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message from the headteacherFriday of this week is National Christmas Jumper Day, and if you're waiting for a good excuse to wear your prize Christmas jumper, today is your day! If you haven't got a Christmas jumper, you could always wear something red or green instead. But if you prefer just to wear your normal school uniform, that's perfectly fine as well!

National Christmas Jumper Day aims to raise funds for 'Save the Children' and if you want to make a donation to this cause, you are more than welcome!

Looking forward to seeing you festive and bright on Friday!

Carols on the Crescent is Monday 18th December.... This is a chance for all members of the school family to meet on the Crescent on Taylor Road and sing Christmas songs new and old - EVERYONE IS VERY WELCOME!
Year 5
* Highlight of the Week *
Christmas is rushing up on us now - we had a wonderful morning earlier this week, when we watched the dress rehearsal for the KS1 Nativity. I certainly have never seen a Nativity with a cowboy theme, and the enthusiasm with which everyone threw themselves into their parts was amazing. Well done, KS1!

In our classroom, we are creating some truly beautiful Christmas poetry, some of which will be making its way homeward to you shortly - no spoilers though ! :-)

P.S. Following a request, I have popped a copy of the letter for the Anderson Centre in our E-bag :-)

Heads up on Homework this week
This week, spellings will be a random selection of all the spellings the children have learnt this half term (a list will come home on Monday). On Wednesday, I will give the children a reminder of the prime numbers up to 19. During our Friday spellings and times tables tests (random from all times tables up 12 this week) I will ask the children to tell me what these prime numbers are.

As previously indicated, we will also now be increasing homework to include either a focused times tables or mental maths activity on Wednesday. This is intended to support the children with not only the tables they will need to know on the Friday morning, but maintaining general number fluency.

PE Kit - the weather is now getting significantly colder, and as PE does take place outside, please ensure your child has tracksuit/ jogging bottoms and a jumper, please. (Indoor kit, which is the same as outdoor, plus the warmer layers, is a white t-shirt, black shorts and trainers/ black pumps).

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to get in-touch. Either come and see me before or after school, send a message for me to call you, or email the school for my attention.

Dip into the E-BAG!
In the e-bag (to the right of the page) you will find useful documents/trip letters etc. that we will add to over the year.

**** Stop Press ****
Following feedback from parents, a user guide for grammar in Year 5 has been added to the ebag :-)
I have also included a poster for the week's spellings to help with creating example sentences to consolidate meaning.

A timetable for times tables!
You can find out which times tables we will be revisiting each week in the E-Bag. :-)

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Learning Goals
Autumn 2

Having really got to grips with our understanding of Place Value we will be moving our learning onto Multiplication and Division.

We will be working on spotting multiples and factors, and recognising common factors of two numbers. We will be able to tell you all about prime and composite numbers (non-prime) and also be working towards knowing if a number up to 100 is prime or not.

We will be using formal written methods for long multiplication using 4 digit numbers multiplied by up to 2 digits, and using our times tables knowledge will really help us here. Lots of our class have passed our Batman challenge (2x, 5x, and 10x tables) and it would be brilliant if the whole class could have achieved this target by Christmas!

We are going to be using short division for up to 4 digit numbers, and are going to tackle numbers involving decimals, and those which are squared and cubed as well.

Throughout the year, we will constantly be applying our learning to real world problems.

Using our theme of Space as a stimulus we will be working looking at Science Fiction writing, as well as plays and persuasion writing.
A key development in Year 5 is the ability to self-assess and improve work so we will be enhancing our skills of editing and improving our work. We do daily independent reading, and children are welcome to bring in their own books.

We will be looking at the Kingdom of Benim, and the place it has in the history of Africa.
There should be an average of 30 minutes spent each night on homework. if there any issues due to outside school commitments, please let me know so we can find a solution!
Homework will now be issued on 4 nights. This will increase as the year progresses to prepare the children for the challenge of Year 6.

Monday - Spellings and times tables (back in Thursday)
Tuesday - English (back in Friday)
Wednesday - mental maths/ times tables of the week activity (for Friday)
Friday - Maths (back in Monday)

Homework is a very important way of consolidating the work we are doing in school and is NOT optional!
Parents - Any help you may wish to give your children is welcomed. Please write on their homework if you have any notes/concerns/questions regarding it.
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