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Natural Object Hunt

We had a great time learning about Andy Goldsworthy, looking at some of his natural sculptures and then collecting natural objects to make our own land art next week.

I have been busy collecting in my own garden and look forward to seeing the items the children bring in too (stones, leaves, twigs, sticks, flowers, etc.). We hope some of you will enjoy joining us for this project too- see the letter that came home for more details or look in the Downloads section. 



Acting out the Nut Tree poem by Julia Donaldson: 



En guard! (ready to battle/duel)... Advance! Lunge! Parry! Retreat!

See if your child can show you each of these skills, I have no doubt you will be very impressed! They also learned how to score. Many of our children said they would really enjoy doing fencing as extra-curricular activity, which we will hopefully be able to provide next academic year. They also said they would like to go home and teach you... En guard! 

First we learning how to help each other put on the scoring vest:

Then how to hold the sword, salute and prepare to engage in battle:


How to advance and retreat. Then how to lunge and poke to score as well as how to parry (block): 


If children were keen to replicate this at home (before the opportunity of a fencing club arises), a foam sword from a shop and a homemade scoring vest (T-shirt with a piece of paper stuck to it for the scoring square) would do the trick for some practise... Then it's just finding someone to duel with!




On Tuesday 3rd May and Wednesday 4th May, Oldfield Brow will be hosting...

The whole school will take part, with each class getting a slot from Reception - Y6!


“…fun, exciting and truly memorable experience for the school…” 


Children will wear scoring vests and use foam/ plastic swords, learning how to advance and retreat, lunge and score, parry and block and the etiquette of a duel through a variety of exciting games and exercises! 





Congratulations to Luke and Olivia for recieving our Well Done and Good Citizen certificates this week. Luke, your writing has been brilliant this week- keep it up! Olivia, you have settled into our school very well and we have really enjoyed welcoming you into our class. 



We are very proud of the Y1 children for their hard work and effort during the fun run!


Thanks to those children that have already brought in their sponsorship money, we look forward to seeing how much we can raise for such a good cause that is so close to the school. If you haven't brought it in yet, don't worry, bring it next week. 




We hope you all had a great break over the Eatser holidays, spending time relaxing and having fun!

*** NEW PE DAY- This term Y1 will have PE on WEDNESDAY (instead of Tuesday) and Friday as normal. Please send children in their kits on the correct days. Thanks. ***



Thank you to all the children for their fantastic performance today and thank you to all the parents for coming and supporting them - we hope you enjoyed the show! 


Well done to Musa, Buraq, Makarlo, Sophie and Luke for getting their certificates today. We are proud of all of your efforts.

Have a wonderful Easter everyone!!! 



Well done to Oliver Lambert and Bella for filling their homework star charts and choosing a prize from the box! 

A big well done to Musa also for his achievements in swimming- we love to celebrate the wonderful things children get up to outside school as well. Thanks for bringing in your certificate to show us.


We had such a lovely time in the sun this week, especially with our reading buddies in Y4CD...





Thanks to everyone for your generous donations. We had fun today in Y1 doing our own comic relief- telling jokes and performing talents and having fun team games, raising money for others...



On Monday 14th March and Tuesday 15th March, Oldfield Brow will be hosting....

Children will wear neon UV fluorescent reactive vests, bracelets, armbands etc. to made them visible to their opponents whilst playing a variety of fun dodgeball games in an (almost completely) blacked out hall! 

The whole school will take part, with each class getting a slot from Reception - Y6!

‘WOW!’ ‘That was amazing!’ ‘Wicked!’ ‘Cool!’ ‘A GREAT experience!’ 



What fun we had today in our 'Active Art' session, blasting off from planet to planet, cutting around stencils to prepare all the planets needed to create our solar system pictures... they will look great when they are finished! Oh, and while we were waiting to blast off to our next planet, we had some active challenges including star jumps, squats, hopping, arm circles and more... ask the children about this lesson as I am sure they would like to tell you more :) 






We had a wonderful time celebrating World Book Day yesterday and all the children looked fantastic- we even had a real bear join us! 

We started the day off by having a wonderful whole school photo in the courtyard. It is was so nice to be able to come together as a school like this and set us up for a very positive day. 


A big shout out to Musa (and his mum) who spent a long time making this incredible outfit to it the theme of recycling, truly awesome!



We enjoyed reading the Tin Forest and had some very engaging discussions about it with some children really showing their empathy and a good understanding of feelings. We then used our knowledge of adjectives to decribe the 'tin forest' and the 'real forest'. In the afternoon we demonstrated excellent artistic skills, drawing items from the forest and decorating them either like the tin forest or the real forest. We will put all these pictures up to create a display jointly with Y1LL so keep your eyes out for a picture of this to come soon!  



We finished our day sharing our books with our Y4 Reading Buddies and and then with a whole school assembly - where we won Mr Merrell's quiz, woohoo!

Unfortunately, we weren't victorous on the door competition but our Reading Buddies deserved to win with their amazing creation... well done Y4CD!

We still had fun becoming cheeky aliens from Man on the Moon: 

    Have a great weekend everyone :) 





Pancake day fun... 





We hope you all enjoyed your half term break, despite all the stormy weather! The children have settled back in really well and have been enjoying some of our indoor playtime games during wet play times including table tennis, throwing and catching games and balancing boards...

We have also been enjoying active 'brain breaks' throughout the days to get children up and moving for as few minutes in between different lessons- here is Mrs Wood leading one:




Out of this World!


The children were very excited and enthusiastic about starting our new topic all about our solar system! They have engaged well with the different activities around the classroom and enjoyed exploring some of teh new areas:



They have had lots of fun reading our key text this week, Man on the Moon, and there has been lots of laughter about the cheeky aliens in the story. The have been writing some wonderful 'list sentences' (using 3 adjectives and 2 commas) to describe the events and the characters in the story. We have been thrilled with how quickly they have developed this skill. 


World Book Day


Thursday 3rd March is World Book Day and we cab't wait to see what the children will be wearing this year! 

Mrs Chetwyn has set a competition for each of the classrooms to decorate their door in the theme of one of the book's they read this term... Here is ours in the process... 



More photos to follow next week.... 

As usual, children received their new Chatterday homework and Curriculum Overview for this term but the documents can also be found in the Dowloads section.

Have a great weekend everyone!








We have had another great half term in Y1SC... today the children presented their posters on endangered animals after choosing their animal, reasearching them in the ICT suite and using fact files, then compiling their facts and pictures. They are fantastic- well done guys!!!








Here are some of our safari animals too...




And our writing for Chinese New Year...









We really enjoyed watching Y1LL's assembly this afternoon, all about ... ANIMALS of course!

A huge well done to all the children who have been working very hard this week. Please ask your children about their "That's Not My..." book. We have been thrilled with their ideas, writing and illustrations and look forward to the opportunity to share these with you.


This week, our Good Citizen awards went to: Kevin (for always trying his best in everything he does) and Elijah (for being kind and caring, empathetic and thoughtful). 

Our Well Done certificates went to: Ben (for working very hard in English this week and producing a wonderful "That's Not My Rabbit..." book with beautiful illustrations) and Sami (for working incredibly hard with his handwriting- it is becoming so much neater!).




Well this week has been one of the most exciting ones so far because on Tuesday we had... Animal Day!!!



We did science experiments to discover:

1. How blubber helps animals stay warm in the icy cold waters... and it was very cold! 



2.  How the waxy coating on penguins' feathers make them waterproof... Mrs Wood did lots of splashing! The water soacked into the paper but stayed on top of the waxy penguin...




We looked at the different habitats of animals and used our skills to mould the right animals in the right habitat... 




We used collage to create some beautiful animal art...




And we had some real animal visitors into school too!!! A giant African land snail, a frog, a millipede, a tarantula, a cockroach and a ssssssssnake....






It has been so good to be back in class this week and see how much the children have been learning... Would you believe they already have 5 marbles in the jar! They all wrote fantastic fact files today about an animal of their choice, explaining: what type of animal it was (mammal, fish or bird as we aren't doing reptiles and amphibians until next week) and how they knew, e.g. they have gills to breathe or they need to come to the surface for air; their diet and whether they were a carnivore, herbivore or an omnivore; other facts that make it special or help it to survive, e.g. spotted fur for camouglage or a long neck to reach leaves of tall trees. I was very impressed by the wealth of the children's knowledge! 

I wish I could have awarded certificates to everyone this week but the lucky people are pictured below, for standing out just a little bit more and really giving their all to their work:


Well Done certificates:



Good Citizen certificates: 


A big thank you to everyone for working so hard though and for all your support at home too- have a great weekend everyone! 





Thank you to all the children and parents/carers for their extremely kind and thoughtful cards, gifts and warm messages... We had a lovely Christmas break and hope that you all did too! It has been great to welcome the children back this week and hear about what they got up to over the holidays. We have also had an exciting time introducing our new topic- Amazing Animals!



In this topic we will discover the features of mammals, fish, birds, reptiles and amphibians and learn how identify animals using these features and classify them. We will also explore their different diets and group animals as herbivores, carnivores and omnivores. We will be discussing how different animals are adapted to their different environments and what animals need in order to survive; we will compare environments local to us with those in other parts of the world and also create some animal art using different methods including collage, silhouettes and paint. 

Please find our new Curriculum Overview and Chatterday Homework for this half term in the Dowloads section (a paper copy has also been sent home with your child). This links in with out topic and should help you have meaningful conversations about your child's learning to help support them. 

We are also very pleased to let you know we have an Amazing Animals Day! coming up in Year 1 very soon. Please check your emails for the letter or see the Dowloads section. If you have any questions, just get in touch.


  New Reading Days 


As specified at the start of the Autumn term, we will be moving the children's reading days so that it's not always the same children on a Thursday. So the new reading days (for Spring term) are as follows:

Monday-Yellow group

Tuesday- Blue Group

Wednesday- Red Group

Thursday- Green Group

Friday- All groups change their books


Reading days will change again in the Summer term.




What a wonderful week we have had! 

Thanks to everyone who attended the Nativity earlier this week- we hope you had as much fun watching as the children did performing! 

Another big thank you for all the beautiful cards, gifts and well wishes we have received at this time of year. We hope everyone has a wonderful break, spending time with their families, getting some rest and having some festive fun!

Merry Christmas everyone! 

Here are some photos of the last few days that I'm sure the children will enjoy sharing with you...


Movie morning!



Christmas Party fun!





Gingerbread fun!






Although the weather hasn't been kind to us this week, Y1 have been having a great time...


We loved sharing our Christmas jumpers and enjoying a delicious Christmas dinner on Wednesday:

Due to the hall be used for many different Christmas-related purposes, we have swapped our gymnastics unit for yoga and the children have been working hard on their balance, coordination, strength and relaxation. See if they can show you some poses at home and perhaps teach you their names...



We have enjoyed taking time our to share stories together:


And we have rewarded children who completed their Homework Star Chart with prizes from the box, well done Argus, Emilia and Oliver:



Another (belated) well done goes to both Osaro and Araea for their hard work outside of school, earning them 'player of the week' trophies. We are very proud of you!




Y1 have been working hard practising their Christmas Nativity this week on the stage, which has required them to be incredibly patient and really practise their 'big' voices! We have been thrilled with their progress and are looking forward to sharing the show with as many of you as possible! 

The children's lines have been sent home today and a letter emailed out about costumes and other details so please look out for that. 

After a long week the children were rewarded with their Golden Time and impressed me with their creativity this week:


Sofia balancing chairs: 

Lottie's creative pictures: 

The boys playing cards: 

Autumn pictures:

And many more...


We finished the day, and the week, in a wonderful way- watching the Moonbeam's assembly. The children had a great time watching their performance of 'We Are Going on a Bear Hunt' and at the end it was my pleasure to be able to award not one, but 3, Good Citizen and Well Done certificates.

Well Done Afsheen, Makarlo, Sophia, Oliver R, Araea and Sofia.







Thanks to all those families that donated money to day towards Children in Need. We spoke in Year 1 about where that money would go and who it would help. Then, on a lighter note, enjoyed watching Mr Merrell get drenched with one bucket after another of water! 



Well done to Afsheen for completing her star chart of homework and earning a prize form the box! 




We were incredibly proud of how mature Year 1SC were today when we listened to Mr Merrell's assembly and had our 2 minute silence. The children showed empathy and a good understanding of feelings when we talked about who we are remembering and why. Here are some of us making poppies.




A huge thanks to all the parent helpers who joined us for our Autumn Walk to John Leigh Park today. The children really enjoyed finding and collecting a variety of sticks, conker and acorn shells and different coloured leaves, as well as other Autumn items, and observing the changes that Autumn brings in our local area. We then spent the afternoon using the items we had collected to do some leaf rubbings and mirror drawings and create prickly 3D hedgehogs. Have a look at some of our pictures below...

Your child has brought home our new Chatterday Homework, which you can also find in the Downloads section alongside our Autumn 2 Curriculum Overview. 


We learned about how to stay safe on Bonfire Night today and also created the amazing firework pictures this week.. We hope you like them! Have a great weekend everyone and stay safe.

Can your child spot their's below?




The children have been learning about Diwali today, listening to the story of Rama and Sita, which they have brought home and can tell you about, and also making their own Diya lamps. We had a great time! Happy Diwali!





The Medieval Banquet

Please look through the following pictures and talk to your children about what did... We had a fantastic time dancing, eating, being entertained by the jesters and waited on by the servants!



And of course it had to be prepared too...







Wet play- not a problem... Just Dance! 

We were very impressed by Y1SC's dancing skills, extremely coordinated plus lots of fun and fitness! 



Our first school trip to Beeston Castle!

The children were already giddy with excitement before the coach had pulled away from the school as we embarked on our adventure. They waved goodbye to the school alongside comments of "This is the best day!" and "I love school trips!". They had lots of fun spotting cows and horses and other things along the way and it was a great moment when we finally spotted the castle.


The children learned about the role of a paige, then a squire and finally a knight and we saw the different tabards they would have worn and the different swords they would train with. We all had great fun acting as knights swordfighting with our enemies!

We also saw some herbs and spices that were used for cooking and/or medicines in mediveal times. We were incredibly proud of how well the children engaged and their knowledge to answer questions. The member of staff particularly thanked us for being such a fantastic group. 



We worked our muscles hard with the long climb up to the top of the castle. Some of us stopped off for a rest on the way. We climbed over the very high bridge and finally made it!



The weather was kind to us and the clear skies revealed incredible views. One child said "We are on top of the world!" and it certainly felt that way. We didn't find the hidden treasure in the well... but there is always next time. 



Down the hill was much easier! We even managed to explore some caves and we thought we heard a scaly, red-eyed dragon behind the bars but fortunately we all made it back to the coach safely! A fantastic day!

A huge thank you to the staff at Beeston Castle, our parent helpers and mostly to all the children for making this a truly wonderful experience. 



Black History Month 

As a whole school we are celebrating Black History Month this October. We started this today in Y1 by discussing what Black History Month is and why we celebrate it. Our discussions were based around how it is important to treat people fairly and equally and celebrate our differences. We will look at a couple of different inspirational people over the rest of the month of October and celebrate their achievements. Today we started with Muhammad Ali and many of the children really enaged with his life story. We spoke about how he started boxing after somebody stole his bike when he was 12, became an Olympic gold medalist and then World Heavyweight Champion, how he refused to fight in the war and so was arrested and not allowed to box anymore, then came back into boxing and won the Heavyweight Championship again.

We talked about him having a wife and children and also mentioned how he became ill with Parkinson's Disease when he was older before sadly passing away. We watched a clip of him lighting the Olympic Torch in 1996 and a short clip of him in the ring, watching him "float like a butterfly, sting like a bee". The children have enjoyed this very much and I am sure would enjoy to talk to you further at home about this subject.




Curriculum Evening

We are welcoming parents of Y1 into school this Wednesday (6th October) at 6:00pm for our Curriculum Evening. This is a great opportunity to meet the team, find out more about what Y1 is like for your children and ask any questions you may have, as well as finding out how you can best support your child's learning throughout the year.

If you do not feel comfortable coming into school for this evening, we will be posting the PP presentation in the Downloads section of the class page on the website- please feel free to browse through it and email any questions you may have. Hopefully, we will see many of you there. 




Well, we have had a fantastic second week in Year 1! 

We have been very impressed by the homework coming in already so a huge well done to everyone that has completed something from their Chatterday - some of the castles have been amazing!!!  Thank you for your support with this.

This week the children have been counting forwards and backwards between 0-10 and finding 'one more'. They have sequenced the story 'The Princess and the Pea' using picture cards and then written sentences to explain the different parts of the story. They have been thinking of adjectives to describe the characters too. We have also discussed what a monarch is (ask them) and thought about the qualities monarchs should have and then used our own reasoning skills to decide whether a selection of rules were good rules or bad rules, focussing on explaining the reasons for our choices.

We also had our very first assemblies this and the children have been working hard on showing Mr Merrell how smartly they can line up, walk down the corridor and sit in the hall... just take a look at this:


Have a great weekend everyone- you have worked very hard this week. We hope you have some fun and get some rest. 




A fantastic first week Year 1! We have been blown away by how well the children have all settled back into school life and how mature they have been... It is going to be a super year! 

Today your child has been sent home with their reading book, chatterday homework, curriculum overview and a sheet with general information for Year 1.  These can also be found in the download section below. 


Just to re-iterate, our PE days are Tuesday and Friday.  



Our reading colours follow the PE team colours and, on the day specified, children will read 1:1 to an adult:

Monday-Blue group

Tuesday- Red Group

Wednesday- Green Group

Thursday- Yellow Group

Friday- All groups change their books

(Reading days will change termly so that Thursday children have their books for longer.)


Kings, Queens and Castles is our topic for this half term. We will discuss traditional tales in English, investigate different materials in science and explore the basic chronology of monarchs through time in history. (Have a look at our cuuriculum overview for more details of what we will be covering in school.) If your child has an item, such as a book or model, relevant to our topic that they would like to bring in for 'Show and Tell' they are welcome to do so. It would be a good idea to talk to your child about their item beforehand so they have an idea of what to say when in front of the class. 

Finally, here are some photos of the children this week exploring their classroom and completing various topic related activities... They did great!

Building castles in construction... 

Drawing and writing about our own castles...




Counting in maths...

Having fun in Golden Time...


Have a great weekend everyone and see you Monday!



We have had a fantastic first day in Y1SC!!! 

All the children have been enthusiastic, kind, thoughtful, listened well and worked hard. Most importantly, there have been lots and lots of smiles!

Today the children enjoyed playing in their new playground and on the wooden apparatus outside as well as exploring their new classrrom and catching up with their friends. They have also been showing off their phonics/reading skills and maths skills and so far we are very impressed. They have already landed 2 marbles in the marble jar (ask them what this means) and many children are moving their way up our reward chart for Golden Time on Friday afternoon. 

Personally, I have enjoyed meeting lots of new families and seeing some familiar faces also. I am looking forward to tomorrow very much. 


We will soon be uploading some information about reading days, PE, etc. but all of this will take off properly next week, once the children are completely settled in. 

We will regularly upload pictures of the children and keep you updated about our activities on this blog so please keep checking back here. Also, please ensure you have granted or denied permission for pictures of your children to be shared on the website or Twitter, according to your preference.


Miss Cooney and Mrs Wood



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