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W.C 21st June 2021 

Happy Monday! As mentioned last week, our inquiry question for this half-term is “What makes us shine?”. We are following the children’s interests and learning all about the things that make them happy and excited. This week, our focus is superheroes! We will be creating our own superhero, thinking about the special qualities he or she will need to have, such as being kind and brave.  The children will also be testing our own super powers by working together to create an obstacle course! We will challenge ourselves, by balancing and climbing over and under objects! All of the children in Nursery are super! 

Have a great week, 

Miss Kelly and Mrs Plimmer 

W.C 14th June 2021 

Hello and welcome back to a new half-term! Mrs Plimmer and I can’t believe how fast the time has gone. This half-term, our inquiry question is “What makes us shine?”, and we will be learning all about topics based on the children’s interests. In the final week of the last half-term, we asked the children to think about what they would like to learn about. We made a spider diagram of ideas, and we are all very excited to look more closely at the ideas the children came up with. This week, we will be learning all about Unicorns! There is definitely magic in the air in Nursery as we have received a magical letter from a unicorn, asking us to think of questions to ask her. As a class, we wrote down all the questions that we would like to ask the mysterious and magical unicorn. We are now waiting to hear back!  

In our phonics learning, we will be beginning to blend and segment CVC words, for example, cat and dog. We will also keep consolidating the sounds we have learnt while listening carefully to the initial sounds in words.  

We would also like to thank you for your donations to our Nursery fund. We use the money to buy resources, such as the ingredients for our playdough. We recently have purchased craft supplies and water resources. We strive to ensure that your children are given the best learning opportunities using a variety of resources and we thank you for your contributions.

Have a lovely week!

 Miss Kelly and Mrs Plimmer 

W.C 24th May 2021

Welcome to our final week in Nursery for this half-term. Time really does fly when you are having fun! This week, our focus in Nursery is physical, emotional and social development. We are playing lots of turn taking games, where the children have to listen carefully to those around them. We will be playing circle time games, taking turns to share ideas and thoughts. The children will be recapping our sounds that we have learnt so far 's' 'a' 't' 'p' 'i' 'n'. Here is link to a video of the jolly phonics rhymes we sing to help us learn our sounds. You may have to skip some parts to find the sounds we have covered.


We hope you have a lovely half-term break and we thank you for all your support during this half-term. 

Miss Kelly and Mrs Plimmer

W.C 17th May 2021

There is a buzz in Nursery this week! We are learning all about bees! The children will be completing an experiment where they will collect pollen and take it from flower to flower. The children have also learnt about bee keepers and what they need to wear. 

This morning, the children created beautiful pictures using natural resources. This work was inspired by the artist Andy Goldsworthy! 

We hope you have a lovely week,

Miss Kelly and Mrs Plimmer

Thank you!

Thank you to all those who organised the Eid sweets for the children in Nursery. Eid Mubarak! We hope you enjoyed your celebrations. 

Walk to School Week!

Can you join hundreds of thousands of children all over the country to celebrate cleaner air, safer streets and healthier lifestyles? All you need to do to get involved is travel in an active way all this week. 

Why not take a look at nature around you as you travel and think about what you can hear and see on your way? 
You can walk, cycle, scoot... Whatever you want- just leave the car at home. 

Are you ready?... Let's go! 

W.C 10th May 2021

Nursery are focusing on the book 'The Enormous Watermelon' this week! The children are going to be investigating the story, by recreating it in our small world area. The children will be taking part in a role play activity, taking on the different characters from the book. We will also be investigating watermelons, looking at their seeds and colours. In our literacy, we will be writing a step-by-step guide to grow a plant, by using what we have learnt when planting in class! 

Parents' evening:

I am very excited to talk to you about your child's progress. We have a strict time of 10 minutes per child for our phone calls, as our appointments are one straight after the other. We appreciate your co-operation with this. If you have any questions that we may not have time to cover, please feel free to email me.

Thank you!

Miss Kelly and Mrs Plimmer

W.C 4th May 2021

Welcome to a new week in Nursery! We hope you all had a wonderful bank holiday weekend, and we would also like to remind you that on Thursday 6th May school will be closed to all children as it is polling day. As part of our learning for our topic 'Who lives in our garden?', nursery are learning all about spiders! We will watch videos and learn facts about this interesting insect. The children will also be looking to find them outside in our nursery garden! 

We hope you have a wonderful week!

Miss Kelly and Mrs Plimmer

W.C 26th April 2021

Fee, fi, fo, fum, look at the learning Nursery have done! The children are learning all about growth this week, through the book 'Jack and the Beanstalk'. The children will be planting broad beans and we look forward to watching them grow! The children helped retell the story using instruments to make loud and quiet sounds! 

Take a look at our twitter page to see pictures of everything we got up to!

Have a great week!

Miss Kelly and Mrs Plimmer

W.C 19th April 2021

Hello and welcome back to a new half-term! The topic we will be investigating for the next few weeks is "Who lives in our garden?", where we will be learning all about minibeasts and growth. We will be spending more time outside in the lovely weather, but we ask for the children to please come in wearing appropraite footwear (no sandals). This week, our focus is the 'Very Hungry Caterpillar', and we have had an exciting start to the week, by making butterfly pictures, and counting caterpillars. We have also been outside playing in the mud kitchen and the water area. It has been lots of fun! 

Please take a look at our twitter page to see our pictures.

We are now asking for a final donation to our nursery fund. You will find this on parent pay under 'nursery class fund'. We are asking for £18 to cover the full term from April until we finish in July. We appreciate your donations. Thank you!

Have a lovely week,

Miss Kelly and Mrs Plimmer 

W.C 29th March 2021

Happy Easter! This week, Nursery will be learning all about the Christian celebration of Easter. The children are also exploring spring, looking at new lift and signs of spring outside. We will be making Easter cards and chocolate nests. The children will be taking part in an Easter egg hunt too! It is going to be an exciting and busy week ahead. We break up for the Easter holidays on Thursday 1st April. When we come back to school, we will be asking for the summer term donation to our Nursery fund, which will take us to the end of the year (wow - how fast!). 


If you have any of the following resources, which you no longer need, we would be very grateful for them in Nursery:

Clean house bricks
Topsoil or compost
Buckets of any shape or size 
Spoons of any size
Clean guttering
Clean plastic tubing
Cable reels of any size
Old pans and pan lids

Have a lovely break! 

Miss Kelly and Mrs Plimmer

W.C 22nd March 2021

This week, Nursery are continuing their learning all about dinosaurs. The children are completing a peice of writing about their favourite dinosaurs. We have also learnt about which dinosaurs were herbivores, carnivores or omnivores! In our phonics carpet times we will be learning the sound 't', while completing games that encourage alliteration. 

Have a great week,

Miss Kelly and Mrs Plimmer

W.C 15th March 2021

Stomp, chomp, big roars, here come the dinosaurs! We are learning about dinosaurs for the next two weeks in Nursery. We have looked closely at fossils (including REAL dinosaur POO!), and we now have a dinosaur museum set up in the classroom! The children are going to investigate the fossils carefully and become paleontologists! The children also watched and conducted their own experiment by using bicarbinate of soda and vinegar to create a volcanic eruption. Take a look at our twitter page to see some pictures of what we have been up to!

We have also had an exciting visitor in our classroom. Overnight, a T-Rex came into Nursery and left behind a dinosaur egg! The children could not believe it! 

Have a lovely week!

Miss Kelly and Mrs Plimmer

8th March 2021

Welcome back to a new week in Nursery! We are so happy to see all of our children back together again after a long time apart. Seeing the smiles on their faces has been so lovely! This week, Nursery are reading 'Handa's Suprise' by Eileen Browne. We will be learning all about the savannah, Africa and healthy fruits. The children will be making a fruit salad to taste, while talking about healthy food choices. We will also be starting to look at sounds in our phonics lessons, and we are going to start with the 's' sound. It will be a very busy week!

Apologies for the lack of photographs - we are having technical issues when uploading them! The pictures will be uploaded to the Oldfield Brow Twitter.


Miss Kelly and Mrs Plimmer

1st March 2021

Nursery are learning all about the Zoo this week! The book we are reading is called 'Dear Zoo', by Rod Campbell. The children had an exciting time going on our very own zoo walk! We looked at the animals and used descriptive language to talk about what they looked and sounded like. The children are also going to be writing a lost poster later on in the week, again focusing on using words to describe the animals. 

On Thursday, Nursery, along with the rest of the school, will be celebrating World Book Day! The children will take a break from their zoo learning to focus on the whole school text 'Tell Me A Dragon' by Jackie Morris. 


If you have any of the following resources, which you no longer need, we would be very grateful for them in Nursery:

  • Clean house bricks
  • Topsoil or compost
  • Buckets of any shape or size 
  • Spoons of any size
  • Clean guttering
  • Clean plastic tubing
  • Cable reels of any size
  • Old pans and pan lids

We are looking to develop our outside area and would really appreciate any donations. 

Thank you!

Miss Kelly and Mrs Plimmer


24th February 2021

Don't miss a very special whole school assembly by Mrs Chetwyn today, introducing a book the whole school will be sharing to celebrate Oldfield Brow Book Week: Tell Me A Dragon. See the video downloads. https://youtu.be/03vDqNnoLAY

If you have not already done so, take a look at our own Literacy Page too, to find out what is happening in the coming days... https://www.oldfield-brow.com/info/literacy/


W.C 22nd February 2021

Hello and welcome back! Mrs Plimmer and I hope you had a relaxing break. We are starting a new topic this half-term in Nursery, and our new enquiry question is 'Who lives on our planet?'. To begin our topic, we are learning all about the jungle. We looked closely at pictures of the jungle, and together, we wrote a list of words to describe what it looks like. The children also listened to the sounds of the jungle and made movements like different animals who live there. The children looked on a map to see where the Amazon Rainforest is, and we realised it is very far away!

We cannot wait to see where our learning takes us next!

W.C 8th February 2021

Happy Chinese New Year! This week, to celebrate and learn about Chinese New Year (which takes place on Friday 12th February) we are completing lots of exciting and fun activities. The children have learnt about how Chinese New Year is traditionally celebrated. We have looked at traditional red envelopes, lanterns and Chinese Dragons! We have even had a go at making our very own Chinese Dragon, by painting and sticking lots of materials onto boxes! 

Nursery listened to the story of the Great Race and talked about the different animals in the story. We will be recreating the story later in the week by having our own race outside in our Nursery Garden. 

The children have also had a go at writing Chinese numbers! 

I can't believe we are at the end of another half-term. I hope you all have a good rest and look forward to seeing you again after the break.

Have a lovely week! 

Miss Kelly and Mrs Plimmer

W.C 1st February 2021

Hello everyone!

The theme of our learning this week is Pirates! The children learnt how to sound like a pirate this morning - they were all very convincing! It has been a very exciting time as the children conducted an experiment where they had to see how many stones it would take to sink boats made from different materials. One boat needed 30 stones to make it sink! We also learnt key facts about pirates and some famous pirate names. The children had a go at creating their own pirate name, as well as a treasure map! Take a look at some pictures below:

As the weather has been colder recently, Nursery are learning about the importance of looking after wildlife and our world. We decided to make bird feeders this morning, using lard and seeds, to keep the birds in our playgroud fed over winter. We will keep checking to see if any birds are visiting our bird feeders in the next few days. 

Have a lovely week!

Miss Kelly and Mrs Plimmer 


W.C 25th January 2021

Our learning this week takes us to grand castles and palaces. We are learning about 'Royalty, Castles and Knights'! We looked at the Queen's very precious crown and took a trip on Google Earth to see Buckingham Palace. The children then recieved a very special letter from Her Majesty the Queen! We were invited to a royal ball, which will be taking place on Friday in our classroom. We made a list of all the things we might need, including juice and biscuits. We then learnt how to slow dance, and the children danced in partners to music fit for the Queen. The children had a wonderful time making castles with big towers and grand bridges. What a busy time we have had!

Have a great week!

Miss Kelly and Mrs Plimmer

W.C 18th  Januray 2021

Further pictures from our space exploration! We looked at galaxies and conducted an experiment, where we investigated how craters are made!

Hello Everyone! Our investgation question 'Who Wears a Hat Like This?' has lead us to learning about astronauts this week! We looked at the special space helmets that they wear and then learnt about all the planets in our solar system. We also watched videos of the English astronaut Tim Peake , who went to stay on the Internation Space Station for a while to do experiments. We watched him float around the space station which was really exciting! Then, we watched a live webcam which is attached to the space station - it showed us what the Earth looks like from space! Take a look at the different areas in our classroom, which are all linked to our space theme. 

Miss Kelly and Mrs Plimmer

W.C 11th January 2021

Wow! What a week! I hope you are all staying safe and well. This week, we are aptly learning about 'People Who Help Us!'. We made a list of all the people who help us every day, something which is very important to know throughout life, but especially at the moment. We talked about police officers, firefighters, doctors, nurses, cooks, cleaners, teachers and many more! The children have loved investigating this topic in the different areas of the classroom. We looked at x-rays on the light-box and pretended to be lots of different people in our small world and home corner. We have also watched videos to learn all about the people who help us everyday. They are real life superheroes! 

Have a lovely week!

Miss Kelly and Mrs Plimmer

W.C 4th January 2021

Welcome back! We hope you all had a wonderful and safe Christmas break. We are so happy to see the children back in Nursery! As we are entering a new half-term, we have changed our topic to "who wears a hat like this?", where we will learn all about people who help us, space, kings, queens and knights. This week however, we are looking at the hat worn by the boy in our book 'Lost and Found' by Oliver Jeffers. The story is all about a lost penguin returning back to his home. We have been learning about Antarcitca, and what it looks like. We looked closely at pictures of Oldfield Brow compared to Antarctica and talked about what was different. The children also learnt how penguins keep warm! 

In our own Nursery garden, we looked out for the signs of winter and we will continue to do so over the winter season. 


  • We will shortly be asking for this term's Nursery Fund. We will let you know how much this is in the next week. 
  • Please wear a mask when dropping off and picking up your children.
  • As it is very cold at the moment, please send your children in to Nursery wearing weather-appropriate clothing.

Thank you,

Miss Kelly and Mrs Plimmer


18th December 2020

Hello Everyone! I can't believe that we are finishing for Christmas already! We have had such a good time here in Nursery - the children have had so many fun things to do and see!

This week, Nursery had a fantastic time watching Aladdin, the Pantomime! The children also had their Christmas party, with lots of dancing and games. We played pass the parcel and musical statues. Mrs Plimmer and I definitely witnessed some new dance moves being created! The children enjoyed eating their tasty party food too. Finally, we were visited by none other than Father Christmas! He came to say "Hello!" and gave the children some lovely presents. He is very busy at the minute so he could only stay for a little while. Nursery had so much fun!

Just a note to say thank you all for the lovely gifts, we are extremely grateful.

Mrs Plimmer and I hope you all have a restful and relaxing Christmas. See you all in 2021! 

W.B 7th December 2020

Nursery have had an exciting start to the week so far! Today, Nursery had an amazing time decorating their beautiful Gingerbread Teddies. The children listened to and sang Christmas songs whilst we used icing and sweets to decorate them. We hope the children enjoy tasting them at home! 

We also recieved a very important letter from the one and only Father Christmas! He sent us a video of himself flying over Nursery and landing in our outdoor area! The children could not believe their eyes. Please take a look on our school Twitter to watch the video. Together, we read the letter from Father Christmas, where he asked us to write Christmas lists to send to him. The children were so excited! 

Have a good week!

Miss Kelly and Mrs Plimmer

W.B 30th November 2020

Wow! Nursery have been extremely busy so far this week. Our 'Story Of The Week' is The Gingerbread Man! We have our very own Gingerbread Man in our classroom, and today he decided to escape from our book shelf and hide! He left us clues that we had to follow to find him. Nursery finally found him at the top of our slide! We all said "Run, run, run, as fast as you can, you can't catch me I'm the Gingerbread Man!"

As December is upon us, Nursery also helped to prepare the classroom for Christmas, by decorating the Christmas Tree whilst listening to some lovely Christmas Songs. Look at how beautiful it is! We hope you like it.

Have a lovely week!

Miss Kelly and Mrs Plimmer

W.B 16th November 2020

Welcome to a new week in Nursery! This week, our 'Story of the Week' is Goldilocks and The Three Bears. We have had a very busy week learning all about what Golidlocks did when she found the Three Bears' house in the woods. On Monday, we had a lovely treat and made some porridge for snack time! We made a tally chart to record how many children wanted jam or honey on their porridge. Then, on Tuesday, somebody very cheeky came into our classroom whilst we were learning outside. Whoever it was made such a mess and left behind four pieces of evidence! Nursery looked at the clues and all agreed that it must have been Goldilocks, as we found some of her golden, curly hair at the scene of the crime. We then made 'Wanted' posters to put up around our school, so that we could find Goldilocks and ask her what happened. Mr Merrell also agreed to keep an eye out for her around the school! We have had a very fun and exciting week here in Nursery. 

Miss Kelly and Mrs Plimmer 

W.B 9th November 2020

Hello again,

Coming up on Saturday 14th November is the Hindu celebration of Diwali! The children have had an exciting week learning all about it, by making salt-dough Diva lamps and Rangoli Patterns. The salt-dough Diva's will be coming home with the children this week. It has been an incredibly colourful and vibrant week. We love learning about any festivals or celebrations that you share as a family, and we strive to ensure the children feel valued and celebrated themselves. Take a look at the lovely activities the children have been completing this week!

W.B 2nd November 2020

Hello Everyone! 

Mrs Plimmer and I hope you had a great half-term break. We are so excited to be starting a new half-term, full of exciting and fun learning! Our new topic for this half-term is....

"Where will stories take us?" 

This week has been a busy one, as we have looked closely at Bonfire Night!

The children have completed lots of fun activities. We did an experiment using coke and mentos to make our own rocket explosion. We also had an exciting time using our paintbrushes outside to make our own firework painting, by splattering the paint onto the paper. We got very messy!

Finally, the children learnt about fire safety, something that is very important, especially at this time of year. The children watched the short video 'Frances The Firefly', where they learnt all about how to be safe near fire, matches, lighters, fireworks and sparklers. The children then looked closely at sparklers in our outside area, as Mrs Plimmer and myself held them while they watched. We talked about how it is important to be extremely safe and to not touch matches, lighters, fireworks or fire. 

We have had en extremely exciting time! 

22nd October 2020

The children in Nursery had an excting day dressing up! We had all kinds of costumes from skeletons to pumpkins. Thank you for the effort you have put in with their fantastic outfits, we really enjoyed seeing how excited the children were! 

We hope you have a lovely half-term, and we will see you when we come back after the break!

Miss Kelly and Mrs Plimmer :)

W.B 19/10/20

Wow! I can't believe we are in our final week of our first half-term in Nursery. We have had lots of fun, and the children are becoming more and more familiar with the routines of the class, as well as each other! Today, we learnt about Harvest. The children looked closely at vegetables, and we talked about where they come from. We made sure to say 'Thank You!' for the wonderful food we have. 

W.B 12th October 2020

Hello Everyone!

This week, Nursery are exploring the word 'hibernation'. We looked at what hibernation is and which animals might hibernate over the winter. Then, we decided to make our own dens for animals to hibernate in. We went outside and used leaves and twigs to make the cosy dens. Here are some pictures:

Today the children also had an exciting time exploring and experimenting with colour! We used skittles and water to make a rainbow!

We are having an exciting time in Nursery and we hope you are hearing all about it at home. 

Miss Kelly 

9th October 2020

Wow! Nursery have had such an exciting time looking at senses this week. Today, we completed a taste test to explore different flavours! By far, the favourite flavour was that of the chocolate coins. Here are some pictures from our lovely afternoon! 

Have a lovely weekend! 

Miss Kelly


W.B 5th October 

Hello Everyone! 

In the upcoming week, Nursery are learning about our 5 senses! Today we did an experiment to investigate our sense of smell! We enjoyed smelling different scents and matching them to the correct picutre. 

Take a look below!

For the rest of the week, we will be looking at our senses of sight, taste, touch and hearing. 

Have a lovely week,

Miss Kelly. 

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Mrs J Plimmer Mrs J PlimmerTeacher
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