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Welcome to Sunrays. 

Week beginning 30.3.20

Thank you for all of your support and effort over this past week. In the downloads section of this page below, there is a letter and two documents that will be of use to you over Easter. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Stay safe. Miss Brash 


Dear Parents, 

I hope you are all keeping well and you and your children are enjoying this lovely sunshine! 

As our school has been closed and the children are to remain at home with you for the foreseeable future, I thought it was perhaps best for me to try and explain a little about how our classroom works and how your child’s learning is organised and planned for in my room. This way, you can hopefully continue supporting your child's Learning Journey feeling confident and upbeat! 

As Sunray’s teacher, I try to plan each set of ‘lessons’ or ‘learning opportunities’ based upon the interests of the children in the class. I find this out by simply listening to them talk, and by watching them play etc. My EYFS classroom is not a quiet, orderly place to be. My classroom is noisy, lively, full of excitement, laughter, discussions and problemsolving. My floor is never free of paint, glitter, play dough, water or bricks! I work towards there being children in all areas of my room questioning, experimenting, exploring, testing, contemplating, thinking, challenging, creating and building etc. Despite what sounds like chaos, play based learning and first hand experiences are believed to be how the youngest children in school learn best. I believe this wholeheartedly. 

As you read through the list of activities and websites I have suggested, please keep the above thoughts and images in mind when preparing to help your child ‘learn from home’. 

Should you wish to keep to a familiar school routine whilst at home, then you could follow our Reception pattern of the day. This is just a guide to give you an idea of what we do in class each day it is NOT a timetable for you to follow at home. Please understand that I share it only to support – I am not suggesting you turn your lounge into Sunray’s classroom! 

9 – 9.30 Handwriting and Fab 5 sentence writing (for Fab 5 we give the children a picture then they talk with a partner about what they see before writing their own sentence – ask your child about the Fab 5 rules: Capital letter, sound talk, finger spaces, neatest handwriting, full stop.)

9.30 – 10.30 Literacy focus – read a story/non-fiction text then i.e. write, draw and label a character, make a story map of the events using toys or drawings, retell the story in sentences, write a shopping list, write a letter to someone special…

10.30 – 11 Physical activity – have a run around the garden, ride your bike, bounce on a trampoline, hunt for bugs, follow an online PE session.

11.00 Phonics – practise using your keyring or use online resources and activities on Twinkl, Phonics Play. Write some of your key and tricky words – segment and blend the sounds and letters.

11.30 – 12.30 Lunchtime

12.35 – 12.55 Practise fine motor skills by drawing – follow instructions using online sites such as Squiggler, How to draw a … (on YouTube) or just draw things you see around your home.

12.55 – 1.20 Maths focus – count in 2s, 10s and 5s, can you recognise each coin and add up coins of different amounts? Role play being a shop keeper and customer, label some of your toys with prices and find the right coins to pay, sort some toys by size or things around the home by their shape, length, weight. Have you got a big clock or watch that you can use to learn how to tell the time? The Twinkl website has lots of ideas for Maths.

1.20 -3.00 Explore a variety of activities for:

Physical Development – throwing/catching a ball, balancing, skipping, complete a jigsaw, make a den. 

Creativity – paint a picture, do an observational drawing, build a model, cooking, sing, dance.

Knowledge and Understanding of the World – find out about people, places, things that interest you, use Facetime or Whatsapp to catch up with grandparents, explore your favourite animal and where it lives. 

3.00 Story time – read anything and everything to your child, as often as possible!

I would urge you to, above all else, and in order to help your child learn best, simply PLAY with them, TALK with them and LISTEN to them. Learning outdoors and alongside others (you) in active, fun situations cannot be underestimated or ignored at this time.

Please do not feel any pressure to keep up the work that a teacher would do each day in school! There are 7 areas of learning within the Foundation Stage curriculum – choose the activities your child would enjoy the most and focus on those; make this family time count and have fun!

Some of the activities below show what the children would have been learning about next week had we been in class. The activities are not a list of things you ‘must’ or ‘should’ do, they are simply a selection of ideas surrounding a theme that are intended to help you find a starting point and add some consistency/focus/purpose… and hopefully some fun, into the uncertain time we face ahead. 

Should you need any help or support with the activities below please contact me via this email address: sunrays@oldfield-brow.com and I will do my very best to help you where I can. 

I wish everybody my very best and I hope you all remain well and keep safe. 

I will miss my Sunrays class so much, so please tell them I’m thinking about them and please let them share pictures/videos/messages with me via this email too. 

I look forward to hearing from you all soon.

Take care everyone. 


Miss Brash. 


Miss E Brash Miss E BrashTeacher
Mrs D Smith-Burnand Mrs D Smith-BurnandTeaching Assistant
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