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Welcome to all Parents/Carers of Year 1 (LL and SC). All information, including the work for home learning, is going to just be listed on one class page from now on- this page- rather than duplicating everything between both class pages. Currently, we are one big Year 1 team!


You will now need to use the password that was sent via a text and enter it into the yellow password box above the downloads sections in order to view the work for home learning.

The current day's work will be shown as normal in the yellow box in the 'Current' section. Any videos related to this will be listed in the green 'Video' box below. 

Please read the day's Overview first as this shows you a suggested organisation for the day and briefly explains each of the lessons, noting the resources to best accompany each lesson. 

Any work from the previous week will still be accessible in the 'Archived' section. Work will remain here for roughly a week before we remove it.

If you have any trouble accessing resources then please get in touch with us a soon as you can.


We have seen some brilliant work taking place at home - thank you parents for all your time ensuring your child's learning can continue to develop. Please keep sending in your photos and comments and we can keep giving you our feedback. If we don't hear from you for a few days, we may email or call you just to check in and make sure everything is OK. If there is anything we can help with, please email us and ask!

year1sc@oldfield-brow.com                           year1ll@oldfield-brow.com 


A big well done to all the children and parents who are managing to juggle jobs, childcare, home-learning and all the other pressures of life! We will get through this together and we can't wait to have all our little people back in school once it is safe to do so! 




* Please see the Downloads section for a fun activity booklet that might make your daily walks more interesting!


Happy Monday, everyone! We hope you are ready for another week of learning, whether at school or at home. You can find today's work in the downloads section of the class web page. We look forward to seeing all the fantastic work you are completing at home.

Thank you for all the work that has been sent in over the weekend. You all did brilliantly on your maths and spelling tests - well done!

If you have any queries or need help with anything please contact us via the class email. We're here to help!


Well done for such a fantastic full week of home learning Year 1!!!

We are so proud of all your efforts and really enjoy seeing the pictures of your work. Please keep sending them in and keep staying in touch with us to let us know how you are finding the work we have set. 

When you have done your spelling test and maths test today, please send us in your scores so we can keep track of these and see what a brilliant job you are all doing.

Well done everyone... We hope you all now have a lovely, restful weekend! 



Please now use the green 'Videos' section to view your home learning videos for the current day.

This will provide you with a link to our secure YouTube channel where you should be able to play the videos easily and quickly without any downloading required. We are hoping this is a better platform for viewing videos than the webiste but if you have any trouble or have any questions, please get in touch with us and we will do our best to resolve these as quickly as we can. 



Thanks to everyone that came to collect their work packs yesterday. We can see so many of you working incredibly hard, both children completing their work and parents supporting their children to do so. We will all get through this as a team and stay safe until we can return to school together.

Please do keep sending in your updates, even if you are not getting through all the work please show us where you are up to and the parts you are doing. It is lovely for us to the children and also important that through this time we can still see their progress and help them to develop thier skills through our feedback.

Have a great day everyone!


Good morning everyone,

Firstly, we would like to wish Reyansh a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! We hope you have a very special day with your family and once we are all back in school we will celebrate together!

Secondly, I just wanted remind all parents/carers that it is our collection slot this morning 9.30-11.30 under the canopy near the Y1 classrooms. Please ensure you come and collect your child's pack which will provide you with books for each of their subjects. If you can't make this morning then please make sure you get in touch with your class teacher to arrange something else. Thanks!

Today the children in school have had a great day learning facts about tigers, sharks, foxes and polar bears whilst picking out the features of a non-chonological report in pairs. At the end of the day we decided to see how many facts we could remember and they did really well! Did you know a baby shark is called a pup? They loved doing the yoga too!



Morning all, we hope you managed to have a restful weekend after a busy week!

We are aware some people have had problems this morning viewing the videos that in MOV format rather than mp4. We are currently trying different ways of converting these files into mp4 and appreciate your patience with this.

The following method seems to have helped some people:

-download the file

-open your downloads folder and locate the file

-right click it which brings up a menu and choose the 'open with' option

-open with VLC player (the icon is an orange cone)


If this is not possible or you are encountering other problems, please do email us and let us know.

We do apologise for any inconvenience and endeavour to use mp4 as much as we possibly can for all future videos.



The Year 1 Team


Well done to everyone at home and school for some excellent pieces of work this week, you are all trying really hard!  Thank you parents for supporting your child's learning in these tricky times.

Please note: An email went out Friday 8.1.21 with information about Bug Club (our online reading tool).  In this email you will have had the link to log on and your own child's username and password as well as the school code.  Please use this online tool for reading during lockdown.

Thank you,

Have a good weekend,

Miss Cooney 



Hi all,

For those learning at home, the Year 1 collection slot to pick up your pack of books etc. is Tuesday 12th 9:30-11:30 from the canopy near the Year 1 entrance. Thanks!


Hello, we realise the maths sheet for today that White Rose has provided is the same as yesterday but just a different video today.  As a result we have made a new sheet for today and put it in downloads named '7.1.21 MATHS UPDATED.' We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Home Learning

We are obviously upset that schools have been ordered to close by the government and we will miss seeing all the smiling faces of our students each day! However, life and learning moves on and everyone’s safety must come first- we need to look after our NHS at this time. We will be doing our very best to continue to offer all the children in Year 1 the best education we can in these circumstances. 

Each evening by 9pm, we aim to upload work to our webpages for the following day. (Please be aware technical issues may hinder this aim from time to time!). We will be teaching the same content in school as is being made available for home learning. Each week the class teachers from one class will be teaching in school, whilst the teachers from the other class will be responsible for preparing the home learning the following week.

The work uploaded will include an overview of the day’s learning, with rough indications of the amount of time to spend on each lesson equating to three hours in total. Also attached will be videos of the teachers leading the lesson for some subjects alongside other online and paper resources for other subjects. 

We will be doing our utmost to continue offering your children the best educational we can during the current circumstances. We understand that families have different situations at home and if you have any concerns with the level/content of the work set, please get in touch with us as soon as possible.

We hope that you will be able to send us feedback about your children’s work at least once per week, if not more regularly. Please send this to the year group emails listed below. Pictures of the children’s work is sufficient but if you or your children would like to add comments then we would love to hear your voices as well. This will help us to keep up to date with your children’s progress and give them specific feedback to help them continue developing their learning by suggesting next steps and ways to improve.

Our topic this term is ‘Amazing Animals’ which children always engage really well with. Within this topic we look at different characteristics animals have and distinguish and sort a variety of animals into mammals, reptiles, birds, fish and amphibians. We look at the different environments animals are adapted to and make links to our study of non-fiction texts in English by creating our own labelled diagrams, fact-files and non-chronological reports.  In history, we will be finding out about different inspirational people within living history, starting with the local, significant individual Emmeline Pankhurst. We will use our skills of historical enquiry to discuss the changes she helped to bring about to improve the lives of women and the methods used to reach that change, encouraging children to consider how they feel about this and sorting facts into ‘then’ and ‘now’. We look at banners and design and create our own, considering what is important to us and we would like to change. Then we will ask you to research and find out about somebody you think has made important changes to the world around them and make a display of all of our inspirational people. We will be adapting our usual approach to suit the current situation as best we can but hope you and your children will still enjoy learning about these topics and completing a range of activities.


Thank you for all your support at this critical time, 

The Year 1 Team






Welcome back!

It was so wonderful to greet our students back today- we have missed them all! It was lovely to hear about their Holiday news... definitely brought us all some smiles!

A quick note for this term- we have swapped the reading days around. They are now as follows: 

Monday- Yellow Group

Tuesday- Green Group

Wednesday- Blue Group

Thursday - Red Group

Friday- All Change




We have been blown away by all of your generous gifts and cards at this time- thank you so much for thinking of us. We hope you all have a restful break and enjoy some time with your families, whatever your plans are. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! See you in the New Year...


As promised, here are the photos of our Christmas party yesterday. The children were fantastic! They really got into the spirit of things and we saw some excellent dancing and singing, we saw children being good winners and good losers (which can be tricky!) and we saw lots of acts of kindness and friendship... Well done Year 1SC- you make us all very proud!





And here they are enjoying their Marble-treat Movie Morning...


And having pyjama playtime: 




Marble Jar treat:

Great news- we have filled our marble jar! The class recieve a marble when they do a really good job at something as a team, a whole-class effort. The children have all worked incredibly hard in many areas and have earned this reward. We now get to choose a marble-jar treat which will take place on Friday morning... we will let you know what the children choose...

Christmas Party:

Year 1SC Christmas Party will take place on Thursday afternoon. This is going to be a fun afternoon of songs, games, dancing and having fun! The children have worked very hard and are ready to unwind, we are all really looking forward to it! We have asked for a voluntary £1 donation towards the cost of party food and prizes for the games but we realise that not everyone may be in a position to offer this so please do not worry if you cannot. Photos of the fun will be posted to keep an eye out at the end of next week...



This week's 'Well Done' certificate was awarded to: 

Thomas, for showing a new enthusiasm to complete some independent writing and impressing us all with his knowledge of (and use of) a range of punctuation including exclamation marks, question manrks and ellipses! Super job Thomas- well done!


This week's 'Good Citizen' certificate was awarded to:

Ronnie F for having a super all-round week, always being in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing, working hard in all areas of the curriculum and particularly impressing us with his science skills!



A fun, active maths lesson with Miss Hill!




Year 1SC taking part in the ExTraffordWINTERganza...





This week's 'Well Done' certificate was awarded to: 

Fedor for listening carefully to feedback and taking it on board to improve his writing- well done!

This week's 'Good Citizen' certificate was awarded to:

Reyansh for coming out of his shell, showing us his personality and becoming a valued member of our class.


This week's 'Well Done' certificate was awarded to: 

Kody for working incredibly hard with his writing and always striving improve it further. You have produced some wonderful pieces of work, keep it up-well done!

This week's 'Good Citizen' certificate was awarded to: 

Yuson for showing his kindness and thoughfulness to friends around him this week and making others smile.

Party Time!!!

In KS1 we have decided to use the last Friday of every month as an opportunity to celebrate all the birthdays that have taken place that month. Today was the first, celebrating all the birthdays from September, October and November but from now there will be one each month. We played party games, had party music and some party snacks and drinks too. It was a lovely way to finish the week and lots of fun was had by all! 




The children came up with some brilliant questions to ask a Chrisian about their beliefs...

We will be taking part in a virtual interview next week with a guest, where the children will have chance to ask these questions and explore the answers. Well done Year 1 SC.



This week's 'Well Done' certificate was awarded to: 

Ronnie R for improving his reading, writing and maths this week! You are working so hard, keep it up-well done!


This week's 'Good Citizen' certificate was awarded to: 

Evie for being kind, patient, helpful, respectful and hard-working all the time- a beautiful example to all others, well done! 


Geography Awareness Week

We have been exploring our local area through maps and satellite images. We also looked at some pictures of different parts of Altrincham and the children were very excited to recognise the parks, shops and different buildings that they saw! We then worked in pairs to share ideas about the different buildings and spaces we know about in our local area:




If you would like some more information about what phonics is and how it works to best support your children, then please have a look at the phonics PP in the Downloads section. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to email me.



This week's 'Well Done' certificate was awarded to: 

Neo for improving his writing so much in such a short space of time, his spellings, his punctuation and in particular his handwriting- well done!


This week's 'Good Citizen' certificate was awarded to: 

Himani for always being patient, kind, helpful, polite and hard-working every day - well done!



Some excellent Bonfire Night pictures completed for homework- well done guys!



Although we are no longer able to meet the rest of the school in a typical Friay afternoon assembly to share our wonderful work, we are going to award our certificates each Friday afternoon in class. We will post the photos on the website each week. 

This week's 'Well Done' certificate was awarded to: 

Ite for working very hard with his writitng this week, coming up with ideas and writing them much more quickly and independently- well done!

This week's 'Good Citizen' certificate was awarded to: 

Olivia G for always being kind, helpful, thoughtful, polite and an all-round good citizen all the time- well done!

Remembrance Day

We made this wreath for Remembrance Day and discussed what happened all those years ago and why we comemorate it... Some very insightful questions and comments from our little ones...


Art Competition

Here at Oldfield Brow we love our Art projects, and nothing gives us greater pleasure than when our whole school gets involved.  During our first half term, all the classes helped create a display based on our shared book: Leaf.  It looked truly magical, with hundreds of leaves fluttering about the polar bear and crow.

For this half term, the opportunity to get involved is extended to our families too.  There are going to be three categories: children, children with grown-ups, and adults only.  This means if any parents, carers, aunts, uncles or grandparents enjoy creating art, this is the perfect opportunity to have their work displayed in school!  Although we cannot offer a public gallery at the moment, we will of course create an online gallery to showcase the work of all entrants as well.

As I am sure you will have noticed, the nights are drawing in, and mornings are about to get much darker too.  With this in mind, the theme of the exhibition is going to be…LIGHT& HOPE!

How you interpret this is up to you.  Perhaps it is one of the celebrations of light you would like to capture, perhaps the flicker of a lone candle? Maybe you will choose an example of light that brings you hope: a sunrise; the glow of a window at home; a lighthouse; a garden security light that illuminates a baby hedgehog?  The limit is your imagination (and child-friendly content  ).



The children have worked incredibly hard over the last few weeks and we are so proud of all their efforts. Thank you for all your help and support at home as this plays a huge part in the children's progress. We hope you can all have a lovely, relaxing week now and enjoy spending time with your families.



Well done to all the children in Y1SC who looked super spooky for our Halloween dress up day! A great effort from the parents- well done!

(Sorry for the delay in uploading these pictures but the technical glitches have been resolved and here they are!)




Reading Buddies

We were very excited this week to listen to a story recorded by our reading buddy class, Y4CD. Thank you so much for sending us the recording of your story. We used our Now Press Play headphones to listen as a class. 

As a thank you, some super star readers in Y1SC sent a recording of a story chosen by the class, Aliens Love Underspants (a classic!), back for Y4CD. We hope you enjoyed listening to it!




We had lots of fun, despite the dismal weather, taking part in our very own Y1 Multi-sports Festival where we moved around the different stations and practised lots of different skills such as throwing, catching, bouncing, skipping and dribbling with hockey sticks... Well done Y1!




Thanks to everyone that has shared photos of where they have been in the UK. The children have really enjoyed sharing their stories and it is great to see where we have all been. As you can see below, we have added our photos to our UK display. (Those that sent more than one photo, we have just chosen one for our display to allow room for everyone). If anyone would still like to send in a photo for our display, please email it to me and tell me where it was taken- thanks!



We took out tiny friend out on an adventure around school, considering what normal objects to us may look like to a very small creature. We also discussed the different adjectives we could use for our small friend (furry pet, tiny puppy, cute dog, etc.).

The children have then been working hard all week writing up a description of the character and telling us about the adventures he went on, as well as designing the front covers to what will become their own book... Next week we are putting them together but here is a sneak preview at some of the covers:

Well done Year 1SC- fabulous effort with your writing this week!



The children had a great time embedding their learning about the four UK countries and capitals using the new Now Press Play headphones to guide them... They had great fun acting out a trip around the different places and Kody impressed us greatly with his surprising knowledge of an Irish jig!!!


(Please note, if you haven't seen your child on any photos yet then it might be that we still need your consent to post them. Please speak to the office to change this as we would love to share more!)



October is Black History Month!

Black History Month recognises the contributions that black people have made to the UK and countries across the world, over many generations.

There has been a lack of representation of black people in the history books and Black History Month is a time to remember and celebrate the forgotten people who helped to shape the world we live in.

Black History Month is a great way to celebrate and recognise the contribution of black people to modern society. Our school must play a significant role in teaching children about the importance of having respect and tolerance for all cultures.   

At Oldfield Brow, we will be weaving these celebrations into our curriculum, looking at historical figures across History, Science, English, Sport and much more!


Languages Day

We had lots of fun today finding out about the different languages in that are spoken in our class. We used these languages to do our register, we sang along to a song and then we created posters of greetings in different languages...



A big thanks to who have sent in photos of their children in different places around the UK- they are fab! Please keep them coming in...


We used a variety of objects to paint with and explored colours to discover which made us feel happy. We think these look great and hope you do too! 


Check out our experiment -  we realised how powerful soap can be and how it makes the germs "run away"!



Hello and welcome back! 

It has been wonderful to welcome back all of our students- they have adapted to the new ways of school remarkably well and settled back into the swing of things quickly. Well done guys! 

The topic for our first half-term is called "Togetherness". It focuses on how we can still share, play and care with each other while staying safe and maintaining our 'bubbles'. We will soon be uploading some more detailed information to the Downloads section about our Year 1 curriculum and resources to help support your child from home, but for now our priority is for all children to feel happy and safe back in school.


We have outdoor PE on a Tuesday. (For now, it just once a week as our outdoor space is limited and we do not have use of the hall. Hopefully, as the year progresses this can increase to two slots a week. We do other active, indoor activities throughout the week though.) 


Your child has been given a new reading folder with a new reading record and a reading book. Please ensure this is in school every day, not just on their allocated reading days. On their allocated day, your child will be heard read by a member of staff and have a chance to change their book if they have finished it. (On occasion, we may hear your child read on a different day which is why it is always important for them to have their books in school.)

Reading days:

Monday- Green

Tuesday - Blue

Wednesday- Red

Thursday- Yellow

Friday- everyone changes their book


Thank you for all of your continued support, particularly during these challneging times.


Miss Cooney, Mrs Wood and Mrs O'Keefe





Miss S Cooney Miss S CooneyTeacher
Mrs J Wood Mrs J WoodTeaching Assistant
For a full list of teachers, teaching assistants, designated support assistants and all staff at Oldfield brow, please see our Who's Who page.

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