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Welcome to Nursery

Please check our downloads section regularly for useful information regarding our learning in Nursery.

Please also check our new EYFS page that can be found under Parents/Carers on our website!

Christmas Cards:

Please complete a design for a Christmas card on a piece of A4 paper. Then attach this A4 piece of paper to the form sent out from Nursery. If you wish to place an order, please fill out the form, order online and return it to Nursery by the 13th October.

Examples of Christmas Cards:

W.C 26th September 2022

Each half-term we investigate an enrqiry question as a class. Within this enquiry question we also follow the children's interests and incorporate this into our planning and provision. Our enquiry question for this half-term is:

'What makes me so special?'

This week in Nursery we are learning all about our families. We have had a special circle time where we have talked about who is special to us. The children have loved sharing this with their friends. We will also be learning about birthdays! We have recieved a ery special invitation from Teddy, inviting us to his birthday party! This birthday party will take place on Friday. We have made a list of all the things we need for this birthday party. We will then have music and biscuits on Friday as a celebration. 

We are continuing to develop our awareness of environmental sounds in our phonics learning. We will go on a sound walk and identify the sounds we can hear around school.

Our mathematical nursery rhyme is 5 little monkeys jumping on a bed. This helps us to devlop our understanding of number. We are beginning to learn all about specific numbers too, and our number of the week is 1! 

Keep checking our class page and school twitter for updates. 

Have a lovely week, 

Miss Kelly and Mrs Plimmer

W.C 20th September 2022 

Welcome to a new week in Nursery. Last week, the children were superstars and we were so impressed with how well they settled into the routines of their new environment. We all had so much fun together! This week we will be learning about our families! We will share with each other who is in our family and talk about those we love. We will show that no family is the same, and this is what makes each family incredibly special! 

In our phonics learning, the children will be listening to different instruments and playing them loudly and quietly. They will also have to listen carefully to different instruments to find them in the classroom.  

The mathematical nursery rhyme we will share is ‘5 cheeky monkeys’.  

We hope you have a lovely week! 
Miss Kelly and Mrs Plimmer  

Week Commencing 12th September 2022

Hello Everyone!

Thank you all so much for coming to visit us in Nursery this week. We are so excited to welcome you and your children to our Oldfield Brow family. 

My name is Miss Kelly and I am the Nursery teacher here at Oldfield Brow Primary School. Mrs Plimmer is our Nursery nurse, and we are both extremely excited to have your children with us in Nursery.  We are going to have lots and lots of fun, learning and playing together both inside and outside. We have so many exciting things planned already, so please keep checking our class page and school twitter to take a look at what we get up to! 

Stay and Play:

Your child has been allocated a 2 hour stay and play session on either Wednesday 14th or Thursday 15th of September. We ask that the children be dropped off and picked up from the school office. We are having small group sessions on these days in order to familiarise the children with each other and their new classroom.

What to wear:
We like to explore lots of different materials in our learning, and we can sometimes make a little bit of mess as we learn. The children may come home a little bit mucky, so please do not send your child in wearing special clothes - comfortable clothes are best! As we spend lots of our time learning outside, we ask for you to please send your children in wearing velcro shoes, so that they do not trip up over laces. We go outside in (almost) all weathers, so a waterproof, warm, hooded coat is needed, especially as we head into autumn.  We ask for you to please spend time teaching your child how to put their coat on by themselves. 
We also encourage each child to bring a spare change of clothes, including underwear and socks in case they need to be changed during the day.

Nursery Fund:
In Nursery, we use lots of resources to enable the children to have exciting and engaging learning opportunities. In order for us to afford these resources, we ask for a donation of £1.50 a week to our Nursery fund, which you can find on ParentPay. We ask for this to be donated termly, (September-December, January-April, April-July).  Therefore, this term we ask for a donation of £18 to cover the 12 weeks in this term.  
We spend the money on craft materials, play dough and baking ingredients and activity enhancements. Lots of what we use in Nursery needs replenishing quite often and we really appreciate and value the donations we receive, as it allows for the best learning opportunities for the children. We thank you in advance!  

Mrs Plimmer and I are so excited for the year ahead and cannot wait to start our adventure together as a class. If you have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to speak to myself or Mrs Plimmer at the door, or email us at the following address: 


Starting Nursery:

Many parents ask what we want children to do before they come to Nursery.

Whilst reading, writing and maths are important areas of learning, please remember that in Nursery they only form part of the curriculum. Here is a list of ways that you can support yo ur child’s learning at home:

  • Read books
  • Make up stories
  • Sing songs
  • Dance to music
  • Insist on good manners
  • Teach your child how to dress themselves (including fastening their coats)
  • General hygiene (including washing hands)
  • Healthy choices
  • Junk modelling
  • Play dough
  • Exercise
  • Get outdoors
  • Counting objects
  • Mark making
Miss C Kelly Miss C KellyTeacher
Mrs J Plimmer Mrs J PlimmerNursery Assistant
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