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The children have had a fantastic day for 'Beach Day'! Hopefully they will all sleep well tonight...we know we will!!







We have been doing our best to keep cool today. We cleared out our trays and filled them with water! 






Ukulele Concert

Thank you to all the parents who were able to join us today for the Ukulele concert. We are so proud of the children and we hope you are too!



Yr 6 Enterprise Fair

The children have really enjoyed visiting the Enterprise Fair over the last 2 days!



June '22

We hope everyone has been enjoying our Summer term topic- Seasides! The children have been very enthusiastic about sharing their own experiences and we have learned some new vocabulary associated with seasides (such as cliff, coast, pier, promenade and so on).  

Children have seen how seaside holidays have changed over the last 100 years and what has stayed the same. They have been learning about the importance of keeping beaches clean and tidy, understanding they are habitats for many creatures and plants.  They are now creating their own seascapes in the style of artist John Piper. 



Andy Goldsworth Art Sculptures

We have been learning about Andy Goldsworthy and his beautiful land sculptures. Last week we collected lots of different natural materials...


We then welcomed parents to come and help the children to create their own natural land sculptures in groups...


The children finished off by sketching their scultures...




What a fantastic job they all did and thank you so much to the parents who were able to join us - it's so good to be able to have to back into school!


Teach-Rex came in today and we had an amazing day!  A couple of us snook past it to see how good its hearing and sense of smell was.  We tickled the T-Rex called 'Jam' under the chin which he really liked! We also saw dinosaur babies and re-created our own short films with a green screen. It was brillant!  Jam frightened Miss Cooney and made her jump as she went to cover it!





The children had an absolutely fantastic time taking part in the Fencing on Wednesday...






On Tuesday 3rd May and Wednesday 4th May, Oldfield Brow will be hosting...



The whole school will take part, with each class getting a slot from Reception - Y6!


“…fun, exciting and truly memorable experience for the school…” 


Children will wear scoring vests and use foam/ plastic swords, learning how to advance and retreat, lunge and score, parry and block and the etiquette of a duel through a variety of exciting games and exercises! 




Back to Nature



Wow this week has flown by with celebrating Earth day and practising for our assembly which we really hope you enjoyed waching.  The children worked incredibly hard with only a week to practise! Shout out to Marcus for achieving the headteacher's award for the journey he has made in his learning.

Another shout out to Ava for being a fantastic citizen and helping to hang coats on pegs, tidying our classroom and looking after her friends.  Finally a great big well done and shout out to Jasmira for achieving the well done certificate this week you have made great progress and are really trying your best in all subjects.  A brilliant week Year 1 and well done to all of you for running around the track in aid of raising money for the Brain Tumour foundation.





What a busy first week so far already! We have begun our 'Back to Nature' topic which the children are loving!



We have been talking a lot this week about Earth Day which was during the holidays. The purpose of this day is to encourage people around the world to think and learn about what we can do to look after our planet. We have thought of lots of ways we can help our planet such as recycling, using less water, picking up litter, planting trees and flowers, turn off the lights when we're not using them and use reusable fabric bags instead of plastic ones. We decided to make bird feeders to make sure the birds have got some tasty food to nibble on - we covered empty loo rolls in peanut butter and rolled them in bird seed, using string to hang them up. 



We have also been enjoying colouring in our own 'Earth Day' book marks and writing about the ways we are going to help our planet...


We had our first ukulele music lesson on Wednesday which the children thoroughly enjoyed! You should have received a letter in your child's bag asking for permission for these to come home so the children can practise them. Towards the end of the Summer Term the children will perform a concert which hopefully we will be able to invite parents too enjoy!




The children selected different shaped leaves to draw using black card and chalk. They concentrated on the shape of the leaf and all the veins going through it. We thought about how to make thicker or thinner lines usiong the chalk carefully.



As part of our 'Back to Nature' topic we have planted our own broad bean seeds and will monitor their growth of this half term. We learnt what a plant needs to grow - water, air, space and sunlight.


We hope you all had a great break over the Eatser holidays, spending time relaxing and having fun!

*** NEW PE DAY- This term Y1 will have PE on WEDNESDAY (instead of Tuesday) and Friday as normal. Please send children in their kits on the correct days. Thanks. ***




Happy Easter everybody! We've had a brilliant last week learning all about the Easter story and watching the fabulous video clips from Rhema Arts company.  We've made some lovely decorations and Easter cards too. 

Today we had fun doing our Easter egg hunt and mixed it up with our PE! If we found a gold or purple egg we all had to stop and do a sporty challenge from star jumps to throwing and catching a ball to jogging on a spot. We had a great time! We then had to find our team colour eggs which revealed a sweet treat! 

We loved watching 1SC's assembly and we can't wait for our turn the first week back.  We also enjoyed listening to who has won this week's certificates. 

A big shout out to Thea and Lily for earning this weeks Citizen's Awards and to George and Christa for earning the well done certificates. A brilliant effort by you all!

Spellings this week are for the first week back and consist of tricky and common exception words so your child has probably seen them before but we would now like them to consistently apply the correct spelling in their independent work.

Have a fantastic Easter break, stay safe and well,

The Year 1LL team



Over the last couple of weeks we have been looking at measuring, weight and capacity. The children have enjoyed the independent challenges related to these lessons!



The children have really enjoyed our 'Out of this world' Space topic this half term. One of our Art lessons consisted of first marbling paper and then moving around different stations (AKA planets) to cut out the planets using the the marbled paper. We then created our own solar system pictures!




Red Nose Day


We had a great time for Red Nose Day.  We designed a nose, did a red nose wordsearch and also played some games outside on the field (making the most of the lovely weather!)  We played egg and spoon race, balancing a bean bag on our heads and a relay!  We hope you enjoy the photos. Have a great weekend!





Year 1 had a fantastic and very fun glow in the dark dodgeball session today!

Practising our moves!


Here we go...



We loved it!



Aliens Love Underpants!



We've had a brilliant week reading Aliens Love Underpants!  We enjoyed learnig about list sentences (3 adjectives split by two commas within a sentence) and designed our own undepants, spaceship and alien to do this!  We also used our phonic knowledge to feed the aliens real and nonsense words and in the playdough some of us even made our own alien creations!  We've planted cress seeds to mimic the conditions of some planets in our topic and have been busy working out addition and subtraction problems in Maths.  



Year 1 had a very exciting parcel delievered whilst we were in assembly on Monday morning which had come from outer space!


We received a box of goodies including a letter from some aliens on planet Zog, the 'Aliens Love Underpants' book, green playdoh, biscuits and some jumbled up sentences that the aliens needed help with. We read the book as a class and definitely had a little giggle when hearing what the cheeky aliens got up to when visiting Earth. So far we have sequenced the story in groups and presented them to the rest of the class using time connectives and list sentences. The children then went onto do this independently in their books. 





World Book Day

We had a fabulous world book day with the children.  We had a photo as the whole school outside in the courtyard to begin with which was lovely!  We then watched the animation of the book The Tin Forest and found as many adjectives to desribe the two contrasting settings of the Tin Forest and the natural forest.  We talked about our world book day theme of recycling and how the book addressed this. In the afternoon we made fantasic artwork to show the differences in the settings using crayons and collage material. Below are some photos of the fun we had! We hope you enjoy them!



World Book Day


Tomorrow is World Book Day and we can't wait to see what inventiove costumes the children will be wearing this year! 

Mrs Chetwyn has set a competition for each of the classrooms to decorate their door in the theme of one of the book's they read this term. We chose 'Aliens Love Underpants'

Out of this World!


They had had lots of fun reading our key text last week, Man on the Moon, and there was lots of laughter about the cheeky aliens in the story. They have been writing some wonderful 'list sentences' (using 3 adjectives and 2 commas) to describe the events and the characters in the story. We have been thrilled with how quickly they have developed this skill. This week we have been adapting the beginning, middle and end of the story by changing the characters, objects and events and have been continueing our use of 'list sentences' and also using 'time connectives' and 'conjunctions' to extend our sentences.



The children enjoyed choosing a topping for their pancake and especially enjoyed eating it! They loved telling us what they had had on their pancakes in the morning and what they were going to have on them after their tea! There were some interesting combinations!




Miss Limbert came to visit us last week so we all got a little look at her new addition, Tate! They are both doing very well!



It's been Children's mental health this week and in class we have been doing a variety of activities such as making our own emotion monster puppets, captioning feelings monsters and creating a range of different emotions out of the playdough for our faces mats.  The children have really engaged with these activities and loved making the puppets.  It's been great to make them more aware of the range of emotions we can feel. We have also been looking at how to care for the environment and in particular endangered animals.  We put together some fantastic posters in small groups and then presented them to the class! We hope you enjoy the pictures!


A big shout out to Hetty and Mia for Citizen of the week certificates- well done for looking after your class mates.   Another big shout out to Leo and Leila for their well done certificates for Maths and English.  A great effort by all of you, well done!







We have really enjoyed learning about Chinese New Year this week. The children have learnt how to write 'Great luck and every success' and numbers 1-10 in Chinese and have made fortune envelopes and tigers.


Thank you to the children that have brought in some homework. We are getting so many great things coming in so I think we'll need to replenish our prize box soon! The adults have definitely been kept on their toes with so many crosswords to have to complete!





We've really enjoyed this week making preparations for our assembly.  The children did brilliantly with only a week to learn it.  However, as it was all about our topic 'animals' they remembered all of the key facts.  Our assembly can be found as a link in a document saved in our password protected area- please see the text that has been sent out.  We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Well done to Zuhair for recieving the headteachers award this week!  Fantastic!  A big shout out to Nour nand Betsy for citizens of the week award and to Jasmira and George for well done certificates. A brilliant effort from all of you.


 well done






We had such a great day on Tuesday! We spent the morning completing animal science experiments, doing some art work and making animals out of playdoh.


We put our hand in freezing cold water to see how long we could hold it in there for and then repeated the action but put our hand inside a bag of lard to imitate a polar bears blubber. The children found that they did not feel the cold when their hand was in the lard.

We used wax crayons to colour in penguins and then flicked water on them. This imitated the way a penguins feather work and showed that the water just trickles off.

A lion  A monkey A turtle

The children made lots of animals using play doh.

We were then visited by some VERY exciting animals in the afternoon!


An African land snail

A cockroach

A millipede

A tarantula (This one stayed in its box!)

A frog

A python!

The children had a fantastic day and were very brave holding and touching lots of different animals!


We have had a brilliant week looking at mammals, birds and fish.  In PE we have been practising a 2 footed jump both for taking off and landing and we even tried a scissor jump! We have all been working really hard and ordering single and 2 digit numbers in Maths from largest to smallest and vice versa.  In Science we have learnt about what animals need to survive and we have watched some great clips from 'Our Planet' by David Attenbrough to help support our writing in English! 


Well done to our certificate winners this week- Lily, Ava, Marcus, Evie, Issac and Nancy! You have all worked extremely hard!


You will find RAP (RSE) planning for the year in the downloads section. The pacing guide shows what lessons we aim to cover and when, however these dates are not set in stone.


Thank you to all the children and parents/carers for their extremely kind and thoughtful cards, gifts and warm messages... We had a lovely Christmas break and hope that you all did too! It has been great to welcome the children back this week and hear about what they got up to over the holidays. We have also had an exciting time introducing our new topic- Amazing Animals!

In this topic we will discover the features of mammals, fish, birds, reptiles and amphibians and learn how identify animals using these features and classify them. We will also explore their different diets and group animals as herbivores, carnivores and omnivores. We will be discussing how different animals are adapted to their different environments and what animals need in order to survive; we will compare environments local to us with those in other parts of the world and also create some animal art using different methods including collage, silhouettes and paint. 

Please find our new Curriculum Overview and Chatterday Homework for this half term in the Dowloads section (a paper copy has also been sent home with your child). This links in with out topic and should help you have meaningful conversations about your child's learning to help support them. 

We are also very pleased to let you know we have an Amazing Animals Day! coming up in Year 1 very soon. Please check your emails for the letter or see the Dowloads section. If you have any questions, just get in touch.

As specified at the start of the Autumn term, we will be moving the children's reading days so that it's not always the same children on a Thursday. So the new reading days (for Spring term) are as follows:

Monday - Green group

Tuesday - Red Group

Wednesday - Yellow Group

Thursday - Blue Group

Friday - All groups change their books


Reading days will change again in the Summer term.



Well done Year 1 for a really terrific term! You have worked extremely hard. We hope you all have a lovely Christmas! Thank you for all our presents, cards and well wishes.

Some good news Miss Limbert has had a baby boy and both are doing well!  A massive congratulations to her and her family.

Happy holidays again, stay safe and well.


Both Year 1 classes are continuing to work hard during Nativity Practice and it has really come together this week - we are very proud of the children! If there is anything we can do to help with costumes, please let us know.

We have enjoyed our second session of 'Under the sea' yoga this week.


We've had some great homework pieces come in this week which the children have enjoyed showing to the class.




We have been learning about Hannukah this week. The children have made Menorah's and designed their own dreidels independently in our challenge areas..  We've also been learning about 2D and 3D shapes in Maths and practising our performance.  Well done Year 1! You have all worked extremely hard!


We have had another fantastic and busy week, learning about more, less and equals to in Maths and comparing the equations, practising our nativity, spellings and practsing basket ball skills today in our PE.  We also had the pleasure of watching Moonbeams fantastic assembly and we presented 6 children from each class with certificates. A big shout out this week to:

Allison, Ruhan, Matilda for our Well done certificates and Leo, Leila and Marcus for the Citizen of the Week certifictes. Well done to all of you!




We've had a great day celebrating Children In Need with a virtual assembly with Mr Merrell getting very wet, making our own bookmarks and  working out subtraction sums for Pudsey's cake sale. We've also had fun practising some of our Nativity songs and we can't wait for you to hear them!




On Monday we learnt about how we hear noises and then went on a sound walk around school. The children worked in pairs to listen to sounds around the school. They heard children chattering, teachers talking, doors banging, birds tweeting, tennis balls being hit and lots of other noises too. We also played a sound game where children took turns to see if they could identify a child's voice whist being blind-folded.



This week we have been enjoying reading Autumn poems and looking at their features. We have also come up with our own acrostic poems and identified alliteration in a number of poems.


The children have been learning to throw a beanbag under arm and over arm with control.


In English the children enjoyed exploring the items they collected during the walk. They felt the objects and used adjectives to describe them to each other.

Well done to Thea who has written her own story and enjoyed reading it out the class.


Autumn Walk

We thoroughly enjoyed our Autumn walk to John Leigh Park this morning! Thank you so much to all the parent helpers that joined us for the occasion. The children all really enjoyed searching for signs of Autumn and did great at collecting lots of different coloured leaves, pine cones, sticks, conker and acorn shells. We observed the changes Autumn has made on the local area and we even spotted some squirrels! We spent the afternoon using all the things we had collected to do some leaf rubbings, mirror drawings and create hedghog pictures. Take a look at some of our pictures from the day...



Your child has brought home our new Chatterday Homework, which you can also find in the Downloads section alongside our Autumn 2 Curriculum Overview. 


The children have been learning about Diwali today, listening to the story of Rama and Sita, watching a clip about how Hindus celebrate the festival, colouring Rangoli patterns and making their own Diya lamps. We had a great time! Happy Diwali!






The children on Year 1 LL have come back on great form after the holidays - the rest must have done them good! They had lots of fantastic stories to tell us from the holidays and enjoyed retelling their Halloween antics! The children are very excited for Bonfire Night celebrations and are enjoying the activities we have been doing this week.

In English we have listened to and sequenced the story of 'The Gunpowder Plot' and have been using lots of adjectives to describe fireworks. Today we have been learning all about Onomatopoiea and have begun to write our own Onomatopoiea poems.




In Maths we have been learning our number bonds to 10 using ten frames and part whole maodels to help find the two parts. The children have picked these up really quickly and enjoy doing our interactive number bond game 'hit the button' on the whiteboard to consolidate these facts.

In continuous provision the children were able to create firework pictures independently using chalk.




The children have had a brilliant first half of the term. They have settled in so well and have worked really hard. Spellings have not been set for over the holidays and we ask that your children enjoy their well deserved time off.  

The children looked spooktacular today in their Halloween costumes and have had a brilliant day. Thank you for all of your donations.



This week has been Harvest which has tied in really nicely with preparing for our Medieval banquet. The children brought in loads of fruit and vegetables on Monday which we all had a go at cutting (with adult support) and preparing for the slow cooker.


We made a big stew with all the vegetables we had and also a scrummy fruit crumble (sorry no pictures - it was gone in a flash!) which we enjoyed during our Medieval banquet on Tuesday. We missed having parents there with us but we all had a great time dancing, telling jokes and enjoying the feast! Mr Merrell came to listen to the jester's tell some jokes too!





Our first school trip to Beeston Castle!

The children were already giddy with excitement before the coach had pulled away from the school as we embarked on our adventure. They waved goodbye to the school alongside comments of "This is the best day!" and "I love school trips!". They had lots of fun spotting cows and horses and other things along the way and it was a great moment when we finally spotted the castle.

The children learned about the role of a paige, then a squire and finally a knight and we saw the different tabards they would have worn and the different swords and armour they would train with. We all had great fun acting as knights swordfighting with our enemies!




We worked hard climbing to the top of the castle but what an amazing view when we reached the top! We had fun sketching the castle, writing our poems and exploring the ruins.  



A huge thank you to the staff at Beeston Castle, our parent helpers and mostly to all the children for making this a truly wonderful experience and a fantastic day! 





The children have been hard at work again this week. They they have been consolidating their knowledge of part whole models in the maths challenge area using objects to find the parts and then writing their answers as a sum on a whiteboard.

They have been practising their phase 2 and 3 tricky words in the tuff tray using sand. Isaac did some fantastic maths sums during his independent learning time.


We have enjoyed looking at the homework that many of the children have brought in to show. 

Baani made a family tree and made up a castle board game!

Allison and Marcus drew their family tree and proudly presented them to the rest of the class.


Matilda loved showing off her beuatifully decorated crown. Leila drew a picture of Big Ben.


Black History Month 

As a whole school we are celebrating Black History Month this October. We started this today in Y1 by discussing what Black History Month is and why we celebrate it. Our discussions were based around how it is important to treat people fairly and equally and celebrate our differences. We will look at a couple of different inspirational people over the rest of the month of October and celebrate their achievements. Today we started with Rosa Parks and many of the children really enaged with her story. We spoke about how she refused to sit at the back of the bus and how she sat proudly at the front of the bus making a point of the injustice that was happening.  We talked about how this big act ended the segreation on the buses and later led to other major changes being made.  We summarised the main point by watching this fun and informative song from horrible histories: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Koeio4fqwmU the children loved it and really engaged in conversation about what they had seen and heard.


We've had a great few days with some fantastic learning going on! We have been looking at the story of Rapunzel in English this week, thinking about our favourite character and our favourute part of the story. 


In maths we have started the new topic of 'Part whole models'. We used hoops and discs to make our own part whole models.

Unfortunately we have had a couple of wet play sessions due to the weather but the children have enjoyed having a go at some 'Just Dance' routines!

The children are enjoying their gymnastics unit during our PE sessions. They have been learning how to do 2 and 3 point balances.

Well done to all the children who have brought some homework on from this half terms chatterday. We are working our way through showing the rest of the class their work.

Leo brought in a 3D model of a castle in Scotland and Thea made a timeline of important events in her life time.


Curriculum Evening

We are welcoming parents of Y1 into school this Wednesday (6th October) at 6:00pm for our Curriculum Evening. This is a great opportunity to meet the team, find out more about what Y1 is like for your children and ask any questions you may have, as well as finding out how you can best support your child's learning throughout the year.

If you do not feel comfortable coming into school for this evening, we will be posting the PP presentation in the Downloads section of the class page on the website- please feel free to browse through it and email any questions you may have. Hopefully, we will see many of you there. 

Hats on 4 Mental Health 

World Mental Health Day falls on the 10th October 2021 and, as a school, we would like to raise awareness and money for the mental health charity Mind. Mind does amazing work supporting and empowering anyone who is experiencing struggles with their mental health, and also works hard to increase public awareness and understanding of issues surrounding mental health. 

In order to support this fantastic charity, we would like to invite the children to bring in a voluntary £1 donation to wear a hat on Friday 8th October 2021 – this can be any type of hat that your child feels comfortable wearing. We cannot wait to see the different types of hats that the children wear.


We have had another wonderful week in school. In our literacy work we have continued thinking about the story "The Princess and the Pea" and we have been writing our own stories by altering aspects of "The Princess and the Pea" such as characters or events. We have also been trying to include adjectives in our writing! 

We also had one very eventful afternoon when we all went back in history and had to be spies. We had to be very careful hiding from guards who kept walking nearby! It was important that we stayed hidden as the Lord of our land had asked us to go and sketch plans of a very new and modern castle and bring the sketches back to him so he could renovate his own castle. We looked carefully at the different parts of the modern castle such as the battlements, the arrow slits, the moat and the gatehouse and we talked about the purpose of each part. 


Well, we have had a fantastic second week in Year 1! 

We have been very impressed by the homework coming in already so a huge well done to everyone that has completed something from their Chatterday - some of the castles have been amazing!!!  Thank you for your support with this.

This week the children have been counting forwards and backwards between 0-10 and finding 'one more'. They have sequenced the story 'The Princess and the Pea' using picture cards and then written sentences to explain the different parts of the story. They have been thinking of adjectives to describe the characters too. We have also discussed what a monarch is (ask them) and thought about the qualities monarchs should have and then used our own reasoning skills to decide whether a selection of rules were good rules or bad rules, focussing on explaining the reasons for our choices.

We also had our very first assemblies this and the children have been working hard on showing Mr Merrell how smartly they can line up, walk down the corridor and sit in the hall. We are so proud of them.

Have a great weekend everyone, you have worked hard this week. We hope you all have some fun and get some rest.



What an amazing first week Year 1LL have had.  We've been blown away with how well they have adapted to their new classroom and routines.  Well done Year 1, a super effort!

Today your child has been sent home with their reading book, chatterday (their homework for this half-term) and a sheet with general information for Year 1.  These canalso be found in the download section below. 

Just to re-iterate our PE days are Tuesday and Friday.  Our reading colours follow the PE team colours and on the day specified will read 1:1 to an adult:

Monday-Red group

Tuesday- Yellow Group

Wednesday- Blue Group

Thursday- Green Group

Friday- All groups change their books


Reading days will change termly so that Thursday childrwen have their books fo longer. 

Many Thanks,

Mrs Heffernan, Mrs Cridland, Miss Limbert and Miss Beatty 


















Just a note that:

Mrs Cridland teaches- Monday to Wednesdays and Mrs Heffernan Wednesdays to Fridays. We both have time on Wednesday afternoons for our PPA

where we discuss and plan for the class so we can ensure continuity.  Miss Brickhill  days are Tuesday andwill cover our class during this time on Wednesday afternoons. 

Some useful links-

Handwriting link:This is a handy link too to see where the letter starts and finishes: https://www.teachhandwriting.co.uk/continuous-cursive-beginners-choice-2.html

Maths: https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/ 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/OFBrowPrimary 

 Twinkl. To access for free, follow these steps:

Go to https://www.twinkl.co.uk/offer 
Sign up with your email and password
The offer code to enter during set-up is CVDTWINKLHELPS

Learning Goals

In Year 1, the children participate in daily Numeracy, Phonics and Literacy lessons and the children begin to take more responsibility for their own learning, working independently and in groups. Much of our learning takes place through creative activities and planned play opportunities. As the year progresses, the children will begin working in a more and more structured way, in preparation for Yr 2. We try hard to ensure the move from Reception into Key Stage 1 is as smooth as possible.

Later in the year, the children will take part in a Phonics Screening Check. It is very important that school and home work closely together to support your child with their early reading skills. Please listen to your child read as often as possible and help them to learn their spellings each week. A pack of sound cards will be sent home with your child. Please use these cards on a regular basis and help your child look out for these sounds when they are reading and encourage them to use them in their writing. (Should your child wish to spell adventurous words, then they should use their sounds as a staring point i.e. 'j-igh-n-or-m-a-s' instead of 'ginormous', 'b-i-y-oo-t-i-f-u-ll' instead of 'beautiful'. At this stage in your child's learning, these spelling attempts are perfectly acceptable and you do not need to correct all of their efforts. Your child will learn alternative spellings for such words as the year progresses). To be in the best position possible, when taking the Phonics Screening Test, your child will need to recognise each sound quickly and confidently so regular reinforcement at home will prove invaluable. If you have any questions about the Phonics Screening Check, please speak with us at any time.

Mrs Heffernan, Mrs Cridland and Miss Limbert





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