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To All Parents and Guardians,

On behalf of everyone at Oldfield Brow, can I thank everyone for their extraordinary efforts within an extraordinary year. To all the parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters who have helped support your child over the past months, your support has been much appreciated.

As we now close for the summer, may I wish you all a very happy summer. Some may be travelling away on holiday and some may not, but to you all, we would like to wish you all a good break.

From this point onwards, your child's class email will not be monitored until September, but if you need to contact the school please email us on office@oldfield-brow.com and we will reply as soon as possible.

Take care of one another and see you all in September.



Monday 20th July - Hello everybody, it's the last week of term! You've all made it and done such a good job both at home and school- well done! This week, there is a selection of fun activities that span across EYFS Key stage 1 and 2. Most of these activities are appropriate for all ages. Please feel free to dip in and out with them and have fun! 

Thank you also to all of our parents and carers for everything you have done to support your child's learning throughout this difficult time since March. We are all very grateful for all you have done. Have a fun week and have an enjoyable Summer. 

Mrs Hardman



Friday 17th July - It's the last day of home learning today! I hope you have enjoyed what you have been learning, both at home and at school and we have been so very impressed with the work that we have seen and that has been sent to us over the recent weeks! Well done everyone! You have all worked so hard and should be very proud of all of your acheivements. 

It's time for some exciting activities of a different kind next week. Check back here on Sunday for something a bit different in the downloads box! Have a great weekend everyone.  



Reading Together Day

Hi - its Mrs C. It's Reading Together Day! It doesn't matter how old we are, reading together can be a special family time. Why not send in a picture of story-time today to appear on the blog?Make a point today of sharing a book with someone you care about. What will you share? Author and Waterstones Children's Laureate Cressida Cowell shares her 10 top tips for parents and carers here... 




Thursday 16th July - Good morning everyone. I hope you are all keeping well. Have a look at this You tube link. Can you learn the song? 



I hope you enjoy it! 



Wednesday 15th July - What a wet day! All we need is the sunshine back! As you already know; rain and sunshine make rainbows! Perhaps you could try this exciting experiement today: 

Make a walking rainbow! 





Tuesday 14th July

Good morning everyone. I hope you all enjoyed reading your school report yesterday. I hope your grown-ups were pleased with them. Here is today's challenge for you: 

Very soon you will be in Year 1 and I know Miss Cooney is really looking forward to being your teacher. Can you write a letter to them telling them all about the things that make you so special? Can you tell her what you enjoy doing and what you are most looking forward to in Year 1? For children at home, ask your grown-up to take a picture of your letter and email it to me. I will make sure I pass it on to Miss Cooney. 

Have another super day! 


Sunday 12th July 

Hello everyone. I hope you all been enjoying the lovely sunshine once again this weekend! 

This is our last week of home learning acitivities before the Summer. We are off on a voyage of discovery and climbing aboard a pirate ship this week! 

Take a look at the download box to see the exciting activities we have prepared for you. 

Have a great week both at home and at school! 




This week (beginning 6.7.20) our home and school learning is sadly about POLLUTION - how do we damage our water and planet and more importantly what we can do to stop this?

Some of the images may make you sad - they do for me too - how can we protect our wildlife and environment and take responsibility for caring for the earth that we all live on?

Let's try to make a change and show kindness to the humans, animals and plants that we share our planet, Earth, with.

Have a lovely week - Mrs Hardman#


Tuesday 7th July

Good morning! Here is a challenge for you: 

Trace the Impossible Triangles

Trace the shape below, but under these rules:

1. You can start anywhere on the figure.
2. You cannot lift your writing tool once you start tracing.
3. You cannot trace over any segment more than once.



Wednesday 8th July

Good morning everyone. Why not sign up for the plastic survey below and join in with plastic free July! 






Tuesday 30.6.20 Here is another tongue twister for you; can you say it quickly 3 times then write the sentence using our Fab Five rules?

"She sells sea shells on the sea shore".

Wednesday 1.7.20 Find some fantastic "Sports Day" activities to try at home in the downloads section - labelled as rainbow activities.


Thursday 2.7.20 

Good morning everyone! 

Imagine you have found a magic shell. You can have one wish! What would it be? What would happen? Can you find any shells at home?




Have a great day. 

Friday 3.7.20

Here is another challenge: Spread out big pieces of paper with letters written on them on the floor. Your grown-up can say a simple word and you can jump on and say the letters that make that word.

Have a great weekend everyone. 


Friday 26.06.20

The weather is certainly different today! I wonder if you can find out how thunder and lightning are made? What happens in the clouds? 

Enjoy the weekend everyone. 

Thursday 25.06.20

What a hot, sunny day it is today. 

Why not try some shadow drawing?  

Have a great day everyone! 


Wednesday 24.06.20

Good morning everyone. 

I have a joke for you this morning:

"What can make an octopus laugh?"

Can you guess? 


Answer: Ten tickles! (tentacles).


Can you make someone laugh? Can you tell a joke? 


Tuesday 23.06.20 

Good morning everyone. 

Here is a new challenge for you all: 

Have a look at this picture. Do you recognise the sea creatures? Can you name them all? 


Good luck! 


Monday 22.06.20

Welcome to a brand new week! Below is this week's Home Learning Activities. We will be learning all about sea creatures and life beneath the waves. 

Have a good week everyone. 


Friday 19.06.20

Happy Father's Day to all of the special men in our families this weekend. 

The children in school have made something special for their special someone this week. Have a look at the photos below. 

Have a great weekend everyone! 


Thursday 18.6.20

What a wet and rainy day! Hopefully the sunshine will be out again later. 

Here is today's challenge: 

Can you learn to sing Incy Wincy Spider? Can you learn the action too? 

Have fun everyone and stay safe! 


Wednesday 17.6.20 Challenge:

Have you seen the weather?

Storms, floods, hailstones, thunder... can you think of some words to descibe what you saw, heard, felt - were you scared or excited?

Write a sentence or more about your experience.

Here's a little challenge for Tuesday 16.6.20 - a tongue twister - can you say it quickly 3 times?

"The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plane"

Now see if you can write that sentence on your own using our Fab 5 rules: capital letter, sound talk, finger spaces, best handwriting, full stop.

Please find new and exciting learning activities and suggestions for the week beginning 15.6.20 in the downloads section.

Keep checking the website daily for other challenges. Take care - Mrs Hardman.

For those parents of children coming back into school tomorrow you may wish to watch the video that Mr Merrell has put a link to on his welcome page.

Here are two stories about returning to school written for younger children. One story is a Youtube link for an animated story called 'While we can't hug' -tissues at the ready!




and the other is a story to read that I have added to the download box. 

Hope they help you!  



Here are some useful links for the Summer Reading Challenge

Don't forget that Trafford Libraries have already announced the Summer Reading Challenge, and this year – it’s digital! There's no need to worry about going to the library - you can download eBooks for free once you are a library member! You can read all summer long to your heart's content - so why not get a head start?

As part of the Summer Reading Challenge, meet the Silly Squad, record and set your own challenges on line, take part in competitions and unlock prizes along the way!


Children can download eBooks and eAudiobooks for free via the Trafford Libraries eLibrary via BorrowBox(app available).  If you are not already a member of your local library you can join online here:


Once a member take a look at some of the titles you could borrow:


There is a comprehensive help section here https://summerreadingchallenge.org.uk/help   and additional information to be seen here https://summerreadingchallenge.org.uk/parents-carers  

Have a great weekend everyone! 



Good morning everyone. 

I hope you are all well. Here is the next challenge

Challenge number 2: 

Find out what happens to the water in your bath when you pull the plug. Where does it go? What can you find out?

Have fun today. 




Good morning. 

Did you know it is bike week this week. 

Have a look at the link below for all sorts of interesting activities to try with your families. 


I hope you enjoy them.  



Good morning everyone! 

I hope you are excited by our new theme for this half term and I hope you have had a good look at all the activities suggestions that you may like to try at home. 

Every few days there will be another small challenge for you to try on our webpage, so remember to check back regularly to find out what they are. See if you can complete any of them! 


Challange number 1: 

There are lots of living creatures and other things in or around the sea that have the 'sh' sound in them. Can you think of 3 of them? 

I'd love to know what words you can come up with. 

Have a great day! 


Welcome back to the last half term of this most unusual year - please find this week's planning and activity ideas for Summer 2 Week 1 in the downloads section - our topic question this half term is "Where does all the water go?"

Parents you know your children better than anyone else and I encourage you to make the most of this time, explain to your children in the simplest of terms the situation we currently find ourselves in, then set about enjoying the experiences as a family that are ahead of us all. 

Remind your little people that I am still here to help them and I shall miss them all but let’s look forward to the fabulous re-union party we will have when we are all back together again!

If you want to keep to a familiar school routine dorwhilst at home then you could follow our Reception pattern of the day. But this is just a guide to give you an idea of what we do in class each day it is NOT a timetable for you to follow at home. Please understand that I share it only to support – I am not suggesting you turn your lounge into Moonbeams classroom! I am very aware of how many of your little people say “nothing” or “can’t remember” when you ask them about their busy school day so maybe it will be of a help to you:

9 – 9.30 Handwriting and Fab 5 sentence writing (for Fab 5 we give the children a picture then they talk with a partner about what they see before writing their own sentence – ask your child the Fab 5 rules: Capital letter, sound talk, finger spaces, neatest handwriting, full stop.)

9.30 – 10.30 Literacy focus – read a story/non-fiction text then write: draw and label a character, make a story map of the events using toys or drawing, retell the story in sentences, write a shopping list, write a letter to someone special…

10.30 – 11 Physical activity – have a run around the garden, ride your bike, bounce on a trampoline, hunt for bugs, follow an online PE session

11.00 Phonics – practise using your keyring or use online resources and activities on Twinkl, Phonics Play, Busy Things. Write some of your key and tricky words – segment and blend the sounds and letters.

11.30 – 12.30 Lunchtime

12.35 – 12.55 Practise fine motor skills by drawing – follow instructions using online sites such as Squiggler, How to draw a … (on YouTube) or just draw things you see around your home.

12.55 – 1.20 Maths focus – count in 2s, 10s and 5s, can you recognise coin amounts? – role play being a shop keeper and customer, label some of your toys with prices and find the right coins to pay, sort some toys by size or things around the home by their shape, length, weight. Have you got a big clock or watch that you can use to learn how to tell the time? Busy Things website has lots of interactive games for Maths.

1.20 -3.00 Explore a variety of activities for:

Physical Development – throwing/catching a ball, balancing, skipping, complete a jigsaw, make a den. 

Creativity – paint a picture, do an observational drawing, build a model, cooking, sing, dance.

Knowledge and Understanding of the World – find out about people, places, things that interest you, use Facetime or Whatsapp to catch up with grandparents, explore your favourite animal and where it lives. 

3.00 Storytime – read anything and everything to your little people, as often as possible!

I have included some links to the interactive online resources mentioned but there are many more available to you – most sites are offering free use during this period – just google Early Years or Foundation Stage home learning.

I gave every child in school on Friday a workbook and pencil (there is a box in the school reception/office area for children who were absent) – this is all you need to record the adventures from your learning journey at home – there are blank pages for art, maths, photos and lined pages for writing. 

Parents there is no need for you to do any printing out and above all please be kind to yourselves and do not feel any pressure to keep up the work that a teacher would do each day in school! There are 7 areas of learning within the Foundation Stage curriculum – choose the activities your little person enjoys the most and focus on those, make this family time count and have fun!

We are all in unchartered waters and we will learn with each other, along the way, how things work best.

My parting message to you is a quote I read the other day “After all this is over, all that will have really mattered is how we treated each other” so please take care of yourselves and each other. I look forward to seeing you all again and in the meantime you can email me at moonbeams@oldfield-brow.com.

Mrs Hardman








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Look what I found in the pond at school this week! Look what I found in the pond at school this week!
Look what I found in the pond at school this week! Look what I found in the pond at school this week!
Look what I found in the pond at school this week! Look what I found in the pond at school this week!
Tadpole spotted ! 12.5.20 Tadpole spotted ! 12.5.20
Swans and cygnets - how exciting! Swans and cygnets - how exciting!
Sunday teatime for the swan family. Sunday teatime for the swan family.
Sunday teatime for the swan family. Sunday teatime for the swan family.
Sunday teatime for the swan family. Sunday teatime for the swan family.
Sunday teatime for the swan family. Sunday teatime for the swan family.
Lexa has been bee spotting! Lexa has been bee spotting!
Soraya's "food groups" cutting and sticking. Soraya's "food groups" cutting and sticking.
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