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Welcome to Sunrays 


This half terms theme is about water.   




Our theme title is the question ‘Where did all the water go?’


In week 1 we learn about lots of different uses for water. We learnt water is most commonly used for washing, cooking, helping to grow our food and for drinking. We also agreed that water can be lots of fun! We learnt about how important water is to our bodies and how it helps us keep healthy. We learnt about the difference between fresh water and salt water and we thought together about the ways in which we can save water so we don’t waste it.

In week 2 we have learnt all about the water cycle and how all of the water we have on our planet is millions of years old and the same water that the dinosaurs drank! We have learnt about rain clouds and how they are formed. We have learnt about snow and how this is similar to frozen rain. We have made our own water cycle in a bottle in our investigation are and watched as the water evaporated and condensed within it. We have made lots of watery pictures and transient art with the small parts. We now know so much new vocabulary!




In week 3 we will be learning all about sea creature and animals that call wet and watery places ‘home!’ We will be looking at the different creatures that live in the deeper depths of the ocean and discovering some very unusual, ‘ugly’ creatures like the blob fish and the ugly fish! One little boy in our class has already requested that we learn about ‘real-life dragons’, so we will be spending some time this week looking into leafy sea dragons that live just off the coast of Australia and also discovering the unusual creatures from the waters surrounding the Galapagos Islands where Komodo dragons live! We will be learning about whales, sharks and dolphins and then finding out more about the children’s favourite sea creatures later in the week.



In week 4 we take a look at the effect of plastic pollution and how it is so important for us all to do more to take care of the creatures in our seas if our planet it to remain healthy. We will learn about reducing, reusing and recycling our waste and what we can do to stop our water becoming one large garbage patch! We will learn about the work done by Greenpeace and other eco-friendly organisations. We are also looking forward to sharing the story of ‘Greta and the Giants’.   






In week 5 we are so excited to be learning all about pirates! We will be building and making boats, dressing up, and learning how to speak just like a real pirate! We will be learning about sea voyagers such as Christopher Columbus and Charles Darwin and how their incredible journeys changed the world! We will learn about floating and sinking, magnets and magnetic materials and which materials are waterproof! We look forward to making maps and following directions to find buried treasure, but most of all we are really looking forward to our Reception Pirate Party The children will be celebrating the end of the year in style with a Yo Ho Ho and dance with their hearties before they ‘abandon ship’ at the end of the year!





Miss E Brash Miss E BrashTeacher
Mrs D Smith-Burnand Mrs D Smith-BurnandTeaching Assistant
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