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KS1 have had a fantastic Sports Day today, showing passion, determination, self-belief and honesty! We are so proud of them!

We are sorry parents haven't been able to attend this year but we hope you enjoy looking through the pictures! Well done to all the children participating. 

This year, because we are having to compete as individual year groups, Trafford have organised a virtual tournament so that each year group competes with other schools. We will be sending our top male and female scores off and cross our fingers while we await the results- very exciting!!!

Ball handling

The children had to roll the ball around a chosen ankle as many times as they could in 60 seconds.



The children had to jump from side to side starting and landing on both feet. This was very tiring!


3 point balance 

We timed how long the children could balance for in this position. Everyone did brillliantly but Jake and Arran were the last ones balancing making it to over 5 minutes!


Running/side steps


Throwing and catching


Jumping jacks



You can find this half term's chatterday in the downloads section of our web page. 



We have just started out topic of 'Money' in maths. The children have been learning a lot about the value of coins and notes. They have been using pretend money to make different amounts and learning when we need a '£' or 'p' sign.


The children have begun some artwork based on the Artist 'John Piper' today. They are using different materials to create different textures for their piece of art.


Welcome back to the final half term of the year!

Our topic this half term is 'The Seaside' and how wonderful that we have started it off with such lovely weather! 

We have a new TA called Miss Howkins in our class who has enjoyed getting to know the class this week. Miss Howkins will be with us for at least 2 weeks and possibly longer.


We have moved on to striking and field games this half term and the children really enjoyed their first lesson today. They learnt how to hold a cricket bat, complete runs and work as both a striker and a fielder in a mini game of rounders.



The children enjoyed another violin lesson learning how all the notes sound. As it is Lucy's last week she asked if they could learn how to use the bow which Mrs Peacock said yes to!! The children were very excited and listened carefully! Please can you make sure children are only practising under parent supervision to avoid any damage being made to the bows or violins. The children should be concentrating mostly on using there fingers to pluck the strings and get to know the sound of each note.




Today, the children went on a Tree Hunt around the school grounds. They learnt about the difference between evergreen and deciduous trees and how to identify them by their leaves. 



Well Done Darsh! Darsh achieved his certificate this week for making lots of progress in listening and his excellent contributions on the carpet!

Well Done Mais! Mais achieved the citizen of the week certificate for being kind and helping her friends with their belongings. 

On Friday, the children took part in an active Maths lesson where they applied their knowledge of turning a quarter, half, three quarters and a whole turn to solve Maths problems. 




This week in English we have started looking at instructions. Today the children had to work in pairs to build a lego wall and then give instructions to another pair of children on how to make the exact same lego wall. They had to use time connectives, imperative verbs and be very clear with their instructions. They all did really well and although none of the walls turned out exactly the same, they weren't far off! Well done everyone!



We are continuing our work on Andy Goldsworthy which the children are really enjoying. Today they collected leaves and painted paper plates which thich they will use to create their own pieces of art work on Friday. We look forward to being able to show you the finished pieces of work!



Can you join hundreds of thousands of children all over the country to celebrate cleaner air, safer streets and healthier lifestyles? All you need to do to get involved is travel in an active way all this week. 

Why not take a look at nature around you as you travel and think about what you can hear and see on your way? 
You can walk, cycle, scoot... Whatever you want- just leave the car at home. 


Are you ready?... Let's go! 




On Monday the children were very excited to find that their beans had started to grow and updated their bean diaries to explain their findings. 

On Tuesday we went on a wild flower flower and plant hunt to see what we could find on the school field. The children worked in pairs to make a tally of each wild flower they could find and counted the total for each.

Elliott checking if Kayden likes butter with a buttercup.

Arran and Jake tallying up their wild plants and flowers

Sophie and Lucy seeing if they can match their findings to the pictures

Tuesday also saw the children having another violin lesson! They are really enjoying these lessons which also involve lots of singing and movements. Unfortunately we had some of the violins damaged whilst they were at home last week so they will be remaining in school this week to be repaired, checked over and tuned for next weeks lesson.

On Wednesday the children continued their learning about Andy Goldworthy's land art and created group pieces of work.



It's Friday! Please check your emails from 3:30pm for your child's targets.  These will be used as the basis for discussion for parents evening next week.  Violins have gone home to those who sent consent. Pleasebring them back Monday to be tuned!  They will go home Tuesdays from now  now on and be brought back the following Monday.



Shout out to Lucy who has recieved the Well done certificate this week for doing her very best in everything that she does! Well done Lucy!

Another shout out to Kylan this week for the Citizen of the week certificate for always looking after his class members and for being kind! well done Kylan!




Today, we created our own pieces of land art using natural resources which we collected from the school grounds and which we brought in from home. We carefully considered the shapes, colours and textures of each resource and how they could be placed together to create a unique piece.


Last week we sequenced some picture cards and wrote about what the bean would need to grow. Today the children followed the sequencing cards and planted their own beans. They then started their own bean diary which they will fill in each week and measure how tall it has grown.




Huge congratulations to Jakub and Tilly for being awarded the certificates on Friday!

Jakub was awarded the 'Well Done' certificate for fantastic work in maths and literacy and for trying hard in all areas of learning.

Tilly was awarded the 'Citizen of the week' certificate for helping her teachers and others within the classroom. Tilly has also been applying herself brilliantly in all areas of learning.


Yesterday, we learnt about Andy Goldsworthy who is a famous Artist known for creating ‘Land Art’. We created our own individual pieces of slate art by using 2 pieces of slate to create white marks and smudges. We then created our own class piece of land art outside by placing everyone’s individual pieces together. Over the next few weeks, we will be observing how the elements change the group piece, just like Andy! 




Welcome back everyone! We've had a lovely couple of first days back settling back into school. The children have enjoyed seeing their friends again and we have loved hearing all about what they have been up to over the holidays!

We tried out the new daily mile track on Monday which everyone loved! It takes 10 loops to complete one mile so we are building up to it! We completed 4 laps on Monday and will increase the amount each day.


Please remember to send in your child's PE kit if you haven't already as we will continue to do PE every Tuesday.


Hope you are all having a fantastic holiday! We just wanted to give you the heads up about our topic when we go back to school!  When the children come back to school we will be looking at our topic 'Back to Nature.' 

We will be looking at nature sculptures in art with Andy Goldsworthy and looking at 'Growth' and 'Plants' in science. In addition to this, the first two weeks back of English will be based around the stories of Percy and The Park Keeper by Nick Butterworth! With that in mind, we have seen this event that may be of interest to you over the holidays:

Percy the Park Keeper - The Secret Path in the Gardens (tattonpark.org.uk) 




A great start to our second week back at school with all the children being back! The children have settled in brilliantly, like they've never been away! Our topic yesterday involved looking at different conditions of planets and doing our best to replicate these conditions to see if we can get a plant to grow. We planted cress seeds and put one in the oven (Venus/Mercury), fridge (Neptune/Uranus), a dark cupboard and one left in the classroom (Earth). The children made predictions about whether the cress would grow. We will check on them weekly and then write up our final findings at the end of the term.


Reading Days

Please note the new reading days for the different colours and bring children's book bags, reading folders and named water bottles in each day:


Monday- Green Group

Tuesday- Blue Group

Wednesday- Yellow Group

Thursday - Red Group

Friday- All Change

Sponsored Read

Remember as well that we are currently hosting a Sponsored Read, deadline for returned forms is tomorrow,17th March!

The project is organised in conjunction with our local Usborne Organiser and all the money raised will go towards brand new books for our school. 

In addition to the sponsorship money, Usborne will also donate up to 60% of the total raised in EXTRA FREE BOOKS to the school. So for every £600 raised, we will get an extra £360 in FREE Usborne books!

Children can take part by reading and listening to a variety of different texts. Check out the PowerPoint and Parent's Letter which are in the Downloads section for further detail. The sponsorship forms are also attached.



Keep up with the reading! How many books did you read?  What genre of books were they e.g. fiction, non-fiction or traditional tales?  The sponsor forms and reading logs can be found on Y1SC's page for you to use! Please bring any money raised in with your child in a nemed envelope with your clas name written on it too by no later than Wednesday 17th March! We hope you have really enjoyed it!


We hope the children have had fun being back and what a great start to the week they've had with British Science Week beginning too! Just a reminder to keep reading books for our sponsored read! We are looking forward to seeing how many books you have read!!!



We were SO excited to welcome all the children back today and it has been absolutely fantastic to have everyone back in! We've had a great first day back with the children introducing our 'Out of this world' Space topic. We had a very exciting parcel delivered to our class today from the aliens of 'Aliens Love Underpants! They delivered some biscuits for snack time, green play doh and our English tasks for the next couple of weeks! Children have also been catching up with their friends, doing science tasting experiments, phonics, the daily mile and story time - we've had a great day!



From now on all work will be uploaded to the Year 1 SC webpage so that we are only uploaded the documents and videos once.

All work for today has now been uploaded to the 'downloads' section of Year 1 SC webpage.

Thank you to all the parents who have send pictures of childrens work. It's so lovely to see so many children engaging happily with the work!

Please do your best but do not compromise your wellbeing at any stage whilst working from home! If you need help, contact us. If things get frustrating, have a break, go back to it later. If you need to skip an activity because it's going wrong or causing any level of stress, that's more than ok! In all of this, we know you are juggling a lot and staying healthy and well is paramount. You're all doing a fanastic job!


Morning all, we hope you managed to have a restful weekend after a busy week!

We are aware some people have had problems viewing the videos that in MOV format rather than mp4. We are currently trying different ways of converting these files into mp4 and appreciate your patience with this.

The following method seems to have helped some people:

-download the file

-open your downloads folder and locate the file

-right click it which brings up a menu and choose the 'open with' option

-open with VLC player (the icon is an orange cone)

If this is not possible or you are encountering other problems, please do email us and let us know.

We apologise for any inconvenience and endeavour to use mp4 as much as we possibly can for all future videos.



The Year 1 Team



Well done to everyone at home and school for some excellent pieces of work this week, you are all trying really hard!  Thank you parents for supporting your child's learning in these tricky times.

Please note: An email has gone out Friday 8.1.21 with information about Bug Club (our online reading tool).  In this email you will have had the link to log on and your own child's username and password as well as the school code.  Please use this online tool for reading during lockdown.

Thank you,

Have a good weekend,

Mrs Heffernan and Mrs Cridland




Hi all, 

For those learning at home, the Year 1 collection slot to pick up your pack of books etc. is Tuesday 12th 9:30-11:30 from the canopy near the Year 1 entrance. Thanks!



Hello, we realise the maths sheet for today that White Rose has provided is the same as yesterday but just a different video today.  As a result we have made a new sheet for today and put it in downloads named '7.1.21 MATHS UPDATED.' We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.


Home Learning

We are obviously upset that schools have been ordered to close by the government and we will miss seeing all the smiling faces of our students each day! However, life and learning moves on and everyone’s safety must come first- we need to look after our NHS at this time. We will be doing our very best to continue to offer all the children in Year 1 the best education we can in these circumstances. 

Each evening by 9pm, we aim to upload work to our webpages for the following day. We will be teaching the same content in school as is being made available for home learning. Each week the class teachers from one class will be teaching in school, whilst the teachers from the other class will be responsible for preparing the home learning the following week.

The work uploaded will include an overview of the day’s learning, with rough indications of the amount of time to spend on each lesson equating to three hours. Also attached will be videos of the teachers leading the lesson for some subjects alongside other online and paper resources for other subjects. 

We will be doing our utmost to continue offering your children the best educational we can during the current circumstances. We understand that families have different situations at home and if you have any concerns with the level/content of the work set, please get in touch with us as soon as possible.

We hope that you will be able to send us feedback about your children’s work at least once per week, if not more regularly. Please send this to the year group emails listed below. Pictures of the children’s work is sufficient but if you or your children would like to add comments then we would love to hear your voices as well. This will help us to keep up to date with your children’s progress and give them specific feedback to help them continue developing their learning by suggesting next steps and ways to improve.

Our topic this term is ‘Amazing Animals’ which children always engage really well with. We will be adapting our usual approach to suit the current situation as best we can. We hope you and your children will still enjoy learning about this topic. We will be exploring animals through science and English alongside some art lessons. In history, we will be finding out about different inspirational people within living history, starting with Emmeline Pankhurst, who was local to Manchester. We hope you will enjoy a range of activities to share with your children this term.

Year 1 LL - year1ll@oldfield-brow.com

Year1 SC - year1sc@oldfield-brow.com


The Year 1 Team

Happy New Year! We hope you had a restful Christmas having lots of fun and keeping safe. We'd like to say a huge thank you for all the cards and presents - so kind and thoughtful! The children have loved being back in school, catching up with their friends and telling us all about their Christmas holidays. 

Our topic this half term is 'Amazing Animals'. 

Autumn 2 2020

We have had lots of fun today in our Christmas jumpers performing our 3 songs for you.  Miss Limbert was a dab hand at using the recording equipment and we hope you enjoy it! We will let you know when it is availabe to watch.  Have a great weekend!


Well done Certificate:

A big Shout out to Lucy this week for making good progress and trying hard in all that she does.



Citizen of the Week:

A big shout out to Hugo this week for being kind and helping others



We had fun today shaking our shakers and singing and dancing with Trafford Music today and we loved joining in with other schools.  It was very festive!  Yesterday we enjoyed making our gingerbread trees as you can see from our photos and from the finished products that we sent home!  We hope they were tasty!  Don't forget to wear festive colours or a Christmas jumper tomorrow with your school uniform!






School photographs went home in children's bags this afternoon!

Well done to Colin who won the Year 1 prize for the Light and Hope 2020 Art competition!



The children enjoyed their second Yoga session this afternoon.


Upcoming dates:-

  • Wednesday 9th December - As in previous years, the children of the school will all have an opportunity to make and create gingery trees and people thanks to G-Force.
  • Thursday 10th December - ExTraffordWINTERganza. We will be performing live between 1.30 and 2.30pm. We would love parents to be able to be part of this and, if possible, we will send you the link to this special event nearer to the date.
  • Wednesday 16th December - The Friends of the School PTA have organised a PANTOMIME for each class. Thank you for this lovely gift that everyone will enjoy. We will be watching from our classrooms.
  • Thursday 17th December - Year 1LL Christmas Party
  • Thursday 17th & Friday 18th December - Christmas jumper days

We had a very special guest this week that we interviewed virtually for our RE topic on "Who is a Christian and what do they believe?" A big thank you to Mrs Peacock who very kindly answered our questions about Christianity!  I think you'll all agree that the children came up with great questions to ask! Please find them below:

!) Why do you Celebrate Christmas?

2) How did God make the World?

3)Is God Magic?

4) Why do you celebrate Easter?

5) How does God make atoms?



Certificates: 4/12/20

A big shout out to Elliott for the well done certificate this week for a super piece of story writing with traditional tale openers and adjectives.  A brilliant effort! Well done!



A big shout out to Amy for the Citizen of the Week for always thinking of others and looking out for others first.  Well done Amy that is very kind.





Everyone has been very excited this week with advent calendar and some children having a visit from a certain Elf! We have 3 advent calendars on the go in Year 1LL. We are counting down the days by sticking cotton wool on Santa's beard each day which is done by the Pupil of the day. We also have a different child selecting the joke calendar and the class treat calendar each day. Can your child re-tell the joke of the day? 

The children have been working on retelling 'The Frog Prince' story in their own words. We are very proud of Sophie, Amelie and Ami's stories!




This half term we have been learning how to do lots of different jumps, hops and kicks. Today the children worked really hard to master hurdles, long jump and jumping over skipping ropes. They did really well and loved it! Apologies for the blurry action shots - they were just moving so fast!


Wet play

Wet play is always a bit of a disappointment for the children, but not this week! We have got some new indoor equipment which is dedicated to wet play sessions. 



We have continued our learning about atoms by extending our atom game. When we called out "coin" the children needed to get into a group of 5 in the shape of a circle and when we called out "pencil" they needed to get in a straight line in a group of 4.

We've had a very busy week this week in English we have re-told the story of the Frog Prince.  In maths we have been continuing with subtraction and fact families and we have also been learning our songs and signing for Trafford Music!



We have had a very special afternoon celebrating all our birthdays from September- October as part of our bubble so children can have a party with their class mates! We will be continuing this all year on the last Friday of the month for the children's birthdays that fall in that month! We had a great time dancing and playing party games and having some party food.


Well done Certificate:

A big shout out to Arran for the well done certificate this week which he achieved for his super writing in English and across all other subjects too! Well done!


Citizen of the Week:

A big shout out to Amelie for the Citizen of the week- for alwas helping her friends and the adults in school and for looking after everyone! Well done!



We have been having fun behaving like atoms! Children had to move around the room safely and when the Teacher called out “atom” they had to freeze and makes themselves as small as possible to represent an atom. This helped them to understand what an atom is and how atoms make up different objects.

Once the children were familiar with this instruction, we started to call out “two atoms”, “three” atoms etc. The children then needed to form groups of this number and make themselves as small as possible.

The children then worked in their house groups to sort out pictures of solids and liquids, placing them under the correct heading. They worked as a team discussing each picture.

Geography Awareness Week

Last week we celebrated Geography Awareness Week! The children learned about their local area, where they live and how to write their own address. They worked in groups to share their knowledge of what type of buildings and spaces there are in and around Altrincham and Oldfield Brow. For example, hospital, parks, shops etc. They wrote them on a whiteboard and a member from each group presented them to the rest of the class. We then looked at a passport and the children went on to create their own.


Exciting news in year 1LL this week. we have started certificates again! From now on every Friday after our virtual assembly two children will achieve a certificate for working hard or for being a good citizen! Please also find a phonics powerpoint in downloads as to how we teach phonics in year 1.

Well done certificate:

A big shout out to Sam for trying really hard in his writing this week, writing some tricky sentences independently!Well done!



Citizen of the week:


A big shout out to Darsh who achieved the citizen of the week for always helping his friends and teachers around the class but inparticular helping another class member to put on their shoes.  Well done!



Welcome back, hope you had a great half term followed by a safe and fun bonfire night.  The children have been learning all about poetry related to fireworks this week and also learning about the history of Guy Fawkes.  Please see below for our art competition:


Art Competition

Here at Oldfield Brow we love our Art projects, and nothing gives us greater pleasure than when our whole school gets involved.  During our first half term, all the classes helped create a display based on our shared book: Leaf.  It looked truly magical, with hundreds of leaves fluttering about the polar bear and crow.

For this half term, the opportunity to get involved is extended to our families too.  There are going to be three categories: children, children with grown-ups, and adults only.  This means if any parents, carers, aunts, uncles or grandparents enjoy creating art, this is the perfect opportunity to have their work displayed in school!  Although we cannot offer a public gallery at the moment, we will of course create an online gallery to showcase the work of all entrants as well.

As I am sure you will have noticed, the nights are drawing in, and mornings are about to get much darker too.  With this in mind, the theme of the exhibition is going to be…LIGHT& HOPE!

How you interpret this is up to you.  Perhaps it is one of the celebrations of light you would like to capture, perhaps the flicker of a lone candle? Maybe you will choose an example of light that brings you hope: a sunrise; the glow of a window at home; a lighthouse; a garden security light that illuminates a baby hedgehog?  The limit is your imagination (and child-friendly content  ).


Autumn 1 2020

Black History Month

October is Black History Month!


Black History Month recognises the contributions that black people have made to the UK and countries across the world, over many generations.

There has been a lack of representation of black people in the history books and Black History Month is a time to remember and celebrate the forgotten people who helped to shape the world we live in.

Black History Month is a great way to celebrate and recognise the contribution of black people to modern society. Our school must play a significant role in teaching children about the importance of having respect and tolerance for all cultures.   


At Oldfield Brow, we will be weaving these celebrations into our curriculum, looking at historical figures across History, Science, English, Sport and much more!



We had a great trial session with the 'Now Press Play' headphones. We listened to a story where the children had to act out what was happening.



European Languages Day

We completed a tally of all the different languages spoken by children at home. We had English, Mandarin, Arabic and Chinese! We enjoyed listening and exploring different ways to say hello in lots of languages. The children then went on to makle their own poster.





We used a variety of objects to paint with and explored colours to discover which made us feel happy. We hope you like them as much as us! 

We have been learning about our senses. We put together a pictogram of our class eye colours.


This week we have been learning about what countries are in the United Kingdom and talking about places we have visited. Many of the children have been able to tell us if they have visited somewhere in England, N.Ireland, Scotland or Wales. Some children told us of family members that live in these places too! If you have any pictures of your child visiting these places we would really appreciate if you could email them in to year1ll@oldfield-brow.com so we can add them to our class Geography display. Thank you!


We hope your child enjoyed their first P.E lesson today! We enjoyed moving about in different ways and then pretending to be dinosaur hunters collecting eggs in teams. Please can you make sure your child has a named PE kit in school for both indoor and outdoor session. Thank you!


Your child has been given a new reading folder with a new reading record and a reading book. Please ensure this is in school every day, not just on their allocated reading days. On their allocated day, your child will be heard read by a member of staff and have a chance to change their book if they have finished it. (On occasion, we may hear your child read on a different day which is why it is always important for them to have their books in school.)

Reading days:

Monday - Red

Tuesday - Yellow

Wednesday - Blue

Thursday - Green

Friday - everyone changes their book

Thank you for all of your continued support, particularly during these challenging times.

Mrs Cridland, Mrs Heffernan & Miss Limbert



It was so lovely to hear about what you enjoyed about being back at school last week with Mrs Heffernan and Miss Limbert. I have really enjoyed getting to know all of you today and look forward to the year ahead with such a lovely group of children!

The topic for our first half-term is called "Togetherness". It focuses on how we can still share, play and care with each other while staying safe and maintaining our 'bubbles'. We will soon be uploading some more detailed information to the Downloads section about our Year 1 curriculum and resources to help support your child from home, but for now our priority is for all children to feel happy and safe back in school.


We have outdoor PE on a Tuesday. (For now, it just once a week as our outdoor space is limited and we do not have use of the hall. Hopefully, as the year progresses this can increase to two slots a week. We do other active, indoor activities throughout the week though.) 

Mrs Cridland


Hello and welcome back to school year 1LL.  We hope you had a lovely first day back with us- it was nice to see all of your smiling faces and we hope you enjoyed the day as much as us.

Have a lovely evening and we will see you tomorrow.

Mrs Heffernan and Mrs Limbert

Just a note that:

Mrs Cridland teaches- Monday to Wednesdays and Mrs Heffernan Wednesdays to Fridays. We both have time on Wednesday afternoons for our PPA

where we discuss and plan for the class so we can ensure continuity.  Mrs Norbury will cover our class during this time on Wednesday afternoons. 

Some useful links-

Handwriting link:This is a handy link too to see where the letter starts and finishes: https://www.teachhandwriting.co.uk/continuous-cursive-beginners-choice-2.html

Maths: https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/ 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/OFBrowPrimary 

 Twinkl. To access for free, follow these steps:

Go to https://www.twinkl.co.uk/offer 
Sign up with your email and password
The offer code to enter during set-up is CVDTWINKLHELPS

Learning Goals

In Year 1, the children participate in daily Numeracy, Phonics and Literacy lessons and the children begin to take more responsibility for their own learning, working independently and in groups. Much of our learning takes place through creative activities and planned play opportunities. As the year progresses, the children will begin working in a more and more structured way, in preparation for Yr 2. We try hard to ensure the move from Reception into Key Stage 1 is as smooth as possible.

Later in the year, the children will take part in a Phonics Screening Check. It is very important that school and home work closely together to support your child with their early reading skills. Please listen to your child read as often as possible and help them to learn their spellings each week. A pack of sound cards will be sent home with your child. Please use these cards on a regular basis and help your child look out for these sounds when they are reading and encourage them to use them in their writing. (Should your child wish to spell adventurous words, then they should use their sounds as a staring point i.e. 'j-igh-n-or-m-a-s' instead of 'ginormous', 'b-i-y-oo-t-i-f-u-ll' instead of 'beautiful'. At this stage in your child's learning, these spelling attempts are perfectly acceptable and you do not need to correct all of their efforts. Your child will learn alternative spellings for such words as the year progresses). To be in the best position possible, when taking the Phonics Screening Test, your child will need to recognise each sound quickly and confidently so regular reinforcement at home will prove invaluable. If you have any questions about the Phonics Screening Check, please speak with us at any time.

Mrs Heffernan, Mrs Cridland and Miss Limbert





Mrs L Cridland Mrs L CridlandTeacher
Mrs L Heffernan Mrs L HeffernanTeacher
Miss D Limbert Miss D LimbertTeaching Assistant
For a full list of teachers, teaching assistants, designated support assistants and all staff at Oldfield brow, please see our Who's Who page.
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