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Welcome to the Nursery Class webpage.

Contact: nursery@oldfield-brow.com


As the two weeks beginning 25th May and 1st June are the two designated holiday weeks in Trafford, we will be having a break from the home-school learning, feedback, assemblies and phone calls that have become part of our provision since the Easter Holidays. I hope that the more relaxed opportunities that have been afforded by our Government allow brief moments away from home for our families too and I hope this time is enjoyed by us all. Our provision for Key Workers etc will remain unaltered. We have provided a list of websites that may be useful to you over the holidays and this can be found in the downloads section.


Friday 22nd May 2020

Hello everyone, 

I know some people have been finding ways to cheer others up during this time, many people have put rainbows in their windows and Hetty had the lovely idea of making dream catchers and hanging them up on her walks. Another simple idea the children might enjoy is finding and decorating stones or rocks then leaving them somewhere during a walk for others to enjoy. 


Thursday 21st May 2020

Hello everyone, 

Below are some links to two books which may be useful to you if your child is experiencing any worries or frustations during this time.


https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=lucy%27s+in+lockdown or a e-book copy is avaliable here https://www.lucysblueday.com/product-page/lucy-s-in-lockdown 


Wednesday 20th May 2020

Hello everyone, 

Today I would like to share a story with you called 'While We Can't Hug'. 



Tuesday 19th May 2020

Hello everyone, 

Today I'd like to share an idea with you that I hope the children will enjoy. I know Mrs Plimmer and I would be very eager to give it a go in school if the children were interested. To see the link you may need to sign up for an instagram account. In the post children have gathered flowers and placed them on a hard surface. They've then placed white fabric on top of the flowers and hit them with a hammer (while supervised!). This has released the colour from the flowers to stain the fabric and created some lovely art. 



Monday 18th May 2020

Hello everyone, 

I'd like to say well done to Lily for recieving this Well Done Certificate. Mrs Plimmer and I can see you have been very enthusiatic about learning to read!

Please find this weeks home learning in the download section.


Please see the E-bag for this half terms learning objectives.

The children have been getting used to using the PC's and smartboard at school and have enjoyed playing on the 'busy things' website. This website is fantastic as it covers many areas of learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage and the children love it! If you would like your little person to access the site whilst at home the login details are:-

username home9482
password balloon5477


Library books will be changed each Monday and Friday.

We really hope you and your little person enjoy reading these books together and that you share many other books at home. Fostering a love of reading at such an early age is so important in developing future literacy skills. If you wish to change your library book at any other time during the week please approach myself or Mrs. Plimmer.

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