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KS1 have had a fantastic Sports Day today, showing passion, determination, self-belief and honesty! We are so proud of them!

We are sorry parents haven't been able to attend this year but will be posting lots of pictures very soon! Well done to all the children participating. 


This year, because we are having to compete as individual year groups, Trafford have organised a virtual tournament so that each year group competes with other schools. We will be sending our top male and female scores off and cross our fingers while we await the results- very exciting!!!








We hope you all had a fun and relaxing half term break. We have really enjoyed hearing all he children sharing their holiday news this week! So many of you have had exciting adventures, trips out, holidays and more!


The children have had a great first week back and have been exciting to start our new topic Seasides. In this topic we will look at fiction texts based in a seaside setting, developing our own descriptive and story writing skills; we will also look at poetry about the seaside and develop our grammar knowledge of prefixes and suffixes. In science, we will learn about the Earth and how to look after it, with recycling being a key theme. In art, we will look art John Piper’s work and create collage seascapes. In history, we will be exploring when seaside holidays first became popular and how they have changed compared though the years. In maths, we have completed our learning about money this week and are moving onto place value to 100 next and then finihsing the term with a unit on time.   (You will be able to find a detailed curriculum overview in the Downloads section next week). 

We gave out the new Chatterday homework today and would love to see the things the children do. Please encourage your children to bring these into school to show the class and be rewarded or send photos via email that we can share. (This can be found in the Downloads also).






The children have all worked incredibly hard this half term and have accomplished so much! We could not be prouder of them! Well done to everyone!

We hope you all manage to enjoy a relaxing and fun half term break and look forward to seeing everyone again in a couple of weeks! 


WELCOME to the Summer Term!




Well done to our citizen of the week, Owen, for always trying his hardest and approaching every task with a huge smile and lots of enthusiasm, even when he finds things tricky!


Also, a big well done to Olivia H for working so hard with her writing and presenting her work incredibly neatly!


Additionally, this week we had a surprise in assembly when Mr Merrell awarded his Headteacher Award to Reyansh for his excellent story writing!




w/b 17.5.21


Can you join hundreds of thousands of children all over the country to celebrate cleaner air, safer streets and healthier lifestyles? All you need to do to get involved is travel in an active way all this week. 

Why not take a look at nature around you as you travel and think about what you can hear and see on your way? 
You can walk, cycle, scoot... Whatever you want- just leave the car at home. 


Are you ready?... Let's go!




Well done to our citizen of the week, Neo- for being a great sportsman! 



Also, a big well done to Dylan for always trying his hardest and showing great enthusiasm for all that we do! 


Writing Superheroes!

We have two more winners choosing their prizes today- well done Joshua and Fedya for collecting 10 gold stars for your superhero writing!



Y1 had a fantastic time this afternoon making their natural land art, inspired by Andy Goldsworthy! We were impressed by their teamwork, creativity and the fantastic names that they came up with for their pieces of art...

"Wonderful Circles"


"The Wild Feather Armour"



"Pretty Castle"


"The Magic Garden"



"Sticky Bridge"






Active maths!

Lots of fun again in our active maths lesson today! We had to run and time our jump over a hurdle to retrieve an object. Then when we had all our objects, as a group, we split the number of objects into half. Great job Y1! 




Active Golden Time!



Writing Superheroes!


We have two more winners choosing their prizes today- well done Thomas and Himani, keep up your excellent writing!



Our 'well done' certificate this week was awarded to Owen for speeding up his writing this week and producing some lovely work. This is much better- keep it up! Well done!

Our citizen of the week is Soraya for always being kind, caring, sensible, reliable, helpful and hard-working... Thank you, you are a superstar!




w/b 10/5/21

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week 2021. This year the theme is Nature- closely linked to our current topic! Nature is so central to our well-being, that it’s almost impossible lead a happy and healthy life without a strong connection to the natural world.

See the class downloads section for our top tips for connecting with nature this week! 



If you would like to enter this exciting art competition, where the children get to design their own stamps (of which the Royal Mail will create 8 new stamps!) then please have a look at the PowerPoint in the Downloads section for details and let me knwo if you want a form! 




Y1 had a great time today exploring the work of Andy Goldsworthy and using their natural objects to create different designs thinking about their shapes, colours, etc., practising for when they make their land art next week (weather permitting!) outside on the grass. We were amazed at how thoguhtful they were with their designs and their teamwork skills too!



We had 3 new winners of the Superstar Writing prizes today too!



Well done Olivia, Maya and Reyansh for collecting 10 gold stars- we hope you enjoy your prizes. Many other children have nearly reached 10 too so many more prizes to come...



Please look at the video of our class performance of 'Nut Tree' by Julia Donaldson (in the Downloads section). The children have been looking at this poem this week and finsished by reciting it along with actions. We hope you enjoy it!


Our 'well done' certificate this week was awarded to Jackson for his brilliant maths work. He is becoming much more independent, reading the questions carefully and his mental arithmetic is much better! Well done!

Our citizen of the week is Emily who has been very kind welcoming our newest member of the clas, Imaan, and looked after her today when she was hurt- happy to give up her own playtime to do this. Thanks Emily for your kindness! 




This week our Well-Done certificate was awarded to Reyansh for an extraordinary piece of writign today based on the Percy and the Park Keeper series. We all had a go at writing our own stories today and Reyansh included a clear beginning, middle and end. He also used a range of adjectives, adverbs and conjunctions that impressed us all- well done Reyansh, a truly superb story!!!




Our citizen certificate was awarded to Imaan, who joined our class on Wednesday and has settled straight into life at Oldfield Brow. A great start and we are very pleased to have you with us Imaan. 



Active Maths

Making arrays using cones to help us with our multiplication unit... and jumping to collect our multiplication sums!



27.4.21- Violins

The Year 1 children had a fantastic time in their first violin lesson today!!!

What an exciting surprise for the summer term...

Today we learned about rhythm, saw some musical notes and tapped out their rhythms with our feet or hands, discovered the names of the strings and the different sounds they made and (this bit was espcially tricky!) leaned how to hold our violins correctly. The children were very sensible and listened incredibly well. We are certainly looking forward to next Tuesday!

There will be more information coming home in letters soon but, for now, have a look at these pictures: 



23.4.21- Certificates:

A huge well done to Lexa for doing a great job counting in 2s, 5s and 10s this week! 

Our Good Citizen certificate this week was awarded to Joshua for showing how incredibly sensible, reliable and mature he can be- a super star, well done!

Another shout out this week also needs to be awarded to Soraya- the first person to complete her Superhero writing star chart and choose a prize! Well done! 



We had a fantastic day yesterday welcoming back all the children- many looking incredibly smart with new uniforms and hair cuts! 

We were very excited to take the children for their first trip on our new Daily Mile Running track...



We will be doing this most days and as the weather gets warmer it is very important you send you child in with their own water bottle please! 


We have also enjoyed some more active maths lessons to help us practise our multiplication skills (counting in 2s today and later in the week 5s and 10s... maybe you'd like to practise at home too. I am sure the children can teach you the games we played!)...



Some of us really like our quiet 'library' time too, reading and sharing books...







Hi all, we hope you are all having a fantastic holiday!

We just wanted to let you know we have wrapped up the Space topic now and you will now be able to find videos on the website of your children working in groups to compose their musical pieces based on either Mars or Venus, inspired by Gustav Holst's piece of music 'The Planets'. They had lots of fun exploring different instruments and the various sounds they can make and the children worked well together to decide who would start when, who would finish when and how their piece should sound to make it resemble Mars or Venus. We are very proud of their efforts and they are looking forward to watching and sharing their work with you at home... Have a look at others too and guess whether they are Venus or Mars!

When the children come back to school, we will be looking at the new topic 'Back to Nature.' Within this topic we look at the difference between human and physical features and landmarks in geography, explore nature sculptures in art with Andy Goldsworthy and look at growth and plants in science. We will also be linking our English work to this topic. The first two weeks back of English will be based around the stories of Percy the Park Keeper by Nick Butterworth. With that in mind, we noticed this event being held at Tatton Park over the holidays that may be of interest to you. (Obviously it is not compulsory and children will not be at a disadvantage if you don't go but we just thought it may appeal to some of you):

Percy the Park Keeper - The Secret Path in the Gardens







A huge well done to Maya this week for her incredible enthusiasm and new-found independence with her writing! Keep it up superstar! 



Another huge well done to Isabella for being a wonderful Oldfield Brow citizen and winning our award this week- your kindness, good manners and enthusiasm are wonderful! 




Active Lessons


We have had a great time doing a variety of active lessons this week!

In our active maths lessons we compared the length of our throws and jumps:




We also moved around different stations to measure a variety of objects with a ruler. Between each of the stations we completed different activities such as star jumps, hopping and squats:



In our active English lesson today we worked in pairs to run around and find different words to complete a sentence that made sense, included the conjunction 'and' and used a capital letter and full stop.




We also had some active art where we zoomed round the different 'planets' and cut out each of the planets in our solar system from the marbled paper that we created last week. In between the 'planets', we completed more active challenges such as jogging on the spot, pencil jumps and arm circles before zooming off to the next planet:






It was my pleasure to award the 'Well Done' certificate to Marcus this week for his great improvement with his independent writing! 


It also made me incredibly happy to give the 'Good Citizen' certificate to Lily-Beth who has shown a much more mature attitude since returning last week and impressed us with her listening skills and dedication to her work!




Well done to Soraya for winning 2nd place in her Music Place Practise Challenge, playing the violin. She did an amazing job, showing commitment and determination. We really enjoyed watching Soraya playing the violin in school and were impressed by her skill! If you want to see her, the video is still available in the Downloads section. 



Reading Days


Please note the new reading days for the different colours and bring children's book bags, reading folders and named water bottles in each day:


Monday- Yellow Group

Tuesday- Green Group

Wednesday- Blue Group

Thursday - Red Group

Friday- All Change





This week's 'Well Done' certificate was awarded to: 

Thomas, for showing a new enthusiasm to complete some independent writing and impressing us all with his knowledge of (and use of) a range of punctuation including exclamation marks, question manrks and ellipses! Super job Thomas- well done!


This week's 'Good Citizen' certificate was awarded to:

Ronnie F for having a super all-round week, always being in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing, working hard in all areas of the curriculum and particularly impressing us with his science skills!



This week's 'Well Done' certificate was awarded to: 

Fedor for listening carefully to feedback and taking it on board to improve his writing- well done!

This week's 'Good Citizen' certificate was awarded to:

Reyansh for coming out of his shell, showing us his personality and becoming a valued member of our class.


This week's 'Well Done' certificate was awarded to: 

Kody for working incredibly hard with his writing and always striving improve it further. You have produced some wonderful pieces of work, keep it up-well done!

This week's 'Good Citizen' certificate was awarded to: 

Yuson for showing his kindness and thoughfulness to friends around him this week and making others smile.



This week's 'Well Done' certificate was awarded to: 

Ronnie R for improving his reading, writing and maths this week! You are working so hard, keep it up-well done!


This week's 'Good Citizen' certificate was awarded to: 

Evie for being kind, patient, helpful, respectful and hard-working all the time- a beautiful example to all others, well done! 




This week's 'Well Done' certificate was awarded to: 

Neo for improving his writing so much in such a short space of time, his spellings, his punctuation and in particular his handwriting- well done!


This week's 'Good Citizen' certificate was awarded to: 

Himani for always being patient, kind, helpful, polite and hard-working every day - well done!



Although we are no longer able to meet the rest of the school in a typical Friay afternoon assembly to share our wonderful work, we are going to award our certificates each Friday afternoon in class. We will post the photos on the website each week. 

This week's 'Well Done' certificate was awarded to: 

Ite for working very hard with his writitng this week, coming up with ideas and writing them much more quickly and independently- well done!

This week's 'Good Citizen' certificate was awarded to: 

Olivia G for always being kind, helpful, thoughtful, polite and an all-round good citizen all the time- well done!


Thank you for all of your continued support, 


Miss Cooney, Mrs Wood and Mrs O'Keefe





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