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Hi all, we hope you are all having a fantastic holiday!

We just wanted to let you know we have wrapped up the Space topic now and you will now be able to find videos on the website of your children working in groups to compose their musical pieces based on either Mars or Venus, inspired by Gustav Holst's piece of music 'The Planets'. They had lots of fun exploring different instruments and the various sounds they can make and the children worked well together to decide who would start when, who would finish when and how their piece should sound to make it resemble Mars or Venus. We are very proud of their efforts and they are looking forward to watching and sharing their work with you at home... Have a look at others too and guess whether they are Venus or Mars!

When the children come back to school, we will be looking at the new topic 'Back to Nature.' Within this topic we look at the difference between human and physical features and landmarks in geography, explore nature sculptures in art with Andy Goldsworthy and look at growth and plants in science. We will also be linking our English work to this topic. The first two weeks back of English will be based around the stories of Percy the Park Keeper by Nick Butterworth. With that in mind, we noticed this event being held at Tatton Park over the holidays that may be of interest to you. (Obviously it is not compulsory and children will not be at a disadvantage if you don't go but we just thought it may appeal to some of you):

Percy the Park Keeper - The Secret Path in the Gardens







A huge well done to Maya this week for her incredible enthusiasm and new-found independence with her writing! Keep it up superstar! 



Another huge well done to Isabella for being a wonderful Oldfield Brow citizen and winning our award this week- your kindness, good manners and enthusiasm are wonderful! 




Active Lessons


We have had a great time doing a variety of active lessons this week!

In our active maths lessons we compared the length of our throws and jumps:




We also moved around different stations to measure a variety of objects with a ruler. Between each of the stations we completed different activities such as star jumps, hopping and squats:



In our active English lesson today we worked in pairs to run around and find different words to complete a sentence that made sense, included the conjunction 'and' and used a capital letter and full stop.




We also had some active art where we zoomed round the different 'planets' and cut out each of the planets in our solar system from the marbled paper that we created last week. In between the 'planets', we completed more active challenges such as jogging on the spot, pencil jumps and arm circles before zooming off to the next planet:






It was my pleasure to award the 'Well Done' certificate to Marcus this week for his great improvement with his independent writing! 


It also made me incredibly happy to give the 'Good Citizen' certificate to Lily-Beth who has shown a much more mature attitude since returning last week and impressed us with her listening skills and dedication to her work!





Many of the children have been extremely interested in our current Space topic and so I am sure they will be excited to learn that the International Space Station is viewable from Cheshire over the next couple of weeks! Use the following link and read the article to find out the best times for viewing! 


Chatterday Homework

Please see the Downloads section for this term's Chatterday homework, which includes 'Essential English and maths' skills to practise regularly with your child, as well as some different 'Optional' suggestions for activities that will complement the work being done at school. 


We have also noticed a drop overall in children's spelling scores over the last two weeks. We are continuing to use EdShed as a platform to practise spellings and spelling tests are continuing as normal each Friday. Please do support your child with their spellings each week to help them improve. If you need a reminder of your child's login, just let me know either by email or at the door. Thanks!








Well done to Soraya for winning 2nd place in her Music Place Practise Challenge, playing the violin. She did an amazing job, showing commitment and determination. We really enjoyed watching Soraya playing the violin in school and were impressed by her skill! If you want to see her, the video is still available in the Downloads section. 


Sponsored Read

Remember as well that we are currently hosting a Sponsored Read, deadline for returned forms is 17th March!

The project is organised in conjunction with our local Usborne Organiser and all the money raised will go towards brand new books for our school. 

In addition to the sponsorship money, Usborne will also donate up to 60% of the total raised in EXTRA FREE BOOKS to the school. So for every £600 raised, we will get an extra £360 in FREE Usborne books!

Children can take part by reading and listening to a variety of different texts. Check out the PowerPoint and Parent's Letter which are in the Downloads section for further detail. The sponsorship forms are also attached.  



It was so lovely to see everyone back in school today! We have had a great first day back and all the children have settled back into school routines very well and enjoyed seeing their friends again!

British Science Week

We spent the morning celebrating British Science Week. The theme for this year is ‘innovating the future’ and we did two activities:

The first looked at the impact of 'herd immunisation' on a community. We used jenga blocks to represent the people and stickered the blocks(people) that had received the vaccine. To begin with, only a few blocks were stickered and the virus quickly swept through the community and the community eventually fell apart. 


When more and more people were vaccinated, the virus struggled to find blocks(people) to attack and the community stayed strong.



Our second activity focussed on using our taste buds to decide whether regular shaped fruit/veg and irregular shaped fruit/veg tasted the same or different. We discussed how fruit/veg is thrown away every day because it doesn't 'look the right shape' and shared our views about this. 




Just Dance!

We stayed active inside and outside today and enjoyed dancing together once again! 


Reading Days


Please note the new reading days for the different colours and bring children's book bags, reading folders and named water bottles in each day:


Monday- Yellow Group

Tuesday- Green Group

Wednesday- Blue Group

Thursday - Red Group

Friday- All Change









Good morning everyone and welcome to the last day of home-schooling! (We hope!) 


We are so excited to welcome our children back into school next week and are working hard today to get everything in place, ready to return in a safe way. Thank you to all the parents and carers for your incredible hard word supporting your children's learing during this time and thank you to all the children who have been working so hard! A huge WELL DONE!!! 



We hope you all have a lovely day with your families and a wonderful weekend!!! 


Owen, you look fantastic in your dragon costume! Thank you for your recommendation of a book - if anyone wants a funny, silly book about dragons then have a look at this one: 





Happy World Book everyone!


We hope you can all find some time today to enjoy reading or listening to a book of your choice... perhaps it is your favourite book that you have read several times already, perhaps it is a new book you haven't started yet, whatever your choice just enjoy curling up and escaping to another world! 

If you haven't watched the video of lots of authors wishing you guys at home a happy World Book Day then use the link below:


It is about half an hour long and you don't need to watch it all but there are some lovely messages on there! 


Please also visit our Literacy Page to view our own Oldfield Brow Assembly and dioscover what has happened to the eggs!

You can then click on each of the year groups to find out all about their work around dragons... Have fun celebrating and sharing these at home- we will be in school!



The children of Year 1 SC and LL have had a great time dressing up for school. The children of Year 1 LL joined us for their live session wearing dragon masks and outfits - thank you so much for all the effort from all of you!







We hope Y1LL are looking forward to dressing up like dragons for their live session today! If you have a piece of work you would like to share just have it ready with you... See you soon!

When you get the chance, the following link is a fantastic video put together by author Sophie Anderson and bookseller/ booktuber Gavin Hetherington. It is a collection of messages to children from 153 different children's books' authors all about World Book Day! It is a lovely, inspiring video, about 30 mins long, and is worth sharing at some point today/tomorrow...




Additionally, there is a fun World Book Day activity for the whole family if you want to take part (although it does require a printer). In the Downloads section, you can find the 'World Book Day Book Hunt'. Simply print this off, cut out the front pages of the 12 different books and hide them around the house. Then set the rest of the family off to find them! Each front cover has a letter missing, collect them all to crack the code! Have fun!




Good morning everyone and another beautiful day we have ahead of us...

There has still been lots of excitement at school about when the dragon will return for their eggs- no news on the motion cameras yet but as soon as they pick something up we will let you know and share the footage with you. I am sure it will be any day now! 

If you haven't had the chance yet, check out some of the amazing dragon poems your friends are reading in the videos section. Don't worry, if you still want to send your video in for us to share then please do- it's never too late!

Have a great day everyone! 



We hope everyone had a nice weekend and enjoyed the beautiful sunshine and blue skies we have been lucky enough to have!

Welcome to Oldfield Brow Book Week- there are lots of exciting things happening this week in school and at home. Oldfield Brow Mystery Readers are now live! Visit the Literacy page of the website (from the home page, scroll to the bottom, click children, and then choose Literacy) to see all the different dragon books that are read by different members of staff... which book will you choose and who will be the mystery reader? These are the 15 books you will be able to choose from and you can watch as many as you like, they will be available all week:


We would also love as many children as possible to take part in our Sponsored Read, from 4th March-11th March.

The project is being organised in conjunction with our local Usborne Organiser and all the money raised will go towards brand new books for our school. 

In addition to the sponsorship money, Usborne will also donate up to 60% of the total raised in EXTRA FREE BOOKS to the school. So for every £600 raised, we will get an extra £360 in FREE Usborne books!

Children can take part by reading and listening to a variety of different texts. Check out the PowerPoint and Parent's Letter which are in the Downloads section for further detail. The sponsorship forms are also attached.  

Remember on World Book Day (4th March) we will be having a special assembly so please tune into this- further details, including the link, will be posted nearer the time.

Finally, our dragon-themed dress up day this week will be on Wednesday for all children in school and all children in Y1LL (ready for Y1LL's live session). For children at home in Y1SC, it will be Thursday ready for Y1SC's live session. We can't wait to see what you all look like!!!



Good Morning! Happy Friday! We hope you have a fun filled dragon day! SHOUT OUT to Kayden for his dragon poem- a video of which can be found in our video section! Try and get outside for a lovely Spring walk if you can- what can you see, hear, touch, smell?



It is also National Tell a Fairy Tale day today- what is your favourite?



Just so everyone at home knows- we have set up a hidden camera for the dragon eggs, which will detect movement and start filming so we will know when the dragon comes back! We are very excited and have our eyes and ears looking and listening all the time for different clues...



Morning everyone, hope you are all safe and well this sunny morning!  Wow what a busy week we have had learning all about those dragons! We hope you enjoyed watching the Tell Me a Dragon assembly and we can't wait to see all the wonderful work over the next few weeks.  Hopefully it won't be long until we can see you all face to face! We enjoyed Year1LL's live session yesterday and we hope Year1 SC enjoy theirs today!

Have a lovely day and remember to send your super pieces of work in.

A big well done to Owen for your super dragon picture... keep them coming in guys!



Morning Year 1! We hope you are all enjoying this week's learning so far and thank you for the work that has been sent in already.

***🐉Please be sure to watch our special 'Tell Me A Dragon' Assembly today https://youtu.be/Y-TXDymns0Q which tells you all about what we are doing for Book Week 1st-5th March. Take a look at the Literacy webpage https://www.oldfield-brow.com/info/literacy/ where you will see a number of dragon books that will be read by a mystery reader during Book Week. Which one is your favourite? Maybe you could choose one to listen to each day!🐉***



Don't forget Year 1 LL's live session today at 10am. We look forward to seeing your work from RE.


Well done to Himani for doing a fantastic poster on Mary Anning, a paleontologist and her 'inspirational person'. It looks super and we can't wait to put it on our 'Inspirational People' display when we are back in school in a couple of weeks!



A big happy birthday to Ishaan! We hope you have a great day!

We hope you enjoyed yesterdays exciting English lesson and watching Mrs Chetwyn discover the eggs! Do you think the rumours are true? Do you think they are dragon eggs? We can't wait to see which dragon is your favourite today!



Good morning everyone and welcome back! We hope you have all had a restful and enjoyable break!

A quick note about this morning's English lesson- there are a number of videos within the PowerPoint presentation so we have converted this into a video format. The slides will automatically move on every few seconds but you can pause/play/rewind etc. as you would with a normal video. We this works OK for everyone but if there are any problems, please get in touch and we will help the best we can! 


Here are the children in school discovering the dragon eggs left in the field! (Well, we think it was a dragon from all the clues but we haven't spotted it yet- we are keeping are eyes and ears open for more clues!)







Home Learning

We are obviously upset that schools have been ordered to close by the government and we will miss seeing all the smiling faces of our students each day! However, life and learning moves on and everyone’s safety must come first- we need to look after our NHS at this time. We will be doing our very best to continue to offer all the children in Year 1 the best education we can in these circumstances. 

Each evening by 9pm, we aim to upload work to our webpages for the following day. (Please be aware technical issues may hinder this aim from time to time!). We will be teaching the same content in school as is being made available for home learning. Each week the class teachers from one class will be teaching in school, whilst the teachers from the other class will be responsible for preparing the home learning the following week.

The work uploaded will include an overview of the day’s learning, with rough indications of the amount of time to spend on each lesson equating to three hours in total. Also attached will be videos of the teachers leading the lesson for some subjects alongside other online and paper resources for other subjects. 

We will be doing our utmost to continue offering your children the best educational we can during the current circumstances. We understand that families have different situations at home and if you have any concerns with the level/content of the work set, please get in touch with us as soon as possible.

We hope that you will be able to send us feedback about your children’s work at least once per week, if not more regularly. Please send this to the year group emails listed below. Pictures of the children’s work is sufficient but if you or your children would like to add comments then we would love to hear your voices as well. This will help us to keep up to date with your children’s progress and give them specific feedback to help them continue developing their learning by suggesting next steps and ways to improve.

Our topic this term is ‘Amazing Animals’ which children always engage really well with. Within this topic we look at different characteristics animals have and distinguish and sort a variety of animals into mammals, reptiles, birds, fish and amphibians. We look at the different environments animals are adapted to and make links to our study of non-fiction texts in English by creating our own labelled diagrams, fact-files and non-chronological reports.  In history, we will be finding out about different inspirational people within living history, starting with the local, significant individual Emmeline Pankhurst. We will use our skills of historical enquiry to discuss the changes she helped to bring about to improve the lives of women and the methods used to reach that change, encouraging children to consider how they feel about this and sorting facts into ‘then’ and ‘now’. We look at banners and design and create our own, considering what is important to us and we would like to change. Then we will ask you to research and find out about somebody you think has made important changes to the world around them and make a display of all of our inspirational people. We will be adapting our usual approach to suit the current situation as best we can but hope you and your children will still enjoy learning about these topics and completing a range of activities.


Thank you for all your support at this critical time, 

The Year 1 Team






Welcome back!

It was so wonderful to greet our students back today- we have missed them all! It was lovely to hear about their Holiday news... definitely brought us all some smiles!

A quick note for this term- we have swapped the reading days around. They are now as follows: 

Monday- Yellow Group

Tuesday- Green Group

Wednesday- Blue Group

Thursday - Red Group

Friday- All Change




We have been blown away by all of your generous gifts and cards at this time- thank you so much for thinking of us. We hope you all have a restful break and enjoy some time with your families, whatever your plans are. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! See you in the New Year...


As promised, here are the photos of our Christmas party yesterday. The children were fantastic! They really got into the spirit of things and we saw some excellent dancing and singing, we saw children being good winners and good losers (which can be tricky!) and we saw lots of acts of kindness and friendship... Well done Year 1SC- you make us all very proud!





And here they are enjoying their Marble-treat Movie Morning...


And having pyjama playtime: 




Marble Jar treat:

Great news- we have filled our marble jar! The class recieve a marble when they do a really good job at something as a team, a whole-class effort. The children have all worked incredibly hard in many areas and have earned this reward. We now get to choose a marble-jar treat which will take place on Friday morning... we will let you know what the children choose...

Christmas Party:

Year 1SC Christmas Party will take place on Thursday afternoon. This is going to be a fun afternoon of songs, games, dancing and having fun! The children have worked very hard and are ready to unwind, we are all really looking forward to it! We have asked for a voluntary £1 donation towards the cost of party food and prizes for the games but we realise that not everyone may be in a position to offer this so please do not worry if you cannot. Photos of the fun will be posted to keep an eye out at the end of next week...



This week's 'Well Done' certificate was awarded to: 

Thomas, for showing a new enthusiasm to complete some independent writing and impressing us all with his knowledge of (and use of) a range of punctuation including exclamation marks, question manrks and ellipses! Super job Thomas- well done!


This week's 'Good Citizen' certificate was awarded to:

Ronnie F for having a super all-round week, always being in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing, working hard in all areas of the curriculum and particularly impressing us with his science skills!



This week's 'Well Done' certificate was awarded to: 

Fedor for listening carefully to feedback and taking it on board to improve his writing- well done!

This week's 'Good Citizen' certificate was awarded to:

Reyansh for coming out of his shell, showing us his personality and becoming a valued member of our class.


This week's 'Well Done' certificate was awarded to: 

Kody for working incredibly hard with his writing and always striving improve it further. You have produced some wonderful pieces of work, keep it up-well done!

This week's 'Good Citizen' certificate was awarded to: 

Yuson for showing his kindness and thoughfulness to friends around him this week and making others smile.

Party Time!!!

In KS1 we have decided to use the last Friday of every month as an opportunity to celebrate all the birthdays that have taken place that month. Today was the first, celebrating all the birthdays from September, October and November but from now there will be one each month. We played party games, had party music and some party snacks and drinks too. It was a lovely way to finish the week and lots of fun was had by all! 





This week's 'Well Done' certificate was awarded to: 

Ronnie R for improving his reading, writing and maths this week! You are working so hard, keep it up-well done!


This week's 'Good Citizen' certificate was awarded to: 

Evie for being kind, patient, helpful, respectful and hard-working all the time- a beautiful example to all others, well done! 




This week's 'Well Done' certificate was awarded to: 

Neo for improving his writing so much in such a short space of time, his spellings, his punctuation and in particular his handwriting- well done!


This week's 'Good Citizen' certificate was awarded to: 

Himani for always being patient, kind, helpful, polite and hard-working every day - well done!



Although we are no longer able to meet the rest of the school in a typical Friay afternoon assembly to share our wonderful work, we are going to award our certificates each Friday afternoon in class. We will post the photos on the website each week. 

This week's 'Well Done' certificate was awarded to: 

Ite for working very hard with his writitng this week, coming up with ideas and writing them much more quickly and independently- well done!

This week's 'Good Citizen' certificate was awarded to: 

Olivia G for always being kind, helpful, thoughtful, polite and an all-round good citizen all the time- well done!


Thank you for all of your continued support, particularly during these challenging times.


Miss Cooney, Mrs Wood and Mrs O'Keefe





Miss S Cooney Miss S CooneyTeacher
Mrs J Wood Mrs J WoodTeaching Assistant
For a full list of teachers, teaching assistants, designated support assistants and all staff at Oldfield brow, please see our Who's Who page.
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