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W.C 18th  Januray 2021

Hello Everyone! Our investgation question 'Who Wears a Hat Like This?' has lead us to learning about astronauts this week! We looked at the special space helmets that they wear and then learnt about all the planets in our solar system. We also watched videos of the English astronaut Tim Peake , who went to stay on the Internation Space Station for a while to do experiments. We watched him float around the space station which was really exciting! Then, we watched a live webcam which is attached to the space station - it showed us what the Earth looks like from space! Take a look at the different areas in our classroom, which are all linked to our space theme. 

Miss Kelly and Mrs Plimmer

W.C 11th January 2021

Wow! What a week! I hope you are all staying safe and well. This week, we are aptly learning about 'People Who Help Us!'. We made a list of all the people who help us every day, something which is very important to know throughout life, but especially at the moment. We talked about police officers, firefighters, doctors, nurses, cooks, cleaners, teachers and many more! The children have loved investigating this topic in the different areas of the classroom. We looked at x-rays on the light-box and pretended to be lots of different people in our small world and home corner. We have also watched videos to learn all about the people who help us everyday. They are real life superheroes! 

Have a lovely week!

Miss Kelly and Mrs Plimmer

W.C 4th January 2021

Welcome back! We hope you all had a wonderful and safe Christmas break. We are so happy to see the children back in Nursery! As we are entering a new half-term, we have changed our topic to "who wears a hat like this?", where we will learn all about people who help us, space, kings, queens and knights. This week however, we are looking at the hat worn by the boy in our book 'Lost and Found' by Oliver Jeffers. The story is all about a lost penguin returning back to his home. We have been learning about Antarcitca, and what it looks like. We looked closely at pictures of Oldfield Brow compared to Antarctica and talked about what was different. The children also learnt how penguins keep warm! 

In our own Nursery garden, we looked out for the signs of winter and we will continue to do so over the winter season. 


  • We will shortly be asking for this term's Nursery Fund. We will let you know how much this is in the next week. 
  • Please wear a mask when dropping off and picking up your children.
  • As it is very cold at the moment, please send your children in to Nursery wearing weather-appropriate clothing.

Thank you,

Miss Kelly and Mrs Plimmer


18th December 2020

Hello Everyone! I can't believe that we are finishing for Christmas already! We have had such a good time here in Nursery - the children have had so many fun things to do and see!

This week, Nursery had a fantastic time watching Aladdin, the Pantomime! The children also had their Christmas party, with lots of dancing and games. We played pass the parcel and musical statues. Mrs Plimmer and I definitely witnessed some new dance moves being created! The children enjoyed eating their tasty party food too. Finally, we were visited by none other than Father Christmas! He came to say "Hello!" and gave the children some lovely presents. He is very busy at the minute so he could only stay for a little while. Nursery had so much fun!

Just a note to say thank you all for the lovely gifts, we are extremely grateful.

Mrs Plimmer and I hope you all have a restful and relaxing Christmas. See you all in 2021! 

W.B 7th December 2020

Nursery have had an exciting start to the week so far! Today, Nursery had an amazing time decorating their beautiful Gingerbread Teddies. The children listened to and sang Christmas songs whilst we used icing and sweets to decorate them. We hope the children enjoy tasting them at home! 

We also recieved a very important letter from the one and only Father Christmas! He sent us a video of himself flying over Nursery and landing in our outdoor area! The children could not believe their eyes. Please take a look on our school Twitter to watch the video. Together, we read the letter from Father Christmas, where he asked us to write Christmas lists to send to him. The children were so excited! 

Have a good week!

Miss Kelly and Mrs Plimmer

W.B 30th November 2020

Wow! Nursery have been extremely busy so far this week. Our 'Story Of The Week' is The Gingerbread Man! We have our very own Gingerbread Man in our classroom, and today he decided to escape from our book shelf and hide! He left us clues that we had to follow to find him. Nursery finally found him at the top of our slide! We all said "Run, run, run, as fast as you can, you can't catch me I'm the Gingerbread Man!"

As December is upon us, Nursery also helped to prepare the classroom for Christmas, by decorating the Christmas Tree whilst listening to some lovely Christmas Songs. Look at how beautiful it is! We hope you like it.

Have a lovely week!

Miss Kelly and Mrs Plimmer

W.B 16th November 2020

Welcome to a new week in Nursery! This week, our 'Story of the Week' is Goldilocks and The Three Bears. We have had a very busy week learning all about what Golidlocks did when she found the Three Bears' house in the woods. On Monday, we had a lovely treat and made some porridge for snack time! We made a tally chart to record how many children wanted jam or honey on their porridge. Then, on Tuesday, somebody very cheeky came into our classroom whilst we were learning outside. Whoever it was made such a mess and left behind four pieces of evidence! Nursery looked at the clues and all agreed that it must have been Goldilocks, as we found some of her golden, curly hair at the scene of the crime. We then made 'Wanted' posters to put up around our school, so that we could find Goldilocks and ask her what happened. Mr Merrell also agreed to keep an eye out for her around the school! We have had a very fun and exciting week here in Nursery. 

Miss Kelly and Mrs Plimmer 

W.B 9th November 2020

Hello again,

Coming up on Saturday 14th November is the Hindu celebration of Diwali! The children have had an exciting week learning all about it, by making salt-dough Diva lamps and Rangoli Patterns. The salt-dough Diva's will be coming home with the children this week. It has been an incredibly colourful and vibrant week. We love learning about any festivals or celebrations that you share as a family, and we strive to ensure the children feel valued and celebrated themselves. Take a look at the lovely activities the children have been completing this week!

W.B 2nd November 2020

Hello Everyone! 

Mrs Plimmer and I hope you had a great half-term break. We are so excited to be starting a new half-term, full of exciting and fun learning! Our new topic for this half-term is....

"Where will stories take us?" 

This week has been a busy one, as we have looked closely at Bonfire Night!

The children have completed lots of fun activities. We did an experiment using coke and mentos to make our own rocket explosion. We also had an exciting time using our paintbrushes outside to make our own firework painting, by splattering the paint onto the paper. We got very messy!

Finally, the children learnt about fire safety, something that is very important, especially at this time of year. The children watched the short video 'Frances The Firefly', where they learnt all about how to be safe near fire, matches, lighters, fireworks and sparklers. The children then looked closely at sparklers in our outside area, as Mrs Plimmer and myself held them while they watched. We talked about how it is important to be extremely safe and to not touch matches, lighters, fireworks or fire. 

We have had en extremely exciting time! 

22nd October 2020

The children in Nursery had an excting day dressing up! We had all kinds of costumes from skeletons to pumpkins. Thank you for the effort you have put in with their fantastic outfits, we really enjoyed seeing how excited the children were! 

We hope you have a lovely half-term, and we will see you when we come back after the break!

Miss Kelly and Mrs Plimmer :)

W.B 19/10/20

Wow! I can't believe we are in our final week of our first half-term in Nursery. We have had lots of fun, and the children are becoming more and more familiar with the routines of the class, as well as each other! Today, we learnt about Harvest. The children looked closely at vegetables, and we talked about where they come from. We made sure to say 'Thank You!' for the wonderful food we have. 

W.B 12th October 2020

Hello Everyone!

This week, Nursery are exploring the word 'hibernation'. We looked at what hibernation is and which animals might hibernate over the winter. Then, we decided to make our own dens for animals to hibernate in. We went outside and used leaves and twigs to make the cosy dens. Here are some pictures:

Today the children also had an exciting time exploring and experimenting with colour! We used skittles and water to make a rainbow!

We are having an exciting time in Nursery and we hope you are hearing all about it at home. 

Miss Kelly 

9th October 2020

Wow! Nursery have had such an exciting time looking at senses this week. Today, we completed a taste test to explore different flavours! By far, the favourite flavour was that of the chocolate coins. Here are some pictures from our lovely afternoon! 

Have a lovely weekend! 

Miss Kelly


W.B 5th October 

Hello Everyone! 

In the upcoming week, Nursery are learning about our 5 senses! Today we did an experiment to investigate our sense of smell! We enjoyed smelling different scents and matching them to the correct picutre. 

Take a look below!

For the rest of the week, we will be looking at our senses of sight, taste, touch and hearing. 

Have a lovely week,

Miss Kelly. 


1st October 2020

October is Black History Month!

Black History Month recognises the contributions that black people have made to the UK over many generations. 

Black History Month is a great way to celebrate and recognise the contribution of black people to British society. Our school must play a significant role in teaching children about the importance of having respect and tolerance for all cultures.  At Oldfield Brow, we will be weaving these celebrations into our curriculum, looking at historical figures across History, Science, English, Sport and much more!

In Nursery, we will be reading lots of books that celebrate diversity. Here are some of the books we will be sharing and enjoying are:


W.B 28th September

Welcome to a new week in Nursery!

This week, we are looking at and celebrating the season of Autumn. We will be having so much fun investigating the signs of Autumn, such as fir cones, conkers and acorns! Today, the children went on an exciting Autumn walk to our school field. We collected more items that show Autumn is truly all around. Thank you so much for all of the Autumn collections that you have brought in - the children are loving looking closely at them in our investigation area and light box area.

Have a lovely week, everyone! 

Miss Kelly :) 


W.b 21st September

Hello Everyone!

Just a few messages from myself and Miss Plimmer after a fantastic week looking at, and celebrating birthdays! Look at how much fun we had at our special party! We had a lovely treat!


  • Please remember to send your child into Nursery with a warm coat. Autumn is definitely upon us and the weather is getting colder! We spend a lot of time outside and so the children will need a warm, waterproof coat to play in and enjoy the outdoor area. 
  • Also, a gentle reminder to please slice your children's grapes lengthways if they are bringing them in with their packed lunch. 
  • On Monday (28th September) Nursery are going to be going on an Autumn walk to our school field. Please bring in wellies and a warm, waterproof jacket. We will be looking for signs of Autumn around the school!


Thank you in advance, have a lovely weekend!

Miss Kelly


Hello again! 

I thought it would be a nice idea for you at home to have a look at the wonderful things we have been getting up to here in Nursery. We have had a fantastic time learning about our Birthday's this week! We even got a special invitation delivered from Teddy Share Bear! The children also recieved a video from him too! Here are some pictures to show you how much fun we are having!


Hello Nursery Parents!

Wow! What a busy week we have had! The children have been having lots of fun, inside and outside of our classroom! We investigated shape and number, and we also played with dinosaurs and fairies in our small world! We are enjoying seeing the children using their amazing imaginations to recreate and develop stories. Take a look below to see some more! 


Hello Nursery Parents and Guardians!

Just a quick update to say how brilliant your children have been settling in to our Nursery class. The children have impressed me so much with their behaviour, excitement and learning attitude. Miss Plimmer and I both agree that th children have settled in beautifully and are already having a great time playing and learning in our classroom. 


If you are able to, we would like to ask you for any Autumn items that you might find on a park or walk. We would love for you to bring in conkers, acorns, pine cones and leaves. These will be used as part of our Autumn Investigation Station. Thank you! 

The children have two snacks a day with water or milk. The children therefore do not need to bring in a water bottle unless it is part of their packed lunch. 

Again, we cannot wait to see where the year ahead takes us, and we are so happy to be part of your child's journey.

Thank you!

Miss Kelly


To All Parents and Guardians,,

I would like to say on behalf of myself and Miss Plimmer, how excited we are for the year ahead in Nursery. We are going to have lots of exciting (and sometimes messy!) times ahead. It has been lovely meeting the children for our stay and play sessions, and I can tell we will have lots of fun together as the year goes on. A few things I would like to reiterate from our stay and play meetings are:

  • We will be opening the gate in the morning at 8:40. Then, we will have a 5 minute window to welcome children into the Nursery Garden, before closing the gate at 8:45. We have to do this on time as other children from the Reception classes will be coming in at this time, and we do not want to mix our bubbles. We would love to speak to parents and answer any questions or queries, however, we will not be able to at this current time. 
  • Children who are coming in for the morning session will be finishing at 11:40. These children will be collected from the main doors outside the office. 
  • The afternoon session children will be dropped off at the office.
  • The day will finish at 3pm, at which time we will walk the children round the Nursery Garden to the gate next to the Reception classrooms. At this time, we will let the children out one at a time, closing the gate after each child. The safety of your children is imperative, so we appreciate parents waiting patiently until we let each child out. The children will want to run to you, however, we will be ensuing that only one child at a time goes through the gate to ensure each child goes home safetly. 

We are so excited to be starting this year by looking at the topic of "What makes me special?". This will mean that we will be celebrating and sharing our similarities and differences. We aim to make the learning and activities as exciting as possible! There will be mess, fun, excitement, but most importantly, valuable learning experiences taking place. We want the children to become confident to share ideas and opinions, while listening to and respecting those around them. 

We are eager for our classroom to reflect the interests of your children, and so we may venture down a slightly different path in terms of topic as the half term goes on. Each child is so special and valued in our Nursery class, and we want them to be aware that they are an important member of our Nursery Class and school community, where their interests are valued. 

As part of our home corner, I would like to ask for one or two family pictures from each child, in order for the home corner to feel that little bit more like 'home'. We will hang them up for the children to see, and so they will have a little piece of their family in that area of the classroom.

Finally, I hope you are all well and looking forward to hearing about all that your children get up to. If you are new parents to Oldfield Brow, we extend a warm welcome to you and look forward to our journey together. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the office, who will forward on any emails or messages to myself and Miss Plimmer. 

Miss Kelly

Miss C Kelly Miss C KellyTeacher
Mrs J Plimmer Mrs J PlimmerTeacher
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