hard at work and made some beautifully decorated drums! 2 x dojo

Good morning! Just a reminder- it's a four day week! So your spellings have been uploaded today but you can choose when you want to do them. If you're feeling confident why don't you do them today if you need a bit more practice you can do them on Monday!

Wednesday 6th May


Lana has written a letter from Grandad and done some beautiful handwriting. She has created some art with some unusual coloured leaves. She has also completed the Directions maths worksheet- but I won't put it on because we don't want everyone to see the answers! x2 dojo points


Aleksei has been as busy as ever. He's packed a suitcase for travelling to the island. He's done his maths and found 11 objects at home with right angles. He has been practising his handwriting and it looks beautiful!! Aleksei has also tackled the two challenging worksheets for the compass directions. I will definitely be taking an expert like you with me if I go on an adventure!! x3 dojo points

Anna Sofia has been busy in the kitchen helping mum prepare meals and she's planted some beans that she's hoping she'll be able cook. And soon... she's getting a cat! So exciting. Obviously you'll have to send us pictures so we can see.


Lola has put a lot of effort into her English work today and it really shows! What beautiful presentation! :) x 3 dojo points

Dylan has sent lots of fantastic photos in today. It looks like you've been working hard but also had lots of fun! With the help of a grown-up, he made a set square which he used to measure right angles on objects around the home. He enjoyed the compass and directions work and made a set of instructions for his brother! x3 dojo points


Sirous has been... reading, reading and reading! He's completed his talk for writing book. And helped paint the fence whilst multi-tasking. I hope you saved me an ice cream! x2 dojo points

Chloe N has been in the kitchen today and made another amazing looking cake! You are going to be such a little chef by the end of lock-down. She's also made a little booklet for her English work. x2 dojo points



Sorry for the delay, but I've had a problem accessing TTRS battle of the bands! The results are in and Y2RP beat us this week! It was SUCH a narrow defeat and both classes almost doubled their scores!! AMAZING! A new battle has been set which will end on Sunday at 7pm as usual. Let's see if we can beat our score from last week, even without the extra two days! I believe in your Y2EL!


Tuesday 5th May

What amazing work today Y2EL-ians! I'm going to share some of the things that caught my eye today! 

Anna Sofia sent through all of her work from last week - she's worked really hard and has completed so much! 4 x dojo. I was especially interested to learn that she's also been doing other online lessons in singing and piano and has learnt two new songs! Well done!

Lola has really impressed me with her work today - especially her English. She's used very beautiful handwriting and presentation. Just look at her nature portrait! 3 x dojo.

Erin has sent in her fantastic Art work, Science and English! I really loved seeing her nature portrait and looking at the plants she's growing! How exciting! You always put 100% into all your work. Well done. 3 x dojo.

James has sent through some of his hard work and I know you'll see why this has jumped out at me! Look at the portrait's different expressions when James changes his! Just brilliant! 3 x dojo!

Milan has sent through so much work today! I can't believe he's managed to complete so much! I'm only going to share one photo thought because it came with a challenge! Milan, his mum and sister have all done a nature portrait each! Can you help me guess who's who!? 4 x dojo.

Sirous has been very busy again and done some super work! 2 x dojo! He's now on his 7x tables!

Max - I absolutely love this letter you wrote to Syd. Your handwriting continues to amaze me. Well done! 3 x dojo!

Chloe N has sent through lots and lots of work as well! She's clearly worked very hard! The thing I most enjoyed seeing though was that she's also taking the opportunity to learn other skills and has been making sushi! Wow! 4 x dojo!


Keep up all your amazing work 2EL...I've been especially impressed today with the quantity and quality of work sent in. It was so hard to choose just one photgraph for everyone!

Monday 4th May


Thank you for all the lovely emails.

We hope you've had a nice day but we know that some days can be more difficult than others for children AND adults. If you feel like your children has or may be developing mental health concerns such as anxiety, anger or depression etc please take a look at the link below. It has a range of information, advice, activities and support generally but also surrounding coping with the current situation. Hopefully you will find this of use if needed.


Get ready to check out today's superstars!

Dylan has been working very hard over the last few weeks but due to technical issues the emails have only just sent! We have loved looking at all the work you have been doing. It looks like you've had lots of fun with shapes. We love this dinosaur! x8 dojo points!! (Enough to make up for the ones you missed out over the last few weeks.)


Lana has been looking at the different plants that humans eat. Have any of Y2 EL been growing any of these in their gardens? What a great little origami person you have made! x2 dojo points


Aleksei we are so proud of the progress you have been making with your handwriting! It looks brilliant in all of the pictures you sent and I am sure all of your friends will agree. Your geography booklet is lovely; this is my favourite page. x3 dojo points


James has written a letter to Syd from Grandad. I particularly like the interesting details you have included such as commas in a list, adjectives and you even used brackets! I hope to see more exciting details like this in your future English work. You also sent a video of your science experiment where you explained your findings really clearly and confidently. Cress needs sunlight to grow. x3

Chloe H used a phone for her Maths work today to take pictures of items that had right angles. With help from her little sister, Chloe completed her science work and her sister made a few notes too. Inspired by our Geography unit and looking at different places all over the world, Chloe has eaten European food this weekend and will be looking at food for North America. I love this idea because food is such a big part of a country's culture. I am definitely going to be googling for a recipe for Slovak goulash - it looks delicious! x3 dojo points


Milan also went on a hunt around the house to find right angles. Have a look at the picture below. Do you agree? He also completed his Where am I on the map booklet. x2 dojo points


Chloe N has packed a suitcase and written sentences to accompany it. I like your use of commas in a list and in some of the words you have joined your handwriting. It looks wonderful! She's also worked hard on her Science work. x2 dojo points


Muntaseer has green fingers! He's been pottering away in the garden and has grown lots of plants. x2 dojo points

Sirous has been very busy today! He has started planning a story and doing lots of other English work. He has been using Times Tables Rockstars and now has 914 points on Read Theory! He has re-potted his garlic... and he had a special phone call today from a special person! Who else had a special phone call today? x 2 dojo points


Good morning and May the Fourth be with you!

Please look out in the downloads sections for this week's work! As usual, any problems or questions, just drop us an email! Don't forget it's a special VE Day Bank Holiday on Friday, so no work has been set for this day. Instead, we will put up some optional ideas for VE Day activities later in the week!

We hope you have now all recieved your phonecalls from us! For the few parents who we were unable to get hold of, don't forget as per the text, to drop us an email to arrange a call at a convenient time.

From today, if you wish to arrange a further phoncall converation - with any questions or just for a chat, please email year2el@oldfield-brow.com and we will get back to you!



Hello, Y2 EL!

This is Miss Torkington and Miss Mawe, your new teachers.

First of all, thank you for those of you who have already emailed us, introducing yourselves. We've been busy reading through them and have enjoyed finding out more about you all and looking at your photos!

You'll probably already know who we are and may also remember what we look like because we've both worked at Oldfield Brow for many years. As you know, we've both spent some time away from school to look after our new babies (who are now both very big and active!)

We're very excited to be your new teachers and are looking forward to meeting you properly when we go back to school.  We'll continue checking the class emails each day and will be looking out for your messages - so be sure to try and tell us a bit about yourselves and your interests, if you've not done so already.

Next week, we'll be sending out your work alongside Mr Phillips, which will be in the same format and continuing on from Miss Liakata's fantastic work so far. 

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Miss Torkington and Miss Mawe

Lockdown notes

There is a new maths resource available for you to use at home. It is from White Rose and works in line with the Power Maths scheme. 
Please visit: https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-2/ and have a go at WEEK 1 of fractions. There are short explanatory videos to help you with each lesson and activities for the children to complete. You do not need to print any worksheets out, you can simply copy the activities into the math books we sent home. On the website you will also find answers to the activities for parents. Please email us on the year 2 email (year2el@oldfield-brow.com) and let us know how you how you get on!

PATHS are continuing to support us by providing resources, games, blogs with ideas, activity sheets, videos etc. via their social media to continue social emotional learning at home. Now more than ever, the children need support with their SEL. Follow @PATHSEdUK on Facebook or Twitter. So far this week they have shared: breathing activity ideas, indoor brain breaks, stay safe rainbow colouring in sheet, happiness blog and a SELfie challenge activity sheet which you can find in our class downloads!

Keep updated with what's going on... If you don't follow us or are yet to sign up for twitter, it's a great way to keep updated with news and find out about activities that can help your child with their learning, health and (hopefully) keep things fresh and fun in these uncertain times. Here is the link to our profile https://twitter.com/OFBrowPrimary  

We have suggested activities for Reading, English, Maths, Topic, Science, PE, Music and Art. Please make sure you are reading with your children at least 5 times a week and continue to practise their timetables (2s, 5s, 10s and 3s) 

We do not require you to submit any work to us but we would love to see pictures of the work and activities they are doing at home.

If you have any questions please contact us on the Year 2 email:

( year2el@oldfield-brow.com )




In our classroom we have Miss Liakata, Mrs Fielding and Mrs Smith helping us on our learning journey. We have had a very busy spring term!

One of our main goals in Year two is helping the children to become more independent as they work. The children are encouraged to check their own work and to get used to finishing their work to a deadline!

In year two we make sure we always work as part of a team because we believe that Together Everyone Achieves More!
If you have any questions about anything happening in the classroom, please look in the class 'E - bag' to see the Autumn overview or follow the link to the calendar.

Learning Goals
In the spring term we will be working like busy bees!

In English we will be reading 'The Night Gardener' by the Fan brothers and 'Rosie Revere, Engineer by Andrea Beaty. We will be basing all our learning around these books while exploring different writing styles such as descriptive writing, diary entries, instruction and explanation writing.

We will continue to work hard on our maths skills as the amazing mathemagicians we are! We will be working on multiplication, division, shapes, statistics and fractions! 

For further information, please refer to the Spring Overview in the class e-bag.


 Chatterday homework sent home every half term.

Times tables are assessed every Friday.

Spellings are sent home and assessed every Friday.

Spelling books are to be returned every Thursday for review.

Please support your child with the homework if they need it.

Remember to read daily at home and to discuss the books as this really helps to develop comprehension skills.

Erin worked really hard on her Science work. Her diagram looks like it's straight out of an Encyclopedia! Well done. Erin worked really hard on her Science work. Her diagram looks like it's straight out of an Encyclopedia! Well done.
Lola's detailed English work. Great use of adjectives, but and because. Lola's detailed English work. Great use of adjectives, but and because.
Erin was inspired by Andy Goldsworthy and has created this wonderful piece of artwork. Erin was inspired by Andy Goldsworthy and has created this wonderful piece of artwork.
James' beautiful free hand map. He was proud of himself for it and so are we! James' beautiful free hand map. He was proud of himself for it and so are we!
Muntaseer's beautiful cursive handwriting Muntaseer's beautiful cursive handwriting
Muntaseer's Maths challenge! Muntaseer's Maths challenge!
Chloe N has been working hard on her handwriting Chloe N has been working hard on her handwriting
Chloe N's Geography work on the Continents Chloe N's Geography work on the Continents
Sirous has been working really hard this week- even completing extra homework for his tutor! Here he is chilling in the sun with a good book. Sirous has been working really hard this week- even completing extra homework for his tutor! Here he is chilling in the sun with a good book.
Erin's super Maths work Erin's super Maths work
Chloe H created the yummiest looking Maths challenge ever! Chloe H created the yummiest looking Maths challenge ever!
Henry working hard on his Andy Goldsworthy sculpture... Henry working hard on his Andy Goldsworthy sculpture...
Oliver's Maths challenge Oliver's Maths challenge
Chloe H's Andy Goldsworthy creation! Chloe H's Andy Goldsworthy creation!
Big smiles all round! Well done Henry :) Big smiles all round! Well done Henry :)
Reuben and his leek! Reuben and his leek!
Sirous and his latest novels Sirous and his latest novels
Milan, Maya and Mum's fraction work in the kitchen Milan, Maya and Mum's fraction work in the kitchen
Erin keeping fit and active Erin keeping fit and active
Chloe H's and her sunflower pots Chloe H's and her sunflower pots
Great use of digital images on Max's continents work! Great use of digital images on Max's continents work!
Amazing work, Lola! Amazing work, Lola!
Sirous has been planting! Sirous has been planting!
Erin and her fantastic continents book! Erin and her fantastic continents book!
Chloe N measuring in the kitchen Chloe N measuring in the kitchen
Chloe H and her Andy Goldsworthy creation Chloe H and her Andy Goldsworthy creation
James measuring how high up he sleeps James measuring how high up he sleeps
Europe in James' continent booklet Europe in James' continent booklet
Lola's creative maths work Lola's creative maths work
Erin with her fabulous continents booklet! Erin with her fabulous continents booklet!
Gracie's beautiful handwriting Gracie's beautiful handwriting
Henry's seed work Henry's seed work
Henry B and his vegetables Henry B and his vegetables
Adventure in the woods Adventure in the woods
The tennis ball challenge The tennis ball challenge
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