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Thank you for all your support over the past week.  Please see on the downloads page section of our class webpage two documents that will be of use to you over Easter. Take care of each other.



* Great news- the maths resource is ready now! It is from White Rose and works in line with the Power Maths scheme. There are 5 lessons readily available for Y1, for children to 'have a go' with and familiarise themselves with the site, ready for after Easter. The 5 lessons cover the final part of our last unit (measure) which we didn't get a chance to teach in school. After Easter, a new lesson will be released each day.

As noted below, there is a short explanatory video for each lesson, activities for the children to complete (you don't have to print them, they can use their green maths books that were sent home) and answers for parents.Please use our email and let us know how you get on! 

Use the link below: 



New cursive handwriting resources have been uploaded below -these are optional but children may enjoy them! At school, towards the end of a day we would play some relaxing, mindfulness music while children practised their cursive letters. We had only practised individual letters at school, not joining letters in words yet. Below we have uploaded individual letters (which would be good to practise now many children are getting their writing smaller and on the line) and also High Frequency Words, if your child wishes to challenge themself! Don't worry if you cannot print the sheets, children can still use the guidance to practise their letter formation on normal lined paper- perhaps in the back of the yellow books sent home.

This is a handy link too to see where the letter starts and finishes: https://www.teachhandwriting.co.uk/continuous-cursive-beginners-choice-2.html

If you click on a letter it will play a short clip. 

After Easter, there will also be a new maths program to follow. This will be a fantastic resource! There is a short explanatory video, activities for the children and answers are also available to mark their work. There will be a new 'lesson' for each day. You don't need to print the pages- you can use the green books sent home but please continue to date and title the work. 


Finally- Twitter!! Keep updated with what's going on... If you don't follow us or are yet to sign up for Twitter, it's a great way to keep updated with news and find out about activities that can help your child with their learning, health and (hopefully) keep things fresh and fun in these uncertain times. There are some wonderul resources being shared each day with activities the whole family can share. Here is the link to our profile:



There are also many helpful resources on Twinkl. To access for free, follow these steps:

Go to https://www.twinkl.co.uk/offer 
Sign up with your email and password
The offer code to enter during set-up is CVDTWINKLHELPS


* Dear all Y1 parents- it has been brought to our attention that the suggested reading comprehension tool, Read Theory, may be too advanced for some (if not all) Y1 students. Instead, each week, we will be uploading at least 3 reading comprehensions in PDF format to our class page (a mixture of fiction and non-fiction texts). Children can choose from these instead. They are twinkl documents and offer 3 different levels for each text; one star, two stars and three stars- each star gets a little more challenging. To begin with, it would be a good idea to start at the one star level and see how your child does. Then, over time as children become confident, they can use the two star and three star levels. Each document also provides the answers. If you have any queries about how to best use these resources, just get in touch.

Additionally, we have had some parents enquire about a suggested timetable for the day, for a little more structure. This has also been uploaded. Please do not feel you have to follow this timetable- it is simply there for those who wish to use it and it can be adapted to suit your family at home.


We would like to send our best wishes to all students and their families at this uncertain time, and thank you all for your continued support of your child's education.  

As you are probably already aware, work packs detailing various activities will be uploaded each week that the school is closed, by 9:00am Monday morning. These are to help parents/carers at home support their children's learning. Although there might seem a lot of information initially, it is not our intention for parents/carers to feel overwhelmed or worried. We want you to feel equipped to help your children; please do not feel extra pressure on top of everything else going on, just use what works for you and your child.

Within our last topic we were looking at fiction texts such as 'Aliens Love Underpants' and 'The Man On The Moon', sequencing stories using pictures and adding descriptive sentences with adjectives, time connectives and conjunctions.  We have also been writing our own alien stories.  We have used our prior-learning of non-fiction reports on animals last term to explore different planets and write a non-fiction report for them. 

In maths, we have looked at counting to 100 forwards and backwards and filling in mising number lines and number tracks.  We have re-capped our learning in place value, identifying the tens and ones in 2-digit numbers to 100. We were moving on to measuring length and height, weight and volume- but we had not reached this yet.

Our suggested work is uploaded now in the documents section on this page. If you have any queries or would like to share your child's work, please use the email address listed on the document.

Many thanks to you all for all of your patience, understanding and support at this time.

Best wishes to you all. 



A few things to note:

* Mrs Cridland teaches Mondays- Wednesdays and Mrs Heffernan teaches Wednesdays- Fridays. We work really hard to ensure messages are passed on and work together Wednesday afternoons to ensure we plan and assess effectively for our class.

*Wednesday afternoons- Mrs Norbury covers our PPA (Planning, Preparation and Assessment time) and sees the children out at the end of the day.

*Our PE days are Tuesday and Friday - please ensure children have their PE Kit in school at all times and every item is clearly labelled.

*Likewise once reading books are given out please ensure they are brought in every day too (even if its not their specific day to read). We encourage children to read 3x a week at home or a little bit every night- please sign the children's reading records when you do this.

The Year 1LL team.


Learning Goals

In Year 1, the children participate in daily Numeracy, Phonics and Literacy lessons and the children begin to take more responsibility for their own learning, working independently and in groups. Much of our learning takes place through creative activities and planned play opportunities. As the year progresses, the children will begin working in a more and more structured way, in preparation for Yr 2. We try hard to ensure the move from Reception into Key Stage 1 is as smooth as possible.

Later in the year, the children will take part in a Phonics Screening Check. It is very important that school and home work closely together to support your child with their early reading skills. Please listen to your child read as often as possible and help them to learn their spellings each week. A pack of sound cards will be sent home with your child. Please use these cards on a regular basis and help your child look out for these sounds when they are reading and encourage them to use them in their writing. (Should your child wish to spell adventurous words, then they should use their sounds as a staring point i.e. 'j-igh-n-or-m-a-s' instead of 'ginormous', 'b-i-y-oo-t-i-f-u-ll' instead of 'beautiful'. At this stage in your child's learning, these spelling attempts are perfectly acceptable and you do not need to correct all of their efforts. Your child will learn alternative spellings for such words as the year progresses). To be in the best position possible, when taking the Phonics Screening Test, your child will need to recognise each sound quickly and confidently so regular reinforcement at home will prove invaluable. If you have any questions about the Phonics Screening Check, please speak with us at any time.

Mrs Heffernan, Mrs Cridland and Miss Limbert

Meeting Speedy, the African Land Snail. Meeting Speedy, the African Land Snail.
Haniya meeting Jarvis the cockroach. Haniya meeting Jarvis the cockroach.
Nate was brave enough to touch Percy the snake. Nate was brave enough to touch Percy the snake.
Charlie said Percy was very heavy! Charlie said Percy was very heavy!
Emma was very brave! Emma was very brave!
Jayden enjoyed meeting Speedy Jayden enjoyed meeting Speedy
Not sure about this! Not sure about this!
Meeting the cockroach Meeting the cockroach
Well done Nikki! Well done Nikki!
A scorpian! A scorpian!
Meeting Percy! Meeting Percy!
Well done Shuddi! Well done Shuddi!
Well done Liam! Well done Liam!
Brave Umaiza! Brave Umaiza!
Well done Ryker! Well done Ryker!
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