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Welcome to Reception!

Class email: reception@oldfield-brow.com

This week we will be learning all about dinosaurs!

We will learn the names of some common dinosaurs. We will sort and classify carnivores, herbivores and omnivores and learn about the diets of different dinosaurs.

We will measure the size of a T-rex and use everyday objects to help us make relevant companions.

Our EYFS garden may be welcoming a new arrival in a nest that we will build together! We will make predictions and use descriptive language to describe the dinosaur inside the egg!

The children will learn what it is to be a palaeontologist and how dinosaur remains are discovered and taken from different places around the world.

The children will be able to make their own fossils with playdough and dig for bones in different places.

The children have already asked to learn about how dinosaurs died and why there are no dinosaurs now. The children also want to learn more information about Tyrannosaurus Rex!

We will be making footprints and measuring the size of it using our own feet! I wonder how many Reception children’s feet we can fit into the foot print of a T-Rex!

We hope you have a lovely holiday! See you after the break!

Miss Y Brickhill Miss Y BrickhillTeacher
Mrs H Ogden-Leigh Mrs H Ogden-LeighTeaching Assistant
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